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The Genius of Democrats is Beyond Them

Posted December 12, 2015 By Gospel

Republicans-vs-DemocratsIt simply amazes me why I have so much trouble with Democrats. Maybe I should ask myself what does it take to be a Democrat because I just don’t qualify on so many levels. I don’t understand that they really are so much more wise and better than me. They all are infinitely smart, better looking, more hip, more cool, more aware of all things that are part of our world and they even know much better than I how best to spend my own money. My children are not capable of being educated by me, and more puzzling then all – why do they still permit me to even live.

Well that got me to thinking – something that is a cardinal sin for a Republican to start doing at any age when living under the intensely dogmatic doctrine of the Democrat lifestyle is to question why they do the things they do.  It is almost like I am a female living in a Muslim world. Don’t talk, don’t let anyone see any part of you, dress as you are told, and permit democrats to screw you, rape you and kill you if you dishonor them. Gangs have the same rules like “respect me or you die.” I am sure liberal scientists are trying to perfect the talent of turning me into stone if I look at them. They even want to control whether I can apply for a tax exemption, practice my religion, specifically Christianity, or carry a gun for my own protection. And…… Oh, I need to get back to my thinking I began doing without permission.

I have been clueless and in a fog as to where all these elitist character traits come from. But then it began to clear up when I happened to watch, ironically, the TV program “Brain Games” on the National Geographic Channel. The discussion focused on how our brain actually helps us hide the fact that we are incompetent. Everyone knows that a college student, by the mere fact he or she was accepted to undertake classes of advanced learning at a prestigious university, has exceptional brain power and knows, or can reason beyond question the answer to just about anything. They are infinitely more capable of understanding the real meaning of life; far more than anyone beyond the age of 35 years. Their education is clearly so advanced that it debunks anything anyone has learned from the old school, old history, old age or old wisdom anyone claims to have cultivated. In fact, the elites claim everything these old folks know is the result of their “cult” mentality. The elites don’t adhere to cults; they are the epitome of enlightenment. What the program Brain Games surprisingly revealed is just about the complete opposite. The brains of young people are highly defective, deceptive and  capable of thought that is infinitely beyond reason. They actually fool themselves. Their emboldened enlightenment is lacking a filament.

As soon as the show began, the program directors called upon a class of what looked like a pretty advanced group of college students. They were mostly leaning back in their seats with a remarkable air of confidence. Then the MC of the program indicated that most of them probably didn’t know how a zipper worked. Like magic, they all started playing with any zipper they could get their hands on starring at it as they pulled it up and down numerous times. The looks on their faces was astonishing. Those expressions clearly showed a heighten, or you might say enlightened state of entranced confusion. But then the MC interrupted them bringing them all back to an awakened state by asking them if they new how to draw a bicycle. That is when the lights of total confidence clicked back on and for the those college students, the light of intelligence suddenly burned out.

They were all asked to draw a functioning bicycle. There were 16 students. The producers, in their infinite wisdom knew in advanced what type of bicycles they were going to get, so they actually built bicycles ahead of time that would reflect the functionality depicted in the drawings that were forthcoming. They went outside and these students actually attempted to ride those bikes that fit their drawings. One person fell down immediately after take off. The front wheel was impossible to turn. What they actually found was that college student could only draw functioning bicycles 10% of the time. That means 90% of these intellectual powerhouses couldn’t do it. Wouldn’t that indicate that they were 90% abstract and 10% reality? Maybe it indicated that they were only capable of realism 10% of time. Or, maybe they had the potential of being unreasonable or unrealistic 90% of the time.

Well, that one example could have been an anomaly. How about two more examples. Next, each person was asked to select a range of numbers that would include the number of books in the Bible making up the Old Testament. They all were not able to come up with a range of numbers that included either the Protestant Version of 39 or the Catholic version of either 46 to 47. Since they didn’t know for sure, they all picked a range but one that was a much smaller range that did not include either of the actual numbers. They didn’t want to let on that they didn’t know the number or could even get close it. But their own brains, under their complete control, convinced them though, that their range of choice would be accurate. There interest in appearing intelligent overpowered their ability to reason. Pick 1 to 1000 and they would have met the test. But that choice would reveal that they really didn’t know something. So they fudged it.

