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Racism at CNN & Left Media again??

Posted November 10, 2015 By Gospel

question-markCNN is being selective again when it comes to whether they refer to someone as white or black during the reporting of news events. If a white police officer shoots a black, it is “A white police officer shoots an unarmed black man.” But when two black police officers shoot a 6 year old boy who is with his father and neither have a gun, it is “two police officers shoot a 6 six year old boy.” So it is about race in the first incident and not in the second. Then we learned that these two officers received cover from their police department when they claimed the police officers were attempting to serve a warrant.

But they were not. They had stepped in to handle what they considered was a domestic dispute. The man disputed their involvement, jumped in his car and drove off with his son in the front seat. The police officers gave chase and ended up shooting 18 bullets into the vehicle hitting the boy 5 times. Again, there was no gun in that vehicle. Then we hear that one of the police officers has had a troubled pass. Then we hear that there is corruption in the police department. A police department controlled by black leadership, interesting. Also, after the police officers were jailed for murder, one of the prosecuting attorneys recused himself because he was the father of one of the police officers. “I smell a black rate.”

Why can’t CNN report about the potential for a black corrupt police department who now is involved in killing a white boy who is 6 years old, shooting him 5 times and also seriously wounding his father. Could that be a event plagued by racism. “A hatred of whites by black cops?” And black cops working for a corrupt police department, which if proven to be corrupt should be held responsible for blacks dominating whites in a community controlled by a black police force. Oh, and by the way, the two officers are black!! Did I mention that, already? No, I did not intentionally avoid that like CNN who wants to perpetuate its white on black police officer agenda.

There were 430 killings, as of this date, of black on black deaths by gunfire in Chicago. It is clearly gang violence when a 9 year old boy is shot several times in the back and head to get back at a rival gang member. Then a former gang member disagrees with bringing in the National Guard to help clear up the problem. He wants someone to find out where all the guns are coming from. What? The gang members are buying them with drug money to protect their drug business. If we cannot stop the drugs from getting into the hands of these gang members, we are not going to stop guns from coming in just like the drugs, illegally. The drug dealers are in a war with each other and innocent people are just collateral damage. How can an innocent populace take back their neighborhoods from members of gangs with massive killing power with guns? People with guns need to be brought down by a superior force with, guess what? Much more killing power from guns then the gangs. But also, coupled with that effort, those bringing in drugs are just as dangerous because they use death by gunfire to control their drug empire. Go after drug dealers, cartels and gang members with overwhelming firepower. Then send they ones who are not dead, in front of a 3 panel set of judges. The punish merited is levied and away they go to jails. The lawyers don’t need the money and do not practice law in any war zone. A gang member should not get civil rights if he is engaged in all out war. War doesn’t work that way. You use a gun in a robbery, you get attempted murder because the one who you held up feared for the life. Enough of this crap. Deal with them like they deal with others.

The gangs in these neighborhoods are depriving Americans of their rights to a safe and prosperous life where they can pursue their own happiness. We need an all-out war on the whole criminal empire associated with the movement of illegal drugs. In Singapore, you get hung if you sell drugs. Why, because drugs kill people. You get what you dish out.

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Racism Has Not Changed; Just Gone Full Circle

Posted November 10, 2015 By Gospel

Riots again about race, now coming from college campuses! When I was a teenage, I lived in Southern California in the 60s. Now I am a big ugly white guy in my late 60s. I led a sheltered life growing up on a small ranch in Southern California about 50 miles East of LA. I was oblivious to what was happening in the South until the race riots started happening. I became interested quickly and I was inspired by what Martin Luther King was doing. I was not very happy with hearing about separate fountains and counters and riding in the back of buses. And the ones who were imposing these guidelines were, as far as I was concerned, rednecks from the bottom of the redneck cesspool. And my father had a redneck mentality which I felt at the time was not that bad. My father and mother separated when I was about 18. My dad who is now passed away; committed suicide. He was dirt poor and lived until he was 85 getting social security checks and getting his medical services at the VA. So my observation was that he was no better than the complaints he was trying to lodge against the entire black community in our country. I thought with time he would get over it.

But I remember when I was young how he would tell me over and over that “If you give a nigger an inch, they’ll take mile.” I just couldn’t believe that was true. I did not feel comfortable every time my father said that. At the time, I didn’t really know better or why. So how did I eventually determine he was a full blown racist? In 1999 my brother committed suicide – he drank too much and used drugs often. And then in early 2000 my mother became ill with a sudden brain tumor and partial paralysis on her left side and would only live another 6 to 8 months. I brought her to Denver from Southern California and with the help of my whole family, we took care of her in my home under Hospice. I asked my Dad who was living in Reading, California at the time, where he lived rent free in a small trailer on a ranch caring for the property and the livestock; to come to Denver. He agreed. I thought I could get him a similar arrangement on a ranch in Colorado after my mother died. I set him up a bunk in our basement. He and my mother had long talks about everything and it was a very happy time for my mother, and I enjoyed seeing them laughing together and enjoying themselves.

But then it happened. While I was standing, caring for my mother one Sunday morning, he came up to my side and said I had some serious problems. But he didn’t want to talk about it in front of my mother. I took him to a pool hall to talk since he liked to play pool. I thought it had something to do with the care of my mother. But no. We parked in the parking lot and he started by saying, “you know, I cannot stand the sight of black people.” We never got inside to shoot pool. We had black people delivering my mother’s medicines occasionally. My daughter who was 12 at the time really helped a lot caring for grandma. So I told her I would take her and her friends to the water park so they could take a break and have some fun. One of those friends was half black. I asked my father if she was a problem for him as well. He said, “Yes.” I told him she was an innocent 12-13 year old, but he cut me off saying “you don’t know what they are thinking.” I said, “Well what is more important is that they don’t know what you are thinking. You are no better than the KKK.” But then he said, “But they wear masks.” And I replied, “and you are too chicken shit to wear a mask.”

I really blew up. I explained that I would have no problems inviting Colin Powell over for dinner. He said, “He is just looking out for himself and the blacks.” Then I said, “You know, he would make a better father than you.” And my father continued to insist that I should not permit any black people in my home. I told him I would not impose such a ridiculous rule on my family. And if he could not deal with that, he would have to leave. He said, “OK.” We spoke no more. We drove home. Then the next morning, I came downstairs and he was calmly setting at the kitchen table reading a newspaper and drinking a cup of coffee as though nothing had happened. I leaned over the kitchen counter and said, “So when are you leaving.”

