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Is It Solar Activity or Man-made CO2?

Yes, the Gospel of JJ is back harping about the global warming scam now being called climate change. If humans would just stop breathing for about 10 minutes; problem solved! (This is a update to 2015). Interestingly, they did away with the term global warming blamed on excess CO2 from humans to climate change so they […]

Global Warming efforts Impossible!

So let’s do what the global warming folks want us to do. Fix the planet by ridding ourselves of fossil fuel consumption. Currently, in the United States, 95% of all our energy is derived from fossil fuel resources. But also, all the infrastructure used to deliver that energy was created by the manufacturing of  all […]

Marijuana Grower Proves AGW is Farce!

I get better information from a Marijuana grower than I get from a climatologist! http://www.theweedblog.com/co2-and-marijuana-plants/ CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2) Carbon dioxide is an odorless gas and a minor constituent of the air we breathe. It comprises only .03 % (300 parts per million, or PPM) of the atmosphere but is vitally important to all life on […]

The Greenhouse Gas Marijuana Connection

Isn’t it interesting that the liberals are the ones who want to legalize marijuana use nationwide? And, ironically, they continue to harp that global warming is real and we need to do something about it right away. Legalizing marijuana and fixing global warming “now” is the cry. In fact, it is no longer a cry, […]

The Love of Sexy Tomatoes – Promiscuous, Too.

My wife was a little concerned that her new tomato plant was not bearing fruit. “There has to be something wrong,” she said. “I think Carmelo is lonely.” That’s the name she gave her. She named her after her species name. Carmelo is a Carmelo. My wife then heard that tomatoes need company and need […]