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The Genius of Democrats is Beyond Them

Posted December 12, 2015 By Gospel

Republicans-vs-DemocratsIt simply amazes me why I have so much trouble with Democrats. Maybe I should ask myself what does it take to be a Democrat because I just don’t qualify on so many levels. I don’t understand that they really are so much more wise and better than me. They all are infinitely smart, better looking, more hip, more cool, more aware of all things that are part of our world and they even know much better than I how best to spend my own money. My children are not capable of being educated by me, and more puzzling then all – why do they still permit me to even live.

Well that got me to thinking – something that is a cardinal sin for a Republican to start doing at any age when living under the intensely dogmatic doctrine of the Democrat lifestyle is to question why they do the things they do.  It is almost like I am a female living in a Muslim world. Don’t talk, don’t let anyone see any part of you, dress as you are told, and permit democrats to screw you, rape you and kill you if you dishonor them. Gangs have the same rules like “respect me or you die.” I am sure liberal scientists are trying to perfect the talent of turning me into stone if I look at them. They even want to control whether I can apply for a tax exemption, practice my religion, specifically Christianity, or carry a gun for my own protection. And…… Oh, I need to get back to my thinking I began doing without permission.

I have been clueless and in a fog as to where all these elitist character traits come from. But then it began to clear up when I happened to watch, ironically, the TV program “Brain Games” on the National Geographic Channel. The discussion focused on how our brain actually helps us hide the fact that we are incompetent. Everyone knows that a college student, by the mere fact he or she was accepted to undertake classes of advanced learning at a prestigious university, has exceptional brain power and knows, or can reason beyond question the answer to just about anything. They are infinitely more capable of understanding the real meaning of life; far more than anyone beyond the age of 35 years. Their education is clearly so advanced that it debunks anything anyone has learned from the old school, old history, old age or old wisdom anyone claims to have cultivated. In fact, the elites claim everything these old folks know is the result of their “cult” mentality. The elites don’t adhere to cults; they are the epitome of enlightenment. What the program Brain Games surprisingly revealed is just about the complete opposite. The brains of young people are highly defective, deceptive and  capable of thought that is infinitely beyond reason. They actually fool themselves. Their emboldened enlightenment is lacking a filament.

As soon as the show began, the program directors called upon a class of what looked like a pretty advanced group of college students. They were mostly leaning back in their seats with a remarkable air of confidence. Then the MC of the program indicated that most of them probably didn’t know how a zipper worked. Like magic, they all started playing with any zipper they could get their hands on starring at it as they pulled it up and down numerous times. The looks on their faces was astonishing. Those expressions clearly showed a heighten, or you might say enlightened state of entranced confusion. But then the MC interrupted them bringing them all back to an awakened state by asking them if they new how to draw a bicycle. That is when the lights of total confidence clicked back on and for the those college students, the light of intelligence suddenly burned out.

They were all asked to draw a functioning bicycle. There were 16 students. The producers, in their infinite wisdom knew in advanced what type of bicycles they were going to get, so they actually built bicycles ahead of time that would reflect the functionality depicted in the drawings that were forthcoming. They went outside and these students actually attempted to ride those bikes that fit their drawings. One person fell down immediately after take off. The front wheel was impossible to turn. What they actually found was that college student could only draw functioning bicycles 10% of the time. That means 90% of these intellectual powerhouses couldn’t do it. Wouldn’t that indicate that they were 90% abstract and 10% reality? Maybe it indicated that they were only capable of realism 10% of time. Or, maybe they had the potential of being unreasonable or unrealistic 90% of the time.

Well, that one example could have been an anomaly. How about two more examples. Next, each person was asked to select a range of numbers that would include the number of books in the Bible making up the Old Testament. They all were not able to come up with a range of numbers that included either the Protestant Version of 39 or the Catholic version of either 46 to 47. Since they didn’t know for sure, they all picked a range but one that was a much smaller range that did not include either of the actual numbers. They didn’t want to let on that they didn’t know the number or could even get close it. But their own brains, under their complete control, convinced them though, that their range of choice would be accurate. There interest in appearing intelligent overpowered their ability to reason. Pick 1 to 1000 and they would have met the test. But that choice would reveal that they really didn’t know something. So they fudged it.

The other example was where students with their advanced brain created an answer that just wasn’t really there. They were shown a train with 8 cars plus an engine and caboose. Each car had a different word painted on it. They were asked to memorize each word as the train slowly passed in front of them. Then they were shown another train with just 4 “different” words on it. The question was, which one of the 4 words was on the first train. Six students, all of them, guessed that the word “track” which was one of the 4 words on the second train was on the first train. It wasn’t. None of the 4 words were on the first train. The test proved these advanced brains take short cuts and supply false information that is accepted by the owner of the brain as true. The moral to this story is pretty interesting.

Our brains, including the most advanced brains in our society, can come up with the wrong answer. They can be manipulated into believing something is there when it is not – that something is true, but it is not. These young people are so confident that they know the answer that they will say they know it when they really don’t know. On the streets of New York, where the most advanced brains in our society can be found, the question was, “do you know what happened in Benghazi,” and many would say yes. Not just yes, but “YES, surely, absolutely, without question with total confidence radiating all over their face. But when asked what it was, they had no clue. They lied about knowing. The question is why do they do that. What is going on in their minds that causes them to lie? The “Brain Games” program called this phenomenon the “Illusion of knowledge.”

These folks are allowing themselves to be influenced by the power of persuasion. They pretend to know something when they didn’t. They use what is called a survival mechanism to make them feel like they are in control. They used their own brains to deceive themselves to the point where they created a state of overconfidence. They are confident their brains can come up with the right answer so much so that they don’t really need to use it that much except to seek out pleasures, to have fun, to enjoy the wonderful life someone else created for them. They want to take advantage of the intellectually advanced technical creations of others. But they do not have the time or the interest in pushing their brains to be productive in the same way. They are quite comfortable using their brains to seek out pleasure and folly. Why should they when they have all they need to have an amazingly pleasurable life. Creating things on your own is really hard. “If those others didn’t want us to enjoy their inventions, then they shouldn’t have invented them.” These brains want to escape reality. It is so much more fun. These brains are even so advanced and in control that they know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they can use drugs or binge drink without experiencing any adverse consequences. They are totally in control. It is like they are playing the card game called “Twenty-One and have an ace and king showing and they tell the dealer, “Hit Me!” Pun intended.

Then there are those who will vote for a person because they are certain he or she is the right person for them. So if a man says he is a Democrat, then I am convinced I am voting for the right person because I consider myself to be Democrat and Democrats always know better. But if I told you I was a Democrat but I really was a communist or socialist or born in Kenya or all three, then my advanced knowledge of life as I know it, would figure that out. So since I have no evidence to the contrary emanating  from my brain of infinite advanced knowledge, I am totally confident I am voting for the right guy. And I am also totally confident that the word “Track” was on the first train and that I can draw a totally functioning bicycle. Well if that is the case, then you could be 90% wrong about a person you chose to be our president. By the way, is global warming really real? Do you really know for sure?