I drove him that morning to the truck rental to get him a truck for his stuff and he packed up and left. I never again heard from him or knew where he was. It was years later when I got a call from the Reading City Manager’s office to inform me of the suicide. I immediately arranged a flight and my wife went with me. We took his car to a junkyard and sold it for $25. I arranged for a friend of his to distribute his ashes at the ranch where he used to live according to his wishes in the suicide note he left. He gave the few hundred dollars in his bank account to his friend as well. My wife and I sorted through his belongings and found a few mementos. The city kept the rest to auction off and the funds would go to the city for their trouble. I was finally done with my father. I was sad it all had to end that way, but that was my family. You get the cards you are dealt.

I met my wife in Germany when she had joined the service to make money to send home. I am the only one left from my side of the family but my wife has 5 sisters and 4 brothers; a family of 10. My wife’s father died when she was 12 and it was not until she was 21 when she left for Hawaii. And that is when she slept in a bed for the first time. Her mother had all these children while living in a barrio in the Northern Philippines and they were dirt poor. She gave birth 10 times the old fashion way by squatting with the aid of a brother who was the family midwife. As a child, my wife’s mother happened to have been born on the Island of Hawaii while her parents were over working in the fields; she had a Hawaiian birth certificate. She returned home to the Philippines, grew up and got married at the age of 17.

An Uncle living in Hawaii found mother’s birth certificate and with his saintly help managed to get them all to come to Hawaii in 5 groups over 3 years. The first ones including the mom began working immediately so they could send money back to the Philippines for the next group to come. The mother worked in the pineapple fields. And so it went, after 3 years, they were all back together. But that is only the beginning of a remarkable story. Every one of her brothers and sisters found good work, got married and had children. Most of their children have graduated or are still in college. The degrees so far have been a Doctor of Pharmacy, my daughter; Political Science, my son and who has just started law school; a female civil engineer now working in San Diego, a female dentist who recently graduated, degrees in nursing, music and several more degrees to come.  The Grandma is still living in Hawaii being cared for by her children. She is now almost 90 years old and has several great grandchildren. When she was 85, the entire family came from everywhere to give her a birthday party on her birthday which is December 25. The greatest moment during the celebration and the most moving moment for me was when all her grandchildren got up on the stage and sang a song to her in English. They sang the Bruno Mars hit “Just the Way You Are.”  I am now tearing up right now even 4 years later.

I might add that one of my wife’s sisters is handicapped and made her way around while in the Philippines on flip-flops attached to her knees until she was 13 years old. She had no bottom parts of her legs. And her hand was partially deformed. She was the last to come over to Hawaii but before she came she remembers sitting in a front window thinking there was no one like her in the whole world and she would not be able to work like the others. She thought she would not be able see her mother again. But she did arrive in a Hawaii in the last group to come from the Philippines. She got married to a Navy guy who took her to Ohio and it was there she gave birth to two children. One has a Music degree and the other graduated and joined the military. He is just got married. My wife’s sister started a sewing business in her home and for 4 years, she sewed the names on the back of all the jerseys belonging to Ohio State Football team. And it was one of those years they won the national title. She also offered to sew some really large curtains for someone who lived in a mansion-like home. That owner put the word out and she began sewing these types of curtains for several other well off residents in up-scale Columbus. She then moved to South Carolina and is now working with a sewing company and she is so good that the boss lets her do what she wants and the rest of the crew simply adore her. They love her amazing attitude and her remarkably entertaining sense of humor. While she was in Ohio, she and her husband came to visit us while we were in Pennsylvania. We took them to see Washington, DC. Her husband carried her up the steps of the Capital Building on his back.

I may have lost my entire family but I gained the best family anyone could ever hope for. They are all such wonderful people. They are filled with respect for others, help each other all the time and have big meals together to enjoy the life they have. And I am so blessed to be a part of it. God blessed me beyond belief. And I am convinced that I am getting much more than I deserve. I often wonder how I could have been so lucky by asking a Filipino lady to marry me. I am inspired by what the whole family has accomplished after having come from such austere circumstances.

That brings me to wonder, what went wrong with our black communities. How did they reach a point of such despair? Could it be possible to give them an outlook on life like these simple Filipinos? I am very saddened by what I see and I am powerless to do anything about it. I am experiencing racism because of the color of my skin. I have not done anything wrong, but I am so hated by so many. I had hoped things would get much better when President Kennedy took such decisive action in turning the South around. I am now certain I will pass away before I see any change for the better.

They hate Fox News and Bill O’Reilly. But while public schools for blacks are doing very little to help them, the teachers are getting a good paycheck and politicians keep telling the black community they are going to help them; and that has been going on for 50 years since the 60s. Bill O’Reilly supports a private school for under privileged kids in one of the worse neighborhoods in New York City. But those kids do well, they wear uniforms and get a good education. He is doing his part and most of the black community hates him just because politicians have told them Fox News is bad. What a shame.

We need all private schools for our black children. The public schools run by unions and democrat politicians have kept the black communities poor. All the major cities have the same problem and those cities are run by democrat mayors who are against private schools solely because they get so much economic support from unions. Millions of dollars of public funds have been spent under the guise that it is intended for those black communities. That money has been wasted. Sixty years of waste.

It is time for members of our black communities to take back their neighborhoods, honor the family and turn their neighborhoods into gun free zones. And Use the Police to Do it! Democrats like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson, the NAACP and the Black Caucus, keep making victims out of them. As long as these entities keep making victims out of them, we are never going to see any improvement. We are witnessing the most destructive form of slavery ever witnessed on this planet. Keep them poor, keep them believing everything is going to get better. Why do this: because we need their vote to stay in power. There is no lynching anymore but these race mongers have found a way to get the black young men in this country to basically lynch each other with the use of illegal guns. Blacks can change the way they live. But they will need to stop blaming the police for brutality and look at the brutality imposed by blacks on blacks. Simply put, police shoot more whites than blacks because the population of whites exceeds those of blacks. The most deaths of black folks are committed by other blacks. That is where the focus should be. Not just black lives matter, everyone’s lives matter.

If black lives matter, then do something to stop the death toll. Note: over 80% of all deaths by gunfire are  black deaths are gunfire from other blacks. Don’t those lives matter? When a serious crime happens in a black neighborhood, the first ones they call are the police. But now the police are being blamed for the loss of black lives. The Black on Black death rate annually by gunfire is 80%, about 15% of the deaths are Hispanic on Hispanic, white-on-white is 4% of all deaths and police end up killing less than 1% of the population which actually happens while they are in the line of duty. Death committed illegally by rouge police is minuscule, almost immeasurable. But why call the police when something bad happens when all you have to do is call Al Sharpton. He has been fixing everything for over 60 years. NOT. He is the problem. I entered military service in the 60s and shortly after the riots everyone was forced to attend race relations classes so we could better understand the race issues. I was considered a racist and needed to be reprogrammed. I was not racist to begin with. The military was a good place for black people to get an education in a given skill and just like the rest of us, we all were not permitted to fail. If we screwed up, we had to do it all over again. Failure was not an option. The playing field was level in the military and everyone had to study their skill set and take tests routinely to prove you were still up to speed. I would call that randomized testing. Everyone; black, white, Hispanic, oriental and anyone else in service had to compete equally. If you didn’t study and failed tests, you would not have a chance of getting promoted and get more money. Everyone studied and we helped each other study. We were not competing, the playing field was level. You did not fail to get a promotion because of your race.

