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President Killing Americans and America

Posted February 20, 2015 By Gospel

Emblem of PhilippinesAny military person in now or who has since left the service, separated or retired, disabled or not, special forces who operate at a top secret level on their every mission, is absolute frustrated with this President and his staff. At no time in history of war have we announced months in advanced that we are going to start a mission aimed at attacking and killing an enemy, and in this case taking over a complete town. Mosul is much larger than Fallujah and taking Fallujah was a pretty significant and difficult battle because there was two separate battles with house to house fighting for an entire year.

Only the non-military types would not have a clue what taking a town like Mosul means to those who have had to do it. Urban warfare is the most difficult. We took some pretty serious casualties in taking Fallujah and it took two separate major offensives to get control of the city. We did not announce that we were going to execute these operations but the battles in Feb and Nov 2004 were extensive. Our military had to face numerous IEDs, booby traps, snipers, enemy playing dead and then attacking, using mosques as weapons caches and hiding places for insurgents. Each time the insurgents took control of the city, they imposed sharia law and anyone who demonstrated an interest in western ways, dressed or had businesses selling western style items was taken and murdered. Sharia Law was not the law of the land in Iraq, the government of Iraq established the law, not religious fanatics following an accepted form of Islam laid out in the Koran and supporting guidelines.

So, announcing now, in February, that we will begin an offensive two months later in April in a city larger than Fallujah is asking our forces and any other forces involved in this effort to go into an operation where they will be sitting ducks. Normally, the first thing a force does in an operation like this is to set up check points outside the city to prevent the enemy from getting out or getting in. But now we are going to give them forewarning. They will be able to move fighters in or out and they will have time to set up booby traps, IEDs, snipers, car bombs, suicide vests, and numerous other surprises for the forces that may try to enter the city.

We complain that the Iraqi forces laid down their weapons and removed their military uniforms and ran. There is even more reason to do that now because we will not have the element of surprise. The enemy will be able to reinforce their fighting force in Mosul and not have to go attack areas of interest elsewhere. The forces they want to kill will be coming to them. It took a year and two major battles to get control of Fallujah, each of which were launched without prior warning. Now we are announcing 2 months ahead of time that we are coming and it is only going to take two months to accomplish? That is an absolute recipe for failure.

Why on earth would our President, the commander-in-chief of our Armed Forces, send his forces or any force into a battle where he announced it ahead of time? What could possibly be his purpose? He must be doing this on purpose and the reasons are political. He wants to be able to say that our military failed and the new Presidential leadership, who probably will be Republican, will be left holding the bag. He has the power already to wage war but he wants to do away with that authority and place a restriction on it that ends, one year after a new president takes office. And the Democrats will have a field day blaming the failure on the new president and congress. We won’t take that city in two months. Right now it is estimated there are only about 1000 ISIS fighters occupying Mosul. Now they have two months to increase the number significantly, and they will be able to recruit fighters because Muslims all over the world will be able to get there by the time the battle starts. Our President is going to help the enemy in their recruiting effort.

We are in a war against ISIS or ISIL or IS. All three of the descriptions of who we are fighting includes the word “Islamic” and our president says we are not in a war against a religion, we are fighting extremists. Yes, the Islamic extremists who are hell bent on converting the entire globe to Islam according their interpretation of the Koran, the holy book of Islam. ISIS clearly states they are Islamic and everywhere they go, they immediately impose Sharia Law, the law of Islam, and begin killing both Muslims who do not conform and any other faith outside of Islam. They rape the women and they crucify children in front of their parents on a cross. They take every person who does not follow, or refuses to follow the strictest form of Sharia Law, lines them up in a ditch and shoots them just like the Nazis did with the Jews in World War II. They behead captives, burn them alive in cages, or take every member of the Christian Faith and behead them on film and spread the images across the internet. They mean business and telling them in advance that we are going to attack them 2 month later is insane. The entire town of Mosul will have to be leveled to the ground to get them out of there.

Noam Chomsky will be so happy to see this happen. He will be able to blame America again for all the bloodshed. But under Sharia Law he will be the first to be beheaded. What an idiot. He is sleeping in the same bed with our President. However, what they do is make the bed and then make someone else lay in it. They are the epitome of cowards. This announcement has only one purpose: Aid and assist the enemy so they can kill as many of our own young men as possible. He claims to be interested in helping our black Americans, but many of them are in the military and will lose their lives at the hands of a presidential disgrace of the greatest magnitude.

Who is this President? He certainly is not American.

We have lost thousands of our own over the course of a century fighting wars for others so they can have a better life. Now we are being forced to have a worse life by sending our young people to war designed to put them unnecessarily in harm’s way for a political purpose. This country is the greatest country in the whole world and our President wants to bring it down.

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Our Sharia President

Posted January 14, 2015 By Gospel

Our “perfect Administration” running this country knows infinitely more about religion than all the Americans in this country. The whole world, and every American, knows beyond any doubt that we are in a war with Islamic Terrorists. Yet our President and his minions want to try to tell us they know better than us by stating the Terrorists are not Islam. If I told you the United States is not a democracy and told you that we Americans high-jacked the beliefs of the founding fathers and are forcing them on the rest of the world “by force” with our superior military power, would you believe that? Unfortunately, half the country thinks that is true.

Half the country wants us to abandon the constitution, get rid of our military and let the rest of the world fend for itself. The last time the United States actually occupied a country and called it our own was NEVER. We did spend millions of our own lives freeing numerous countries from oppression and bringing them back to life restoring them to their original free state and permitting them to move forward without our intervention. Germany is doing very well today on their own because of us. The same is true of France and England and Spain and Italy and Japan and many more. We did not take over any of them. The “Islamic State” which is based on the religion of Islam and insists that Sharia law should be the only law permitted in that state, is rapidly moving to expand worldwide the absolute rule of Sharia Law. They want to physically occupy and convert to Ismalic rule all these countries mentioned above; and they want to do the same in every other country.