The other example was where students with their advanced brain created an answer that just wasn’t really there. They were shown a train with 8 cars plus an engine and caboose. Each car had a different word painted on it. They were asked to memorize each word as the train slowly passed in front of them. Then they were shown another train with just 4 “different” words on it. The question was, which one of the 4 words was on the first train. Six students, all of them, guessed that the word “track” which was one of the 4 words on the second train was on the first train. It wasn’t. None of the 4 words were on the first train. The test proved these advanced brains take short cuts and supply false information that is accepted by the owner of the brain as true. The moral to this story is pretty interesting.

Our brains, including the most advanced brains in our society, can come up with the wrong answer. They can be manipulated into believing something is there when it is not – that something is true, but it is not. These young people are so confident that they know the answer that they will say they know it when they really don’t know. On the streets of New York, where the most advanced brains in our society can be found, the question was, “do you know what happened in Benghazi,” and many would say yes. Not just yes, but “YES, surely, absolutely, without question with total confidence radiating all over their face. But when asked what it was, they had no clue. They lied about knowing. The question is why do they do that. What is going on in their minds that causes them to lie? The “Brain Games” program called this phenomenon the “Illusion of knowledge.”

These folks are allowing themselves to be influenced by the power of persuasion. They pretend to know something when they didn’t. They use what is called a survival mechanism to make them feel like they are in control. They used their own brains to deceive themselves to the point where they created a state of overconfidence. They are confident their brains can come up with the right answer so much so that they don’t really need to use it that much except to seek out pleasures, to have fun, to enjoy the wonderful life someone else created for them. They want to take advantage of the intellectually advanced technical creations of others. But they do not have the time or the interest in pushing their brains to be productive in the same way. They are quite comfortable using their brains to seek out pleasure and folly. Why should they when they have all they need to have an amazingly pleasurable life. Creating things on your own is really hard. “If those others didn’t want us to enjoy their inventions, then they shouldn’t have invented them.” These brains want to escape reality. It is so much more fun. These brains are even so advanced and in control that they know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they can use drugs or binge drink without experiencing any adverse consequences. They are totally in control. It is like they are playing the card game called “Twenty-One and have an ace and king showing and they tell the dealer, “Hit Me!” Pun intended.

Then there are those who will vote for a person because they are certain he or she is the right person for them. So if a man says he is a Democrat, then I am convinced I am voting for the right person because I consider myself to be Democrat and Democrats always know better. But if I told you I was a Democrat but I really was a communist or socialist or born in Kenya or all three, then my advanced knowledge of life as I know it, would figure that out. So since I have no evidence to the contrary emanating  from my brain of infinite advanced knowledge, I am totally confident I am voting for the right guy. And I am also totally confident that the word “Track” was on the first train and that I can draw a totally functioning bicycle. Well if that is the case, then you could be 90% wrong about a person you chose to be our president. By the way, is global warming really real? Do you really know for sure?

These same folks on the streets of New York, infinitely confident in themselves to come up with the right answer, couldn’t name who the Vice President of the United States was but were absolutely confident that the President was the absolute best choice beyond question, absolutely. Now that is scary. Many of them hadn’t even heard of the word Benghazi, didn’t know what happened there, didn’t kn0w that their own government-run IRS was targeting religious groups, individuals who contributed large sums of money to a conservative candidate of their choice, Tea Party applicants setting up organizations for nonprofit tax status and many other conservative entities who happened to voice dissatisfaction for our current president. The IRS asked some of these folks what books they read in their book club, who their donors were, and they even asked for a complete list of all their Facebook pages from all their members and their members’ families. The IRS can do that to normal citizens but it is a violation of privacy for our government to look at the Facebook page of a visa applicant who turns out to be a terrorist. Business owners who had only one audit in 30 years, were subjected to 3 audits and investigations by the Department Labor. Yes, their beloved government was doing this to its regular citizens. These folks on the streets of New York were not asked but I bet they were deathly against invasion of privacy as much as they are against the death penalty, and for the death of unborn children in the womb; which happens to be the exact same place they came from. If they were given a choice, they would not agree to their mother aborting them.