These same folks on the streets of New York, infinitely confident in themselves to come up with the right answer, couldn’t name who the Vice President of the United States was but were absolutely confident that the President was the absolute best choice beyond question, absolutely. Now that is scary. Many of them hadn’t even heard of the word Benghazi, didn’t know what happened there, didn’t kn0w that their own government-run IRS was targeting religious groups, individuals who contributed large sums of money to a conservative candidate of their choice, Tea Party applicants setting up organizations for nonprofit tax status and many other conservative entities who happened to voice dissatisfaction for our current president. The IRS asked some of these folks what books they read in their book club, who their donors were, and they even asked for a complete list of all their Facebook pages from all their members and their members’ families. The IRS can do that to normal citizens but it is a violation of privacy for our government to look at the Facebook page of a visa applicant who turns out to be a terrorist. Business owners who had only one audit in 30 years, were subjected to 3 audits and investigations by the Department Labor. Yes, their beloved government was doing this to its regular citizens. These folks on the streets of New York were not asked but I bet they were deathly against invasion of privacy as much as they are against the death penalty, and for the death of unborn children in the womb; which happens to be the exact same place they came from. If they were given a choice, they would not agree to their mother aborting them.

With the IRS scandal, the implication is that it is OK as long as Republicans aren’t permitted to do it. Or, it is OK because that is what Nixon did. Or, it is not OK and Republicans are just making that up. They don’t realize that Democrats, after the Nixon debacle,  came up with numerous laws to make sure “this never happens again.” No one realized, you know, “Who knew” that those laws would only apply to Republicans; that Democrats could do it because it was best for our country, an even though we have existed for 200 years as a two party system, it would be best to be totally controlled by one party; my party. That way things would be just fine. No problems, no worries and I could then enjoy life texting and face-booking, drinking and drugging; to my hearts content. That is the kind of government that is best for us all. Isn’t it ironic that it was the IRS that leaked Nixon’s tax records so he could be accused of tax evasion. By the way, in case you didn’t know or couldn’t infer, Nixon was a Republican who also was accused of using the IRS to harass his opponents. Now that is not cool.

It really is necessary for college students to take history in the “progressive” classroom so they can be made aware of all the twisted history created out of whole cloth. The course should naturally be mandatory to support the advancement of perfected knowledge beyond illusion. These courses will finally correct all those misguided historians who fabricated tomes of misinformation for all the centuries of mankind’s existence. After all, we need the proper information that will set us all free from all the lies from the past. You know, so we are set free to be delusional, illusionary, in tune with our ultra-simplistic universe and as overconfident as is inhumanly possible. Reality is only real as long as we have clearly defined it as imaginary.

I am a Republican and I know who the Democrat Vice President is, but those Democrats who are most advanced in knowledge and wisdom, do not. I could be wrong here, but I am not smart enough to figure that out or even know better. I guess that is why I used to be Democrat and converted to being a Republican due to a complete lose of insanity.  Let me thing about that!

By the way, free speech is protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution. And Democrats constantly claim that free speech is sacrosanct. But when someone went to the Yale campus with a clipboard and asked those passing by if they would help him out by signing a petition to do away with the First Amendment to the Constitution, he got many signatures. You see, if you are on a liberal campus and someone asks for help getting rid of something by signing a petition, they automatically assume it must be a great cause. The students could not connect with what that amendment was for. If a Democrat says we need to get rid of that amendment, they will follow like sheep. I guess there really is a degree of smartness so advanced that understanding “stupid” is be beyond them.

But how should I know, I am too old to be of any value at all in discerning what reality really is.

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Perfect Example of Liberal Hypocrisy

Posted December 10, 2015 By Gospel

school houseThis happened 3 years ago in Riverside, GA. Here is a perfect example of liberal hypocrisy. Keandre Varner is about to graduate from High School. I might add with the dropout rate among black students so high, I am extremely proud of Keandre for being an exceptional student and getting his diploma. But it seems his principal was arrested for not showing up for a hearing concerning her speeding violation and she got caught. We can assume, because of her position as principal and because she is black, she could just ignore the police because they are most definitely racist, profiling her and disrespecting her; their ancestors kept slaves and forgetting the fact that she is a principal of a high school.

Using his computer skills he learned in school, Keandre happened to find his principal’s mug shot on line. You know, that worldwide internet thing where everyone in the world has access and is free for them to use, view, insinuate and to guess as to why she was arrested.  And since that mug shot is public record placed on there by the government on their own website according to accepted law and for the public’s legal interest and their right to know, you would think that Keandre could post the picture on his Instagram to share it as something of interest. I think we call that exercising your free speech.

But along comes the principal, a typical liberal, who gets pissed off that one of her students had the gall to do such a thing  – to “exercise his free speech rights off school property without her permission. She first tries to get him arrested by asking a policeman on campus, there keeping the peace and enforcing the law, to take him into custody. The policeman did the right thing by refusing to handcuff Deandre and cart him off to jail. I am pretty sure he refused because there was nothing to charge him with. Or maybe the policeman left is “Miranda Rights” quote card at home that morning and couldn’t remember exactly what it said.

Now, I think the policeman could have arrested the principal for trying to file false verbal charges. But of course, he really shouldn’t do that since she IS the principal and presumably, according to the principal, immune from prosecution; you know like foreign dignitaries. And of course, there is that profiling thing that exempts her from any scrutiny since she is black. Every policeman is fully aware of that.

Since the arrest of Deandre didn’t work, the principal, by virtue of her falsely perceived, untethered, limitless power, charged him with the spreading of misinformation. My question would be; misinformation to whom? The public who has the right to know? Other students who are able to freely access Instagram on their own, something that is clearly an actual right? Wow! Here we go again with that liberal cry, “watch out for the slippery slope.” Oh, but that slippery slope doesn’t apply to liberals. What we have here is a bunch of slippery slop; the pig-like kind after the pigs have finished eating! She calls her own personal kangaroo court into session, designating her self-appointed self as judge, jury and executioner. She said wrongly, that he said, “She was arrested for DUI. But he actually said he thought she might have been arrested for DUI. He didn’t know for sure. She suspends him for what he was thinking.

The actual charge should have been that Deandre was stupid to not realize that his principal would get pissed off at him and have the gall to illegally retaliate. So he really didn’t do anything wrong. He followed the teachings of all his teachers by practicing the skills they taught him. They also taught him about what is free speech, the purpose of our legal system, how our country works and that he should expect to be treated fairly at all time. And that it is wrong to make false accusations. The principal only watches students all day but no one else. I wonder if possibly the principal could be performing the act of profiling.

And it is interesting, after all this education she insists all her students must take to be a better citizen, that she actually, really breaks a public law, gets caught, fails to show up in court, gets arrested without any profiling or racism, gets booked, fingerprinted and has her picture taken, she takes it out on one of her students by profiling, falsely accusing, abusing and punishing him, not because he misinformed someone but because he pissed her off. Might this whole episode indicate that she doesn’t practice what she preaches? Well, yes.