That is just like the movement called the Inquisition brought on by the religion called Christianity. Most elite people in this country clearly state that that was an institution based on religion. That is True. But also true, the Islamic state and many other groups throughout the world are running their own Inquisition. That is true as well. If you are not Islamic, you are an unbeliever and need to convert or die. The Democrats are quick to claim the Republicans are in a war on women, gays, and all kinds of other civic issues. But when it comes to protecting this country, our elites want to call the terrorists a small fringe group who high-jacked a religion. They want to claim these terrorists are not Islamic. Tell them that! The elites claim that they are not a religion even though their entire message and every form of violence they undertake is in the name of Mohammed and is based on a fanatical and determined interpretation of Islam. If that is what we are fighting against then we are in a war with Islamic fundamentalism. We are at war with Islamic Terrorists.

These terrorists have a cause and it is to spread their religious faith on the rest of us. And we will die if we do not comply with their demands. Followers of this faith want to overthrow our form of government and impose Sharia Law. This war is a war against members of the Islamic faith. We are in a religious war, the most dangerous form of war we have ever known because those we fight are willing to give their lives for their God. The democrats have always been in a war with Christianity. They are denying they are in a war with Islam. Give me a break. You, our administration, are the ones who are in denial at the expense of our nation. Call it what it is. I learned a week ago that there are “NO-GO” zones in France. There are 750 of them. And they are not governed by French law. They are governed under Sharia Law. And today I learned there are 22 “NO GO” camps in 9 states that have one mission. Train its members in how to kill all unbelievers of Islam. What? NO-GO zones run by Islamic Fundamentalists are already in our country? And guess what the elite say? They have a right to be here. But they do not have the right to plan the takeover of our country. I wonder when the President is going to declare that this country is no longer the United States of America but the United States of Islam to appease the faith of those who follow the teachings of Mohammed and the Islamic law called Sharia.

Born a Muslim, always a Muslim. That is the rule. Our President was born a Muslim and if he converted to Christianity like he says he has, the rule is he must die for committing the most egregious sin of all according Sharia Law. I wonder why some Imam has not already issued a Fatwa for the death of President Obama for this terrible sin. If they haven’t then maybe the President knows something we all do not know; that he only claims to have converted to Christianity in order to become our President and then work to expand Sharia Law in the United States. That would be the ultimate deceit. The only reason I can think of for a President to claim these terrorists are not Islamic is that he really is a Muslim. He has pulled back our military forces from battles against Islamic folks in Islamic countries. By doing that, he is actively supporting the spread of Islamic fundamentalism. Huh! Interesting.

So, what do you think about the content above? Do you agree or disagree to some extent? Leave a comment for me to consider and I will get back to you.


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Islam Is Causing Terror Attacks

Posted January 13, 2015 By Gospel

If you think our Government is right in trying to play down the Islam terrorist threat and think President Obama cannot do wrong; YOU ARE WRONG. Islam is a religion that has been around for almost 1300+years but Christianity and Judaism have been around several hundred years longer. It is ironic that we went through the Catholic Inquisition beginning in the 1200s. It lasted in various forms into the 19th Century. It started in France interestingly enough. But the Religion of Christianity and Judaism went through a lengthy migration into a more modern, accepting character. They are now quite peaceful in their general practice of their faith. “We can all live together.”

But Islam is totally different. Today, a majority of imams still preach that the Quran is the only acceptable guidance coming from God. Any deviation is not allowed. Mohammed, a military and political leader to begin with, began his claim that he was receiving guidance directly from God. All his teachings found their way into the Quran. But subsequent followers published thousands of verses explaining how a Muslim must live his life. It is called Sharia Law. There cannot be any separation of Church and State. Any society that is a majority of Muslims must absolutely follow Sharia Law. A democratic style state is not allowed. Voting is not a part of that society. Church leaders are the ones who are called upon to inforce Sharia law and pass judgment for violation of those laws.

A most interesting part of the law concerns itself with the crime of Rape. A woman who has been raped cannot speak for herself. She has to find 4 males who physically witnessed the penetration. The guilty person can merely state the victim revealed herself to me and I became aroused. That is why it all happened. First of all, what do you think is the likelihood 4 men were watching the act; and would 4 men admit that the rape they were watching actually happened. If the woman reports the crime, she is admitting she had sex with a male. If 4 men are not available. The Victim is the guilty one and must be stoned by the men of the community.

Another law. If a man decides to divorce his wife, he only has to state three times: “I divorce you.” But then he has to wait 3 months to see if the woman is pregnant. The divorce is then final and the man is free to go find a new wife. And regardless of his age, he can marry someone as young as 13 years old. He can also marry again and again. It is permitted because Mohammed had multiple wives. If Mohammed said it is ok, then it is ok. Period. No one can question the Quran. That would be a blasphemy subject to severe punishment including death.

Honor killings is another expectation of fathers to commit when their female daughters do not absolutely follow the teachings of Islam. There is a Muslim living in this country who ran his two daughters over with his car because they were dressing in American style clothing. He has not been captured because it is believed he has fled the country or is hiding in a Muslim community in the US or Canada. He was a taxi driver by trade.

The problem with the teaching of Islam is that those who see a need to back off from the most fanatical teachings of Islam are subjecting themselves to Sharia Law and since Mohammed teaches how you will live your faith, any deviation is disobeying Mohammed and the Quran. No one is permitted to find fault with the Quran because it is considered the absolute word of God. Imams who try to loosen the interpretation of Sharia law are marginalized. Speaking out for a more peaceful interpretation of the Quran is extremely dangerous.

France, where the Inquisition began in the 1200s, is now under extreme Islamic terror threats. They have now stated they are in a war against Islamic terrorism. They have deployed thousands of police and military out of fear of future attacks following The Charlie Hebdo killings and killing of 4 Jewish citizens in a market in Paris. It was also determined one of the targets of the Islamic terrorist was a Jewish school. Military are now protecting all the Jewish Schools across France. And both police and military are guarding major tourist sights. What is even more troubling is there are 750 no go zones in France that do not fall under French Law. They are governed by Sharia Law. Police officers will not go into these Muslim neighborhoods out of fear. If France cannot govern these areas then Sharia Law is alive and well in France; and it is growing. These communities are ruled by Imams and Sharia Law. If these 750 communities of Muslims are not subject to French law, and almost 25% of the country is Muslim, then France only governs 3/4th of its country.  Does anyone think that our problem with the radical side of Islam is a minor problem, they are living in a bubble and in suicidal denial?

