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Obama Presidential Portrait

The Television was in its usual state when I went downstairs this morning to get my coffee. It was on. Dana Parino was hosting a documentary program about the Presidency of George W. Bush. Part of her presentation was when she was in the White House with President Bush discussing various Presidents’ paintings. The Portrait […]

Poems From the Gospel of JJ

     My Bon Bon I have a little bonbon I keep it in-a box With several thousand latches And thirty-seven locks. My bonbon is so yellow With little streaks of green I’d eat it up just like that But that would be to mean. I love my little bonbon It’s all I have in life […]

Howard Stern Needs to Go!

I have just got to get off my beaten path for a post I am compelled to write. I have always enjoyed watching the great talent that finds it way to “America’s Got Talent” on NBC. But Howard Stern is the worst judge ever. The other 3 judges bring a lot of respect, quality and […]

Questions for Democrats

  Do you agree that all cuts in spending are done only by haters? Do you agree that the only permissible cuts in spending are ones that still allow spending to increase? Do you agree that as much as you love minorities, it is best to hold them in permanent poverty by denying them good […]

Why Republicans are More Intelligent than Democrats

We all know that the absence of normal human intelligence in the majority of the Democrat party is the fault of no one other than George W. Bush. The Democrats call him “W” for short because they have trouble saying the words in his name that are longer than one letter. They are much more […]

Perfect Way to Wash Your Cat

  1. Put both lids of the toilet seat up and add 1/8th of a cup of high quality pet shampoo or bubble bath to the water. 2. Pick up your cat and sooth him with comforting strokes as you carry him into the bathroom. 3. In a smooth synchronized and swift movement, drop in […]

Obama and His New Policies

  You have got to see the following ad. When I first saw it I thought it was a Romney ad depicting what people thought about The policies Obama plans for his second term. Then I learned it wasn’t a Romney ad. My Bad!   <—-  MAKE SURE you share it!  

Are Republican and Democrat the Same?

Foxworthy straight forward country thinking… (I received this by email from a friend who shares the most hilarious subjects ever! I am not sure Jeff said this stuff but it is still his humor that is the greatest of all)   If you wondered which side of the fence you sit on, this is a great […]

My Little Duckling

Just so you know, there is a lighter side to my persona. When I was in my 20s, living in Munich, Germany, working for the United States Army, I spent a lot of time writing poetry. Not much poetry because it took me awhile to get it close to being right. It’s things like this […]