After all, she is a liberal who should be permitted to do the things she does because it will be better for rest of us in the long run. We need to accept that they know better and will always do the right thing regardless of how wrong it might be in their own eyes. I am so glad that Deandre is graduating from fantasy land and moving out into the real world to make the very best of his life. The only thing he learned in high school was how not to be.

This whole situation would never have happened if the principal wasn’t caught speeding and didn’t skip out on a hearing – you know like skipping out of school. We all know you are going to learn something by not skipping; Deandre, things he can use to live a good life and the principal, things she should not do in life because it is unlawful, or arrogant or certainly expected of her not do since she holds a position of responsibility caring for our young people, and where her example she sets is paramount.

Keep in mind, Keandre, you are not the only one who has had to experience this kind of activity, it happens all the time in our schools. The management, principals and administrators, alike, deliberately try to hide all that happens in schools to protect the reputation of the principal.  It is bad publicity regardless of who steps out of line. I am so sorry you had to witness firsthand what liberals feel they are free to do all the time; practice the epitome of hypocrisy. Best of Luck , Deandre with all you do. And remember: Don’t let things happen to you; make them happen for you!

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Thank you.

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Denying the Truth About Islamic Terrorism in Our Country is Disasterous

If a Muslim with his Muslim wife, enter a Christmas party, say nothing, and kill 14 innocent partygoers and injure 17 others, dressed in military style clothing and bullet proof vests, AK-47s and handguns, Go-Pro cameras strapped to their clothing and then they empty two clips each, and we cannot figure out why? We cannot say for sure it was terrorism?

Their residence was being used as a bomb factory when investigators have to use remote controlled vehicles to gain entry. They find remote controlled cars loaded with explosives, pipe bombs and other items. Reports of suspicious activity at the home was happening over a three week period with boxes being received through the mail and late night working going on in the garage. Several Middle Eastern people were seen coming and going.

Right under the noses of employees working for a county office is one who has been working there for five years. He is Muslim going to an employee Christmas party. He possibly or apparently gets into an argument with a fellow employee and he leaves. Because of that, they want to call this workplace violence. But there are several reasons why this not workplace violence. It is so obvious. A person doesn’t leave a party and come back a short time later totally dressed war-like gear on the spur of moment. If they had these weapons and gear there had to be a great deal of planning over a considerable length of time.

Then prior to the shooting, the husband and wife, Muslims, drop their child off at a grandmother’s house and go shoot up a Christmas party. No one enraged by a workplace innocent can pull together so much firepower and enlisted the support of his wife, put themselves in assault clothing and equipment in a matter of an hour or so. This is not workplace violence. But that explanation is still being considered while also stating they will not rule out terrorism.

And then another incident happens. A gunman enters a cab and asked the cab driver where he is from. When he says he is from a Muslim country, he is shot dead. Instantly, the FBI starts an investigation calling it a hate crime. Exactly. That is what it is and it is a crime.

But the FBI is all over this San Bernardino, CA mass shooting and is careful not to designate this as a terror attack. But if two Muslims shot up a Christmas party in such a horrific fashion, it is a hate crime. These are Muslims who hate Christians. Simple. A hate crime and a terrorist attack. It is both. Get a clue. We do not need gun control legislation, we need a declaration of war against those who will wage war on innocent Americans during a Christmas party planned by a county government employer.

If a Christian kills a Muslim with a pistol, it is a hate crime. But if a Muslim kills 14 Christians and wounds 17 others with AK-47, it is workplace violence. Enough already. If the government continues to try to sweep this under a rug, the public will react negatively in retaliation. Lie to the public trying cover for Muslims will generate a backlash. Cab drivers and Mosques are going to be targeted. Are those going to be labeled as hate crimes or counterattacks in a War Zone? Our military is not permitted to operate inside the country. So who is?

As a side note: the Daily News puts out a headline: “God is Not Fixing This.”  But neither is mainstream media. Muslims commit the shooting screaming “Ala u Akbar.” Their God is fixing it as far as they are concerned. To belittle those who call on prayer to help, is a press trying to deny freedom of religion of Christians and excuse the behavior of those who are members of Islam becuase Americans caused the problem. I am beginning to ask myself, who is our biggest enemy, Muslim Terrorism or our own Press.

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Are We Trading Our Country for a Sharia State?

Posted November 23, 2015 By Gospel

Not only do military members, present and past, pay a heavy price for their efforts all over the world, they now face a government who is trying in every respect to chip away at benefits, reduce COLA increases, curtail pay increases and reduce the overall military by 20%. And they are doing this at a time when the world is rapidly becoming more dangerous. The Russian leader, Putin, takes Crimea away from the Ukraine and then he goes into Eastern Ukraine aiming to take that part of Ukraine under Russian control. Now Russia is moving into Syria to do what we should have done years ago. He supports Assad and bombs those we support to take down Assad. But then ISIS takes down a Russian private airliner with a bomb on board. Then Russian steps up activity with France when Paris gets hit by a terror attack. Turkey shoots down a Russian jet that entered Turkish airspace.We are seeing a Russian version of Manifest Destiny. It also mirrors the excuse Germany took under Hitler when countries were taken because they were either a part of old German lands or there are a number of German speaking citizens who reside in those countries who are being abused. But there are no Russian speaking people living in Syria. Russian just wants control of all the oil in the Middle East

It is rapidly becoming a new cold war that is slowly but surely becoming hot. Countries throughout history have used this approach when their economy began to falter. Create a need to invade other countries which permits the government to print more money so they can build a military base for waging war. Putin is just now undertaking a similar approach to mirror what was the Hitler Youth movement in Germany prior to WWII. I guess we will need to call it Putin’s Youth Movement. Hitler started his youth movement by claiming the youth of Germany needed to improve their physical health through organized exercise programs. But what eventually happened was these young people were indoctrinated through a propaganda and military training regimen. It only took Hitler about 4-5 years to begin sending young Germans to war. We will find out soon what the Putin Youth Movement is up to.

Another bothersome issue is terrorism. To say we should only fear radical Muslims is a political ploy to avoid confrontation. But when the twin towers fell as a result of terror committed by what we call radical Muslims, the entire Muslim world was overwhelmed with joy as they took to the streets in every Muslim nation in the world. There were millions of Muslims hitting the streets. I am not that naive to believe that the majority of Muslims are peaceful. If they supported the fall of the Twin Towers, it would not take much to incite them to march en mass against the West.

We need a military that is capable of meeting the challenge. I am not exactly sure that we can do it even now with our current strength since it was so difficult backing out of Iraq and Afghanistan. The result has been catastrophic. When I hear that dozens of people die each day due to sectarian violence and the Taliban are just biding their time waiting for our pre-announced withdrawal, it will not be long before those countries are back to where they started – hot beds of terrorist activity preparing for the war against the West. ISIS already has a presence in Afghanistan. Even Pakistan currently provides safe haven to those who want to kill us. Iran is a major fomenter of unrest in the entire Middle East. The Sunni versus Shiite problem is just as problematic as the fear they will find a way to attack us. Remember one of the primary features of the philosophical culture in the Middle East: An enemy of my enemy can temporarily be my friend. If you don’t think the Middle East is in explosion mode politically, you are an ostrich with his head in a hole and Muslim mania is going to poke a stick of dynamite up your backside and light it.