Every Muslim country that tries to modernize, bringing it more in line with the rest of the world, is experiencing tremendous pressure from fundamentalist Muslim groups. What we are now experiencing is an Islamic Inquisition from a religion that is living in the 11th Century. They are now having their version of the Crusades to take back land lost and expand the faith throughout the world. Terrorist attacks are increasing and becoming more sophisticated. Islam teaches today, that the unbelievers (anyone who is not following the Islamic way of life) must die. Unless they convert. And if they do, they will not be a full pledged Muslim. They will be a subordinate class that needs to pay a tax for the rest of their lives just because they were not originally born as Muslims.

A reminder. A Christian woman married a Muslim and refused to convert to Islam. She was pregnant, and along with her existing child, arrested and taken into custody. She was sentenced to death for refusing to convert. She eventually had her unborn child in her jail cell without medical assistance. Eventually, the Islamic State operating under Sharia Law, caved to international pressure and released her to foreign officials and she left the country with her children. The world doesn’t have the ability to intervene in every case. It took a military invasion into Afghanistan to stop the Taliban from executing women on a soccer field who violated Sharia Law. They also were no longer able to have these women stoned in accordance with their Law.

But we are now leaving. Our military is pulling out and it will not be long before the Taliban move back into the country and return it to a country ruled under Sharia Law. And it will not be very long before France, with its 750 entire Muslim communities operating under Sharia Law, will be overcome with a Muslim community that changes the centuries of Democratic Rule to an Islamic State operating under the rules of a religion that superimposes itself with 1200 AD ideology. If one country falls, its neighboring countries will also. That is Islam’s goal. The way this religion functions means there can be no other goal.

Moderate Muslims cannot speak out for fear of offending the teaching of God as given to them through Mohammed. We have Christian and Jewish leaders who do not have that power because the nature of their religion is the pursuit of peace and the love of others. The definition of Islam is “Submission” and that is exactly where they are headed.

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The US didn’t deal with Qatar until April 2014 but they stopped drone strikes in December which was a prerequisite set by the Talaban. That is very interesting. Second, the Haqqani terrorism network were the ones holding Bergdahl so they would have had to agree to the transfer exchange which clearly means, regardless of the intermediaries, we were negotiating with terrorists. To try to cover that fact, Qatar was read in and asked to act as itermediary to cover the negotiation going on with Talaban and the Haqqani terrorism network. If any party in a negotiation is classified as a terrorist organization, then we are negotiating with terrorists. How certain am I? Well I will just end that statement with one word: “Period,” to quote the President.

There is another concern. The Haqqani terrorism network always wants money any time something like this occurs. So, what is not coming out is someone is transferring a financial incentive to this terrorist organization.

Hagel said the Afghanistani military is doing fine defending its country. But they used the same argument when discussing the withdrawal of troops from Iraq. Hence, ISIS. When will the lies stop. Those exceptional Iraqi soldiers we trained laid down their arms and gave Mosul back to Al Qaida. The Al Qaida we are talking about is called ISIS. They have always been in Iraq eventhough democrat critics swore up and down that their was never any Al Qaida in Iraq. But our military, in taking Baghdad, found that all the battles they had were pretty decisive except for one. The military reported they unexpectedly ran into an Al Qaida training camp in Iraq where fighting was very intense and those fighters literally fought to the death. The regular Iraqi soldiers routinely gave up to capture.

Another issue was whether Iraq supported terrorists. We already knew beyond any doubt that Saddam Hussein, the leader of Iraq, was paying suicide bombers’ families $25,000 each for their sacrafice. Secondly, during the taking of Baghdad, our soldiers found what they thought to be a school but they find a room full of brand new suicide vests being manufacturered by Iraq. Not one of these vests was used during the taking of Baghdad because regular soldiers are not fanatical relegious zealots. They would not strap on a suicide bomb vest. That is a terrorist MO. The Iraqi government was shipping these vests to terrorist organizations to be used to kill jews.  Enough said.

Now Hagel is letting the cat out of the bag. They are trading terrorist prisoners claiming they are dealing with an enemy combatant. But these guys were Afghanistani Talaban, but Hagel was dealing with the Pakistan Talaban and the Haqqani terrorism network and using Qatar to disguise who they were negotiating with. But then Hagel says they did not read in the Afghanistan government. So with whom are we really at war with? The Pakistani Talaban is considered terrorists and they are also attacking Pakistani civilian centers with bombs. The Haqqani are clearly terrorists as well. So if we did not coordinate with Afghanistan, then we were negotiating with terrorists.

About those soldiers who may have died searching for Bergdahl. Hagel uses a precise choice of words each time the question is ask to try to deny that. He said he asked the question and got the answer he used. That is a clear indication is he is trying avoid stating thr truth because it would not be politically supportive of the reason for the taking back of Bergdahl. But those on the ground admitted they were out looking for Bergdahl and people lost their lives doing it. I know from personal contacts, for certain, that special operators outside Bergdahl’s unit were also looking for Bergdahl.  It is only a matter of convenience to speculate that those who died did so while under an attack unrelated to the Bergdahl search underway.

Listening to the hearing with Hagel, he admitted that the USA and the Haqqani terrorism network were the signers of the agreement to do the exchange of prisoners for Bergdahl. The question is answered with that statement. The USA was negotiating with terrorists. Yet they still keep stating they did not negotiate directly with terrorists. Horse pucky!

