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The Genius of Democrats is Beyond Them

Posted December 12, 2015 By Gospel

Republicans-vs-DemocratsIt simply amazes me why I have so much trouble with Democrats. Maybe I should ask myself what does it take to be a Democrat because I just don’t qualify on so many levels. I don’t understand that they really are so much more wise and better than me. They all are infinitely smart, better looking, more hip, more cool, more aware of all things that are part of our world and they even know much better than I how best to spend my own money. My children are not capable of being educated by me, and more puzzling then all – why do they still permit me to even live.

Well that got me to thinking – something that is a cardinal sin for a Republican to start doing at any age when living under the intensely dogmatic doctrine of the Democrat lifestyle is to question why they do the things they do.  It is almost like I am a female living in a Muslim world. Don’t talk, don’t let anyone see any part of you, dress as you are told, and permit democrats to screw you, rape you and kill you if you dishonor them. Gangs have the same rules like “respect me or you die.” I am sure liberal scientists are trying to perfect the talent of turning me into stone if I look at them. They even want to control whether I can apply for a tax exemption, practice my religion, specifically Christianity, or carry a gun for my own protection. And…… Oh, I need to get back to my thinking I began doing without permission.

I have been clueless and in a fog as to where all these elitist character traits come from. But then it began to clear up when I happened to watch, ironically, the TV program “Brain Games” on the National Geographic Channel. The discussion focused on how our brain actually helps us hide the fact that we are incompetent. Everyone knows that a college student, by the mere fact he or she was accepted to undertake classes of advanced learning at a prestigious university, has exceptional brain power and knows, or can reason beyond question the answer to just about anything. They are infinitely more capable of understanding the real meaning of life; far more than anyone beyond the age of 35 years. Their education is clearly so advanced that it debunks anything anyone has learned from the old school, old history, old age or old wisdom anyone claims to have cultivated. In fact, the elites claim everything these old folks know is the result of their “cult” mentality. The elites don’t adhere to cults; they are the epitome of enlightenment. What the program Brain Games surprisingly revealed is just about the complete opposite. The brains of young people are highly defective, deceptive and  capable of thought that is infinitely beyond reason. They actually fool themselves. Their emboldened enlightenment is lacking a filament.

As soon as the show began, the program directors called upon a class of what looked like a pretty advanced group of college students. They were mostly leaning back in their seats with a remarkable air of confidence. Then the MC of the program indicated that most of them probably didn’t know how a zipper worked. Like magic, they all started playing with any zipper they could get their hands on starring at it as they pulled it up and down numerous times. The looks on their faces was astonishing. Those expressions clearly showed a heighten, or you might say enlightened state of entranced confusion. But then the MC interrupted them bringing them all back to an awakened state by asking them if they new how to draw a bicycle. That is when the lights of total confidence clicked back on and for the those college students, the light of intelligence suddenly burned out.

They were all asked to draw a functioning bicycle. There were 16 students. The producers, in their infinite wisdom knew in advanced what type of bicycles they were going to get, so they actually built bicycles ahead of time that would reflect the functionality depicted in the drawings that were forthcoming. They went outside and these students actually attempted to ride those bikes that fit their drawings. One person fell down immediately after take off. The front wheel was impossible to turn. What they actually found was that college student could only draw functioning bicycles 10% of the time. That means 90% of these intellectual powerhouses couldn’t do it. Wouldn’t that indicate that they were 90% abstract and 10% reality? Maybe it indicated that they were only capable of realism 10% of time. Or, maybe they had the potential of being unreasonable or unrealistic 90% of the time.

Well, that one example could have been an anomaly. How about two more examples. Next, each person was asked to select a range of numbers that would include the number of books in the Bible making up the Old Testament. They all were not able to come up with a range of numbers that included either the Protestant Version of 39 or the Catholic version of either 46 to 47. Since they didn’t know for sure, they all picked a range but one that was a much smaller range that did not include either of the actual numbers. They didn’t want to let on that they didn’t know the number or could even get close it. But their own brains, under their complete control, convinced them though, that their range of choice would be accurate. There interest in appearing intelligent overpowered their ability to reason. Pick 1 to 1000 and they would have met the test. But that choice would reveal that they really didn’t know something. So they fudged it.

The other example was where students with their advanced brain created an answer that just wasn’t really there. They were shown a train with 8 cars plus an engine and caboose. Each car had a different word painted on it. They were asked to memorize each word as the train slowly passed in front of them. Then they were shown another train with just 4 “different” words on it. The question was, which one of the 4 words was on the first train. Six students, all of them, guessed that the word “track” which was one of the 4 words on the second train was on the first train. It wasn’t. None of the 4 words were on the first train. The test proved these advanced brains take short cuts and supply false information that is accepted by the owner of the brain as true. The moral to this story is pretty interesting.

Our brains, including the most advanced brains in our society, can come up with the wrong answer. They can be manipulated into believing something is there when it is not – that something is true, but it is not. These young people are so confident that they know the answer that they will say they know it when they really don’t know. On the streets of New York, where the most advanced brains in our society can be found, the question was, “do you know what happened in Benghazi,” and many would say yes. Not just yes, but “YES, surely, absolutely, without question with total confidence radiating all over their face. But when asked what it was, they had no clue. They lied about knowing. The question is why do they do that. What is going on in their minds that causes them to lie? The “Brain Games” program called this phenomenon the “Illusion of knowledge.”

These folks are allowing themselves to be influenced by the power of persuasion. They pretend to know something when they didn’t. They use what is called a survival mechanism to make them feel like they are in control. They used their own brains to deceive themselves to the point where they created a state of overconfidence. They are confident their brains can come up with the right answer so much so that they don’t really need to use it that much except to seek out pleasures, to have fun, to enjoy the wonderful life someone else created for them. They want to take advantage of the intellectually advanced technical creations of others. But they do not have the time or the interest in pushing their brains to be productive in the same way. They are quite comfortable using their brains to seek out pleasure and folly. Why should they when they have all they need to have an amazingly pleasurable life. Creating things on your own is really hard. “If those others didn’t want us to enjoy their inventions, then they shouldn’t have invented them.” These brains want to escape reality. It is so much more fun. These brains are even so advanced and in control that they know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they can use drugs or binge drink without experiencing any adverse consequences. They are totally in control. It is like they are playing the card game called “Twenty-One and have an ace and king showing and they tell the dealer, “Hit Me!” Pun intended.