With the IRS scandal, the implication is that it is OK as long as Republicans aren’t permitted to do it. Or, it is OK because that is what Nixon did. Or, it is not OK and Republicans are just making that up. They don’t realize that Democrats, after the Nixon debacle,  came up with numerous laws to make sure “this never happens again.” No one realized, you know, “Who knew” that those laws would only apply to Republicans; that Democrats could do it because it was best for our country, an even though we have existed for 200 years as a two party system, it would be best to be totally controlled by one party; my party. That way things would be just fine. No problems, no worries and I could then enjoy life texting and face-booking, drinking and drugging; to my hearts content. That is the kind of government that is best for us all. Isn’t it ironic that it was the IRS that leaked Nixon’s tax records so he could be accused of tax evasion. By the way, in case you didn’t know or couldn’t infer, Nixon was a Republican who also was accused of using the IRS to harass his opponents. Now that is not cool.

It really is necessary for college students to take history in the “progressive” classroom so they can be made aware of all the twisted history created out of whole cloth. The course should naturally be mandatory to support the advancement of perfected knowledge beyond illusion. These courses will finally correct all those misguided historians who fabricated tomes of misinformation for all the centuries of mankind’s existence. After all, we need the proper information that will set us all free from all the lies from the past. You know, so we are set free to be delusional, illusionary, in tune with our ultra-simplistic universe and as overconfident as is inhumanly possible. Reality is only real as long as we have clearly defined it as imaginary.

I am a Republican and I know who the Democrat Vice President is, but those Democrats who are most advanced in knowledge and wisdom, do not. I could be wrong here, but I am not smart enough to figure that out or even know better. I guess that is why I used to be Democrat and converted to being a Republican due to a complete lose of insanity.  Let me thing about that!

By the way, free speech is protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution. And Democrats constantly claim that free speech is sacrosanct. But when someone went to the Yale campus with a clipboard and asked those passing by if they would help him out by signing a petition to do away with the First Amendment to the Constitution, he got many signatures. You see, if you are on a liberal campus and someone asks for help getting rid of something by signing a petition, they automatically assume it must be a great cause. The students could not connect with what that amendment was for. If a Democrat says we need to get rid of that amendment, they will follow like sheep. I guess there really is a degree of smartness so advanced that understanding “stupid” is be beyond them.

But how should I know, I am too old to be of any value at all in discerning what reality really is.

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Focus Points on Blogs Concerning our President!

Posted November 5, 2015 By Gospel

You know, when you write blog posts, you have various focus points you discuss. I just wrote a blog about our president and after doing that I went through a list of subjects you have covered in the past. Then you pick the ones that apply to that particular blog. When you do that your blog will have a better chance of showing up when Internet users search a particular subject. I was a little shocked when I went through this list when I blogged about our current president. So why was that?

Well, when you write about this president, you are reminded of the various issues that have been a problem for him. I have 38 subjects I have written about. I checked off 27 subjects that come up when you think about what our problems have been since he became president. Let’s get into it. They are in alphabetical order.

The first is on abortion. We find out that under this president, we learn one of his favor organizations is Planned Parenthood who sells baby parts for profit – Mr. O avoids the subject. The next is aliens. That word has been designated as not PC. And if you add illegal, another subject word on the list, it then becomes a Mexiphobic statement. Illegal is also what he does when he tries to go around congress with executive orders or when he signs a law on Obamacare when it was illegally past through the Senate.

And then there is Benghazi where he lied by saying for a month that is was caused by a video. The problem is, his Secretary of State sent an email to her daughter telling her it was a terrorist attack, the night of the attack. A week later the president sends his UN adviser, Susan Rice, around to talks shows to perpetuate the lie 5 times. Hillary Clinton sends a message to the president of Egypt telling him it was definitely not the video, the day after the attack. The American People do not deserve the truth, so his election a month later was predicated on lies about how 4 Americans died. He stole an election by deceiving the American people.