When the Twin Towers fell, the entire Islamic world hit the streets in celebration. I can still hear that shreeking sound from the Islamic women in the streets all over the Muslim world when they are exuberant about something that makes them really happy. The Twin Towers was our religious holy center for believers in  Capitalism. The Muslims throughout the world look the other way when a Christian Church is distroyed and the parrishioners are masacared. I do not see them caring at all if Christians are driven from their country. That leads me to an idea that would quite literally fight fire with fire. Put out the word that we will wait one year to see if the Muslims begin to effectively police themselves from within and stop the carnage. If we do not see a dramatic change in their distructive activity across the globe, we will level Mecca and Medina. We have always respected religious organizations and their churches during armed conflict. If our enemy considers the churches of their enemies as fair game, then we need to threaten the same action. Take it or leave. We are done playing games with a religion and its fanatics hell bent on the destruction of our entire way of life. One more item to establish. Jerusulem will be returned entirely to the Jewish State of Israel. No longer will the practice of Islam be permitted in that city.

If any missile leaves the land of Gaza or any other location adjacent to Israel and strikes on Jewish Territory then one square mile surrounding that spot of that launch will be totally leveled. We can have this policy in force for a set period of time and announce it in advance. The area of any future launches will see the square miles increase. If our enemy considers the killing of innocent men, women and children as fair game than the leveling of an entire area is justified. We currently see propoganda films showing the training of young children to hate everyone who does not follow Islam, jewish or otherwise, as deserving of death. To underestimate this threat is asking for trouble. There are those in this country who want to try to appease our enemy to try to get them to understand us and live with us side by side in a cumbyya world. They are living in a fantasy world. The reality is if they do not convert to Islam and accept Sharia Law as the law of the land, they are doomed. They are infidels worthy of extinction.

The Terrorists we face are hell bent on using the poppy fields of Afghanistan to drug our world and use the money to fund their efforts to kill us all. We are killing ourselves allowing this to happen. We destroy any drug operation we can find throughout the world except those being used by the Muslims to practice the war of Jihad. We are essentially being cowards to deal with a threat to our way of life. We fight every other threat but we are cowards to deal with this one. We are witnessing a reincarnation of a brand new inquisition; the Muslim Crusades to take back the Calaphate. That calaphate has it’s site on Southern France where it last existed hundreds of years ago. But they will not stop there. They will eventually impose Sharia Law on the entire globe. How could they not. It is against their Muslim Religion. I have one advisement. “Level or be level!”

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The left continues to come up with the most hypocritical positions when things don’t go their way. They are now trying to attack Hobby Lobby by saying the company doesn’t support 4 certain contraceptives. Hobby Lobby, based on their religious conviction, has the right to choose not pay for those drugs and devises that will cause an abortion; so ruled the Supreme Court. But now the liberals say there is a contradiction, a hypocrisy, when the company has a 401K program that permits its employees to invest in the same companies that make these contraceptives. The only problem with this is when the company pays its employees their retirement plan funds, the money is leaving the company and going to the ownership of the employee. Once the company gives the assets to its employees, the employees have the right to purchase whatever investment they please. After all, it IS their money, not the company’s. Half of them are probably democrats.

If the company were to try to block what its employees were purchasing in their 401K accounts, the liberals would be up in arms crying foul. They would be enraged that a company was interfering with the employees own funds. And then we have certain moments in time when liberals do not like what a company is doing regarding a number of issues and they try to get the company boycotted. They continue to want it both ways depending on their side of an issue. When it goes the other way, like with Hobby Lobby, they want to use what would normally be an objection on behalf of employees to attack the company.

Don’t they get it? There is no war on women, either. It is a war on religion all over again being given another name to make it look like their opponent is at fault. It just doesn’t fly. After all, the liberals are always campaigning about their dislike for wars using military action yet they are the ones that label any action on the part of their opponents as a war on something. Well, when someone uses that word to describe their opponents in order to try to win an argument, that in itself is a hostile act that leads to the lack of communication in solving problems. They are creating a state where negotiations are not possible since the other side is considered guilty of waging war. That in turn, must be met with war until one side surrenders. Surrender is another form of depriving a side of free speech. The war is being waged by the left with the goal of getting a surrender which basically permits the right no longer to be able to exercise free speech. After all, they will be prisoners of that war.

I am wondering when the left will be shipping us off to concentration camps or GITMO. If I am restricted to my home and not permitted to speak out against things with which I disagree, then couldn’t I consider my home a form of GITMO? Liberals call the Tea Party terrorists and racists. But Liberal groups like Occupy Wall Street committed hundreds of violations of laws against innocent civilians. They deliberately fought with police while taking over public parks depriving others of a place to enjoy a day. Liberals are the ones who blow up a person’s home because they happen to work at a University, most of which are liberal institutions, in a lab that uses mice or other animals for research to improve the welfare of humans. They believe the manner in which they protest, blowing up a person’s home, is justifiable if it will save the life of one animal undergoing experiments to improve the life of millions of humans. That is denying a person’s freedom and free speech to an extreme level. Liberals claim that the welfare of humans is a key goal. Except, when they disagree with humans who try to accomplish something to improve human life. By the way, using a bomb to solve a dispute is an act of war. This is a liberals’ favorite choice to resolve an issue when all other attempts fail to control the argument to the point where the denial of free speech is not accomplished. Ask Bill Ayers; he will explain it to you.

Liberals are also quick to kill a premature infant but will fight to the death to save the life of a serial killer on death row. They continuously argue about the sanctity of a woman’s body, but the body of the infant in a woman’s abdomen is relegated to the status of being an abscess or a cancer that needs to be removed by vaginal surgery. The only problem is the baby is not threatening the life of the mother, the mother is the threat to a brand new human life. The hypocrisy is beyond comprehension. It is ironic that their position is predicated on their desire for convenience. Without a child, you are not required to care for a human being yet the strongest position a liberal takes is to protect the most defenseless of us all.

