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My Buddy the President – Yeah, Right!

What a less than remarkable piece of work. Our “leader from behind” is the epitome of one whose desultory conversations deliberately avoids the subject that is center most on everyone’s mind. His favorite subject of diversion is when he is confronted with something serious, he focuses on “climate change,” something that invariably happens daily. There […]

The Truth About Global Warming

Our planet came into existence 4.5 billion years ago and has gone through monumental changes as a result of so many happenings that were, well, monumental. And we are totally wrapped around a simple molecule we cannot see and do not have a clue about how much of it exists in our environment. Would you […]

Is It Solar Activity or Man-made CO2?

Yes, the Gospel of JJ is back harping about the global warming scam now being called climate change. If humans would just stop breathing for about 10 minutes; problem solved! (This is a update to 2015). Interestingly, they did away with the term global warming blamed on excess CO2 from humans to climate change so they […]

Useless Fixing the Carbon Problem and CO2 Levels

There is an extremely powerful push to replace the use of carbon and oil in our lives. A good example is the push to replace carbon, oil and natural gas based power generation with solar panels and wind farms. The rally cry is “We need to eliminate our dependency on carbon.” This effort started in […]

Global Warming at 50 below Zero

  This Polar Vortex is really telling us a lot about our current world and the absolute diabolical impact of Global Warming. And I have only one thing to say, “Global Warming is killing us.” Without global warming, the temperature would not dip as much as -50 to -60 with the wind chill factor. Can […]

How About That Arctic Ice Up 60%

I have been writing about the uselessness of trying to spend billions trying to fix 10% or our problem, and not addressing the the 99.96% of the world not going along with us. Why not! Because just like us; they can’t afford it economically. But I guess we don’t need to worry about that any […]

Questions for Democrats

  Do you agree that all cuts in spending are done only by haters? Do you agree that the only permissible cuts in spending are ones that still allow spending to increase? Do you agree that as much as you love minorities, it is best to hold them in permanent poverty by denying them good […]

Saint Chad _ The Patron Saint of Voting Machines

I coined the title Patron Saint of Voting Machines because I felt it ironic that this saint was consecrated a head of a Bishopric in the mid 600 BC. Then he lost again when the original Bishop returned. Dang, I hate it when that happens. It was the Al Gore – George Bush – Florida […]

Global Warming efforts Impossible!

So let’s do what the global warming folks want us to do. Fix the planet by ridding ourselves of fossil fuel consumption. Currently, in the United States, 95% of all our energy is derived from fossil fuel resources. But also, all the infrastructure used to deliver that energy was created by the manufacturing of  all […]

Marijuana Grower Proves AGW is Farce!

I get better information from a Marijuana grower than I get from a climatologist! http://www.theweedblog.com/co2-and-marijuana-plants/ CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2) Carbon dioxide is an odorless gas and a minor constituent of the air we breathe. It comprises only .03 % (300 parts per million, or PPM) of the atmosphere but is vitally important to all life on […]