Then there are those who will vote for a person because they are certain he or she is the right person for them. So if a man says he is a Democrat, then I am convinced I am voting for the right person because I consider myself to be Democrat and Democrats always know better. But if I told you I was a Democrat but I really was a communist or socialist or born in Kenya or all three, then my advanced knowledge of life as I know it, would figure that out. So since I have no evidence to the contrary emanating  from my brain of infinite advanced knowledge, I am totally confident I am voting for the right guy. And I am also totally confident that the word “Track” was on the first train and that I can draw a totally functioning bicycle. Well if that is the case, then you could be 90% wrong about a person you chose to be our president. By the way, is global warming really real? Do you really know for sure?

These same folks on the streets of New York, infinitely confident in themselves to come up with the right answer, couldn’t name who the Vice President of the United States was but were absolutely confident that the President was the absolute best choice beyond question, absolutely. Now that is scary. Many of them hadn’t even heard of the word Benghazi, didn’t know what happened there, didn’t kn0w that their own government-run IRS was targeting religious groups, individuals who contributed large sums of money to a conservative candidate of their choice, Tea Party applicants setting up organizations for nonprofit tax status and many other conservative entities who happened to voice dissatisfaction for our current president. The IRS asked some of these folks what books they read in their book club, who their donors were, and they even asked for a complete list of all their Facebook pages from all their members and their members’ families. The IRS can do that to normal citizens but it is a violation of privacy for our government to look at the Facebook page of a visa applicant who turns out to be a terrorist. Business owners who had only one audit in 30 years, were subjected to 3 audits and investigations by the Department Labor. Yes, their beloved government was doing this to its regular citizens. These folks on the streets of New York were not asked but I bet they were deathly against invasion of privacy as much as they are against the death penalty, and for the death of unborn children in the womb; which happens to be the exact same place they came from. If they were given a choice, they would not agree to their mother aborting them.

With the IRS scandal, the implication is that it is OK as long as Republicans aren’t permitted to do it. Or, it is OK because that is what Nixon did. Or, it is not OK and Republicans are just making that up. They don’t realize that Democrats, after the Nixon debacle,  came up with numerous laws to make sure “this never happens again.” No one realized, you know, “Who knew” that those laws would only apply to Republicans; that Democrats could do it because it was best for our country, an even though we have existed for 200 years as a two party system, it would be best to be totally controlled by one party; my party. That way things would be just fine. No problems, no worries and I could then enjoy life texting and face-booking, drinking and drugging; to my hearts content. That is the kind of government that is best for us all. Isn’t it ironic that it was the IRS that leaked Nixon’s tax records so he could be accused of tax evasion. By the way, in case you didn’t know or couldn’t infer, Nixon was a Republican who also was accused of using the IRS to harass his opponents. Now that is not cool.

It really is necessary for college students to take history in the “progressive” classroom so they can be made aware of all the twisted history created out of whole cloth. The course should naturally be mandatory to support the advancement of perfected knowledge beyond illusion. These courses will finally correct all those misguided historians who fabricated tomes of misinformation for all the centuries of mankind’s existence. After all, we need the proper information that will set us all free from all the lies from the past. You know, so we are set free to be delusional, illusionary, in tune with our ultra-simplistic universe and as overconfident as is inhumanly possible. Reality is only real as long as we have clearly defined it as imaginary.

I am a Republican and I know who the Democrat Vice President is, but those Democrats who are most advanced in knowledge and wisdom, do not. I could be wrong here, but I am not smart enough to figure that out or even know better. I guess that is why I used to be Democrat and converted to being a Republican due to a complete lose of insanity.  Let me thing about that!

By the way, free speech is protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution. And Democrats constantly claim that free speech is sacrosanct. But when someone went to the Yale campus with a clipboard and asked those passing by if they would help him out by signing a petition to do away with the First Amendment to the Constitution, he got many signatures. You see, if you are on a liberal campus and someone asks for help getting rid of something by signing a petition, they automatically assume it must be a great cause. The students could not connect with what that amendment was for. If a Democrat says we need to get rid of that amendment, they will follow like sheep. I guess there really is a degree of smartness so advanced that understanding “stupid” is be beyond them.

But how should I know, I am too old to be of any value at all in discerning what reality really is.

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Focus Points on Blogs Concerning our President!

Posted November 5, 2015 By Gospel

You know, when you write blog posts, you have various focus points you discuss. I just wrote a blog about our president and after doing that I went through a list of subjects you have covered in the past. Then you pick the ones that apply to that particular blog. When you do that your blog will have a better chance of showing up when Internet users search a particular subject. I was a little shocked when I went through this list when I blogged about our current president. So why was that?

Well, when you write about this president, you are reminded of the various issues that have been a problem for him. I have 38 subjects I have written about. I checked off 27 subjects that come up when you think about what our problems have been since he became president. Let’s get into it. They are in alphabetical order.

The first is on abortion. We find out that under this president, we learn one of his favor organizations is Planned Parenthood who sells baby parts for profit – Mr. O avoids the subject. The next is aliens. That word has been designated as not PC. And if you add illegal, another subject word on the list, it then becomes a Mexiphobic statement. Illegal is also what he does when he tries to go around congress with executive orders or when he signs a law on Obamacare when it was illegally past through the Senate.

And then there is Benghazi where he lied by saying for a month that is was caused by a video. The problem is, his Secretary of State sent an email to her daughter telling her it was a terrorist attack, the night of the attack. A week later the president sends his UN adviser, Susan Rice, around to talks shows to perpetuate the lie 5 times. Hillary Clinton sends a message to the president of Egypt telling him it was definitely not the video, the day after the attack. The American People do not deserve the truth, so his election a month later was predicated on lies about how 4 Americans died. He stole an election by deceiving the American people.

The next up is debt. We were 10 trillion in debt when he started, and now we are reaching 20 trillion. It doubled.  Global warming comes up next. There are 400 ppmv total CO2 and humans across the globe are only responsible for 3%. The USA’s part is 15% of all human emissions so that leaves us with less than half a percent responsibility. that means our ppmv  is less than .5% of all CO2. The biggest contributors are China, India and the EU. But China and India are exempt under the Kyoto Treaty and we refused to sign it. It will cost us billions to reduce our emissions by 10%. With all our debt, we do not have the money and we would make absolute no difference. And that is the primary subject Mr. O talks about. But it is a lie.

Every time some idiot buys a gun legally and shoots a bunch of people, Mr. O brings up gun control. This country has millions of guns in the hands of legal gun owners and those are the people he wants to control. He cannot control the inner cities run by Democrat Mayors where 85% of all deaths by gunfire are black on black. But peeps the word about that. All the guns in those neighborhoods are illegal and no one knows who has them. There are thousands of gangs in this country with illegal guns. NO way are we going to be able to get those guns off the street.

