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USA Going Down with Liberal Socialism

Posted December 5, 2015 By Gospel

The Conundrum of Socialism Sneaking In Like a Virus

FlagA friend of mine received an email and forwarded it to me. It provides some insight into what is going on in this country and I am trying to find ways to say somewhat the same things. I don’t know who came up with the points but I certain wish I could have. I will just add some thoughts in support.

The first point made in the email is this:

“Free people are not equal. Equal people are not free.”

We are all different and have broad ranges of talent but some of us have very little talent and our government appears to be trying to keep it that for the purpose of getting us to vote for them because they help them out persistently. But they claim to be leveling the playing field but they are just making the lack of talent more rewarding than those who use their talent to make their lives better. Those with talent who worked very hard to obtain it are now being forced to take care of those who find themselves not really needing any talent. If they needed to get a job to get ahead they would, but the government keeps them from needing to.

And about gun control:

“A gun is like a parachute. If you need one, and don’t have one, you’ll probably never need one again.”

That is so obvious. But the constitution clearly permits the average citizen to own a gun if they want to. But the rationale our constitution makes is that the average citizen has the right to defend one’s self against those who would do them harm and governments who become tyrannical. If it takes on average of 20 minutes for a police officer to show up at your door, the criminal knows this, too, and would know he could easily do lots of harm and get away before the police show up. But a homeowner with a gun can get the help he or she needs in an instant if the threat is immediate. Criminals don’t wait until the police show up as a benefit to you, they commit their intended crime in the least amount of time possible because of the threat a police officer presents “with a gun.” A criminal won’t even try if they know a person has a gun or think he does or even might have a gun. They want to find those without a defense to attack.

The email defines what a conundrum is: It is something that is puzzling or confusing. And then it presents six conundrums of what socialism is doing to us in the United States. I would add that “political correctness” is also a major part of our problem.


  1. America is capitalist and greedy – yet half of the population is subsidized.
  2. Half the population is subsidized – yet they think they are victims
  3. They think they are victims yet they elect the representatives who run the country.
  4. Their representatives run the country but the poor keep getting poorer.
  5. The poor keep getting poorer – yet they have things that people in other countries only dream about having.
  6. They have things that people in other countries only dream about – yet they want America to be more like those other countries.

Things to think about concerning the direction of our country and its cultural environment:

We are advised to NOT judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics, but we are encouraged to judge ALL gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics. And isn’t it strange that when a lunatic attacks, he first determines if it is a gun-free zone. Or they attack where they know there victims will not be able to defend themselves. And shouldn’t the constitution apply to drug dealers with guns? After all, they are under constant threat from their fellow drug dealers who want to take over their territories. They should have a right to defend themselves from bodily harm. Maybe that is why all the major cities look the other way when their cities are overrun with illegal guns that the government could never control in the first place. Remember over 80% of all death by guns occurs in the neighborhood of major cities.

And isn’t ironic that those vary neighborhoods are controlled by Democrat mayors who are most intent on imposing gun controls. If they haven’t be able to control the illegal guns on their own streets for decades, how are they going to see a change if they outlaw guns in the rest of the country. Gun controls can only apply to those who register their guns, those with illegal guns do not have to register them. They get someone else to buy the gun for them legally. If you cannot control the drug flow into these neighborhoods, how are you going to control the flow guns? The drug cartels would love us to get rid of guns owned by legal people. That way they could also sell illegal guns along with the drugs they bring in illegally. The only reason a politician talks about the need for gun control is because they can get more votes doing so. They do not care of gun violence.

Our government is constantly telling us how Social Security is going to run out of money. But we never hear about welfare or foods stamps running out of money! The first group worked for the money so they could retire, but the second group did not. And it was the government who drained the social security benefits to begin with and didn’t give it to the poor, they gave it to themselves.

Why are we cutting benefits for our veterans with no pay raises for our military and cutting our military forces to a level lower than before WWII, but we are not stopping the payments or benefits to illegal aliens. It should also be noted that the veterans or social security recipients did not get a cost of living increase based on an inflation rate the rules of which were designed by the government, yet the government officials in congress voted in by the people, voted themselves a pay raise.

The email quotes Plato:

“If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools.”

Watters World routinely asks young people on the street questions about our government. They usually come up with no answer. Or, they come up with the wrong answer based on what they have seen in a movie. Movies are based on fiction but our government is real and it is destroying our way of life. I guess you could say movies are destroying our way of life.