The next up is debt. We were 10 trillion in debt when he started, and now we are reaching 20 trillion. It doubled.  Global warming comes up next. There are 400 ppmv total CO2 and humans across the globe are only responsible for 3%. The USA’s part is 15% of all human emissions so that leaves us with less than half a percent responsibility. that means our ppmv  is less than .5% of all CO2. The biggest contributors are China, India and the EU. But China and India are exempt under the Kyoto Treaty and we refused to sign it. It will cost us billions to reduce our emissions by 10%. With all our debt, we do not have the money and we would make absolute no difference. And that is the primary subject Mr. O talks about. But it is a lie.

Every time some idiot buys a gun legally and shoots a bunch of people, Mr. O brings up gun control. This country has millions of guns in the hands of legal gun owners and those are the people he wants to control. He cannot control the inner cities run by Democrat Mayors where 85% of all deaths by gunfire are black on black. But peeps the word about that. All the guns in those neighborhoods are illegal and no one knows who has them. There are thousands of gangs in this country with illegal guns. NO way are we going to be able to get those guns off the street.

I mentioned illegal immigration. Our president brings lawsuits against any state that tries to do something about it. And he does nothing about Sanctuary Cites who the most dangerous criminals back on the street. And when ICE takes control and is supposed to deport them, the president releases them back on the street. Kate’s Law is designed to put repeat felony offenders automatically in jail for 5 years if they return after deportation. That bill is block in the Senate by the President’s primary backer, Harry Reid, who does whatever the President wants.

This President is the first to comment on any event where there are drummed up charges against a white person. George Zimmerman was Hispanic but was called white, he was acquitted in a kangaroo court to appease blacks. When ever anyone talks about police brutality they reference this case and Zimmerman was not a policeman. Trayvon Martin attacked Zimmerman and Zimmerman legally carrying a gun, used it to defend himself as a last resort. The Ferguson case was blown out of proportion, where no crime was committed by a police officer who was trying to defend himself against someone who had already tried to take his gun, then charged the police officer threatening to take the gun again. The police officer who did nothing wrong, loses his job and has to go into hiding. Black rioters destroy the town in protest when nothing happened to merit a protest. Riots are also on the list. And Baltimore went up in flames when a drug dealer selling drugs, hurts himself in a police van while by himself and eventually dies from his injuries caused by his own rage. Any police officer remotely near the processing of the prisoner is arrested for murder. And the district attorney rushes to judgement and the Mayor backs her up. The Police Chief lost his job and during the riots, the police were ordered to stand down while a tremendous amount of destruction of private property and businesses are allowed to continue with no interference by the police. Police officers across the country are now under physical assault and many have been killed by ambush. Black Lives matter continues to ask for violence against innocent police officer everywhere. And Mr. O says nothing; he lets it happen. Except, he has his justice department investigate police officers and entire police departments for civil rights violation.

The IRS targets and blocks republican non profit organizations from getting approval of their tax status while the president is running for office. And nothing happens, those who go before congress about this, plead the fifth and the department of justice declines to prosecute. The IRS sent all those applications to IRS legal attorneys for review in Wash, DC. they also sent private tax records, also. Some of those records went to Democrat Members of Congress. Marijuana is illegal under federal law but this president lets state approve the use for both medicinal and recreational purposes without FDA approval.

The Military! Those who keep our country safe and give their lives or become severely handicapped are ignored by this president. The VA as failed them, President Obama tied their hands while they were in combat so they could not do their job. When they are killed by terrorists, it wasn’t due to combat. When you desert and help the enemy, you get a hero’s welcome. Mr. O trades 5 Taliban generals in Guantanamo to get him home, he delays the trial. And when the trial finally begins, the prosecuting attorney want’s to let him off for time served. Meanwhile, the military undergoes the most draconian cuts ever.

Obamacare was passed by violating Senate rules. It has not lived up to any promises by Mr. O. Now it is on track to implode in 2016. The President violates his own Obamacare law by granting exceptions to unions so they can avoid loss of their Cadillac Plans. He forces religion groups under Obamacare to pay for abortion services that will end pregnancies. Next year half of the insurance providers are going under.    And Occupy Wall Street protesters supported the president but were found to have committed numerous crimes of property damage, assaults, rape, drug us, etc.