But now I look back and ask myself what happened. I have to be careful what neighborhood I drive through because the color of my skin can get me in serious trouble. They might not hang me from a tree but they would surely beat the hell out me for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The tide has turned. In the south, the idiot rednecks hung blacks from a tree just because they were black. They hated the blacks.  Now the tide has turned. I can get a modern day lynching for just being white driving through a black neighborhood. They hate me because I am white. They were scared back then and now I am scared for the same reason. Thank you Al Sharpton, the progress you have manufactured has gotten us all by to square zero. What a shame.

There was apartheid and everyone raved about getting that fixed. But now South Africa is run by the majority, the black community. But the white farmers are now being slaughtered with long knives because they are white. They murder the children in front of the man of the home, then they rape the wife in front of him and then kill her. After witnessing all that, the poor farmer is murdered. Is that where we are headed? I hope not. I had a great time in military service with all the races working together but the moment I got out I was one of the most hated of them all. How is that even humanly possible? I am so saddened by it all. As I mentioned above, I am just about to turn 70 years old. I have probably another 20 or so years of life left. So many people have lost lives in wars and due to crime and what have we to show for it. A war on Radical Islam and black community in absolute turmoil. What good have I done? All these years and it seems the plight of human kind is getting no better. Now that is a waste.

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Focus Points on Blogs Concerning our President!

Posted November 5, 2015 By Gospel

You know, when you write blog posts, you have various focus points you discuss. I just wrote a blog about our president and after doing that I went through a list of subjects you have covered in the past. Then you pick the ones that apply to that particular blog. When you do that your blog will have a better chance of showing up when Internet users search a particular subject. I was a little shocked when I went through this list when I blogged about our current president. So why was that?

Well, when you write about this president, you are reminded of the various issues that have been a problem for him. I have 38 subjects I have written about. I checked off 27 subjects that come up when you think about what our problems have been since he became president. Let’s get into it. They are in alphabetical order.

The first is on abortion. We find out that under this president, we learn one of his favor organizations is Planned Parenthood who sells baby parts for profit – Mr. O avoids the subject. The next is aliens. That word has been designated as not PC. And if you add illegal, another subject word on the list, it then becomes a Mexiphobic statement. Illegal is also what he does when he tries to go around congress with executive orders or when he signs a law on Obamacare when it was illegally past through the Senate.

And then there is Benghazi where he lied by saying for a month that is was caused by a video. The problem is, his Secretary of State sent an email to her daughter telling her it was a terrorist attack, the night of the attack. A week later the president sends his UN adviser, Susan Rice, around to talks shows to perpetuate the lie 5 times. Hillary Clinton sends a message to the president of Egypt telling him it was definitely not the video, the day after the attack. The American People do not deserve the truth, so his election a month later was predicated on lies about how 4 Americans died. He stole an election by deceiving the American people.

The next up is debt. We were 10 trillion in debt when he started, and now we are reaching 20 trillion. It doubled.  Global warming comes up next. There are 400 ppmv total CO2 and humans across the globe are only responsible for 3%. The USA’s part is 15% of all human emissions so that leaves us with less than half a percent responsibility. that means our ppmv  is less than .5% of all CO2. The biggest contributors are China, India and the EU. But China and India are exempt under the Kyoto Treaty and we refused to sign it. It will cost us billions to reduce our emissions by 10%. With all our debt, we do not have the money and we would make absolute no difference. And that is the primary subject Mr. O talks about. But it is a lie.

Every time some idiot buys a gun legally and shoots a bunch of people, Mr. O brings up gun control. This country has millions of guns in the hands of legal gun owners and those are the people he wants to control. He cannot control the inner cities run by Democrat Mayors where 85% of all deaths by gunfire are black on black. But peeps the word about that. All the guns in those neighborhoods are illegal and no one knows who has them. There are thousands of gangs in this country with illegal guns. NO way are we going to be able to get those guns off the street.

I mentioned illegal immigration. Our president brings lawsuits against any state that tries to do something about it. And he does nothing about Sanctuary Cites who the most dangerous criminals back on the street. And when ICE takes control and is supposed to deport them, the president releases them back on the street. Kate’s Law is designed to put repeat felony offenders automatically in jail for 5 years if they return after deportation. That bill is block in the Senate by the President’s primary backer, Harry Reid, who does whatever the President wants.

This President is the first to comment on any event where there are drummed up charges against a white person. George Zimmerman was Hispanic but was called white, he was acquitted in a kangaroo court to appease blacks. When ever anyone talks about police brutality they reference this case and Zimmerman was not a policeman. Trayvon Martin attacked Zimmerman and Zimmerman legally carrying a gun, used it to defend himself as a last resort. The Ferguson case was blown out of proportion, where no crime was committed by a police officer who was trying to defend himself against someone who had already tried to take his gun, then charged the police officer threatening to take the gun again. The police officer who did nothing wrong, loses his job and has to go into hiding. Black rioters destroy the town in protest when nothing happened to merit a protest. Riots are also on the list. And Baltimore went up in flames when a drug dealer selling drugs, hurts himself in a police van while by himself and eventually dies from his injuries caused by his own rage. Any police officer remotely near the processing of the prisoner is arrested for murder. And the district attorney rushes to judgement and the Mayor backs her up. The Police Chief lost his job and during the riots, the police were ordered to stand down while a tremendous amount of destruction of private property and businesses are allowed to continue with no interference by the police. Police officers across the country are now under physical assault and many have been killed by ambush. Black Lives matter continues to ask for violence against innocent police officer everywhere. And Mr. O says nothing; he lets it happen. Except, he has his justice department investigate police officers and entire police departments for civil rights violation.

The IRS targets and blocks republican non profit organizations from getting approval of their tax status while the president is running for office. And nothing happens, those who go before congress about this, plead the fifth and the department of justice declines to prosecute. The IRS sent all those applications to IRS legal attorneys for review in Wash, DC. they also sent private tax records, also. Some of those records went to Democrat Members of Congress. Marijuana is illegal under federal law but this president lets state approve the use for both medicinal and recreational purposes without FDA approval.

The Military! Those who keep our country safe and give their lives or become severely handicapped are ignored by this president. The VA as failed them, President Obama tied their hands while they were in combat so they could not do their job. When they are killed by terrorists, it wasn’t due to combat. When you desert and help the enemy, you get a hero’s welcome. Mr. O trades 5 Taliban generals in Guantanamo to get him home, he delays the trial. And when the trial finally begins, the prosecuting attorney want’s to let him off for time served. Meanwhile, the military undergoes the most draconian cuts ever.