The first to say this country is worthless are the ones who fight the most to fix a country that they claim is not worth fixing. Yet, they are never going to leave to go live in a country in which they say is so much better. If that really is true then vote with your feet. Just go. Why continue to fight for something you think is beyond repair. The real purpose is to completely control the speech of those who oppose the liberal view. The history of this planet is full of people who finally get their way. They are dictatorships and fascists, revolutionaries, terrorists and fanatics and a whole host of groups who acted just like our liberals in their infancy. Maybe it is the liberal who needs to be aborted. They are the ones without a clue blaming their opponents for being clueless. Well, we do have a clear clue and we use it to judge the liberal mindset. They are clueless as to the destruction they reap in the need to impose their so called righteousness on others. It is a righteousness that is so God like. Hence, what we have is the fanatical religion of liberalism.

What is the difference between chopping off a person’s head because they won’t convert to Islam and a liberal who blows up a person’s home because they disagree with the way they derive their livelihood. Liberals are clearly saying, “convert to liberalism or suffer the consequences.”

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StupidAs a retired military personnel officer who knows much about the way the military functions, I became very disturbed that a guy like Larry Korb gets any airtime at all on the main stream media channels. He tried to claim there is nothing wrong with Bowe Bergdahl and the proof he used was the fact that he was promoted twice while he was in captivity. He tried to state that since he has had military service he knows better than others about the military promotion system. He claimed Bergdahl would not have gotten promoted without a commander’s approval so the Army recognized him as having no problems and that he was fully qualified. Korb even challenged a guest who opposed the exchange of 5 high risk terrorists for Bergdahl by asking him if he had military service. He was attempting to disqualify the gentleman’s ability to comment. In posing the question he made himself out to be a fool.

Mr. Korb quite frankly is a hole between the two cheeks he sits upon. He’s trying to deflect descent and basically silence the other person’s speech using a false argument. Military service has two basic methods for promotion; service men can be promoted early with recommendations from leadership and approved by his commander. But if they do not get promoted, they are eligible for automatic promotion for time in service if they are not under any adverse pending legal action. The commander has the authority to flag a person while under investigation. With Bergdahl, he may have walked off his post illegally. Until he is confronted, flagged, had his rights read to him and charged, he is eligible for the automatic promotions.

Secondly, the moment you leave your post, you are considered to be absent without leave (AWOL). After 30 days, you are reported to have deserted the military. Bergdahl would then be convicted by court martial and could face several years in confinement. If it can be determined that he actually intended not to come back and he helped the enemy, he is looking at charges of treason. That could get life in prison; even the death penalty depending on the seriousness of his aide to the enemy. If it can be shown that he deliberated assisted the enemy in attacking and killing US military in the combat zone. He would be in very serious trouble.

The men who served with him, as many as 8 or 10 so far, do not make statements about such as these serious charge unless they are certain Bergdahl left under his own free will. They were there and they were tasked with having to go find him. They saw major attempts my other military elements outside their unit join in the search.  I know personally that several Special Forces guys were diverted away from their primary mission, or had to adjust their mission to add the search for Bergdahl. By doing so, they brought more risk to their efforts why stationed in a war zone. If someone died while doing this mission or they died with an augmented mission; Bergdahl is responsible. If he had not left his position, it would have been business as usual without the additional risk. Why is it that some are so willing to accept the Taliban explanation that they captured him in the latrine? There was no latrine. There was a 50 gallon drum cut in half setting in the middle of the camp and no one went their without all their gear.  They need to be ready at a moment’s notice since they are in a dangerous area. The interpreter who translated for the Americans, acknowledged that there was intelligence chatter that an American looking for an English speaking Taliban member. What is the chance that this would happen just after Bergdahl left his unit?

If Bergdahl had been captured by the Taliban as they say, why would there be chatter like what occurred over intelligence surveillance equipment designed to listen to electronic communications in the area? The search for an excuse to take pressure off the President is now reaching the stage of being a sickness more dangerous than a case of simple denial. These deniers are willing to give up American lives in order to save the image of a President. It is really a sad state for citizens of our country arguing over the obvious at the cost of our young Americans risking their lives who certainly do not choosing to leave their fellow soldiers for their political ideology. A soldier soldiers, and a deserter does not. The brave are looking for a coward and reluctantly risk their own lives in the process. They have much more pressing things to do.

Why is President Obama never surprised about controversy being whooped up in Washington, D.C., when he is the one who actually created the controversy by his actions and his attempt to cover it up with a string of lies? He held a ceremony in the Rose Garden with the parents. The key thing to know here is he had to have known the entire history of Bergdahl before making this decision. He is a complete failure if he did not know because he is the commander and chief who has total control of the information. This was clearly an example of how he will try to use his military to make himself look good so he can get votes for his party and improve his image. In all my years associated with the military, he is truly the worst commander-in-chief I could possibly imagine.

Why was Bergdahl held in Germany so long and have his parents not been permitted to visit with him. If he is suffering from his confinement, seeing his parents would be a very positive thing to help him in recovery. All others soldiers’ wives or parents of the injured are given the opportunity to go visit them in Germany, expenses paid by funds set aside for that purpose. But not Bergdahl’s parents. This tells me that something is going on that is probably associated with what is in a lengthy confidential file revealing some serious problems with what he was doing in captivity. He most certainly will be detained at some point in time for going AWOL and deserting. And the rest of any transgressions he may have committed will be wrapped up as additional charges. He is now in a Texas military hospital and his parents have still not visited him. Very telling.

The argument that states that trading 5 really bad terrorists for Bergdahl is somehow no big deal since the Israelis traded 1200 prisons to get one man. But that Israeli soldier who was held captive for several years by Hezbollah did not go AWOL from his unit and desert. And there is no evidence that he converted to Islam or joined in target practice with his captives and declared himself a warrior of Islam. There is so much more to this Bergdahl story. My guess is the President is not going to be happy when the rest of the story is revealed.

If 1200 prisoners are released by Israel for one good soldier, what makes the trade of 5 of the most dangerous people in the world for a person who goes AWOL from his unit in a war zone, deserting his fellow soldiers, justified. If that is OK, then let’s trade 1200 Mexicans in this country illegally for the good soldier being held in a Mexican jail. The problem? Mexico doesn’t want them. They would rather try to make hay with an American soldier for political gain. That is sad, too. We need to tell Mexico we are going to fly 1200 Mexicans and any other illegal from other Central American countries, daily, to their international airport and release them until that one soldier is returned to us. We have a status of forces agreement with Mexico concerning our military. We get to try ours and they get to try theirs. The diplomacy crap that is happening now really shows how much this president cares about our military.