There are too many in this country who think the folks in the Christian Religions are infinitely more dangerous than those in the Muslim Religion. There is just one simple problem associated with that thinking. Christians do not want to behead those who do not become Christian but the Muslim most definitely want to bring your life to an end if you do not convert. And even if you convert, you will still be a second class citizen because you were not Muslim to begin with. And there is another interesting fact. When and if the Muslims take over, they will create a line for those who refuse to convert and the line will be for your beheading. But keep in mind that Jews and Christians will NOT be first in line because the Muslims hold that since Jews and Christians actually believe in the same God as Muslims, they are just misguided, while those who do not follow any religion will be first line since they are the ultimate infidel.

It is only a matter of time before we begin to see a tremendous amount of destruction to our infrastructure. Do you think we are immune to forest fires deliberately set or IEDs finding their way under any of our roadways or bridges rigged to collapse or railroads being blown up just before a passenger train arrives at that location or even worse, a train loaded with extremely hazardous material blown up in a US community? There are an infinite number of other ways to bring us to our knees. And we want to allow a porous border. Where do you think those terrorists are going to come from? They are already coming across our borders and as we have already witnessed the havoc that has happened as a result of homegrown terrorists. What we are about to witness is a terrorist on slot that will make Bill Ayres, his wife Mrs. Dorn and the rest of his terrorist group look like a kindergarten class.

If we do not heed the call and plan to protect ourselves by military force, we are going to have to ask the Israelis how they manage an every day assault on the livelihood of their nation. Peace talks are a travesty when one side is bent on annihilating the other at all cost primarily due to a fanatically driven unstoppable religious fervor. The Muslims are using Israel as a training run; we are next. What we are currently witnessing is the Muslim version of a religious crusade. We continue to treat this problem as though it is politically based. It is not. It is based on religious belief that is so intense that one is willing to strap on a suicide vest and give there life for the cause.

Very few remember or even realize that innocent Saddam Hussein was paying $25,000 to each family who provided a suicide bomber to the cause. And no one remembers that during the taking of Baghdad, the US forces found a school being used to manufacture suicide vests. The vests were brand new. But not once did any Iraqi use one of those vests against US forces. They were being sent to other countries for use in attacking Israeli targets. Saddam Hussein was providing the vests and also supporting the families of those suicide bombers. Only a religious fanatic would do such a thing. There is one more interesting fact. On the way to Baghdad, the most difficult and intense fighting encountered was when US forces happened upon an Al Qaeda training camp in Iraq – a camp that many American politicians claimed did not exist.

Enough said. We are in this war for the long hall just like the Inquisition of old. It lasted 700 years primarily to fight what they called heresy. It is considered heresy as far as Muslims are concerned and we are all infidels.

P.S. If you don’t believe that the Muslim faith is so dangerous then read this book: “The Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran.” You will be shocked to learn what you are missing.

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Obama – The Greek God of Lies

Posted November 19, 2015 By Gospel

Newsweek-Obama-Gay-PresidentThere are two kinds of Gods in this country. One is the God that Christians look to for guidance and then there is the Obama god who liberals and progressives worship to the point where anything he does or says is the Gospel. But there is one big difference; one always tells the truth and the other lies like a dog. So that would mean that one is a truthful prophet and all the followers worship him because they believe in his honesty, his sacrifice and his goodness. And the other is followed blindly because they believe everything he says could not possibly be anything other than the truth even when the evidence clearly supports otherwise. That makes him the false prophet.

There is a common theme among all Americans about lawyers. They are the butt of enough jokes to record on over 11 million pages. Oddly enough, that is the number of pages so far that make up Obama’s healthcare law. A good example was the lawyer applying for a job who was asked if he was honest. “Yes,” he replied. Because he paid back every cent of his law school money loaned to him by his father; even though the father had to sue him to get it. Another; there were two lawyer friends standing next to each other in a bank as they were each being robbed. One lawyer slipped $5o into the other’s pocket. When asked what that was for, he replied: “It’s the money I owe you.” There was a man on his death bed who requested to have a quickie law degree presented to him before he died. When asked why, he stated: “one less lawyer. And I always ask when I get the chance; “What is worse than a lawyer?” and the answer is “two or more.”

It isn’t a coincidence that most democrat public officials are graduates of law school. It is also not a coincidence that 76% of all campaign donations from law firms go to Democrats. And that is the reason we do not get tort reform to help cut down on frivolous lawsuits. Another great question is, “do both Barack and Michelle have law degrees?” The answer is always, “Of course they do.” But they may have graduated from law school and passed the Illinois Bar Exam, but did you know that both have lost the right to practice law? Michelle lost hers because of a violation of the law that caused her to be disbarred. Barack also can no longer practice law according to the Illinois Bar, but no one has been able to determine why and no one ever asks the question; probably because he was too busy getting a bogus birth certificate created out of whole cloth. They both are not now lawyers.

There is absolutely no list of lies having been told by the God of the Christians but the God of the Liberals and progressives, Barack Obama, has numerous lists documenting his lies. List of 100 Obama lies is one of at least 100 lists. And the lists keep growing and the lies on those lists keeps increasing but only when our lord and savior Barack Obama opens his mouth. The only time he is not lying is when he is sleeping. And it is during that time that his dreams are all the absolute truth; why should they not be. He is the essence of truthfulness in his entirely imagined world.

There is an image of a poem you can find on line  that is used hundreds of times. Here it is:

There are moments in your life

That make you, and set the course

Of who you’re going to be.

Sometimes they are little, subtle

Moments. Sometimes, they’re big

Moments you never saw coming.

No one asks for their life to

Change, but it does. It’s what you

Do afterwards that counts

That’s when you find out who

You are.

Well, there were numerous moments in Obama’s life where someone else made him and it was those puppeteers who set his course; just not him. Everything he has done has been very little but far from subtle. He clearly saw it coming; but it was the rest of us who didn’t. He created big moments that he claimed were true but they all turned out not to be. He begged for his life to change but it didn’t so he manufactured it. And after he became president, he continued the charade. He knew all along who he was; the ultimate deceiver and the ultimate in charlatans!

God help us; just not him!

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Why Graphene Will Drive Global Warming Croud Nuts!

Posted November 19, 2015 By Gospel

If you thing they are going to get rid of Carbon, Graphene will make their day.


question-markThose who are nuts about recycling, having everything made in a biodegradable form, eliminating everything made from carbon and carbon itself, are going to become schizophrenic about what is coming down the pike from all those scientist who swear up and down we need to get rid of carbon to fix global warming.

The next big thing that will give all those scientists a huge boost in computing power to work their experiments is graphene. It is made from carbon and is basically taking the lead in pencils and spreading it out so thin that it becomes 1 million times thinner than paper. Think about a piece of saran wrap. But this thin layer of graphene will be the strongest materiel in the world. It can be stretched. Electrons move through it incredibly fast and low and behold, it will improve solar panels. The last part is going to get lost in a confused argument to total eliminate carbon except for the carbon used to create more efficient solar panels.