I mentioned illegal immigration. Our president brings lawsuits against any state that tries to do something about it. And he does nothing about Sanctuary Cites who the most dangerous criminals back on the street. And when ICE takes control and is supposed to deport them, the president releases them back on the street. Kate’s Law is designed to put repeat felony offenders automatically in jail for 5 years if they return after deportation. That bill is block in the Senate by the President’s primary backer, Harry Reid, who does whatever the President wants.

This President is the first to comment on any event where there are drummed up charges against a white person. George Zimmerman was Hispanic but was called white, he was acquitted in a kangaroo court to appease blacks. When ever anyone talks about police brutality they reference this case and Zimmerman was not a policeman. Trayvon Martin attacked Zimmerman and Zimmerman legally carrying a gun, used it to defend himself as a last resort. The Ferguson case was blown out of proportion, where no crime was committed by a police officer who was trying to defend himself against someone who had already tried to take his gun, then charged the police officer threatening to take the gun again. The police officer who did nothing wrong, loses his job and has to go into hiding. Black rioters destroy the town in protest when nothing happened to merit a protest. Riots are also on the list. And Baltimore went up in flames when a drug dealer selling drugs, hurts himself in a police van while by himself and eventually dies from his injuries caused by his own rage. Any police officer remotely near the processing of the prisoner is arrested for murder. And the district attorney rushes to judgement and the Mayor backs her up. The Police Chief lost his job and during the riots, the police were ordered to stand down while a tremendous amount of destruction of private property and businesses are allowed to continue with no interference by the police. Police officers across the country are now under physical assault and many have been killed by ambush. Black Lives matter continues to ask for violence against innocent police officer everywhere. And Mr. O says nothing; he lets it happen. Except, he has his justice department investigate police officers and entire police departments for civil rights violation.

The IRS targets and blocks republican non profit organizations from getting approval of their tax status while the president is running for office. And nothing happens, those who go before congress about this, plead the fifth and the department of justice declines to prosecute. The IRS sent all those applications to IRS legal attorneys for review in Wash, DC. they also sent private tax records, also. Some of those records went to Democrat Members of Congress. Marijuana is illegal under federal law but this president lets state approve the use for both medicinal and recreational purposes without FDA approval.

The Military! Those who keep our country safe and give their lives or become severely handicapped are ignored by this president. The VA as failed them, President Obama tied their hands while they were in combat so they could not do their job. When they are killed by terrorists, it wasn’t due to combat. When you desert and help the enemy, you get a hero’s welcome. Mr. O trades 5 Taliban generals in Guantanamo to get him home, he delays the trial. And when the trial finally begins, the prosecuting attorney want’s to let him off for time served. Meanwhile, the military undergoes the most draconian cuts ever.

Obamacare was passed by violating Senate rules. It has not lived up to any promises by Mr. O. Now it is on track to implode in 2016. The President violates his own Obamacare law by granting exceptions to unions so they can avoid loss of their Cadillac Plans. He forces religion groups under Obamacare to pay for abortion services that will end pregnancies. Next year half of the insurance providers are going under.    And Occupy Wall Street protesters supported the president but were found to have committed numerous crimes of property damage, assaults, rape, drug us, etc.

Politics, Mr. O’s politics. Every decision, denial, lie, deceit and criminal violation of federal law is designed to make him look good and make his legacy look better. Regardless of the price millions of Americans have to endure financially, militarily and personally. Loss of jobs, phony statistics to make the economy look better than it is. Using the IRS to block his enemies. We have a two party system but he is bent on have just one, a dictatorship.

Religion is under constant assault but Islamic Terrorists get a pass. Iranian Cleric gets all their money back under this president while they scream death to America and swear to kill every Jew on the planet. And the president gives them an agreement that permits them to continue on a path of mass destruction, support terror and arrest Americans where they are put on trial for trumped up charges and then held for ransom. He blames the Christian religion for atrocities during the middle ages but says nothing about the beheading of Christians by Islamic terrorists today. And he calls himself a Christian.

Same sex marriages are more important than the rights of states to say marriage is between a man and a woman. A government official who refuses to issue these licenses based on religious belief is immediately arrested and thrown in jail. The President says nothing. Schools continue to get worse under this president when he said he was going to make them better. Teachers continue to get raises and improvements in student learning flat-lines. The unions take teachers money through dues and then sends all their political donations to Democrats at a 96% rate padding their pockets at the expense of education and taxpayer dollars.

The claim by Democrats, this president and John Kerry that 97% of scientists believe global warming is real is a lie. Actually surveys of scientists show a 50/50 split.  That 97% are those scientists who agreed to the UNs position and those scientists who did not agree were excluded from being counted. Only 97% of democrats agree making it a partisan issue not a science based issue.

Taxes. This president always wants to raise taxes so he can cover ever-increasing expenses. He is not the great uniter he said he would be, he is a relentless divider. Blacks against whites, rich against poor, women against men, police against the black community. Christians against Muslims. Military against civilians.

Mr O says the war on Islam is not real. He says most Muslims across the globe are peaceful but when the twin towers fell, all Muslims hit the street across the globe praising the hijackers. He beat up on Bush when he said “mission accomplished” when that was true because the military took Baghdad in a month. But the President said Obama is dead and Al Qaeda is on the run. Shortly thereafter, Al Qaeda attacked our mission in Benghazi and killed 4 Americans and injured others. And the president denied it for a month when he new right away who attacked in Benghazi. There is a war on terror and it is increasing exponentially and the President continues to deny the seriousness of it. He said no more boots on the ground especially in Syria. But he just sent 50 more special ops military to put their boots on the ground in Syria. But then the president says it is not a combat mission. Military carrying weapons being supported by F-16 and A10s is a combat mission. Any time special ops deploy it is to engage in combat. The lies keep coming.

I could go on, but I need to go get my breakfast and listen to news, just not from Obama’s lame stream media. Like what Marco Rubio said, the president’s super pact!


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My Buddy the President – Yeah, Right!

Posted November 5, 2015 By Gospel

Newsweek-Obama-Gay-PresidentWhat a less than remarkable piece of work. Our “leader from behind” is the epitome of one whose desultory conversations deliberately avoids the subject that is center most on everyone’s mind. His favorite subject of diversion is when he is confronted with something serious, he focuses on “climate change,” something that invariably happens daily. There is always safety when it comes to daily weather. If the sidewalk gets wet from a little drizzle of rain, it is definitely due to climate change. Yes, especially when the sun was out the day before or just hours before. The same is true when the temperature drops to zero and there is 4 feet of snow on the ground; damn that climate change, it is killing me! The only way this “Private and Chief” runs this country is into the ground.