Just keep in mind, when the Islamic terrorists bring Sharia Law to this country, those in Hollywood will be first in line to see their head removed and laid on their chest. Those who are gay or without religion with be next in line followed by the Jews. Christians will be third. OH, you can get out of the line by converting to Islam and agreeing to pay a fee for not being a Muslim to begin with and accept a 2nd class system role which will be below the status of Muslim women.

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Focus Points on Blogs Concerning our President!

Posted November 5, 2015 By Gospel

You know, when you write blog posts, you have various focus points you discuss. I just wrote a blog about our president and after doing that I went through a list of subjects you have covered in the past. Then you pick the ones that apply to that particular blog. When you do that your blog will have a better chance of showing up when Internet users search a particular subject. I was a little shocked when I went through this list when I blogged about our current president. So why was that?

Well, when you write about this president, you are reminded of the various issues that have been a problem for him. I have 38 subjects I have written about. I checked off 27 subjects that come up when you think about what our problems have been since he became president. Let’s get into it. They are in alphabetical order.

The first is on abortion. We find out that under this president, we learn one of his favor organizations is Planned Parenthood who sells baby parts for profit – Mr. O avoids the subject. The next is aliens. That word has been designated as not PC. And if you add illegal, another subject word on the list, it then becomes a Mexiphobic statement. Illegal is also what he does when he tries to go around congress with executive orders or when he signs a law on Obamacare when it was illegally past through the Senate.

And then there is Benghazi where he lied by saying for a month that is was caused by a video. The problem is, his Secretary of State sent an email to her daughter telling her it was a terrorist attack, the night of the attack. A week later the president sends his UN adviser, Susan Rice, around to talks shows to perpetuate the lie 5 times. Hillary Clinton sends a message to the president of Egypt telling him it was definitely not the video, the day after the attack. The American People do not deserve the truth, so his election a month later was predicated on lies about how 4 Americans died. He stole an election by deceiving the American people.

The next up is debt. We were 10 trillion in debt when he started, and now we are reaching 20 trillion. It doubled.  Global warming comes up next. There are 400 ppmv total CO2 and humans across the globe are only responsible for 3%. The USA’s part is 15% of all human emissions so that leaves us with less than half a percent responsibility. that means our ppmv  is less than .5% of all CO2. The biggest contributors are China, India and the EU. But China and India are exempt under the Kyoto Treaty and we refused to sign it. It will cost us billions to reduce our emissions by 10%. With all our debt, we do not have the money and we would make absolute no difference. And that is the primary subject Mr. O talks about. But it is a lie.

Every time some idiot buys a gun legally and shoots a bunch of people, Mr. O brings up gun control. This country has millions of guns in the hands of legal gun owners and those are the people he wants to control. He cannot control the inner cities run by Democrat Mayors where 85% of all deaths by gunfire are black on black. But peeps the word about that. All the guns in those neighborhoods are illegal and no one knows who has them. There are thousands of gangs in this country with illegal guns. NO way are we going to be able to get those guns off the street.

I mentioned illegal immigration. Our president brings lawsuits against any state that tries to do something about it. And he does nothing about Sanctuary Cites who the most dangerous criminals back on the street. And when ICE takes control and is supposed to deport them, the president releases them back on the street. Kate’s Law is designed to put repeat felony offenders automatically in jail for 5 years if they return after deportation. That bill is block in the Senate by the President’s primary backer, Harry Reid, who does whatever the President wants.

This President is the first to comment on any event where there are drummed up charges against a white person. George Zimmerman was Hispanic but was called white, he was acquitted in a kangaroo court to appease blacks. When ever anyone talks about police brutality they reference this case and Zimmerman was not a policeman. Trayvon Martin attacked Zimmerman and Zimmerman legally carrying a gun, used it to defend himself as a last resort. The Ferguson case was blown out of proportion, where no crime was committed by a police officer who was trying to defend himself against someone who had already tried to take his gun, then charged the police officer threatening to take the gun again. The police officer who did nothing wrong, loses his job and has to go into hiding. Black rioters destroy the town in protest when nothing happened to merit a protest. Riots are also on the list. And Baltimore went up in flames when a drug dealer selling drugs, hurts himself in a police van while by himself and eventually dies from his injuries caused by his own rage. Any police officer remotely near the processing of the prisoner is arrested for murder. And the district attorney rushes to judgement and the Mayor backs her up. The Police Chief lost his job and during the riots, the police were ordered to stand down while a tremendous amount of destruction of private property and businesses are allowed to continue with no interference by the police. Police officers across the country are now under physical assault and many have been killed by ambush. Black Lives matter continues to ask for violence against innocent police officer everywhere. And Mr. O says nothing; he lets it happen. Except, he has his justice department investigate police officers and entire police departments for civil rights violation.