One of the major uses could be to greatly strengthen plastic production is a by-product of petroleum. So this means we will have to mix carbon with oil to get the plastic that is an absolute necessity in the daily lifes of all of us. And it should be known that all those electric and hybrid cars all the environmentalists drive make extensive use of plastics to hold the cars together. All the glass tubes and other paraphernalia used by scientists who are 100% sure global warming science is settled, and are absolutely certain “beyond uncertainty” that we should stop using carbon and oil “NOW,” are made from carbon and oil.

In fact, all the clothes those scientists wear right down to the socks and their shoes when they are out collecting data and conducting experiments throughout the world to prove global warming is real, are made from the processing of petroleum. The ships they sail on are all made from the processing of petroleum. And all the containers that hold the food they will eat while out there are made from a petroleum process. I could go on but I need to go check the TV dinner I have cooking in the microwave that is most entirely made from metal and plastic parts, and wires and glass all made from the same stuff; petroleum.

I think I am going to stick with graphene and just put up with the global warming problem. I am convinced it is the result of a natural progression moving our planet away from the ice age and where we may very well end up with no ice caps and the North and South poles covered with fir trees just like they were millions of years ago. Don’t forget that plants are most comfortable and grow the best in about 1200 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere. With the current level of 398 ppm, we are along way off from ideal conditions.

Even pot smokers are too stoned to know that marijuana is best grown in atmospheres with a level of CO2 at 1500 ppm. But I am also convinced that Al Gore’s house on the coast of California really is going to be under sea water because the oceans will definitely expand due to “natural” warming of the globe. We are guests of the planet and need to stop playing with nature. Nature seems to always take very good care of itself.

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The Muslims are Coming! The Muslims are Coming!

Posted November 18, 2015 By Gospel

So Screams Paul Revere calling out to us from his grave! “The Muslims are coming”

If you don’t think the Muslims are currently going through their own “Muslim Inquisition” maybe you should reconsider. There is a story in the news, May 25, 2014, about a small town in Spain whose residents are going to vote to change its name. The name is Castrillo Matajudios.  Why on this planet would they want to do that?

The country of Spain is grappling with recent bouts of hate speech on twitter as a result of a Jewish Basketball team winning a match against a team from Madrid. They are also directing concern at the town of Castrillo Matajudios. The word “Castrillo” can be translated to “Fort” in English and is like many towns here in the United States use “Fort” in naming their town after a fort that may have been in or around their historical past. A good example is Fort Morgan in Colorado. The word “Mata” literally means “he or she kills” and the last part of the word “judios” represents a reference to the Jews. Judio in Spanish means “Jew or Jewish.” The tiny Spanish pueblo just North of Madrid has about 56 residents who will hold a referendum to decide on whether to change the name.

So where did that name come from. In 1492 during the Spanish Inquisition, the government of Spain decreed that all Jews must convert to Catholicism or move out of the country. Many Jews chose not to leave and met their fate while tied to a burning cross.  The town adopted its name in 1627 about 135 years later in 1627. The Spanish Inquisition began in 1478 under Queen Isabella and lasted 350 years.

Then we have the Muslims who didn’t get started until 500 AD who decided to spread their power and their faith to other lands to the West. On their way to overrunning Spain and parts of France, they took Jerusalem, the holy land. The Jews had been there for centuries. The Catholic Church, wanting their holy land back, began several campaigns to free the holy land from its Muslim occupiers. Those conquests began in 1097 and came to an end with a loss in 1291 after as many as eight campaigns lasting almost 200 years.  The Christian participants in these campaigns were referred to as “the faithful of Saint Peter” or the “Knights of Christ.” They felt themselves as being on an armed pilgrimage. The words crusade and crusader were not used to describe them until 1750.

The history of the crusades by the Christians and the Inquisitions is repeating itself. The Muslims are now bent on regaining all the land they lost which they refer to as the Caliphate. They are now also on a campaign to rid the world of anyone who does not convert to Islam. Infidels are to place their heads on the chopping block which is just a more modern version of the Cross used to burn those who chose not to follow the Christian faith. But Muslims are taking it to another level. They wipe out schools of girls with bombs, kill their children in honor killings, beat their wives, and they divorce them if they want to move on to another woman – pun intended. They blow up anything and everything they associate as their enemy which can be a different sect, Shiite or Sunni, or those infidels who parked their cars in the underground garage below the Twin Towers or later, those people who actually worked in the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. One of their targets was probably the White House. More recently, they bombed innocent runners and their families at the Boston Marathon. We have managed to stop many other attempts at mass destruction or just been very lucky since the terrorists screwed up their explosive devices. Now they are attacking Paris with AK-47s, grenades, explosive suicide belts and a rocket launcher. That is an act of war.

You say, “Well, those are just Islamic Terrorists” referring to them as not part of the mainstream Muslims as a whole. But you forget that when the Twin Towers fell, the entire Muslim world hit the streets in joy celebrating the deaths of nearly 3000 innocent human beings. Do you need another example? Today in the Sudan a woman has been given death by hanging as her punishment. What is it that she did that is so heinous? She married an American Christian. Her history is interesting also. Her Muslim father left her family when she was 6 years old. Her mother raised her as a Christian in Ethiopia. But since her father is a Muslim, the Sudanese court under Sharia Law states that she is a Muslim who converted to Christianity. She therefore has to convert to Islam or suffer death. She must also not go back to her husband, and her son must be given an Islamic name and raised in the Muslim faith. And by the way, she is pregnant so the baby in her womb must also be named and raised the same. Before she is put to death, she will also receive 100 lashes for adultery since she did not marry a Muslim.

With interference from international sources, they finally released her and she left with her two children. This is not a country of Islamic Terrorists. It is a country following Islam’s Sharia Law. Several court cases here in the US where someone who is a Muslim commits a crime called an honor killing of some young girl in their family and requests that Sharia Law be used in deciding the case. In other words, they want us to use a religious system of laws instead of our own to try a case of someone in the US, in a US court. Who among us doesn’t believe they would rather have Sharia Law in the US instead?

The Muslims in general are in a Holy war using modern tactics of guerilla warfare to take back their land and convert us all to Islam. The year 1097 and 1478 are now reborn; it is just another religious faith repeating another faith’s history. Isn’t it interesting that we did away with religious ruled states only to be asked now to convert to a society ruled by the Islamic law of Sharia? God save us all – the God I refer to is actually the same God for all three faiths – Jewish, Christian and Muslim. Ironic how that happens.

Women are treated terribly in these countries and the Christian experience worse. The Christians see their churches burned and they are leaving en mass those countries to escape the mayhem. ISIS is killing Christian men, raping their women and puting those women into slavery. And they kill their children except for the young girls who can be used as sex slaves. Homosexuals are sentenced to death. Rape is a norm practiced routinely by Muslim men. Women who complain are put to death for exposing themselves to their rapists. It is 2015, not the middle ages. But that is where we are headed if we think we can use political correction and appeasement to solve this problem we fail to acknowledge exists. It is the Ostrich with its head in a hole and a Muslim is ramming a stick of dynamite up where the sun don’t shine and lighting the fuse. And President Obama is leading the charge of appeasement.

