JJ Poems

Poems by the Gospel of JJ



  Bon Bon    My Bon Bon

I have a little bonbon

I keep it in-a box

With several thousand latches

And thirty-seven locks.

My bonbon is so yellow

With little streaks of green

I’d eat it up just like that

But that would be to mean.

I love my little bonbon

It’s all I have in life

If someone were to take it

I’d stab ’em with a knife.

So I’ll just keep it hidden

For no one ‘er to see

We’ll live as one forever

Just my bon bon …….and me.

    Cute+Ducklings+Funny+Pic   MY LITTLE DUCKLING

   I had a little duckling,

I called him Socrates,

He was so very naughty

And very hard to please.

He’d wake me in the morning

With little peeps of rhyme,

I’d tell him to be quite

And give me peace of mind.

When he was unhappy,

I’d take him to the sea

To play upon the wet warm sand

And perch upon my knee.

He loved no more than bathing

In mothers coffee cup,

I’d fill it to the brim

With sparkling seven up.

He loved the little bubbles

To run along his sides,

It made him feel so happy

And then he’d run and hide.

But I knew where to find him

Wherever he may go,

He’d leave his tracks all over

Like footprints in the snow.

But time has passed on by now,

He grew too old, you see,

I no longer have my duckling,

I had him with my tea.

  doe-and-fawn   In a Meadow

(Ode to the Hunter)

In a midsummer meadow

Near a blue calmly stream

There’s a doe and her fawn

Taking peacefully the green.

The wee fawn asks of mother

In a questioning sad way

Where has daddy gone

I’ve not seen him today?

But mother in answer

Soft tears in her eyes

Wants not to bring harm

Wants not to tell lies.

Your father’s away, my son

Venturing through time,

Where life is a happy one

 And bells are sweet rhyme.

 So we must be brave, son

And be good our lives through

For the time will come, son

When we must leave too.

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