He is good at coming up with an ingis fatuus which I guess would be equivalent to concentrating on something that is an ignorant infatuation with innocuous nothingness. He is so weak he bears no watching at all. He is a puppy who is dangerous to us all. He spends more time in a golf cart then in the oval office. He is a Connoisseur of the game of golf. In fact, whenever he is in the oval office, we should all yell “Four” before explaining a problem to him so he understands there is a problem about to happen. The problem is the moment something happens, he runs to the course or takes a vacation. In other words he assumes the position of an ostrich with is head in a hole while an Iranian Cleric shoves a stick of dynamic up his apex and lights the fuse.

You probably have noticed by now, when it comes to phobias, I am definitely an “Obamaphobe.” I strongly believe we need a new leader of the free world. The last one we had was ” President ” George W. Bush.

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The Brilliance of Our Colleges

Posted February 2, 2015 By Gospel
SO Cool!

SO Cool!


Here is a quote that is so apropos with an excessive number of our young people today. “Those who will not reason, are bigots, those who cannot, are fools, and those who dare not, are slaves.” -Lord Byron, poet (22 Jan 1788-1824)

Sadly, many of these young people actually have finished college or have been working on that for much more than 4 years. They routinely change their curriculum goals so as not to graduate because they can get all their expenses paid by their parents. At least until their grants and education loans run out and their parents give up on them. The next stop for these humonculous creatures is the basement of their parent’s home.

Then as luck would have it, they would visit the coolest block downtown where all the hipsters go only to be willing to answer the questions of a roving news reporter called Watters from Fox news, the programs they have been conditioned to hate by their peers and professors – the absolute elite among us. With the superior visual acumen they possess, they notice the mic he holds says “FOX NEWS” on 4 sides in 48 font print. But why would they want to answer questions from this guy? Because they think they are much smarter than anyone connected to Fox News. The news reporters segment on Fox News is called Watter’s Word.

One brainy looking hipster with “dreaded” locks and white; and smoking a pipe glowing from each puff of hallucinogenic Maui Wowie he manages to purchase through the mail with parental monetary subsistence, he gets a question. “Have you heard of Watter’s World?” His answer is, “Sure, it’s a movie starring Kevin Costner?” When asked, “Which team in the Super Bowl are you rooting for, the Jets or Dauphins,” he answered with the same assuredness, “The Dauphins.”  Those teams are not playing in the Super Bowl, it’s the Seahawks and Patriots. Just because you are the hippyist of all the mental giants among us, it doesn’t mean you are an intellectual. You may be highly educated because of your “C” average in college but keep in mind, with a grade like that, you missed half of what each class was designed present. And the reason for the “C?” There were a couple of Orientals in the class bringing all the grades up by grading on a curve so the professor could make himself look good. It brings new meaning to the term “Under”graduate!

The last point in that quote above is being a slave to whatever your friends believe and what your President tells you. After all, if he gets elected as a result of your vote, or your friends’ votes because you didn’t have time to vote, how could you buck the group for fear of the embarrassment? There is a state called all-knowing and the opposite of that is total denial. But the there is one level below that. The cocoon state. A state of those who should have been aborted by their parents. Do you know someone like this? If you do, I am so sorry about that.

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StupidAs a retired military personnel officer who knows much about the way the military functions, I became very disturbed that a guy like Larry Korb gets any airtime at all on the main stream media channels. He tried to claim there is nothing wrong with Bowe Bergdahl and the proof he used was the fact that he was promoted twice while he was in captivity. He tried to state that since he has had military service he knows better than others about the military promotion system. He claimed Bergdahl would not have gotten promoted without a commander’s approval so the Army recognized him as having no problems and that he was fully qualified. Korb even challenged a guest who opposed the exchange of 5 high risk terrorists for Bergdahl by asking him if he had military service. He was attempting to disqualify the gentleman’s ability to comment. In posing the question he made himself out to be a fool.

Mr. Korb quite frankly is a hole between the two cheeks he sits upon. He’s trying to deflect descent and basically silence the other person’s speech using a false argument. Military service has two basic methods for promotion; service men can be promoted early with recommendations from leadership and approved by his commander. But if they do not get promoted, they are eligible for automatic promotion for time in service if they are not under any adverse pending legal action. The commander has the authority to flag a person while under investigation. With Bergdahl, he may have walked off his post illegally. Until he is confronted, flagged, had his rights read to him and charged, he is eligible for the automatic promotions.

Secondly, the moment you leave your post, you are considered to be absent without leave (AWOL). After 30 days, you are reported to have deserted the military. Bergdahl would then be convicted by court martial and could face several years in confinement. If it can be determined that he actually intended not to come back and he helped the enemy, he is looking at charges of treason. That could get life in prison; even the death penalty depending on the seriousness of his aide to the enemy. If it can be shown that he deliberated assisted the enemy in attacking and killing US military in the combat zone. He would be in very serious trouble.

The men who served with him, as many as 8 or 10 so far, do not make statements about such as these serious charge unless they are certain Bergdahl left under his own free will. They were there and they were tasked with having to go find him. They saw major attempts my other military elements outside their unit join in the search.  I know personally that several Special Forces guys were diverted away from their primary mission, or had to adjust their mission to add the search for Bergdahl. By doing so, they brought more risk to their efforts why stationed in a war zone. If someone died while doing this mission or they died with an augmented mission; Bergdahl is responsible. If he had not left his position, it would have been business as usual without the additional risk. Why is it that some are so willing to accept the Taliban explanation that they captured him in the latrine? There was no latrine. There was a 50 gallon drum cut in half setting in the middle of the camp and no one went their without all their gear.  They need to be ready at a moment’s notice since they are in a dangerous area. The interpreter who translated for the Americans, acknowledged that there was intelligence chatter that an American looking for an English speaking Taliban member. What is the chance that this would happen just after Bergdahl left his unit?

If Bergdahl had been captured by the Taliban as they say, why would there be chatter like what occurred over intelligence surveillance equipment designed to listen to electronic communications in the area? The search for an excuse to take pressure off the President is now reaching the stage of being a sickness more dangerous than a case of simple denial. These deniers are willing to give up American lives in order to save the image of a President. It is really a sad state for citizens of our country arguing over the obvious at the cost of our young Americans risking their lives who certainly do not choosing to leave their fellow soldiers for their political ideology. A soldier soldiers, and a deserter does not. The brave are looking for a coward and reluctantly risk their own lives in the process. They have much more pressing things to do.