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CO2 is not the Problem; Ask Dinosaurs

Posted October 26, 2015 By Gospel

nofossilfuelsJazmine Sullivan had a song with the lyrics “Lions, tigers and bears, Oh My.” She wasn’t afraid of them, but she was afraid of loving someone. Well, The Gospel of JJ also came up with some lyrics, as well. “Dinosaurs, Plants and CO2, Oh My!” I’m not afraid of dinosaurs since they no longer exist, I am afraid all the plants on the planet might not be able to develop as well as they could if we tried to lower CO2 levels, and therefore, I am absolutely not afraid of an increase in CO2 because that would actually be a very good thing. And that makes a fear of CO2 increasing clearly a phobia. You know, a fear of something that’s not actually real.

Why on earth would the supporters of our planet overheating, start calling global warming, “Climate Change.” Why is that? Could it be that global warming really isn’t real? So they picked a couple of words that are real – Climate Change. How do we know it is real? Because the climate changes every day and it has been doing so every day for the past 5.6 billion years. But during all the changes over those billions of years, those changes had nothing to do with The CO2 level. When CO2 level was around 3000 parts per million volume, the plants exploded. The plants loved it. What did the plants bring us? Dinosaurs! All the dinosaurs had so plentiful a food source, they continued to increase in size reaching as much as 100 tons. In turn, the meat eaters flourished because they had only to find one plant eater of 100 tons to fill their bellies. We know that having salad every day would take dinosaurs a very long time to grow to an such immense sizes, as much as 100 tons. In fact, it took 165 million years for that to happen.

Look at what an increased amount of CO2 did. The CO2 level was extremely high and the plant life jumped for joy. The biggest animals we have going for us today are elephants that reach an average of about 3 tons. The heaviest elephant is 7.5 ton. That is 7.5% of a hundred tons of dinosaur. If we took the averages, 3 tons for an elephant and 64 ton for dinosaurs, the difference would mean our elephants are a about 4.6% the weight of the average dinosaur. And if we looked at it from the dinosaur’s point of view, they would weigh 95.4% more than an elephant. The elephant would be equivalent to a “between meals” snack for a T-Rex. The biggest dinosaur was a plant eater weighing in at over 100 tons. His or her name was Argentinosaurus found in Argentina, hence the name. There were thousands of these “Argy” fellows or gals running around foraging plants to eat. But “Mother Nature” created T-Rexes, the meat eater, to sneak up on the argies and eat them; it was nature’s way of controlling the population. If this food cycle continued for 165 million years, there had to be a good balance. None of this would have been possible without an increase in CO2. A fact, 400 parts per million is not enough CO2 for any plant.

Plants had to have had an extremely good source of sun, CO2 and water to reach such a prolific state during the dinosaur feast fest. It was Photosynthesis on steroids. Today, we have just about the same amount of sunlight and the planet is covered with at least 70% of ocean. It is the ocean that creates the primary greenhouse gas, water vapor (H2O). And you would think from all the hype, CO2 was the primary greenhouse gas. Actually, CO2 is considered to be a trace gas in our atmosphere according to all the scientists. But we have been lied to big time.

Here is how they lie to us. If you look at all the greenhouse gases but conveniently exclude water vapor and then just focus on the remaining quantities of each Greenhouse gas in our atmosphere, CO2 comes in at 99.44%. Wow, that sounds like a lot. But when you compare the impact of these gases on how well they retain heat in our atmosphere, and still exclude water vapor, you find that CO2 rates at 73%. The quantity of Nitrous Oxide (N2O) rates at 19% and methane rates at 7.1%. I might add that recent increases in Methane have shown an impact of 20%. But no one mentions that rapid increase of methane because that doesn’t support the narrative and that increase comes from natural sources, not humans.

So, let’s add in water vapor. Water vapor makes up 95% of all greenhouse gases. And, it is absolutely important to realize that when the temperature rises, we get more water vapor which is the most dominant greenhouse gas. Got it? Water Vapor is what controls our environment and its temperature. The sun heats the water and we get water vapor which keeps the heat in. If we did not have water vapor, we would freeze to death. When the clouds start blocking the sun light, the sea water temperature goes down and less water is evaporated by the ocean. The question then becomes, what impact does water vapor play in retaining heat in our atmosphere? It plays a role of 95%. When you then compare that to the CO2 impact to the overall impact by all gases to include water vapor the heat retention for CO2 is 3.6%. That is not quantity of CO2, it is the percent of impact. You also need to realize that this CO2 is all CO2, not just the CO2 coming from us humans. Of all the CO2 in our atmosphere, the part of the CO2 coming from every human, or more specifically all the humans in every country in the world, it is .28%. That is about ¼ of one percent. The amount coming from the humans in the USA is 15% of that ¼. So our part in the USA is just 4.2% of 1/4 of a percent. Now that is not very much at all when you take into account the magnitude of how this planet keeps itself from freezing over instantly. When it comes to our part here in the USA, we are talking about a flea on a 100 ton dinosaur. Even if we boiled the flea first and then put it on dinosaur it would not feel a thing. So how are we going to reduce the size of the flea and make any different. It would cost us billions of dollars to reach a reduction of 10% of the flea. Not gonna happen!

Then 65 million years ago the extinction event happened. The scientists are pretty sure a huge asteroid hit and darkened to skies blocking the sun for a long enough time for the plant life to die out taking away the dinosaurs’ primary food source. It should also be noted that the oceans of which covered 70% of the globe cooled down due to a lack of sunlight warming the seas. That caused less CO2 to be emitted from the oceans. It took a long period of time for the skies to clear and the CO2 level to recover. It is common scientific knowledge that the warmer the ocean gets the more CO2 it emits. It is the sun that heats the ocean. To claim that the CO2 in the air is solely responsible for retaining enough heat to warm the ocean, knowing it covers 70% of the planet and extends as much as 25,000 feet deep, is ludicrous. The heat is coming from the sun.

Here is a chart that depicts the changes that occurred millions of years ago with CO2. Keep in mind that plant life began about 450 million years ago. The dinosaurs began to appear about 230 million years ago. As mentioned above, it was 65 million years ago when the extinction event occurred wiping out all the large dinosaurs. It took another 64 million years for the first ancestors of humans to show up on earth. Actually humans in their most primitive form showed up about 1 million years ago. The chart shows CO2 being extremely high and when we get to our time, the CO2 is at its lowest.CO2 levels in millions of years


Back in 1950, just 65 years ago, the CO2 level was 310. It is now 400. That is an increase of about 25% and the oceans did not rise because of it. And the planet did not heat up. And I would be willing to bet, all the CO2 increase is not stored up human CO2. The scientists tell us that the ocean soaks up about 40% of our CO2. So if all the increase is ours since 1950. We had to provide an increase in human CO2 of 150 ppmv so the ocean could soak up 40% of that to get us to 400. Then the scientists tell us 3.4% represents human part of CO2. It doesn’t make any sense. If we start with 3.4 and end up with 3.4 then all the increase is not human CO2. The scientists cannot have it both ways. Or, maybe, just maybe, there isn’t a consensus among scientist after all. Just sayin’!