Obamacare was passed by violating Senate rules. It has not lived up to any promises by Mr. O. Now it is on track to implode in 2016. The President violates his own Obamacare law by granting exceptions to unions so they can avoid loss of their Cadillac Plans. He forces religion groups under Obamacare to pay for abortion services that will end pregnancies. Next year half of the insurance providers are going under.    And Occupy Wall Street protesters supported the president but were found to have committed numerous crimes of property damage, assaults, rape, drug us, etc.

Politics, Mr. O’s politics. Every decision, denial, lie, deceit and criminal violation of federal law is designed to make him look good and make his legacy look better. Regardless of the price millions of Americans have to endure financially, militarily and personally. Loss of jobs, phony statistics to make the economy look better than it is. Using the IRS to block his enemies. We have a two party system but he is bent on have just one, a dictatorship.

Religion is under constant assault but Islamic Terrorists get a pass. Iranian Cleric gets all their money back under this president while they scream death to America and swear to kill every Jew on the planet. And the president gives them an agreement that permits them to continue on a path of mass destruction, support terror and arrest Americans where they are put on trial for trumped up charges and then held for ransom. He blames the Christian religion for atrocities during the middle ages but says nothing about the beheading of Christians by Islamic terrorists today. And he calls himself a Christian.

Same sex marriages are more important than the rights of states to say marriage is between a man and a woman. A government official who refuses to issue these licenses based on religious belief is immediately arrested and thrown in jail. The President says nothing. Schools continue to get worse under this president when he said he was going to make them better. Teachers continue to get raises and improvements in student learning flat-lines. The unions take teachers money through dues and then sends all their political donations to Democrats at a 96% rate padding their pockets at the expense of education and taxpayer dollars.

The claim by Democrats, this president and John Kerry that 97% of scientists believe global warming is real is a lie. Actually surveys of scientists show a 50/50 split.  That 97% are those scientists who agreed to the UNs position and those scientists who did not agree were excluded from being counted. Only 97% of democrats agree making it a partisan issue not a science based issue.

Taxes. This president always wants to raise taxes so he can cover ever-increasing expenses. He is not the great uniter he said he would be, he is a relentless divider. Blacks against whites, rich against poor, women against men, police against the black community. Christians against Muslims. Military against civilians.

Mr O says the war on Islam is not real. He says most Muslims across the globe are peaceful but when the twin towers fell, all Muslims hit the street across the globe praising the hijackers. He beat up on Bush when he said “mission accomplished” when that was true because the military took Baghdad in a month. But the President said Obama is dead and Al Qaeda is on the run. Shortly thereafter, Al Qaeda attacked our mission in Benghazi and killed 4 Americans and injured others. And the president denied it for a month when he new right away who attacked in Benghazi. There is a war on terror and it is increasing exponentially and the President continues to deny the seriousness of it. He said no more boots on the ground especially in Syria. But he just sent 50 more special ops military to put their boots on the ground in Syria. But then the president says it is not a combat mission. Military carrying weapons being supported by F-16 and A10s is a combat mission. Any time special ops deploy it is to engage in combat. The lies keep coming.

I could go on, but I need to go get my breakfast and listen to news, just not from Obama’s lame stream media. Like what Marco Rubio said, the president’s super pact!


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My Buddy the President – Yeah, Right!

Posted November 5, 2015 By Gospel

Newsweek-Obama-Gay-PresidentWhat a less than remarkable piece of work. Our “leader from behind” is the epitome of one whose desultory conversations deliberately avoids the subject that is center most on everyone’s mind. His favorite subject of diversion is when he is confronted with something serious, he focuses on “climate change,” something that invariably happens daily. There is always safety when it comes to daily weather. If the sidewalk gets wet from a little drizzle of rain, it is definitely due to climate change. Yes, especially when the sun was out the day before or just hours before. The same is true when the temperature drops to zero and there is 4 feet of snow on the ground; damn that climate change, it is killing me! The only way this “Private and Chief” runs this country is into the ground.

He is good at coming up with an ingis fatuus which I guess would be equivalent to concentrating on something that is an ignorant infatuation with innocuous nothingness. He is so weak he bears no watching at all. He is a puppy who is dangerous to us all. He spends more time in a golf cart then in the oval office. He is a Connoisseur of the game of golf. In fact, whenever he is in the oval office, we should all yell “Four” before explaining a problem to him so he understands there is a problem about to happen. The problem is the moment something happens, he runs to the course or takes a vacation. In other words he assumes the position of an ostrich with is head in a hole while an Iranian Cleric shoves a stick of dynamic up his apex and lights the fuse.

You probably have noticed by now, when it comes to phobias, I am definitely an “Obamaphobe.” I strongly believe we need a new leader of the free world. The last one we had was ” President ” George W. Bush.

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TOTAL DECEIT – the Destruction of Black America

Posted December 16, 2014 By Gospel

I just watched “news reporters” on CNN absolutely state that the new report out on Benghazi, clearly absolves the Administration of any wrong doing. They tried to tear up the person who opposed their position claiming it is all a right wing conspiracy aimed at bringing down the president. They even tried to imply the gentleman did not read the report but he responded stating he read all 38 pages. The CNN folks implied they had read it. But the report clearly states that the narrative put out by the White House was incorrect. The report clearly states the CIA and FBI reported the incident correctly when they declared it a terrorist attack.

The White House, including President Obama and Hillary Clinton continued the narrative for almost a month declaring beyond a shadow of a doubt it was all due to a video. And Susan Rice, who should have known better, was doing the White House bidding by pushing the Video story ( actually the video lie) on mainstream media on 5 different talk shows on a Sunday. She was at the time, the US Representative to UN??? How did she get called on when she was in that position? It is the White House trying to get the false story out without being a part of it. But, when the bodies of the 5 dead Americans came home, both the President and Hillary Clinton made solemn promise to the survivors that they would get the guy who made the video. Both these two deceivers put together a video to the entire Muslim world apologizing for the video. Hardly any in entire world had seen the video. Now that is a convenient lie used to cover an inconvenient truth.

The mainstream media in the current broadcast were clearly trying to deceive their audience into believing that the President did nothing wrong and that the whole thing was a Republican boondoggle to get the President. Then they tried to claim that Fox News only covered it twice. But there was nothing new to cover. The President and Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice were deliberately trying to deceive the American people in order to support a prior narrative that Al Qaeda was on the run. If the true story got out, political opposition would have had a field day with that claim during the election of President Obama during his second term.

