About JJ

It was just the other day when my son suggested that I start writing a Blog Page. He had to listen to me for all his younger years but now I feel it fitting and fair that I listen to him for a change. He explained that I have a rare talent at coming up with some of the most unique perspectives on just about everything. From life and philosophy, marriage, relationships, human existence, religion, politics and global warming. Oh yeah – and just about everything else.

For the past 2 years I have experience a gradual loss of my voice. The problem came about when I developed bowed vocal cords and loss of bulk in the vocal cord muscles. I have to get injections through my neck to beef them up. I lost my job as a retirement consultant along with all the licenses I had to go with it. It was perfect timing in an economy where just about everyone is feeling the pain.

I am now blogging. And lovin’ it. I hope you enjoy my contributions to the blogging world. Thanks for your time and leave me some comments and ideas on how I can improve my site. There is a good mix of humor in most of it. I also have a story of Dandy’s Run, a horse I rode; he was remarkably trained. Got some interesting quotes as well. I throw in some sugar and vinegar, which by the way is great on sliced cucumbers. And that is life. All the vinegar we experience needs to be treated with a good dose of sugar to get us through the day. My days are OK because of it.


Welcome to the Gospel of JJ.

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