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) tried to get countries in line to cut CO2 emissions registered in 1990, to 5% by 2012. It didn’t happen. Countries are fighting to grow economically trying to reach the living standards of the west. They cannot cut emissions without reducing their economic growth. It is way too difficult to place environmental matters ahead of their growing economies. The Kyoto treaty the UN is trying to get everyone to sign, specifically exempts China and India and the US refused to sign it. Those countries, with the European Countries included emit 60% of all the CO2. Do you have any idea why the rest of the countries do not want to agree to a cut in their emissions? The real goal of the UN is to tax carbon emissions. Who knew?

Something else happened over the past 20 years. The CO2 went up but the temperature did not. We get information from our weather satellites that confirm this. Scientists also tell us the sea levels have been rising since the last ice age which was well before the beginning of the industrial revolution. CO2 levels have go up but the ocean didn’t. Plants like CO2 levels at least as high as 800 ppmv. Good old marijuana grows best between 1200 and 1500 ppmv. Why do you think we have all these actual greenhouses with CO2 being pumped in the help the plant growth?

Humans are not to blame and they couldn’t do anything about it if they were!

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Illegals and Their Lawyers = Parasites

Posted September 13, 2015 By Gospel

Lawyers, Unions and democrat politicians are parasites – along with their fellow illegal immigrants. But why? My story tells all. (Updated to 2015)


Garage Door Mural

Since our economy is going into the toilet and taking me with it, I wanted to show my disappointment with arrogance by making a political statement. What better way but to have people think I had started to buy gold and hold it in anticipation of the looming market crash everyone expects. It is going to be catastrophic. So, I found this really great site where I could buy a mural that covered my entire garage door. As you can see above, the picture I picked out was that of a stack of gold bricks that made it appear they were neatly stacked in my garage. But how would I know something would happen that would capture the eyes of the entire neighborhood and go viral.

It wasn’t long before I heard a few sirens outside. When I looked out my upstairs window, I noticed an ambulance with a stretcher being pulled out, two police cars parked at various angles blocking any traffic from getting by, and a newsman from a local mainstream media outlet filming, using equipment hooked up to huge cables running out of the back of his news truck which was weighted down with a huge extendable antenna on top. I was curious as to what was going on and ran downstairs, unlocked my sliding glass door and made it pass several other onlookers to get a better view of what happened. There was a person being loaded on the ambulance stretcher, hooked up to an IV, getting his blood pressure monitored and his vitals reviewed by the paramedics. One paramedic was on the phone apparently talking to the emergency room giving the latest update about the person’s condition to a doctor on call. The police were walking around trying to ask onlookers if they had seen what happened. No one had. It wasn’t until the next day when I learned from the police what had happened.

My doorbell rang and their was a couple of knocks on the door as well. Whoever it was, it seemed they where anxious to get someone to answer. I pulled back the side curtain and noticed two policemen seriously positioned at my front door. I opened it. The first thing they asked me was, “Is the garage door with the mural on it, yours?” I just love their trick questions since the condo number on the wall above the garage door matched the one on the front door they just knocked on. “Of course,” I said. “Yes.” “What’s the problem, officers?” “I am sure you know we had an incident where someone was hurt yesterday right in front of someone’s garage door. Well, the man we took to the hospital yesterday couldn’t speak English so it took us awhile to get an interpreter to translate for us so we could get his side of the story. That’s when we learned that he actually didn’t know what happened because he had blacked out and couldn’t remember. But one thing we did know was that it happened right in front of your garage door. The doctor told us it appeared he had been running really fast and smashed into something knocking himself out.  We think it might have been your garage since we just took a closer look and found blood stains on it at a level that matches our victim’s general height. The interpreter mentioned that he may be an illegal alien and we confirmed that later this morning because he had a record and had been designated as one who was under a deportation order. They released him this morning from the hospital and we have not been able to find him. ICE released him a few weeks ago asking him to return for his deportation date and he didn’t show.” “Wow,” I said. “You guys are really busy. But what does this have to do with me?”

They continued. “Here is what we think happened. We believe he may have been casing the area looking of an opportunity to break into one of the condos here in your complex. But when he saw the gold bricks on your mural, he thought he had struck gold and made a quick dash to your garage thinking he was about to strike it rich. That is when he ended up on the ground passed out. We have no idea why you are displaying that mural but in doing so you may have unintentionally cause bodily harm to an innocent passerby. So I am sorry, but we are going to have to ask you to take it down so it doesn’t cause any further injury to unsuspecting victims who might happen to be walking by. And since the victim doesn’t have any insurance, the hospital has asked us to file a report as soon as possible so they will have cause to send you a bill for their expenses incurred while caring for him. As a consequence, we may have to site you for causing bodily injury and charge you with aggravated assault since the damages were significant. We are sorry for the inconvenience, we are just doing our job.” I was going to say, “wait, I didn’t get all that. Could you start from the beginning?” But that would not be a good idea since they may think I was being facetious. I was not looking for a free ride to the police station at the moment.

Later that afternoon, I learned that, though the police and ICE were not able to find the guy, an attorney had. A server arrived at my door and presented me with a request from the man’s attorney asking me to provide the name of my homeowner’s insurance company so they could file a claim. There was also a notice that they had received a copy of the police report and were in the process of filing a civil action asking for compensatory damages to cover anticipated long-term pain and suffering caused by serious injury at no fault of their client. They recommended that I come to a meeting in their office to discuss a settlement agreement to avoid formal court proceedings from being filed on behalf of their client. I said, “I’ll get back to ya on that,” and closed the door. As soon as I closed the door, the phone rang. It was the ambulance company calling to confirm my address so they could send me a bill for transportation expenses associated with the victim’s transport to the nearest hospital.

It wasn’t long before my address was out for all to see. I knew for sure that was the case when I began to notice an ever-increasing string of automobiles starting to slowly drive past my home. Some of the vehicles had one or two occupants but several had as many as 4. I noticed that many of those cars had Obama/Biden stickers pasted on them in places where there was very little other space since numerous other stickers blanketed the back side of the car leaving just enough room amongst all the anti-Bush stuff, pro-choice, peace and gay rights stickers. The rest of the cars were hispanically adorned with Mexican flags and words that I didn’t understand. Some were painted in really pretty colors with glitterful, tiny reflective strings of lights in numerous colors flowing along the lowest exposed points of the entire car. I could tell when they were coming by, since some of them scrapped the speed-bump outside my window because their shock absorbers were completely worn out. I could also tell the same thing when I would hear bass music pounding on my exterior walls, shaking my foundation and causing all the pictures on the interior walls to tilt to one side or crash to the floor.