The Jonathan Gruber chronicles where he clearly stated that “we needed to use the lack of transparency to get Obamacare passed” is exactly the same approach. Deceive the American People to get a law passed that the American people would not like. He stated the American people were too stupid to understand what was going on. Now Pelosi and the President are trying to say they didn’t know about this guy or he was not a key player when in fact he was a primary architect of Obamacare. He was paid over 6 million dollars working directly on Obamacare and the State Exchanges. He made at least 12 visits to the White House to specifically to discuss Obamacare and its passing. He was also loaned to the Democrat Congress to help write the law. We really are stupid if we don’t see the lies here; and the deceit.

The name calling them the mainstream media is also a falsehood. Their clearly are the “Democrat Propaganda Machine.” Deceit is the only way the Democrats can get the votes to remain in power. And the Executive Action to grant over 6 million illegals the right to stay in the country without fear of deportation is illegal because the president is supposed to enforce the laws passed by Congress which established deportation laws when someone is here illegally. The Congress of the United States put that law in place decades ago. It is another attempt to gain votes they would not otherwise have. Since the Republicans are going to take over the Senate in January now, the move he is making now is also designed to get the Republicans to take an unpopular action. But they used a play from the Democrat playbook. Kick the can down the road. The President’s plan trying to do whatever he can to cause a bad light to shine on the Republicans is not working.

And now what has happened? Lois Lerner’s “lost forever” emails have been found. Those emails will eventually link the White House to the IRS scandal. The deceit supported by the Democrat Propaganda Machine (the Mainstream Press) continues. The house of cards is starting to fall. How is it that it takes so long for a problem where our government is deliberately deceiving us to get the light of day? After all, it wasn’t the republicans who were stupid, they knew right away that deception was in play in all these cases. The really stupid ones who were deceived and led to believe the lies were those who supported, blindly, the Democrat establishment and this President.

The ghettos of yore are the same ghettos today. And all these ghettos are located in all the major cities and those cities are run by Democrat Mayors. Interesting isn’t it. For the past 60 years, liberalism has managed to control the black vote by promising them a better life. Does it really take 60 years for an entire community to figure out they have been lied to? When an entire race votes 95% for a person who happens to be only half black, and a person who has absolutely no experience at running anything except for his efforts to get paid solely from State and National tax coffers claiming he is going to take care of the black community, something is terribly wrong.

And then there is Al Sharpton, the charlatan who for some interesting reason also visited, and continues to visit, the White House for about the same number of times as Gruber visited the White House. It is around 12 times as recorded on the visitation log. Al Sharpton would love no more than to start a race war. He is a primary organizer of a group now protesting in New York who chants that cops, not just bad cops, but all cops, should be shot in retaliation for the death of Michael Brown and also as a result of the Gardner case in New York City. According to a grand jury of non-government individuals, Michael Brown was found to be at fault, first assaulting a police officer by hitting him and trying to take his gun while the officer was still in his car. Michael Brown was shot in the arm during that incidence. He then attempt to move away, but when the officer exited his car in an attempt to place Michael Brown under arrest for robbing a store and assaulting an officer, Michael Brown came at the officer and began to charge him. The officer shot several times trying to stop him; paused thinking maybe he would stop but began firing again when Michael Brown began charging him. That is how Michael Brown got a shot on top of his head. At no time did Michael Brown raise his hands to surrender. If the officer was out determined to shoot an innocent black man, why would he tell Michael Brown and his friend to move to the sidewalk instead of walking down the middle of the street; and then the officer began to drive off. It was at that time that the officer heard the radio call about the robbery. Michael Brown was carrying what looked like the stolen cigars. The officer was just trying to do his job when he back up and blocked the two still walking in the middle of the street. The officer was doing his job, the job he was being paid to do. Race was not an issue!!

Al Sharpton is using the Brown Case to stir up a racial divide and the end result will be that more black men end up going to jail for either fighting with innocent police officers or even killing them. Reverend Al is going to put more blacks in jail or get them killed; something he is claiming to want to stop.

How many of these events need to happen before the populace in this country begin to see what is going on. The IRS scandal did not happen in a void. Gruber helped pass a healthcare a law by keeping us all in the dark. The only person sent to jail for the Benghazi event is a video maker who had nothing to do with Benghazi. The flood gate was opened and immigration of illegals skyrocketed with kids coming to the US shortly after Obama granted kids born to illegals the right to stay if they could show they had been hear for five years; and the reason the new kids came is because they could get false documents to show they had been here 5 years. And now our President is illegally granting all illegals the right to stay and avoid deportation. How about Democrats who want proper id for everything except voting. Only the blind would not know why they are fighting for this. They are cheating at election time with illegal voting scams.

The one who claimed he would bring us all together, a mere ploy to get himself elected, is trying to stay in power by doing everything he can to divide us. The President who knows absolutely nothing about being a commander-in-chief, does know just one military tactic; divide and conquer. In order to gain votes and stay in power, the welfare of the nation is of least priority. And blacks continue to go to jail for destroying their own neighborhoods with guns and drugs. They even came up with a ghetto language that is so far from English that very few who live in these ghettos can ever hope to get out. The whole world is trying to learn the international common language of business, English. The international language for airline pilots is English. The language spoken in a majority of black neighborhoods is going to keep them from ever qualifying for any good paying jobs at all. One of the most popular opening positions in any company is the call center. But you have to speak English. That is the saddest issue of all.

Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Lewis Farrackhan, Reverend Wright, and others, including our President, are not only the great dividers, they are the greatest of destroyers of an entire generation of black United States citizens. Deceit in so many ways is overwhelming. To completely destroy the whole black population in our country is the epitome of deceit. Shame on the dividers.

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We Need Race Baiting Law!!

Posted November 26, 2014 By Gospel

Show Them the MoneyWe need a race baiting law! Ferguson and the Zimmerman Case were prime examples of why we need a law like that. With Zimmerman thousands of people and business owners across the nation had their civil rights violated solely because of race baiting. Eric Holder continues to be a primary race baiter when he threatens police departments with lawsuits and prosecution for criminal behavior. The result is that those who feel they are being oppressed intentionally violate the rights of innocent “American” citizens who had nothing to do with oppressing them. It is absolutely clear that the civil rights of business owners are being violated when someone vandalizes their store stealing all their inventory. Or when someone, or specific group, burns down a store or torches someone’s car or beats up innocent people solely because they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Ferguson is just another example that demonstrates the destructive nature of race baiting. And let’s look at the facts and to hell with any eye witness. The claim by race baiters was that Officer Brian Wilson a “white man,” totally out of hate for blacks, gunned down an innocent black teenager, a child, a black person not doing anything wrong. The officer shot and killed him solely because of his race. If that was the officer’s intent, why didn’t he do it the first time when he told Michael Brown to move to the sidewalk instead of walking down the middle of a street? The Officer started to drive away, but then he heard a police report over the radio about a store robbery of cigars. He had noticed that Michael Brown fit the description and he was carrying a package of cigars in his hand. So why did the officer back up his vehicle and cut off Michael Brown? Not to shoot him! He backed up to confront him as a suspect in a robbery and place him under arrest. There was no intent to shoot him.