Leaving soldiers behind on the battlefield is an unwritten devotion to your fellow soldiers in the course of battle. But not for deserted soldiers. Bergdahl left his fellow soldiers behind and went looking for and seeking out the enemy. He was not trying to be captured; he was trying to switch sides. The really stupid argument that some support that Bergdahl is not at fault is a clear cop out. With the hundreds of lies coming out of this White House, I can no longer believe anything I hear. And today, it continues. The next reason they are trying to use now since the rest have fallen apart, is that the Taliban threatened to kill Bergdahl if the deal became public. Well this government read congress in on Ben Laden raid for months before it went down. They could have done the same with the Intelligence Committee. They were not permitted to do such a swap without reading congress in. So that tells me they really were not concerned about Bergdahl or the safety of other Americans and military members, they were doing this for political reasons to improve election results. That is the answer to the entire question as why President Obama did this.

Let’s start the 1200 daily illegals movement plan now until we get our military member back home. We have plenty of minors available at the moment. Bus them to the airport and transport them to Mexico. It would cost us much less for a plane flight daily then the cost of all these illegals clogging up our legal system and taking advantage of our healthcare system for years to come. As Hillary Clinton or John Kerry would say, “What difference does it make!”  If 1200 is ok for the Israelis to release for one than there should not be any problem releasing over a thousand Mexicans here illegally back to Mexico where they came from.

I will use an argument for sending the 1200 daily to Mexico to do them a big favor. To use the rationale of our own citizens who continue to rant that our country is so terrible, I would be willing to bet that none of these illegals will return since living in the United States is absolutely an intolerable experience. Mexico is so much more of a wonderful place to live; it is even better than Pakistan and Afghanistan or being under the remarkably beautiful rule of law called Sharia. After all, everyone knows that this is the most disgusting country in the entire world. They have all got to be totally nuts to keep coming to the most disgusting country in the world. Well, let’s help them get out so they can have a better life.

This is a capitalistic country and capitalism is the scourge of the earth as far as the naysayers are concerned. Yet these same people take full advantage of this system with there work, the cars they purchase, the homes they live in and all the other products that permeate their home and all the services available to them for any emergency that may unexpectedly befall them. They are also claiming that we need to raise the taxes of the rich people but they higher tax consultants to help them take full advantage of all the tax breaks they can squeeze out of the system to preserve their wealth. Why don’t they just file a 1040EZ, take the standard deductions, and pay the taxes according to their tax bracket. I don’t see them doing that any time soon. Their philosophy is to take the money of the rich and give it to the poor; “just not my riches.”

One finally question. How many of those spoken of above would volunteer to join the 1200 being shipped back to Mexico daily so they can have a better life? I would be willing to bet that the line of those people would not have a single person in it. There is a rule: “Don’t slap the system that feeds you.” And for Larry Korb: “Don’t disparage the soldiers who give their lives and do not desert just so you can have the freedom to say stupid things.” Let me know if you have had enough of this country. I will pay for the your one-way ticket to Mexico so you can have a better life.

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Hillary ducks a shoe but Not Che Guevara!

Posted April 11, 2014 By Gospel
Chucked: Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton ducks as an object is thrown on stage at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Thursday, on April 10, 2014, in Las Vegas

She looks a little wrinkled from so much political theater

It just happened at a speech Hillary Clinton was giving at a recycling gathering in Las Vegas. A middle aged blond women threw a shoe at her and she tried to duck  but was too slow. Luckily the shoe was off target. That could have been because along with the shoe, the woman tried to throw some papers with it. The papers were copies of declassified documents about “Operation Cynthia,” which was the United States operation to find and capture revolutionary leader Che Guevara in 1967. Hillary may want to know that it was a Democrat who set the operation in motion and it is Democrats who absolutely love Che Guevara. So I would be willing to bet the woman who threw the shoe is a liberal. She was identified as being Bolivian. I guess they don’t forget what the Democrats tried to do back then. And Hillary and here gang are spreading the word that the woman must be a republican – Chances are she is not!


Che Guevara was a staunch communist revolutionary who fell out of favor with Cuba when his Chinese style changes he imposed on Cuba were causing the country to become worse economically. As he lost the support of Fidel Castro, he resigned his position and departed for Bolivia; apparently with Fidel’s approval. There he started a communist revolution since he felt the Bolivians were ripe for it. He also picked that country so he could spread out into neighboring countries with his ruthless message.

Lyndon Johnson, a democrat, authorized the support of a Bolivian Ranger Battalion my CIA and Green Beret trainers to bring them up to speed so they could fight the revolutionaries and “capture” Che Guevara. They accomplished their covert mission but then the Bolivian leadership gave specific instructions through the CIA contact to have the Ranger Battalion put him to death. The CIA representative was actually ordered to try to keep him alive but that was overruled by the Bolivians. Soviet Premier Aleksey Kosygin visited Cuba to tell Castro that they were not satisfied with Che’s tactics in Bolivia. It was not the way the Soviets wanted to spread communism.

So the bottom line is, many of are young people today still wear shirts with Che’s face on it and they also support the democrat party here in the US. They do not realize that he was a cold blooded killer, disliked by the Cubans, the Bolivians, the Soviets and every other country in South America – not to mention the US. He was more like the Chinese in their revolutionary tactics and political treatment of their citizens. Che worshipers therefore are quite literally the essence of what Che was able to do, convince poor people to do his bidding and call it the best thing for the world. the only problem with these people in the US, they are not poor and they are well educated. It is sad that they still do not recognize the actual history of Che Guevara. He did not use politics to get his way, he used the gun. And isn’t ironic that most of the Che followers support the banning of guns; unless they are being used by a communist to kill people who do not accept their way of government.

