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Trump Really Steps On it with Megyn Kelly!

Posted January 27, 2016 By Gospel
If they do, I will fire them because I am a nice Guy!

If they do, I will fire them because I am a nice Guy!

Trump trying to influence Fox News into pulling Megyn Kelly as a debate monitor requires us to revisit what triggered this 5 month battle even Megyn has to put rest months ago. Megyn asked a question about several comments he made about women and during the question he blurted out a joke saying, He only said that about Rosie O’Donnell. That right there is repeat of the same statement about a woman. But the statements Megyn attributed to Trump were true.

He really called certain women fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. Let’s be clear and fair; Megyn asked tough questions to every candidate. But Trump responded much differently than the others. He stated she had blood running out of her eyes or “wherever.” It was a tough question but he attacks the moderator with a blood comment coming out of her whatever. Everyone knows what he was trying to say. If not, you are a Trump supporter in denial.

We are always hearing people after the fact trying to explain what someone said and what he meant. Well, let’s do that. It is clear he spoke out of anger and to me he was trying be subtle like always when to he says she had blood coming out of her vagina. In others words, she must be on the rag having her period and suffering from PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome.) It should be noted that PMS normally begins prior to the bleeding. But Trump wouldn’t really know that would he? He tried to cover it up by stating he was talking about her nose or ears. I am not stupid; he was not talking about a nosebleed or bleeding ear which would imply she had been in an serious accident. I know when someone is disingenuous when trying to twist what they said to cover up their disgusting comment. He was talking about a bleeding vagina and implying she had PMS which makes her nasty. But Megyn didn’t make those comments, Trump did. To quote Trump, he is a disgusting animal.

This problem came up months ago but in recent comments when saying he was not going to attend the debate, he had to state that Megyn Kelly is a very nasty person and a light weight. Nowhere is it more appropriate than to say, “It takes one to know one.” This entire campaign has demonstrated how nasty Trump can be when he doesn’t get his way. Rolling your eyes whenever someone says something he doesn’t like is childish. You might see that on TV but it has no place in a Presidential debate. One has to stop and think about what he is going to do in the White House sitting behind the oval office desk when he doesn’t get his way. How many times is he going say that a particular news person who points out his faults is nasty and incompetent? Then what about anyone in the Government who makes a negative comment about something he wants to do or has done. It sounds like we would have Obama all over again but this time he would be on steroids.

And now the next thing that just came up. Trump “demands” a meeting with Mr. Murdoch, the head of Fox News. Is he going to do the same thing with world leaders, or every business CEO across the country? I can tell you now. None of these folks are going to take such a demand seriously without breaking out into a fit of laughter. This clearly demonstrates Trump is just a simple bully on the playground of life spoiled with his daddy’s money.

I want a President who can control his temper, and lead with common sense and bring respect to office of the Presidency since he would be leader of the free world. This is not a TV show, Mr. Trump. You can’t say “You are fired” to a government employee because they said something you do not agree with. Call the union they belong to and they will tell you!

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