When the Officer attempted to exit his vehicle like he is supposed to do when making an arrest of a robbery suspect (he was doing his job), Michael Brown pushed the officer’s door shut. That is an action of aggression, it is a threat to the officer’s safety and an attempt to avoid arrest. But once the door is shut, Michael Brown physically attacked the officer by hitting him. Michael Brown even threw the cigars he stole during the robbery at the officer while he was still in his car. Gun fire inside the vehicle resulted in Michael Brown getting shot in the hand. Then Michael Brown started to move away. The race baiters claim that Brown would not be dead if Officer Wilson would have stayed in the car. But it is his duty to get out and arrest Michael Brown, first for robbery and now for assaulting a police officer while the officer was doing his duty. Race baiters claimed that the officer shot Michael Brown in the back, and then continued to shoot while Michael Brown when he turned around and held his hands in the air. If that was the case, why was their blood spatter clearing indicating Michael Brown moved toward the officer. But Michael Brown was not shot in the back. He was shot several times in the front and the blood spatter proves that. There was a pause in the shooting and then Michael Brown moved toward the officer again. But this time, he was shot in the top of the head which means he had to be coming forward at a pace that would balance his weight with his head perpendicular to the ground. No one can physically hold their hands up while in that position.

What the race baiting causes is exactly what was claimed of Officer Wilson, some innocent person gets hurt, beat up or their car is seriously damaged. Even some innocent people, while the Zimmerman case was just getting under way, were dragged from their car and beaten. Some out jogging were taken and beaten. Some were shot and some died. Now innocent people had their civil rights violated in the Brown Case as well. Their stores were burned down or looted, cars torched, and many where afraid to drive on the streets and they had to stay in the safety of their homes to protect themselves. Children who have the civil right to an education were forced to stay at home and miss school. All of those innocent men, women and children had their civil rights violated. Eric Holder is not investigating that; he is investigation the police department; and will no evidence of a violation of Michael Brown’s civil rights, he continues to threaten the police officer with prosecution. Eric Holder still has an open case investigating George Zimmerman. The Zimmerman case was actually a kangaroo court where the prosecution action played the role of a defense attorney by creating innuendo, and the defense attorney had to provide the actually evident to protect his client. When does that ever happen? Well, it did in the South prior to the 70s when black men were charged with bogus crimes. Or, just lynched with no justice. That same thing is happening today except, it is the race baiter who is causing the so called lynching of innocent citizens solely because of their race.

What this means is that police officers should not make any attempt to enforce the law when the perpetrator happens to be black because of a perception that all police officers are racist. So police officers are not permitted to stop black hoodlums violating the civil rights of thousands of innocent citizens. Just because of a perception? But it goes deeper. Because of this race baiting, an innocent officer needs to be arrested and charged with murder of an innocent child. An 18 year old teenager is not a child. A strong arm robbery stealing cigars from the store of an innocent store owner, is not a crime associated with child. If that teenager had succeeded in getting Officer Wilson’s gun and killing him, the teenager would be tried as an adult, not a child. There are no children on the planet who weigh more than the average grown man. Michael Brown is not a child and anyone who refers to him as being one is race baiting, and causing innocent people to get hurt physically and financially. Those who are hurt should have the right to file a civil suit against the race baiters who are instigating the commission of crimes against the human rights of innocent people. The Al Sharptons of our world should be arrested for inciting to riot. Al Sharpton cannot yell fire in a theater and he should not be able to instigate a riot that harms thousands of innocent people.

Even though a grand jury made up of average private citizens who are not part of the police establishment found that Officer Wilson just did his job and the evidence support it, the race baiting intensified. The race baiters continue to insist that he needs to be indicted. In other words, he needs to be taken out and lynched not because of any guilt, but just because he happens to be white and is employed by the police department. So everyone knows that he is innocent but he needs to be indicted anyway according to the race baiters to further their agenda. If Officer Wilson were to walk out on the street of Ferguson today, he would be risking his life. His civil rights are being violated and his life is threatened. He can no longer work at his profession anywhere in the entire country. He married recently and that person who happens to be a police officer can no longer work as a police officer anywhere for fear of retribution. She just got married and that is not illegal. Police Officers in general, in every town in the country, now have to fear being set up and ambushed as a result of a false report of a crime. All their civil rights are being violated by race baiting. The National Guard soldiers are now being asked to stand between protestors who are clearly demonstrating violent behavior and public and private buildings with no means to protect themselves. Do you think they are also afraid of physical harm? If any one of them is, then his civil rights are being violated.

Over 80 percent of homicides of black people are caused by other blacks. Then the race baiters say that is not a valid point because 86% of homicides involving whites, are white on white. But they do not point out the numbers. There are approximately 12000 deaths by gunfire in this country each year and over 80% of those, 9600 of them, are the result of Black on Black shootings. Less than 5% of all homicides of white people are white on white; that is 600 homicides. The remainder of the number of deaths is Hispanic on Hispanic. The number of white deaths is 6% of the black deaths. I will say it again. Over 80% of all homicides by gunfire of blacks are committed by blacks. Police shooting of blacks resulting in death is much less than 1%. That tells me the police are doing a pretty good job at protecting lives; not taking them. The percentage of police who actually kill a black person on purpose just because he or she is black is practically nonexistent. And the few that do, end up losing their job, are tried and found guilty, and go to jail. The focus should be on saving as many lives as possible; not lynching an innocent young police officer who is just doing his job protecting all of us, black and white. That is fact. To label the entire police force nationwide as racist is race baiting and inciting to riot.

Why are Orientals the most peaceful of all, the most polite and so well educated? They work hard, they stay married, and they take very good care of their children. They have a strong family structure. There are those among us who still hate them and will discriminate against them. But Orientals do not need to claim discrimination, they have made themselves successful through hard work and education. The claim that the plight of blacks is solely do to racism is a cop out. The culture within the black community has resulted in self destruction. We live in a society that rewards those who work, maintain a strong family structure and demand that their children educate themselves to get ahead. There is absolutely no other way to get out of this mess. Burning down an entire town of innocent people will just make it worse. Indicting an innocent police officer just to make a political point is never going to work. Calling anyone who is not black a racist is not going to work. Race Baiting is the most destructive behavior of all. It is worse than yelling fire in a theater. No one dies in the theater for no reason; but their civil rights are being violated.