The “shoe falls where it may,” but the blond woman was most like someone who is a communist, or a democrat who really hates that the US Government had a hand in bringing down a tyrant. Hillary is not to blame because she didn’t have a part in the killing of Che, but she is a member of the party who someone disgruntled about Che’s death, would use her as a target for their revenge. But Hillary is not a Muslim and neither is the Bolivian woman. So I am not sure what the shoe means. Throwing shoes is a Muslim tradition of disrespect. I guess we have adopted the tradition.








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Palestinian? – A Word Made Up From Whole Cloth

Posted December 17, 2013 By Gospel
This Achmed the Terrorist

This is Achmed the Terrorist

The Romans created a bogus name in an effort not recognize the land Israel  and take them off the map! Now a days, Arabs who create map of the middle east leave Israel on their maps. Is that really working!

Ok! I am inundated with news about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Brilliant minds have been kicking this football around since 1948. Everyone keeps attacking but scoring no points. No one punts. They just run 4 plays on the 50 yard line and turn over the ball. Even the referees are worn out. There is constant argument expressed in bloodshed. The question is who owns the land. Well let’s look at that. Let’s start at the beginning to see how close we can get. Israelites, Hebrews, Jews, Arabs. First, someone or something started this world. Now let’s set all seriousness aside and get on to this piece of work.

The land in perpetual question was occupied by the Israelite people around 1400 BC after a generation of them wondered around the desert waiting to die. It was God or Yahweh who told them they had to do this before they could enter the promise land due to their infidelity. When the last of the generation died, they moved in. And they had to fight for the land occasionally. They usually won because “they had God on their side.”

At the time, the area was made up of the land of Canaan. Well that was a collective word used to identify the whole region for a long time; Israelites and all the other tribes. They were all just a bunch of rowdy tribesman keeping their distance and minding their own business.  And they worshiped some kind of superior being just like the Israelites. But, the Israelites’ God was Yahweh. He was the real deal according to them and all the other cults were null and void. It took hundreds of years and thousands of skirmishes for them to get to know each other; and getting to know Yahweh. Most of them eventually abandoned their cultish ways and assimilated into Hebrew culture.

So, we know for sure that the Kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of Judah were around for 600+ years going through the motions. That is a very long period of time. Our nation is only 200+ years old and constantly changing and growing and flexing is muscles trying to impress the world with the “Religion of Democracy.” And Jerusalem was there the whole time right smack dab in the middle of all these little kingdoms doting the landscape. There was something very interesting about what, for a time, was on an old map. Way down to the Southwest, right on the coast, there was living this little group of folks called the Philistines. Some say they were from Crete and set up camp about 1200 BC. (Funny, that is just about the same time the Israelites moved into the digs of Canaan.) The place where the Philistines set up camp was where the Gaza strip is right now. It was called Philistia or you might say the Philistia Strip. (Our strips in the USA are places you don’t really want to go unless you have some sort of perversion.) Philistia and the two kingdoms did not get along that much. It took hundreds of years for the Philistines to assimilate.  And pretty soon, poof; they were gone. I guess they were fully acclimated to the Hebrew way of doing things. Again, that was around 600 BC which was 1100 years before Mohammad came on the scene in Mecca which was 769 miles away. As the camel flies, that would take a great deal of time to make a trip like that.

Mohammad was business man, and whole bunch of other  things besides a holy guy and began seeing lights. He used to take time off from work and head for the hills where he lived in caves a few days at a time. That is when he claims he received word from God asking him to create a whole new religion. And then once he got started he never wrote anything down; other people wrote down what he said. Now that is a novel idea. There was another just like him and that guy was called Jesus. But according to Mohammad, Jesus was just a prophet who didn’t write anything down; others did it for him. Well Mohammad was just a prophet, too. And he preached for about 10 years before he died from an ailment he contracted. He didn’t even die as a martyr. Yet his expectation was that everyone else should. Sounds just like another one of those cults where everyone but the leader gives his life for the cause. Jesus at least gave his life for a cause; to save all of his followers from themselves. Mohammad just got sick and died 769 miles from Jerusalem; a city that had been around for over a thousand years and was a holy site long before Mohammad and Islam came into existence. In fact, the Muslims came up with their own calendar and it started in 622 AD. And now, in 2013, we are experiencing the Islamic crusades bent on taking control of every inch of the earth. It should be noted that the Christian Crusades were  designed to take back a small patch of earth called the holy land which had been run over my Muslims.

It is important to note, that these pesky Jews spend 1500 years defending themselves. For several difficult periods during this time, they were under Assyrian, Babylonian, Persian, Greek, Roman, Sassanian, and Byzantine rule; and finally the Muslims came into town in 700 AD. The Jews had already been fighting for hundreds of years trying to keep their homeland. They were kicked out several times only to make their way back again. And today they are once again fighting for their existence. But this time, as they had sometimes seen in the past, these adversaries, like Hitler, wanted to bring them out of existence. The Muslims are embarked on their own holocaust while denying Hitler’s holocaust actually existed. This is 2013 and still the Jews have to deal with this type of foe. Will it ever end?

I mentioned the Philistines. Well the Romans were a little ticked off because the Jews kicked them out in 50 AD. So they just took Israel off their maps – didn’t want to hear that name again. Isn’t it ironic that the Romans took them off the map?  Better said; “Wiped them off the face of the map.” ( I think Obama said that)  And wouldn’t you know it. Today when the Egyptians, Syrians and Iranians make maps, they leave Israel off their maps – very interesting.  I think mapmakers need to be licensed and regulated. It sounds like a new job for the Department of the Interior (or Exterior maybe). But let’s get back to the Romans. They needed a name. So after a little bit of research, they came up with “Palestine.” Canaan became Palestine around 50 AD (500 years before Muhammad was born . So they didn’t wipe it off the map, they just changed the name.  But as we know, the Jews did not go away.

In fact, the Jews have lasted longer than all those you controlled them in the past except for the Greeks.  But the Greeks are just about to be kicked out of the EU if they don’t get their financial house in order.