The IRS targets and blocks republican non profit organizations from getting approval of their tax status while the president is running for office. And nothing happens, those who go before congress about this, plead the fifth and the department of justice declines to prosecute. The IRS sent all those applications to IRS legal attorneys for review in Wash, DC. they also sent private tax records, also. Some of those records went to Democrat Members of Congress. Marijuana is illegal under federal law but this president lets state approve the use for both medicinal and recreational purposes without FDA approval.

The Military! Those who keep our country safe and give their lives or become severely handicapped are ignored by this president. The VA as failed them, President Obama tied their hands while they were in combat so they could not do their job. When they are killed by terrorists, it wasn’t due to combat. When you desert and help the enemy, you get a hero’s welcome. Mr. O trades 5 Taliban generals in Guantanamo to get him home, he delays the trial. And when the trial finally begins, the prosecuting attorney want’s to let him off for time served. Meanwhile, the military undergoes the most draconian cuts ever.

Obamacare was passed by violating Senate rules. It has not lived up to any promises by Mr. O. Now it is on track to implode in 2016. The President violates his own Obamacare law by granting exceptions to unions so they can avoid loss of their Cadillac Plans. He forces religion groups under Obamacare to pay for abortion services that will end pregnancies. Next year half of the insurance providers are going under.    And Occupy Wall Street protesters supported the president but were found to have committed numerous crimes of property damage, assaults, rape, drug us, etc.

Politics, Mr. O’s politics. Every decision, denial, lie, deceit and criminal violation of federal law is designed to make him look good and make his legacy look better. Regardless of the price millions of Americans have to endure financially, militarily and personally. Loss of jobs, phony statistics to make the economy look better than it is. Using the IRS to block his enemies. We have a two party system but he is bent on have just one, a dictatorship.

Religion is under constant assault but Islamic Terrorists get a pass. Iranian Cleric gets all their money back under this president while they scream death to America and swear to kill every Jew on the planet. And the president gives them an agreement that permits them to continue on a path of mass destruction, support terror and arrest Americans where they are put on trial for trumped up charges and then held for ransom. He blames the Christian religion for atrocities during the middle ages but says nothing about the beheading of Christians by Islamic terrorists today. And he calls himself a Christian.

Same sex marriages are more important than the rights of states to say marriage is between a man and a woman. A government official who refuses to issue these licenses based on religious belief is immediately arrested and thrown in jail. The President says nothing. Schools continue to get worse under this president when he said he was going to make them better. Teachers continue to get raises and improvements in student learning flat-lines. The unions take teachers money through dues and then sends all their political donations to Democrats at a 96% rate padding their pockets at the expense of education and taxpayer dollars.

The claim by Democrats, this president and John Kerry that 97% of scientists believe global warming is real is a lie. Actually surveys of scientists show a 50/50 split.  That 97% are those scientists who agreed to the UNs position and those scientists who did not agree were excluded from being counted. Only 97% of democrats agree making it a partisan issue not a science based issue.

Taxes. This president always wants to raise taxes so he can cover ever-increasing expenses. He is not the great uniter he said he would be, he is a relentless divider. Blacks against whites, rich against poor, women against men, police against the black community. Christians against Muslims. Military against civilians.

Mr O says the war on Islam is not real. He says most Muslims across the globe are peaceful but when the twin towers fell, all Muslims hit the street across the globe praising the hijackers. He beat up on Bush when he said “mission accomplished” when that was true because the military took Baghdad in a month. But the President said Obama is dead and Al Qaeda is on the run. Shortly thereafter, Al Qaeda attacked our mission in Benghazi and killed 4 Americans and injured others. And the president denied it for a month when he new right away who attacked in Benghazi. There is a war on terror and it is increasing exponentially and the President continues to deny the seriousness of it. He said no more boots on the ground especially in Syria. But he just sent 50 more special ops military to put their boots on the ground in Syria. But then the president says it is not a combat mission. Military carrying weapons being supported by F-16 and A10s is a combat mission. Any time special ops deploy it is to engage in combat. The lies keep coming.

I could go on, but I need to go get my breakfast and listen to news, just not from Obama’s lame stream media. Like what Marco Rubio said, the president’s super pact!