The only way this problem will be corrected is to begin from scratch in changing the culture. Only blacks can clean up their neighborhood overrun by gangs and drug dealers. Blaming white people for the problems in a black neighborhood is a total waste of time. Members of the black community should go after the race baiters first. We are so overwhelmed with the “political correctness” crowd because it is wrong to call someone a name that offends them. Doesn’t anytime someone calls another person or group, or entire political party racist with no foundation, a violation of the PC rules? A racist is someone who deliberately violates a person’s civil rights by harming or killing them solely because of their race. That rarely happens any more. Except when race baiters incite members of the black community to riot.

There are no political systems in this country that actually have separate laws based on race or specifically consider one race inferior to another and because of that deny them equal treatment under the law. There will always be haters like the KKK, but the entire black community should not be driven to hate the white race based on false accusations. Most businesses do not discriminate based on color, they discriminate based on education and skill. If a person of “any color” in this country does not try to improve on skills and education, they will most likely fail at any attempt to get ahead. There are thousands of examples where people of color have been extremely successful. If those people speak out in an effort to improve the status of the black community, they are attacked by those same race baiters.

It is obvious that race baiting is the most destructive behavior of all. And it should be a crime in light of all the damage it does. Because of this behavior, the entire black community has literally been decimated. It is not all the other races in this country who have caused the demise of the black community, it is the race baiter. They should be required to cease and desist. Or, be arrested for violation of an entire nation’s civil rights. Free speech is not allowed when it will result in actual physical harm to any citizen regardless of race. If the criminal courts can’t handle it, file for damages in civil court. If that doesn’t work, file tax evasion charges against Al Sharpton and send him to jail. He can’t go incite to riot across the country from jail. He owes over 4.5 million in unpaid taxes. Make an example of him and leave the innocent police officers to do their jobs.

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How to Fix the Gun Problem!

Posted December 17, 2013 By Gospel

new-justiceIt is 2:35 AM and the 24 hour convenience store is open for business. It hasn’t been there long; it is a new addition to the neighborhood and carries the same name as the golf course nearby. Although there are urban housing areas nearby, the area is still developing. So the convenience store is relatively isolated at a rural intersection all alone. A man stops for gas and uses a credit card to fill up. But the roll of paper on which his receipt should be printed has run out. The digital screen advises him he will need to go inside to get his receipt. As he walks up to the counter a red pool of blood creeps into view on floor behind the counter and the cash register drawer is open. When he cautiously leans farther over the counter, he finds the cashier dead on the floor. She has two kids she was trying to support.

Progressives think this is terrible and something has to be done to fix it so “it never happens again.” That is the phrase heard ‘round the world from the liberal mindset. But these minds are different. They have multiple brains operating independently. Each brain knows not what the other is thinking but as the situation dictates the appropriate brain clicks in and goes to work working on the next issue to fix so “it never happens again.” And so it goes. The highly intelligent ones come in to save the day. Do they, really?

One brain kicks in and says we need gun control and that will fix it. Another one of the brains kicks in and says we need to pass a law so these stores cannot stay open all night. The legislation will take years to pass since there will be so much debate over which hours to settle on. Numerous other pieces of similar legislation are ongoing simultaneously. Cups are too big so the size needs to be limited to save people from themselves – after all we need legislation to control their weight. We all so need to disallow everything one does in their car, except driving and breathing. No makeup, no texting, no talking on the phone (hands-free or otherwise) no eating, no radio, no unbuckled seat belts and the car has to be powered by electricity, solar, water or fresh air – just no gas.

Their idea to have gun control is pretty damn interesting. Let’s take guns away, period. But the only people they can take the guns from are those who bought their guns legitimately – for legitimate reasons. Those folks want them for protection, hunting or just plain fun. Those who carry illegal guns use their guns for other reasons – to rob convenience stores, run a drug business and kill their rivals. All major cities in this country except for one or two are run by liberals and that is where the most deaths by gun fire happen. Over 80% are black on black and only about 4% are white on white.  The remaining deaths by gunfire are performed by Hispanics who have no permits. That means approximately 96% of the problem is where most of the illegal guns are. Gun Control doesn’t fix that problem.

We need a deterrent that works. My recommendation is pretty damn simple. Let’s do what the liberals fail to do. Look at the victim. The victims who try to hold down a job that liberals love to hear about, are the ones who suffers the most. And their families suffer also. The business loses income, the employee loses their life and their families suffer the consequences by losing a loved one. They also have to pick up the expense of a burial, take care of the estate, clean out the home, sell the car and they have to send death certificates to all the creditors – and they lose too. What does the perpetrator get?

First, he gets his rights read to him, he gets a court appointed lawyer who the taxpayer pay for, gets three hots and a cot (room and board), counselors, rehabilitation programs, an appeal process that is practically endless and time off for good behavior. Even if he gets the death penalty, which takes an act of God, he gets the room and board for years while his attorney gets rich coming up with an endless stream of reasons for the Governor to stay his execution. We pay millions for these guys because liberals want to be sure they are treated fairly and for certain, not executed. That would just be too cruel.

Let’s get back to the crime. How does a cashier feel when someone points a gun at them? They fear death, a loss of their family and regret for taking the job in the first place. But they had to so their family could eat and have a home to grow up in. The kids will be given up for adoption and be placed in foster care. They will no longer have the parent who they relied upon for their young livelihood and security. The deterrent to avoid these dangerous jobs is far more prevalent than the deterrent for committing robbery by gunpoint.

My argument is quite novel. Why not turn the deterrent around so the criminal feels the brunt of the consequences. If you enter a store and point a gun at a person for any reason, you have threatened their life. You should receive the exact consequence you attempt to perpetrate on others – Death by gunfire. If you are caught red-handed, you will receive a summary hearing of three judges. If they find you guilty, you will be executed by gunfire. You get what you sow. If we have a summary court system for this type of crime and execution happens immediately, we save millions of dollars. The perpetrator gets a pauper’s grave unless his family wants to cover the expense for the burial. Imagine the millions that will save. But more importantly, what is a person going to think if he or she knows that a summary court will give them this punishment.

Take the money spent trying to incarcerate a criminal who uses a gun in a robbery and give it to the family of the victim. Or put the money in a trust fund for the children to use for their education and future economic security. If the state is so interested in doing what his right, then focus on the victim. After all, it is the state that sets the deterrents to protect the innocent. If the deterrent is not working, why should the public suffer as a result of the negligence of the state? Why should lawyers continue to get rich protecting those who are the most undesirable members of our community and the victims are left with no financial support whatsoever? Our system of jurisprudence is designed to provide the most benefits to lawyers and politicians. We need to change that. Where do we start?

As the cable guy would say; “Get ‘er done!”