Why is President Obama never surprised about controversy being whooped up in Washington, D.C., when he is the one who actually created the controversy by his actions and his attempt to cover it up with a string of lies? He held a ceremony in the Rose Garden with the parents. The key thing to know here is he had to have known the entire history of Bergdahl before making this decision. He is a complete failure if he did not know because he is the commander and chief who has total control of the information. This was clearly an example of how he will try to use his military to make himself look good so he can get votes for his party and improve his image. In all my years associated with the military, he is truly the worst commander-in-chief I could possibly imagine.

Why was Bergdahl held in Germany so long and have his parents not been permitted to visit with him. If he is suffering from his confinement, seeing his parents would be a very positive thing to help him in recovery. All others soldiers’ wives or parents of the injured are given the opportunity to go visit them in Germany, expenses paid by funds set aside for that purpose. But not Bergdahl’s parents. This tells me that something is going on that is probably associated with what is in a lengthy confidential file revealing some serious problems with what he was doing in captivity. He most certainly will be detained at some point in time for going AWOL and deserting. And the rest of any transgressions he may have committed will be wrapped up as additional charges. He is now in a Texas military hospital and his parents have still not visited him. Very telling.

The argument that states that trading 5 really bad terrorists for Bergdahl is somehow no big deal since the Israelis traded 1200 prisons to get one man. But that Israeli soldier who was held captive for several years by Hezbollah did not go AWOL from his unit and desert. And there is no evidence that he converted to Islam or joined in target practice with his captives and declared himself a warrior of Islam. There is so much more to this Bergdahl story. My guess is the President is not going to be happy when the rest of the story is revealed.

If 1200 prisoners are released by Israel for one good soldier, what makes the trade of 5 of the most dangerous people in the world for a person who goes AWOL from his unit in a war zone, deserting his fellow soldiers, justified. If that is OK, then let’s trade 1200 Mexicans in this country illegally for the good soldier being held in a Mexican jail. The problem? Mexico doesn’t want them. They would rather try to make hay with an American soldier for political gain. That is sad, too. We need to tell Mexico we are going to fly 1200 Mexicans and any other illegal from other Central American countries, daily, to their international airport and release them until that one soldier is returned to us. We have a status of forces agreement with Mexico concerning our military. We get to try ours and they get to try theirs. The diplomacy crap that is happening now really shows how much this president cares about our military.

Leaving soldiers behind on the battlefield is an unwritten devotion to your fellow soldiers in the course of battle. But not for deserted soldiers. Bergdahl left his fellow soldiers behind and went looking for and seeking out the enemy. He was not trying to be captured; he was trying to switch sides. The really stupid argument that some support that Bergdahl is not at fault is a clear cop out. With the hundreds of lies coming out of this White House, I can no longer believe anything I hear. And today, it continues. The next reason they are trying to use now since the rest have fallen apart, is that the Taliban threatened to kill Bergdahl if the deal became public. Well this government read congress in on Ben Laden raid for months before it went down. They could have done the same with the Intelligence Committee. They were not permitted to do such a swap without reading congress in. So that tells me they really were not concerned about Bergdahl or the safety of other Americans and military members, they were doing this for political reasons to improve election results. That is the answer to the entire question as why President Obama did this.

Let’s start the 1200 daily illegals movement plan now until we get our military member back home. We have plenty of minors available at the moment. Bus them to the airport and transport them to Mexico. It would cost us much less for a plane flight daily then the cost of all these illegals clogging up our legal system and taking advantage of our healthcare system for years to come. As Hillary Clinton or John Kerry would say, “What difference does it make!”  If 1200 is ok for the Israelis to release for one than there should not be any problem releasing over a thousand Mexicans here illegally back to Mexico where they came from.

I will use an argument for sending the 1200 daily to Mexico to do them a big favor. To use the rationale of our own citizens who continue to rant that our country is so terrible, I would be willing to bet that none of these illegals will return since living in the United States is absolutely an intolerable experience. Mexico is so much more of a wonderful place to live; it is even better than Pakistan and Afghanistan or being under the remarkably beautiful rule of law called Sharia. After all, everyone knows that this is the most disgusting country in the entire world. They have all got to be totally nuts to keep coming to the most disgusting country in the world. Well, let’s help them get out so they can have a better life.

This is a capitalistic country and capitalism is the scourge of the earth as far as the naysayers are concerned. Yet these same people take full advantage of this system with there work, the cars they purchase, the homes they live in and all the other products that permeate their home and all the services available to them for any emergency that may unexpectedly befall them. They are also claiming that we need to raise the taxes of the rich people but they higher tax consultants to help them take full advantage of all the tax breaks they can squeeze out of the system to preserve their wealth. Why don’t they just file a 1040EZ, take the standard deductions, and pay the taxes according to their tax bracket. I don’t see them doing that any time soon. Their philosophy is to take the money of the rich and give it to the poor; “just not my riches.”

One finally question. How many of those spoken of above would volunteer to join the 1200 being shipped back to Mexico daily so they can have a better life? I would be willing to bet that the line of those people would not have a single person in it. There is a rule: “Don’t slap the system that feeds you.” And for Larry Korb: “Don’t disparage the soldiers who give their lives and do not desert just so you can have the freedom to say stupid things.” Let me know if you have had enough of this country. I will pay for the your one-way ticket to Mexico so you can have a better life.

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Hillary ducks a shoe but Not Che Guevara!

Posted April 11, 2014 By Gospel
Chucked: Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton ducks as an object is thrown on stage at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Thursday, on April 10, 2014, in Las Vegas

She looks a little wrinkled from so much political theater

It just happened at a speech Hillary Clinton was giving at a recycling gathering in Las Vegas. A middle aged blond women threw a shoe at her and she tried to duck  but was too slow. Luckily the shoe was off target. That could have been because along with the shoe, the woman tried to throw some papers with it. The papers were copies of declassified documents about “Operation Cynthia,” which was the United States operation to find and capture revolutionary leader Che Guevara in 1967. Hillary may want to know that it was a Democrat who set the operation in motion and it is Democrats who absolutely love Che Guevara. So I would be willing to bet the woman who threw the shoe is a liberal. She was identified as being Bolivian. I guess they don’t forget what the Democrats tried to do back then. And Hillary and here gang are spreading the word that the woman must be a republican – Chances are she is not!


Che Guevara was a staunch communist revolutionary who fell out of favor with Cuba when his Chinese style changes he imposed on Cuba were causing the country to become worse economically. As he lost the support of Fidel Castro, he resigned his position and departed for Bolivia; apparently with Fidel’s approval. There he started a communist revolution since he felt the Bolivians were ripe for it. He also picked that country so he could spread out into neighboring countries with his ruthless message.