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My Buddy the President – Yeah, Right!

Posted November 5, 2015 By Gospel

Newsweek-Obama-Gay-PresidentWhat a less than remarkable piece of work. Our “leader from behind” is the epitome of one whose desultory conversations deliberately avoids the subject that is center most on everyone’s mind. His favorite subject of diversion is when he is confronted with something serious, he focuses on “climate change,” something that invariably happens daily. There is always safety when it comes to daily weather. If the sidewalk gets wet from a little drizzle of rain, it is definitely due to climate change. Yes, especially when the sun was out the day before or just hours before. The same is true when the temperature drops to zero and there is 4 feet of snow on the ground; damn that climate change, it is killing me! The only way this “Private and Chief” runs this country is into the ground.

He is good at coming up with an ingis fatuus which I guess would be equivalent to concentrating on something that is an ignorant infatuation with innocuous nothingness. He is so weak he bears no watching at all. He is a puppy who is dangerous to us all. He spends more time in a golf cart then in the oval office. He is a Connoisseur of the game of golf. In fact, whenever he is in the oval office, we should all yell “Four” before explaining a problem to him so he understands there is a problem about to happen. The problem is the moment something happens, he runs to the course or takes a vacation. In other words he assumes the position of an ostrich with is head in a hole while an Iranian Cleric shoves a stick of dynamic up his apex and lights the fuse.

You probably have noticed by now, when it comes to phobias, I am definitely an “Obamaphobe.” I strongly believe we need a new leader of the free world. The last one we had was ” President ” George W. Bush.

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Corruption in Government is About to Sink

Posted November 4, 2015 By Gospel

No Left turnBob Dylan had some lyrics that fit the current political sea ripple turning into a tidal wave. “The Times They are a Changin’.” Kentucky elected its first Republican Governor in decades. The Democrats were running that state and the state was in the bag for Hillary. But not anymore.

The biggest issue that moved the electorate was the impact of Obamacare. The other big impact of this election is that this Kentuckian is loved by the Tea Party and is actually a libertarian who is bent on reducing the size of Government. Kim Davis, in Kentucky, was put in jail for refusing to issue marriage certificates based on her religious beliefs. The issue was decided by the Supreme Court but Kim didn’t give in. And the populace in Kentucky moved to support her. Kentucky is the ripple and when the national elections go down, states are going to flip and the new President will be Republican. The number of Republican Senators will increase and so will the Republicans in the House. That will be the tidal wave.

If I was working at the IRS, I would seriously be looking for a new job. If I make tons of money preparing taxes for businesses, the elite, the rich, and just about every other American, I would be looking for another job. Everyone at the department of education should be looking for another job because the states are going to take back their own education system. The EPA is also on the chopping block. The Department of Commerce is done because it is a useless government entity. There are probably a hundred more agencies that are not worth the budget money they eat up and waste.

If these cuts get on a roll, they will also trickle down to the states. So national wide and state wide cuts will put American back on a positive capitalistic track. The biggest losers outside the government will be the Unions who will have fewer politicians they can buy with their 96% contribution rate of Democrats. Even the global warming craze will crumble because it has always been a Democrat boondoggle to fill their pockets with kickbacks into their reelection coffers from the subsidies they approved for green companies trying to sell windfarms and solar panels.

Cases in point. When a green company builds a windfarm, they get to write off the expense in 5 years on a farm that is projected to last 30 yrs. If I own a piece of rental property, I can depreciate it over 30 years, not 5. The companies get a huge tax break up front. Then the owners of these farms sell them after 5 years to other investors or power companies at a discount actually earning themselves a hefty profit because of the tax breaks on their other income. But then the farms actually depreciate in 15-20 years based on the need to replace huge, expensive windfarm infrastructure. Those Wind turbines don’t last 30 years. They need continuous inspections and maintenance, and will need to be replaced in 10 to 15 years due to excessive wear and tear. The turbines, at that time, will cost more because of inflation. The Democrat politicians get a kickback from those companies who gain the windfall; pun intended. The global warming issue has been around since 1970, 45 years ago. And as of this date, we only get less than 3% of our entire energy consumption from Wind and Solar.

There is a reason politicians go to Washington and stay forever. They get there with relatively modest wealth and leave multimillionaires. The hay day is about to come crashing down. The American public has had enough. They do not get a piece of the American pie because the politicians and big government get the whole pie leaving us with half a slice. Then the pie gets bigger but the slice we get actually shrinks to a quarter of a larger pie. Interesting how that works.