The very first time the Jews were ever kicked out of somewhere was when they ended up in Egypt. At that time, they numbered about 50 but after a few generations they numbered 600,000. That is why they started having problems with the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh tried to use an extermination technique called “eliminating the firstborn.” But that really ticked off Yahweh and before you knew it they were “on the road again.” On their way out of town. If you don’t believe me, just ask Charlton Heston, he knows all about it. Oops, you can’t. Yahweh just called him up for duty a short while ago.

I read somewhere that the question was raised, “Who are the Palestinians and where did they come from.”  Well, they were everywhere, too. But originally they were living right alongside the Jews in the Promised Land and were Hebrews until the Christians came along and convinced them to be Christians. Then the Muslims showed up and converted them to Muslims – by force. Wow, what a rocky religious path they have had. But now things have changed. The Muslims are thoroughly convinced that their God is the real God. (Do they not realize they have had the same God as the Jews and Christians all along?) Only the message has changed. Now they have to get rid of Jews by the process of annihilation. You would think, once a Jew, always a Jew. No; it is once a Jew who has converted to Muslim, always a Muslim. Or else.  No more conversions permitted.

It was not until recently that the rural tribes started feeling the pinch when the Jews started multiplying again. And adding to that, all the Jews getting kicked out of other countries came back to the Promised Land.  Oh boy. History is repeating itself all over again, as Yogi Berra would say. So now they get a really good idea. Let’s form our own nation right over the top of “you know who” and wipe them off the face of the map. Oh, will they ever learn. Nowadays, these pesky Jews have weapons of mass destruction (WMD). I think they are a little worn out from all the moving over the years. This is the Promised Land and I don’t think they are going to move again, ever – except a little outward as they expand due to a loose, but legal Jewish immigration policy. JIP for short. Take it or leave it. They just have the “take” part down pat and that leaves no time for leaving.

So there never really was a Palestine. That was made up my Romans and carried forward by politically correct educators, and biased reporters and politicians. The Muslims didn’t come up with calling themselves Palestinians until the 19th century; out of the need for political expediency. And since Muslims created a bogus need to take over the land to save their faces, there is no way they are going to be able to get along with Jews. The only leaders they have managed to elect have been terrorists. And these terrorists only have one political platform and that is to blow up Jews so they can get elected. Oh yeah, and blow up the person from the opposition party running against them. These Muslims have never been a nation, ever.

I have said it before and I will say it again, if you are fighting for religion, which both sides are, there is no way to resolve it except by brute force, forcing submission. A vaporized opponent will never fight again. He becomes a mere “Al Gore” carbon footprint floating around the atmosphere looking for 72 virgins. Good luck with that. The virgins will still be virgins because their packages will have been vaporized. If the Jews have to give their land back to the bogus Palestinians. then it would even make better sense to give the USA back to the American Indians because they really were here first. What we are seeing is a manifest destiny that has been around for

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Are Normal Muslims Peaceful? NO! Proof!

Posted December 17, 2013 By Gospel

During a Muslim “Peace” conference in Oslo, Norway, it became perfectly clear that there is no such thing as a separation between extremist and normal Muslims. The following video proves beyond a doubt that what Muslims want is to convert the entire world to Islam and to make Sharia Law the law in every country. It is a stated goal and here is proof that normal Muslims are pure examples as to what we would call extremists. They call their extremism normal and that politicians are wrong in trying to imply their is a difference.

The argument that there is a difference is a made up liberal attempt to appease the liberals and progressives in our society strictly for political purposes. It was created out of whole cloth by liberals to find a way to contradict the war on terror. They want to show that they can create a peaceful world order with socialism as its base. They need to avoid the international differences among people and religions to continue their goal of putting down the United States and controlling its power. In there step toward this goal, they need to convince us all that everyone is peaceful and that there is no world conflict except what the United States creates out of its own selfish interest and through its own fault.

If you continue to believe that you are right in stating there is such a thing as a peaceful Muslim and that you can easily live side by side with them, then go live with them in their countries, but do not let them change our country into one run by Sharia Law. Liberals and progressives continuously argue that we should not try to convert other countries to some form of democracy yet they want to convert all of them to a one world order ideal. That is as foolish as what they claim the Christians are doing, converting everyone to Christianity. What really baffles me is that there are so many very intelligent people in our schools and universities who actually believe they can accomplish this.

I have news for them. The world will come to its natural end in about 1.5 billion years as a result of the loss of our sun (scientists tell us this) before they can manage to accomplish such a foolhardy goal.

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Knock Out Game Tip of The Race War Iceberg

Posted November 22, 2013 By Gospel

ExplosionNow we have knockout games coming from our black gangland folks. And no one has yet mentioned that some of these victims may experience various forms of brain damage; short and long term. And the problem is being highlighted by vary few because it is crime being committed by blacks. Police are afraid to arrest these guys because they will be subjected to racist based litigation. But it will not be long before someone dies from bleeding within the brain due to the knockout. Boxers who get knocked out are treat right away. The majority of folks who experienced a serious blow to the head normally seek medical care in protect themselves. Any time you get knocked out, you need to go get some help.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Random beatings and now knock outs are happening more often than we know.  The nation will eventually be in a civil war if the attacks escalate. Gun sales will increase and it will not be long before the bodies start falling. Black bodies have been dropping at a rate that is over 80% of all gun homicides in the country. The remaining deaths are from Hispanic gun homicides and the white folks only account for less than 5%.

Prepare yourself for much more destruction coming as well. The some of the Muslims in our country are bent on killing anyone who is American. For anyone who doesn’t believe this is beginning to happen have got their head sitting on an ostrich neck and sticking it in a hole. When you feel a dynamite stick up your butt and the striking of a match it is too late to kiss your butt goodbye. At least when the lights go out, you will not notice it because the hole in which you stick your head will already be dark and you will have accomplished a complete end to your life as a consequence.

I mentioned the gun purchases are going to increase exponentially. That in turn will cause several black-out gamers to get a fatal bullet. Then there will be a title wave of revenge. The civil war will have begun and we will have a devastating race war.


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