Lyndon Johnson, a democrat, authorized the support of a Bolivian Ranger Battalion my CIA and Green Beret trainers to bring them up to speed so they could fight the revolutionaries and “capture” Che Guevara. They accomplished their covert mission but then the Bolivian leadership gave specific instructions through the CIA contact to have the Ranger Battalion put him to death. The CIA representative was actually ordered to try to keep him alive but that was overruled by the Bolivians. Soviet Premier Aleksey Kosygin visited Cuba to tell Castro that they were not satisfied with Che’s tactics in Bolivia. It was not the way the Soviets wanted to spread communism.

So the bottom line is, many of are young people today still wear shirts with Che’s face on it and they also support the democrat party here in the US. They do not realize that he was a cold blooded killer, disliked by the Cubans, the Bolivians, the Soviets and every other country in South America – not to mention the US. He was more like the Chinese in their revolutionary tactics and political treatment of their citizens. Che worshipers therefore are quite literally the essence of what Che was able to do, convince poor people to do his bidding and call it the best thing for the world. the only problem with these people in the US, they are not poor and they are well educated. It is sad that they still do not recognize the actual history of Che Guevara. He did not use politics to get his way, he used the gun. And isn’t ironic that most of the Che followers support the banning of guns; unless they are being used by a communist to kill people who do not accept their way of government.

The “shoe falls where it may,” but the blond woman was most like someone who is a communist, or a democrat who really hates that the US Government had a hand in bringing down a tyrant. Hillary is not to blame because she didn’t have a part in the killing of Che, but she is a member of the party who someone disgruntled about Che’s death, would use her as a target for their revenge. But Hillary is not a Muslim and neither is the Bolivian woman. So I am not sure what the shoe means. Throwing shoes is a Muslim tradition of disrespect. I guess we have adopted the tradition.








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Medal of Freedom Handed Out Like Candy

Posted November 21, 2013 By Gospel

medalLarge image1medal-of-freedom2BUT NOT THE MEDAL OF HONOR!

The Medal of Freedom has three different reasons for awarding it. They are: doing something associated with the security or national interests of the United States, world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors. Unfortunately most of the awards are for the last reason; significant public or private endeavors which has nothing to do with Freedom. There is also a level that stands well above all of these reasons and that is when you get the award with “Distinction.”  Ronald Reagan got that one. And very few get that level of the award so I would guess that when one does some good for the security and national interest of the United States. All the others are candy.

Bill Clinton got an award yesterday for doing his lying thing, getting impeached over it and when he had his back up against the wall, he had Monica do her dingdong thing in the over office that is in the house we let him use during his presidency. We own that house because we paid for it and we have been keeping it up for over 200 years. Monica was even doing her thing while he was sitting in his chair talking to Congress about very important issues he needed to get resolved. That is what we need in a leader. Bush didn’t come close to doing that. He was too busy taking care of the country in a good way.

Oprah Winfrey also gets the award for calling all the old white people in our country racists and stating they need to die. I am getting really tired of black people calling me a racist every chance they get and every chance they get in front of a commentator or microphone. And she thinks her statements are safe to utter because it happened to be overseas in a foreign country. Or it doesn’t count because she is super rich and gets to say anything she wants because of her richness. Being rich does not make you automatically rich in oratory. And to think she called President Obama the first black man to hold the presidency. She is even wrong there, too. He is the first white and black man to be president. We haven’t had a purely black president yet. So it is racist against whites to call the president that, excluding his half whiteness.

How much are these awards given out for campaign contributions? Well, isn’t interesting that in 2011, President Obama awarded the medal to a person who had singlehandedly cause the merger of several unions into one; the SEIU headed by John J Sweeney? That included the union for all the government workers which make up 35% of all government workers. Only 6% of private sector folks are in unions. The SEIU was behind the strike for every hamburger joint in the country demanding that wages be doubled for all their workers. SEIU didn’t care about a pay raise; they were looking to increase union membership so they could get more income from dues. Sweeney’s SEIU was also a major backer and broker of the Occupy Wall Street Movement; a movement that broke the record for crimes committed while filling all the downtown parks of our major cities. How many crimes?  Over 400 criminal incidents of multiple arrests totally thousands of protestors who pooped on police cars, raped fellow protestors and destroyed millions of dollars in private and public property. There were 700 arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge in one incident; get the picture? And those Teaparty folks are even worse than that according to Democrats. So that leads us to the real reason for creating this paragraph. The unions of this nation contributed 96% of all political donations to Democrats.  That is the reason John J Sweeney got this award. This guy got the Medal of Freedom for being directly responsible for depriving innocent people of their freedom to be good Americans. Really?

I could go on but there is one more awardee that is interesting.  Gloria Steinem is the modern day Margaret Singer. Singer opened the first abortion clinic in the nation and it was in a black neighborhood because she not only was a abortionista, she was a eugenics believer. She was intent on limiting the growth of the black race because she thought them to be inferior. Gloria Steinem takes abortion to the next level by pushing the pro-choice philosophy. She believes that while the baby in inside, you have the right to kill it before it’s born; even if it is fully ready to be born. I find it hard to believe that the Medal of Freedom is fitting for her unless it means fighting for birth control after the baby is fully formed freeing them from the womb so you are free to carry-on your much preferred sex life over child rearing. We should take a survey of everyone who would have preferred being aborted over getting to a live approximately 100 years of their wonderful life. Women are doing just fine and don’t need women like her to tell them how they should go about their lives. The question is, since Gloria has had to waste most of her life fighting for the killing of babies in the womb; if she had it to do all over again, would she have preferred her mother have aborted her? I guess there is one more reason why she got this award. She ran fundraisers for President Obama to get him elected.

It seems this award has become more political in recent years and associated with the awardee being able to contribute a significant amount to a politician’s campaign coffer. It is also interesting that the Medal of Freedom is much larger than the Medal of Honor and it also has a longer ribbon to hang it on. But the Medal of Honor is always about valor in battle and in many cases it is about one haven given his life for his country. The Medal of Freedom is given out in most case for something other than its primary purpose of advancing the cause of freedom. While the Medal of Honor is given to those who give their life so those receiving the Medal of Freedom award can live long enough to earn it; especially for being such avid contributors to political campaigns.

I guess it could be said that the Medal of Freedom has been cheapened by giving it out like candy. There are those who truly deserve it and if I were one, I would not feel good wearing it knowing there have been so many awardees that really do not deserve it. But I guess the size of the Medal of Honor is meaningless; it is the reason for the award that is so much more important. The Medal of Honor is give more for the protection of freedom than the Medal of Freedom is. Ironic!

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“A Post Turtle” – What is it?