The politicians and glutinous government agencies should invest in life boats because the tidal wave is building in strength exponentially and is going to sink their corruptive ships.

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The Hypocrisy of Liberals Strikes Again

Posted September 9, 2015 By Gospel

Go to JailA judge puts a county manager of a marriage license office in jail for refusing to issue licenses to gay couples. They called it a violation of a court order. It was her religious beliefs that made her do it. Numerous examples are expressed on the news of private employer situations where the law was interpreted to mean that the employer needed to try to make accommodations when a problem like this occurs. When the argument favoring putting her in jail tries to imply that she is a government employee and the law does not apply to her. The problem is the law specifically states public or private employees. So the need for an accommodation applies to a government entity as well. Jailing her was an attempt to get her to change her mind.

Additionally, those supporting the jailing say she should be forced to issue licenses or she needs to be fired or she needs to resign. When she was elected, the permission of same sex marriages was not an issue. Now it is. The nature of the work has changed and impacts her religious beliefs. Therefore an accommodation is warranted. Also, it was argued she is a hypocrite because she has had 4 divorces. But after those divorces, she had a religious conversion. Leaving out parts of an argument to support your case is no support at all. It is deception. It is the essence of lying to get your way. “My dog ate my homework.”

Liberals are always asking for accommodations to support someone’s civil rights when the doing so would help their cause unrelated to the violation of civil rights. In this case, it is convenient to trash the public employee because what she did is against their support for gay marriages. If the opposite were the case, where an atheist government official refuses to issue a license because they know it is going to be used to permit a wedding in a church, the left would be in support of the government official not because he has the right to honor his convictions but because they do not accept religion as a valid belief system, a philosophy of life. If a judge just puts the guy in jail until he capitulated, the left would be screaming false imprisonment.

Forcing religious people to accept any and everything the government say or orders, is exactly what is happening in countries like Iran. The government incarcerates those who do not follow the faith. The liberals want to incarcerate anyone who does not follow their guidance. Atheism is a philosophy of life and so is Christianity. One should not have sway over the other in this country. People should be permitted to follow their philosophy of life whether it is Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism or atheism without interference from their government. That is what our constitution dictates.

Liberals want to make peace with Muslims who follow Sharia Law and want the United States to accept Sharia law. They leave out the facts that Sharia Law calls for the beheading of disbelievers, the stoning of women who are raped because they could not find 5 men to say they witnessed the event and actually witnessed penetration. Fathers can kill their daughters if they personally determine they have disrespected the religion of Islam. A man can divorce is wife; and all his has to do is state it and then wait 3 months to insure she is not pregnant and the divorce is final. A man can have more than one wife. Gays, atheists and those with no faith will get in front of the beheading line, ahead of Jews and Christians, because Islam teaches that Christians and Jews are misguided and misinformed but since they believe in the same God, they are less guilty of “shirk” than gays, atheists and rest without religious faith.

Liberals do not care about Muslims, they just use them to their advantage when they argue against war and want to falsely claim to be more compassionate. The Liberals run the major cities in this country and have done nothing to quail the violence in the black neighborhoods. They cannot do anything because they know they would lose black vote if they try. They use racism charges against blacks as a talking point to put down the right. It is all about votes and power for them. The rest of us can just get in line. Yeah, just like the beheading line under Sharia Law.

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We are always hearing from the Democrats when they are against a change that it will create a slippery slope. Well, the Supreme Court just blessed gay marriage. Now same sex marriage is allowed across the land, but not in any other country world-wide. And now any two people living together gay or otherwise can go in to apply for a marriage certificate and no one is going to asked them why. They will not be able to confirm they are gay. That means two heterosexual people sharing a room can go get married to take advantage of the tax laws. They will also be able to get health care for the room mate who not working because the other will be able to include that person on their company plan.

What is to stop anyone one from wanting to marry their dog now? That will eventually be challenged in the courts and because an adult wants to marry a dog he or she is responsible for, why not? There is one more element to this “Pandora’s box” scenario. Now people who want multiple wives because of their religion will now have the right granted to them because that limitation in the law is religious based. It too will need to be overturned.