Needless to say, this was a little scary. I, for the first time in my life, started seriously fearing for my life. I finally broke down with my reluctance to buy a weapon and sneaked off to the nearest gun shop. I picked out a nice semi-automatic with extra clips and bullets that were extra powerful and had hollow points. But before I could get a gun, I had to go through a background check. It didn’t take long before I learned I would not qualify to buy a gun based on two reasons. First, based on my prior military service, I was put on a small dose of antidepressants by the VA, The other issue was associated with the fact that there was a recent record of a police report filed that indicated a possible pending assault charge. I had no other choice but to defend myself some other way. On my way home, I stopped by Walmart to buy a couple of high-powered pellet guns and a crossbow. But I needed more security so I got a quote from a home security vendor. It was $4500 for 24 hour of monitored security and a ton of wiring throughout my home attached to sensors from motion, to broken glass, to body heat. There was a bunch of other things but I had no clue what they were for. That quote was way outside my budget by just about $4500, give or take a few pennies.

I am not stupid so I figured out a more cheaper way. The other precautions were ingenious. I stopped by the local furniture store and found a stuffed, life-sized English Bull Dog accessory for my home. I returned to Walmart and picked up a beware of dog sign in English and Spanish and another sign that said this home is protected by Smith & Wesson. I then got on the computer to find a local home security service, copied their signage trademark to a JPEG file, enlarged it using photo shop and pasted it on a round board I fashioned on a table saw in my garage. I nailed it to long wooden stake I found at the hardware store used for temporary barriers on construction sites. I positioned the sign outside next to my home where the street light would shine on it to improve visibility from the street. I also found an electronic kit where I could create a small box with an LED blinking red light powered by a battery to attach to the wall in clear view from the sliding glass window so anyone who looked in could see that their was a professionally installed security system up and running. I bought little round chair leg coasters and stuck them to all my windows so they would be in clear view. I attached a short wire to them which  ran behind the curtain where I taped the end to the wall out of sight. Walla! I had window security glass breakage detectors.  Who knew I could do so much with so little? I set up a nylon fishing line “trip wire” that ran into my house and hooked up to a bell I attached to the wall next to my bed. I figured I better not use poison darts since I was not sure the “Make My Day Law” covered me if I did any harm to illegal immigrants who  aimlessly and innocently walked on to my patio area who did not understand what “Smith & Wesson” meant.

The traffic outside my home began to taper off. Probably because I was beginning to become old news and their were for sure many others impacted by the bureaucratic red tape, gun control, racist accusations, retaliation for not supporting illegal immigration and abortion and any other label with which the liberals used to describe me. I was becoming a little more relaxed just about the same time when my homeowner’s insurance policy holder representative called me to inform me they were settling out of court, paying all the expenses associated with the injured party. Then they inform me that since they decided to settle out of court, my insurance was going to be increased as a result of my negligence. It was then I noticed I was even becoming a little more relaxed but my wallet started to tremble.

It was just a few days later.

Wow! Did you hear that? I think I heard a thump coming from the area in front of my garage. Oh, shoot! I forgot to take down my mural of gold covering my closed garage! Dang. I called 911 and pulled out my smart phone, tapped on my Spanish translator software application, and rushed outside to take care of the victim. As I approached him, he was still conscious so I yelled into my phone, “help is on the way,” and I then pushed the translate button. The phone blurted out, “Ayude a estar por el camino.” The guy looked up at me and said, “Was?” (pronounced “VOS.”)

“Oh Shit,” I said. I think he is German!

It wasn’t long after that, and after the police report was filed, that cars started driving by my house adorned with German Flags and “Scheiss Ami”  or ” more formal “Beschissener Amerikaner” stickers pasted on the rear! The rough translation of both meant “Shitty American.” And just as a side note, the US State Department called to tell me that my Passport needed a special stamp; “Not permitted to travel to any country located within or adjacent to the European Union or countries in Central and South America.” I will be just a matter of time before an Islamic Terrorist hits my garage door and “BOOM,” I would be barred from visiting anywhere in the Middle East. The State Department will have all those countries on a no travel list anyway, but a little overkill won’t hurt.

Yeah, freedom is just great! If you are liberal.

OR, if you are a member of a labor union who contributed 96% of all their political contributions to Democrats, or lawyers and law firms who contributed 76% of all political contributions to Democrats. And isn’t it interesting that the majority of Democrat elected officials in our entire government are mostly lawyers. To be politically correct to Massachusians you need call them “Lahyas.” Have you any idea why we will never see tort reform? Or get rid of Public Labor Unions? Most Republicans are from the business sector. Any idea why corporations are hated so much? It is because they hire liberals but don’t pay them to stop working so they can live at home. There is another sub sector of liberals who vote Democrat, have not worked for quite some time and get food stamps to spend on the greater things in life, like Marijuana and all the other more “Progressive” concoctions known as designer drugs, H, and Crystal Meth; to name a very few. The problem with them is getting them to remember to vote. These folks needed to be on food stamps because they ran out of money when their 99 months of unemployment checks, granted to them by a liberal president, ran out.

Yeah, I know. I got carried away with that last paragraph. Just ruined a perfect story. I am going to just have to learn to stifle my free speech to which I actually am not entitled unless approved by a liberal.

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Wind and Solar to Reduce CO2 is a Fraud – Why?

Posted September 12, 2015 By Gospel

WindsolarWe keep being told we are making great progress in weaning ourselves from oil, coal, nuclear and natural gas. And in a discussion about how great wind and solar is, the supporters keep throwing around the 17% to 19% figure. They claim that is great progress. So just where does that 17% come from? Better yet, the question should be, how much of that 17% is just from solar and wind? They always leave that part out. The answer is 3%. What? Over the past 45 years, we now only get 3% of our entire energy use in this country from solar and wind? Absolutely. Most of the 17% comes from electric power generated by the damming of our lakes and rivers. But those sources have been around for well over 40 years. So, including those numbers in the renewable increase since 1970 is a lie. Wind and solar cannot compete with oil, coal, natural gas, nuclear and dams. If solar and wind were so great and economical, the private sector would have exploded with it by now. It is just not cost effective in a country that is going deeper and deeper in debt. Let’s do a per capita on that! We are now at 18 trillion dollars in debt, a lot of which is owed to the Chinese. To pay that off, each individual in this country would have to come up with around $60,000. But you wife living at home and your two children do not earn money, you do. So actually, in a family of 4 where only the husband works, he is going to need about $240,000. That amount per family? OMG. In order to pay that off in 10 years, the government would have to tax that family an extra 24,000 a year. The average wage of an individual in this country is about $46,000. If both spouses are working, that comes to $92,000 a year in income. My tax bill now is about 12-15,000 a year already. If I add 24,000 to my current tax bill, my federal tax liability alone would be close to $40,000. Then I would need to add all the other taxes like state, local and sales taxes, fees and property tax, gas taxes, phone taxes, taxes on electricity use and taxes on food. Paying extra for CO2 emissions is really not in the cards at all for me. What about you?

I didn’t think so.

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