Posted October 25, 2013 By Gospel

"Barak Obama is a Post Turtle"Update: Since Obamacare is crashing before our eyes, I felt it necessary to bring this up again. It is timeless. I received this through a friend in an email and it really explains what President Obama is and how he got into the Oval Office.We talk so much about this subject yet an old wise rancher is smarter than the rest of us. He hits the nail on the head so to speak. Or, puts the turtle on the post.

While suturing a cut on the hand of a 75 year old rancher, whose hand was caught in the squeeze gate while working cattle, the doctor struck up a conversation with the old man. Eventually the topic got around to Obama and his role as our president. The old rancher said, ‘Well, ya know, Obama is a ‘Post Turtle”. Not being familiar with the term, the doctor asked him, what a ‘post turtle’ was. The old rancher said, ‘When you’re driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that’s a ‘post turtle’. The old rancher saw the puzzled look on the doctor’s face so he continued to explain.

“You know he didn’t get up there by himself, he doesn’t belong up there, he doesn’t know what to do while he’s up there, he’s elevated beyond his ability to function, and you just wonder what kind of dumb ass put him up there to begin with.”









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Simply – Philosophy of Life

Posted July 25, 2013 By Gospel

It was in 991 AD when Archbishop Arnulf of Rheims was the first to identify the existing Pope as the Antichrist. He did that because he disagreed with the direction the Pope took in his duties. That was over 1000 years ago. Being a Catholic, and a poor one at that, an acquaintance of mine who belonged to a protestant church, insisted that their teachings indicate that the successor of the then current Pope, John Paul, would be the Antichrist. We had Pope Benedict for a awhile after John Paul and he resigned but he was OK; he was cool. And now we have Pope Francis. But he doesn’t seem to be that threatening either. In fact he is more like John Paul:  outgoing, endearing and loved by a majority for his warm personna. How would anyone know any of these popes would be the Antichrist since if either of them were, he wouldn’t  reveal himself to us minions? When we learned that John Paul was quite ill, I called my acquaintance to say, “well, the Pope is quite ill so I guess we are going to test your prophesy.” His reply, “Well it might not be the next Pope.” This antichrist rumor has been going on for centuries by lots of very smart folks who continue to get it wrong. Francis Bacon suggested this, a really respected author, and he got it wrong in the 1500s. Archbishop Rheims got it wrong in 991 AD. That is over 500 years ago for Francis Bacon and over 1000 years for Rheims.

And now today, we have this attack on Christians of any sect from non-Christians. The latter is in a significant minority. And since only 1 in 5 of our citizens do not follow the Christian philosophy of life, the neigh sayers only make up 20% of our nation. Those folks are predominantly Atheists or Humanists. Those too are philosophies of life – and therein we find the problem. Maybe they are the antichrists.  Both sides are philosophies of life. So how is it that the minority gets to dictate what is right for the majority. They do it with excessive force and lots of yelling. They take our constitution, twist its meaning and use that through legal means to systematically get rid of any outward expression of Christianity in our society. They want to remove every visual physical reference whatsoever.

One example: They want to take down the Memorial to our WWI veterans because the monument has the form of a cross and is sitting on government land. That would mean to me, they want to destroy any historical heritage we may have because they claim the government is pushing religion. If they drive by this monument and see it, does that tell them the government insists they convert to Christianity or else? The Constitution that protects them from that, is being used to destroy one groups philosophy so theirs will prevail. Now that sounds to me like they are using our government to dictate their preferred philosophy of life on Christians. And that is exactly want the constitution is supposed to protect us from. I have witnessed, studied and experienced several sides of this issue. I started out reading tons of books and taking classes to see if I could find the answer. More precisely, I wanted to find a philosophy of life that I could be comfortable with. I was an atheist at first. Then I became an agnostic, swam around the logic of many other philosophies of life and ended up with Christianity. Why? Well, I was searching for the logic and then realized I needed something I was OK with and logic was less important. I wna to be able to argue my point. I eventually learned that arguing was useless. I stopped listening to the crazies and found what is best for me. I was not smart enough to figure it all out. And if I was, why would I want to impose my philosophy on anyone else. What is good for me is just that, only good for me; no one else. We all have to find a philosophy of life that is acceptable to our own being. I was OK with the “faith” thing. It was a suitable fit.

A philosophy of life is just a belief system an individual adopts to help himself get through life and to become a better person. It keeps him comfortable in his own skin. That is a human thing. If that is his goal, then leave him to his and you keep yours. The chemistry of the mind is well beyond our grasp to understand. It is dynamic beyond comprehension. Neurological engineers have been studying what goes on in our minds for centuries. They want to know what makes it tick. But I need my mind to get me through a lot of tough times in a hundred years or so of life. A statue shaped like a cross in a memorial that I pass is a moment in a whole life time. Don’t let it get to you. Those who came before me decided on the shape of the statue and I appreciate the recognition those veterans and their families are getting.

Isn’t it interesting that these folks are so concerned about a statue when they brag about having traveled to other countries all over the world to see ancient sites. They walk past centuries of history inundated with religious symbolism. And they say, “Ah! Look at that. Isn’t that just spectacular?” They want our country to be just like theirs. They love their politics and economic systems. But they fail to realize that these governments are the key players in maintaining and protecting the architecture and the history of their country’s past. And they use taxpayer money to do it. Most see the value in it. And there is no difference in a memorial here and a fabulous painting with Christian symbolism hanging on a wall in the Louvre. Both governments maintain it and the majority appreciate it. Is anyone’s belief system threatened when they visit these magnificent places? No, and hardly anyone converts.

But what about a religion that teaches that anyone not of their faith must either convert or die. But even if you convert you are still not a full member. In Islam, those not born into the faith can never gain full status since they have committed “shirk.” You are considered to be a converted infidel. And that sticks with you. There is a hierarchy – lifelong Muslims, converts, Christians, Jews and then non-believers and those of any other religion. That’s because Christians and Jews and Muslims all have the same God.  When they take over our country and tell us to line up for beheading, guess who will be at the head of the line: Humanists and Atheist. Now that is something to complain about. There is a truly great book that explains all this in much detail. It is called the Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran. Before you say anything about this subject, learn the truth in this book. Keep in mind while reading further, when the twin towers fell, just about every Muslim, in every country on earth danced in the streets with absolute joy. They were overjoyed to hear we took a hit. That event speaks millions. Pun intended.