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Knock Out Game is Racism

Posted November 25, 2013 By Gospel

OstrichNow we have the knock out games coming from our black gangland folks. And no one has yet mentioned that some of these victims may experience various forms of brain damage; short and long term. And the problem is being highlighted by vary few because it is crime being committed by blacks. Police are afraid to arrest these guys because they will be subjected to racist based litigation. But it will not be long before someone dies from bleeding within the brain due to the knockout. Boxers who get knocked out are treated right away. These victims are left to lay in the street or on a sidewalk as the perpetrators walk off laughing. And they video tape the event so they can place it on YouTube or Facebook to brag about what fun it is to knock out an innocent walker by.

The majority of folks who experience a serious blow to the head normally seek medical attention as soon as possible to protect themselves. Any time you get knocked out, you need to go get some help. This problem is serious because such a blow to the head can cause swelling or bleeding around the brain which can be fatal. What have we become as a nation when any injury committed by another regardless of the severity leads to a quick prosecution and a civil lawsuit for damages? These thugs just don’t care and they have no money to lose. And the mainstream media avoid acknowledging it unless the perpetrator is white or a black person is roughed up during an arrest.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Random beatings, and now knock outs, are happening more often than we know.  The nation will eventually be in a civil war if the attacks escalate. Gun sales will increase and it will not be long before the bodies start falling. Black bodies have been dropping at a rate that is over 80% of all gun homicides in the country. The remaining deaths are from Hispanic gun homicides and the white folks only account for less than 5%. Yet the white homicides are reported widely and the court action is televised for hours on end. Only a few months after Trayvon Martin died, the brutality to whites started. Two white reporters stopped at an intersection with black youths gathered on every corner. The reporters, one male and one female were beaten severity and went to the hospital. Very little reporting and the perpetrators went free for a long time. Most were not arrested. It took over a year to get the Trayvon Martin case started. And well before it, after it, and until this day white folks are still being attacked in the name of Trayvon Martin.

Prepare yourself for much more destruction coming as well. Some of the Muslims in our country are bent on killing anyone who is American. For anyone who doesn’t believe this is beginning to happen may have his head sitting on an ostrich neck and is sticking it in a hole. When you feel a dynamite stick up your butt and the striking of a match it is too late to kiss your butt goodbye. At least when the lights go out, he will not notice it because the hole in which he stuck his head will already be dark and he will have accomplished a complete end to his life as a consequence.

Those who do not stick their head in a hole will buy a gun for protection if they do not already have one – so much for all the liberal talk about gun control. They created the problem to begin with by avoiding the acknowledgement of the problems associated with our black communities. Most of the victims are black and when you fail to report it or take action to stop it, you create a lack of care for consequences when in fact there are no consequences. The false accusations of racism are a cop out used by liberals to gain votes from these communities. So letting the criminals get away with so much crime just to get votes is disgusting. It is the most bizarre form of racism and it is a result of the liberal mindset.      

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Knock Out Game Tip of The Race War Iceberg

Posted November 22, 2013 By Gospel

ExplosionNow we have knockout games coming from our black gangland folks. And no one has yet mentioned that some of these victims may experience various forms of brain damage; short and long term. And the problem is being highlighted by vary few because it is crime being committed by blacks. Police are afraid to arrest these guys because they will be subjected to racist based litigation. But it will not be long before someone dies from bleeding within the brain due to the knockout. Boxers who get knocked out are treat right away. The majority of folks who experienced a serious blow to the head normally seek medical care in protect themselves. Any time you get knocked out, you need to go get some help.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Random beatings and now knock outs are happening more often than we know.  The nation will eventually be in a civil war if the attacks escalate. Gun sales will increase and it will not be long before the bodies start falling. Black bodies have been dropping at a rate that is over 80% of all gun homicides in the country. The remaining deaths are from Hispanic gun homicides and the white folks only account for less than 5%.

Prepare yourself for much more destruction coming as well. The some of the Muslims in our country are bent on killing anyone who is American. For anyone who doesn’t believe this is beginning to happen have got their head sitting on an ostrich neck and sticking it in a hole. When you feel a dynamite stick up your butt and the striking of a match it is too late to kiss your butt goodbye. At least when the lights go out, you will not notice it because the hole in which you stick your head will already be dark and you will have accomplished a complete end to your life as a consequence.

I mentioned the gun purchases are going to increase exponentially. That in turn will cause several black-out gamers to get a fatal bullet. Then there will be a title wave of revenge. The civil war will have begun and we will have a devastating race war.


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Oprah and The Race Cards

Posted August 19, 2013 By Gospel

That purse in question had a price tag of $43,000. Here is what I believe. The clerk was tired of taking it down and no one would buy it. Or, the price was so ridiculous, no one but Oprah would spend that much money on a purse.  Just how many individuals of any race could afford such a purse? And what would be the chances of being involved in a purse snatching. I think the odds of that happening are about 100 in a 100. But then I had to consider the source.

She is merely a 3 billion dollar Looky-Loo. How many of those are there? Or she could have been the Amelda Marcos of purses. But I just needed more; all this guessing was getting me no where. So I visited a website called where, as advertised, you can find clear answers to common questions. Here is what I found:

“Depending on the situation, looky-loos can be harmless, obnoxious, or potentially dangerous. Curious bystanders, for example, can interfere with the control of a dangerous situation, like an accident which requires attention from first responders and emergency services personnel. People with the looky-loos may be less attentive about things like looking both ways before crossing the street, or keeping an eye on the road while driving, and they could potentially cause accidents or injure themselves while satisfying their curiosity.”

There was answer. Crystal clear. She is an obnoxious Looky-loo who is dangerous in that she could start a race riot, or a run on those purses which would jack the prices up. She is absolutely not harmless. She interferes with the day to day operations of a normal upscale shop where normal people go. I am sure she didn’t look both ways to see if their was really someone who wanted to make a purchase in the store; if so she was interfering with the efficient running of a business by its proprietor. Sounds like our government under Obama. Oops, I think the race card is coming in my direction.

On with my comparison. She was not interested in purchasing a purse, she was interested in seeing if she could get herself into a race baiting situation so Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson could come to her rescue. Her curiosity on whether she could get an opportunity to play the race card was just a smoke screen to get attention so she can plug another movie she is in which by the way is about racism. Is there a card game where you play with race cards you have managed to collect? If so, I am ready to play since I have much more than a whole deck. .

The clerk in this shop did not know who she was and that probably caused the clerk to assume she had another one of those pesky looky-loos on her hands. And Oprah was upset she didn’t know. You know; if I had a billion dollars to spend, I would not go shopping. I would pay someone to go get a hundred excessively priced purses for me to chose from and then they would take the rest back. If I didn’t like any of the purses, I would fire the purse purchaser and get me a new one at a higher salary since the old one didn’t know what I really wanted. I pay them to know! And I would not be a guy who wears Prada. It’s below me. Buy the way, has anyone seen my shoe purchaser?


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