Think about this. Now someone who does not want to work can now get health care for nothing because they can get it through a marriage to a roommate. The roommate with the job will now be able to claim his “spouse” roommate as a dependent and receive a tax break. And, If the working person’s income is low enough, he will more easily be able to qualify for an income rebate from the IRS of taxpayer dollars. With these new guidelines, half the country would not have to work. One person gets a job, rents a small apartment and two people regardless of sex or sexual orientation will be able to get by on much less income. Not to mention that some of that income could be coming from taxpayer expense. That is because a single person will not have a dependent to claim and by having a spouse of any sex will give him or her a chance to claim a dependent. Think about this. All those college graduates who cannot find jobs will now not have to. And don’t forget the fact that eventually a person will be able to have multiple spouses. That means on college graduate working and five others on his tax return as none working spouses. If a women is working and has 4 guys she is “married” to and she gets pregnant, will all 4 guys get maternity leave if they happen to be working? What about Social Security: If the working spouse dies, will all the other spouses get the social security check according to current rules? There is no end to this “Democrat” created fiasco.

How long do you think it will take two college graduates living together to figure this one out? There is one more thing. If the two roommates have a falling out, they can always fill out some documents to get a divorce based on un-reconcilable differences, submit it to the court and boom; done.

The Democrats fought to keep slavery, voted against women’s right to vote, instituted laws across the South to keep blacks who were free from being equal members of the society until the 1960’s. Now all the major cities are ruled by Democrat majors who do nothing to stop the carnage now happening in their black neighborhoods. There are 9,000 deaths of black on black homicides out of a total of 11,000 overall deaths by gunfire across the country. All those deaths are from illegal guns and the Democrats want to take away all the legal guns from law abiding citizen who kill no one. Democrats want ID checks on everything except voter registration. Why? One reason. It is the only way to get more votes; essentially by cheating. Democrats ran Detroit and now Detroit is bankrupt. Democrats run California and now all the rich people are leaving the state. California now has the largest illegal population in the country.

Democrats started the abortion industry with the purpose of controlling the growth of the black race in this country. And now they have managed to make it legal. And the most abortions performed in this country are in the black community. They call it Planned Parent Hood but their primary purpose is to terminate a birth so a child will not need to burden a parent. They get tax payer dollars for what they call everything except abortions. But they spend 99% of their time aborting children.

Democrats do not want to have any wars even if the terrorists are growing strong and are now permeating every element of our society. They claim Christianity is worse than Islam. They look the other way when a parent with Islamic faith murders their children because they have disgraced their family by wearing the same clothes everyone else in the country wears. Then they fight school uniforms. They also fight homeschool families, charter schools and church schools who constantly score two or more grades higher than public school kids. They fight any attempt to give funds to parents who want to use alternative schooling for their kids even if those children are going to get a better education for less money.

I am a Republican. And quite frankly I am tired of being called names just because I am a Republican without any regard for who I am. According to them I am a racist, homophobic, suffering from Islamophobia, anti-women, want to deny poor people the opportunity to vote, old fashioned, non-progressive, and not worthy of being an American. And it is this party that is always bashing America so why don’t they let me be American since that would fit their narrative?

I am not permitted to say anything contrary to the progressive message. I must remain silent and let Democrats run the country because they know infinitely better than I what is best for our country. I used to be a Democrat when I was younger but I saw the light. In other words, Democrats want a one party system which is essentially, a dictatorship. And I need to conform or leave. Fat chance that will happen. What we need is a 100 million man, woman and child march on Washington, DC, flood the White House lawn with people, encircle the Congress so no one can get in or out. Surround the Supreme Court and demand they stop with judicial overreach and demand term limits on Congressman, Senators and Judges, close down the department of education and the EPA. And why we are at it, fire all the Czars, privatize the VA, kill Obamacare, closed down the IRS and go to a flat tax. It is about time we literally take our country back.


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Former Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., with "husband," James Ready

Barney Frank and his husband tell it like it is!

What is it about the Democrat, Gay, Black community connection. It is an unholy arrangement to get votes. Other than that, they cannot stand each other. The hatred the spew behind closed doors, or more specifically on hidden cameras, tells a a much different story. The gay community has some serious problems when they are candid about what they really think with regard to race relations and how they actually “chose” to be gay. They hate the black folks and they lie about how they became gay. Most of them chose later in life to pursue the gay life style. You learn the truth from the mouths of gays. Really!






This video really tells the story in raw detail.