Those who say the Muslim religion is a peaceful religion should have no problem living in a Middle Eastern country. But they will not go there for one reason. Fear! They have very high odds of experiencing some form of violence. They know it. It is just too dangerous and our State Department tells us so. Would you want to go to one of these countries and tell them they need to take down their religious symbolism because it offends you? If you can’t do it there, don’t do it here. If here is the only place you will do it, then you are a coward. If you convert to anything in your life, it will be for reasonable philosophical reasons that makes you comfortable with your being as a human. It is truly sad when frogs in a protected waterway are infinitely more important than a memorial statue set up to honor those who gave their lives trying to protect this great country where some take everything for granted – except for religious symbolism. Judge not less thee be judged. A man’s philosophy of life is his alone.

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My Package Deserves Its Privacy

Posted June 9, 2013 By Gospel
Gay Marine 2

How about a military Gay rights Parade?

This is an update: I just read an article from Todd Starnes concerning the soldier who was told he couldn’t read conservative authors while in uniform. Well couldn’t he do it in the post library in front of other soldiers and his “superior” leaders? That is clearly book banning. The fact that these books are on the shelves in military libraries is a perfect example of the hypocrisy. Now back to the original……

I just read an article about how our government scammed us on whether military folks would like having gays in the military. The comments were exceptional. Even my comments, but since I am retired military, I am seriously and hopelessly bias. There was so much intellect and so many words being expressed for concerns with this issue; or better yet, mess. I need to worry about killing the enemy and getting home safely to my family, not whether my package has been exposed to or even desired by a roommate whom I have absolutely no interest from a procreative point of view.

What is the purpose of having separate living and sanitary services for our men and women in the military? Simply put, it is because of their sexual preference. Women want their privacy. Well, so do heterosexual men. No heterosexual man wants to sleep in a room with a person of the same sex who is sexually attracted to them. If I see women’s private parts, as nature provides, I become  quite excited about that.  What percentage of these gay rights activists and supporters who are not gay, would have no problem sleeping in a room with someone who would be standing tall the moment he see you in your Whitey Tighties and overjoyed to take a shower with them? Dumb is as dumb does, said Forrest’s mother.

By the way, it would make more sense having gay men housed with heterosexual women because they are not sexually attracted to each other, Right? Ask the women if they would be OK with that? Dumb is………. Ditto. Then how will women feel taking showers with a penis hanging around right next to them? Not to mention the insult because it’s not standing up. Dang. I recall in 1969, while stationed at Ft Huachuca, AZ, there was a serious problem with lesbian senior NCOs taking over a trailer court off post where several lesbian women chose to live. There were other military women who chose to live their also and they feared being beat up if they didn’t do what the lesbian mafia wanted. Rat on them and you would be doomed. The straight women feared being approached sexually, and when that happened they had better keep their mouth shut. Interesting how the lesbian population in the trailer park had the run of the place; the rest lived there in fear. What about the straight families with children who lived there. Sounds like a great set up to make sure these children learn the ins and outs of being lesbian.

There was another story. A female military person who had no idea lesbians existed was assigned to a room with a lesbian. The lesbian had a friend who spend the night with her often. Even the whole weekend where they would turn up their music real loud in hopes the straight person in the room would not find out what they were doing all hours of the night. Trying to get some sleep under those conditions is impossible. When the straight person talked with a friend about the problem, the friend reported the issue and the First Sergeant, a female, caught some heat over assigning a room in this way. An excuse was made and the straight lady was reassigned to another room. Interesting how that works; the lesbians were the ones doing something wrong and the straight person had to pack up her stuff and move. Nice.

What about having straight men live with the lesbians. Would that work; they should be housed with guys, right? But what about those dangling mammary glands. In case you are wondering what those are, the definition in Wikipedia says: “A mammary gland is an organ in  mammals that produces milk to feed young offspring. Mammals get their name from the word “mammary”. In ruminants such as cows, goats, and deer, the mammary glands are contained in their udders. The mammary glands of other mammals that have more than two breasts, such as dogs and cats, are sometimes called dugs.” Guys can dig that.

But I like the histology section in Wikipedia: “mammary gland is a specific type of apocrine gland specialized for manufacture of colostrum at the time of parturition.” (That is so erotic whether you read it or say it out load.) “Whether mammary glands are modified sweat glands or sebaceous glands still remains controversial.” Hey! There is no controversy here! They are boobs and boobs turn folks on. By the way, why do they need them if they are not going to be nursing ever. So I guess the “lesbians in the men’s barracks” idea is out, too.

Here is another way to look at it. It is totally accepted that women should not be forced to take showers with men for obvious reasons. Privacy. So how can you force a heterosexual man to take showers with a person who would look and feel about what he sees exactly how heterosexual men would feel looking at women in a shower? It is ALL about privacy. And wouldn’t you know it, that is a bastion of liberal ideology. Hypocrites! I am not homophobic but I am definitely dumb-ophobic. Yeah, I have a fear of really smart people claiming to be extremely advanced in intellect but being really, really dumb. I just don’t want to sleep in a room with someone who is undeniably interested in getting his hands on my package.

Then there is the argument as to whether homosexuality is normal. Well, I can agree it is probably a result of the creative interactivity of DNA during the conceptional process. Things just got a little wacky. But that does not make it natural. The primary purpose of these reproductive faculties possessed by any mammal is to further the species through nature’s procreative processes. That is how we continue to be here century after century. With those of the homosexual bent, absolutely every sexual encounter is not going get them anywhere when it comes to the procreation the species. Having off-spring is the only way they are going to be able to pass themselves forward beyond their own existence. They are done. They are history. They have a whole lot of fun and excitement while here but when they die they are truly history in every aspect of that word. One could say, they are human but if they are not recreating themselves, then it could be said they are inhuman or only human for a moment in time from an holistic prospective.

It is only through the heterosexual procreative process that the life of humans further the existence of themselves. And that is the only way we are going to get soldiers, sailors, Airmen and marines to protect our existence going forward far into the future of mankind. You could blame the heterosexuals because they procreated them. But we didn’t do it on purpose so we would ask to be thrown on the mercy of our society. Another way to put it; without heterosexuals, homosexuals wouldn’t exist.


Oh, did I mention the need for new uniforms!

I guess we are going to have to spend more taxpayer dollars for 4 separate types of barracks rooms, showers, toilets and outdoor Porto-Potties during training exercises to insure everyone’s privacy. That would also include 4 separate holes in the ground when we have to dig our own latrines. We will also need 4 separate tents, as well. Oops, I forgot the transvestites, bisexuals, those who have had sexual conversion surgery and those who “feel” themselves to be asexual. Congressional elites would fit the later preference because they continue to procreate the act of screwing themselves on a regular basis by perpetually trying to take action on this subject. But that comes without any presence of the desired side effects associated with the state of eroticism. Or does it?

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