So lets look at the problem in more detail. I don’t really care how gayness came about. Just leave me alone and don’t push the need for me to accept it as something hereditary. The human race continues but only as a result of a woman giving birth from a sexual contact with a man. That is the way it works and that is the way it works in other biological beings. You need a live male reproductive organism (like sperm) to come in contact with a female reproductive organism (the egg) for the human race to proliferate. Two gay men or two gay woman cannot procreate; it is not the way nature works and that makes it unnatural. Without some form of heterosexual relationship, life as we know it cannot go on. And now I learn that gays among themselves routinely state that it is a life choice; not hereditary. It is for political reasons that the “born gay” mantra finds it way into the discussion with regard to gay rights.

And then, it was a political decision to connect the plight of the black community with the gay issue out of convenience. It is an established effort to deceive the American public into accepting gayness as normal. And as the video clearly shows the gay community is as racist as any when they agree that we need to continue welfare and the food stamp programs to keep the black community voting for democrats. In essence, they are buying the black vote. But the icing on the rotten cake is when they laugh about giving watermelons to black people to keep them happy.

It should be noted that every major city where most of the poverty and crime exists in the black community, the city is run by a democrat mayor. You would think that those who claim to be there for the blacks would do something to make their lives better but they do not. Now democrats are pushing the effort to distract from this serious problem in their cities by blaming the police departments for all the black deaths. “Black lives matter.” But not when blacks kill blacks with guns. Over 80% of all deaths by gun fire in this country are the result of black on black homicides with guns. Of the total homicides with a gun, less than 5% are white on white homicides. The remaining percentage is Hispanic on Hispanic. And a minuscule number of deaths by guns are by police; a percentage only a small fraction of 1%. If black lives matter, then the democrats running the major cities should focus on the major reason black folks are dying. That is where the travesty is. Blaming police is a senseless smoke screen but another ploy to get the black vote.


The Democrats also have control of our school systems because they gain financial support from all the unions in this country that say they support the teachers. The teachers are slaves to these unions and they are forced to contribute to the democrat part through union dues. Very few know that 95% of all contributions from those unions go to support democrat reelections. Common Core is a democrat initiative to gain more control over the minds of our young. Democrats cannot win doing what is best for our country because their message has to be clothed in lies, deceit and corruption of the system. Re-distribution of wealth, division of the classes and the destruction of our constitution is all they can do now to stay in power. They will take us to a socialistic system of government and eventually to a form of communism that will leave us no better than a Russia or Cuba. A central leader and central government with all the wealth and a populace so poor, living in this country will no longer be desired. The great American dream will come to an end. Just listen to the video and take note of those who are our educators in our universities supporting the gay initiative and demonstrating how much hatred they have for our country and how racist they are.

Sadly, an accomplished black man like Justice Thomas is the brunt of so much hatred just because he doesn’t side with other black folks and gay folks who call themselves democrats. Playing the race card and calling people homophobic just so you can get votes is a shame being played out in our country at the expense of really good people trying to make our country better. I used to call myself a democrat during the Kennedy area but since then I have learned that being a democrat is a fools errand. I am an American and proud of all those who died over the years to keep us free. And Democrats throw all good folks and those folks died for us under a bus to accomplish the most destructive assault on our American way of life. “When will we ever learn,” to quote a song from the sixties when the great transformation began. Those who run our educational systems now are those who were the draft dodgers back then.

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Islam Is Causing Terror Attacks

Posted January 13, 2015 By Gospel

If you think our Government is right in trying to play down the Islam terrorist threat and think President Obama cannot do wrong; YOU ARE WRONG. Islam is a religion that has been around for almost 1300+years but Christianity and Judaism have been around several hundred years longer. It is ironic that we went through the Catholic Inquisition beginning in the 1200s. It lasted in various forms into the 19th Century. It started in France interestingly enough. But the Religion of Christianity and Judaism went through a lengthy migration into a more modern, accepting character. They are now quite peaceful in their general practice of their faith. “We can all live together.”

But Islam is totally different. Today, a majority of imams still preach that the Quran is the only acceptable guidance coming from God. Any deviation is not allowed. Mohammed, a military and political leader to begin with, began his claim that he was receiving guidance directly from God. All his teachings found their way into the Quran. But subsequent followers published thousands of verses explaining how a Muslim must live his life. It is called Sharia Law. There cannot be any separation of Church and State. Any society that is a majority of Muslims must absolutely follow Sharia Law. A democratic style state is not allowed. Voting is not a part of that society. Church leaders are the ones who are called upon to inforce Sharia law and pass judgment for violation of those laws.

A most interesting part of the law concerns itself with the crime of Rape. A woman who has been raped cannot speak for herself. She has to find 4 males who physically witnessed the penetration. The guilty person can merely state the victim revealed herself to me and I became aroused. That is why it all happened. First of all, what do you think is the likelihood 4 men were watching the act; and would 4 men admit that the rape they were watching actually happened. If the woman reports the crime, she is admitting she had sex with a male. If 4 men are not available. The Victim is the guilty one and must be stoned by the men of the community.

Another law. If a man decides to divorce his wife, he only has to state three times: “I divorce you.” But then he has to wait 3 months to see if the woman is pregnant. The divorce is then final and the man is free to go find a new wife. And regardless of his age, he can marry someone as young as 13 years old. He can also marry again and again. It is permitted because Mohammed had multiple wives. If Mohammed said it is ok, then it is ok. Period. No one can question the Quran. That would be a blasphemy subject to severe punishment including death.

Honor killings is another expectation of fathers to commit when their female daughters do not absolutely follow the teachings of Islam. There is a Muslim living in this country who ran his two daughters over with his car because they were dressing in American style clothing. He has not been captured because it is believed he has fled the country or is hiding in a Muslim community in the US or Canada. He was a taxi driver by trade.

The problem with the teaching of Islam is that those who see a need to back off from the most fanatical teachings of Islam are subjecting themselves to Sharia Law and since Mohammed teaches how you will live your faith, any deviation is disobeying Mohammed and the Quran. No one is permitted to find fault with the Quran because it is considered the absolute word of God. Imams who try to loosen the interpretation of Sharia law are marginalized. Speaking out for a more peaceful interpretation of the Quran is extremely dangerous.

France, where the Inquisition began in the 1200s, is now under extreme Islamic terror threats. They have now stated they are in a war against Islamic terrorism. They have deployed thousands of police and military out of fear of future attacks following The Charlie Hebdo killings and killing of 4 Jewish citizens in a market in Paris. It was also determined one of the targets of the Islamic terrorist was a Jewish school. Military are now protecting all the Jewish Schools across France. And both police and military are guarding major tourist sights. What is even more troubling is there are 750 no go zones in France that do not fall under French Law. They are governed by Sharia Law. Police officers will not go into these Muslim neighborhoods out of fear. If France cannot govern these areas then Sharia Law is alive and well in France; and it is growing. These communities are ruled by Imams and Sharia Law. If these 750 communities of Muslims are not subject to French law, and almost 25% of the country is Muslim, then France only governs 3/4th of its country.  Does anyone think that our problem with the radical side of Islam is a minor problem, they are living in a bubble and in suicidal denial?

Every Muslim country that tries to modernize, bringing it more in line with the rest of the world, is experiencing tremendous pressure from fundamentalist Muslim groups. What we are now experiencing is an Islamic Inquisition from a religion that is living in the 11th Century. They are now having their version of the Crusades to take back land lost and expand the faith throughout the world. Terrorist attacks are increasing and becoming more sophisticated. Islam teaches today, that the unbelievers (anyone who is not following the Islamic way of life) must die. Unless they convert. And if they do, they will not be a full pledged Muslim. They will be a subordinate class that needs to pay a tax for the rest of their lives just because they were not originally born as Muslims.

A reminder. A Christian woman married a Muslim and refused to convert to Islam. She was pregnant, and along with her existing child, arrested and taken into custody. She was sentenced to death for refusing to convert. She eventually had her unborn child in her jail cell without medical assistance. Eventually, the Islamic State operating under Sharia Law, caved to international pressure and released her to foreign officials and she left the country with her children. The world doesn’t have the ability to intervene in every case. It took a military invasion into Afghanistan to stop the Taliban from executing women on a soccer field who violated Sharia Law. They also were no longer able to have these women stoned in accordance with their Law.

But we are now leaving. Our military is pulling out and it will not be long before the Taliban move back into the country and return it to a country ruled under Sharia Law. And it will not be very long before France, with its 750 entire Muslim communities operating under Sharia Law, will be overcome with a Muslim community that changes the centuries of Democratic Rule to an Islamic State operating under the rules of a religion that superimposes itself with 1200 AD ideology. If one country falls, its neighboring countries will also. That is Islam’s goal. The way this religion functions means there can be no other goal.

Moderate Muslims cannot speak out for fear of offending the teaching of God as given to them through Mohammed. We have Christian and Jewish leaders who do not have that power because the nature of their religion is the pursuit of peace and the love of others. The definition of Islam is “Submission” and that is exactly where they are headed.

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