Politics, Mr. O’s politics. Every decision, denial, lie, deceit and criminal violation of federal law is designed to make him look good and make his legacy look better. Regardless of the price millions of Americans have to endure financially, militarily and personally. Loss of jobs, phony statistics to make the economy look better than it is. Using the IRS to block his enemies. We have a two party system but he is bent on have just one, a dictatorship.

Religion is under constant assault but Islamic Terrorists get a pass. Iranian Cleric gets all their money back under this president while they scream death to America and swear to kill every Jew on the planet. And the president gives them an agreement that permits them to continue on a path of mass destruction, support terror and arrest Americans where they are put on trial for trumped up charges and then held for ransom. He blames the Christian religion for atrocities during the middle ages but says nothing about the beheading of Christians by Islamic terrorists today. And he calls himself a Christian.

Same sex marriages are more important than the rights of states to say marriage is between a man and a woman. A government official who refuses to issue these licenses based on religious belief is immediately arrested and thrown in jail. The President says nothing. Schools continue to get worse under this president when he said he was going to make them better. Teachers continue to get raises and improvements in student learning flat-lines. The unions take teachers money through dues and then sends all their political donations to Democrats at a 96% rate padding their pockets at the expense of education and taxpayer dollars.

The claim by Democrats, this president and John Kerry that 97% of scientists believe global warming is real is a lie. Actually surveys of scientists show a 50/50 split.  That 97% are those scientists who agreed to the UNs position and those scientists who did not agree were excluded from being counted. Only 97% of democrats agree making it a partisan issue not a science based issue.

Taxes. This president always wants to raise taxes so he can cover ever-increasing expenses. He is not the great uniter he said he would be, he is a relentless divider. Blacks against whites, rich against poor, women against men, police against the black community. Christians against Muslims. Military against civilians.

Mr O says the war on Islam is not real. He says most Muslims across the globe are peaceful but when the twin towers fell, all Muslims hit the street across the globe praising the hijackers. He beat up on Bush when he said “mission accomplished” when that was true because the military took Baghdad in a month. But the President said Obama is dead and Al Qaeda is on the run. Shortly thereafter, Al Qaeda attacked our mission in Benghazi and killed 4 Americans and injured others. And the president denied it for a month when he new right away who attacked in Benghazi. There is a war on terror and it is increasing exponentially and the President continues to deny the seriousness of it. He said no more boots on the ground especially in Syria. But he just sent 50 more special ops military to put their boots on the ground in Syria. But then the president says it is not a combat mission. Military carrying weapons being supported by F-16 and A10s is a combat mission. Any time special ops deploy it is to engage in combat. The lies keep coming.

I could go on, but I need to go get my breakfast and listen to news, just not from Obama’s lame stream media. Like what Marco Rubio said, the president’s super pact!


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My Buddy the President – Yeah, Right!

Posted November 5, 2015 By Gospel

Newsweek-Obama-Gay-PresidentWhat a less than remarkable piece of work. Our “leader from behind” is the epitome of one whose desultory conversations deliberately avoids the subject that is center most on everyone’s mind. His favorite subject of diversion is when he is confronted with something serious, he focuses on “climate change,” something that invariably happens daily. There is always safety when it comes to daily weather. If the sidewalk gets wet from a little drizzle of rain, it is definitely due to climate change. Yes, especially when the sun was out the day before or just hours before. The same is true when the temperature drops to zero and there is 4 feet of snow on the ground; damn that climate change, it is killing me! The only way this “Private and Chief” runs this country is into the ground.

He is good at coming up with an ingis fatuus which I guess would be equivalent to concentrating on something that is an ignorant infatuation with innocuous nothingness. He is so weak he bears no watching at all. He is a puppy who is dangerous to us all. He spends more time in a golf cart then in the oval office. He is a Connoisseur of the game of golf. In fact, whenever he is in the oval office, we should all yell “Four” before explaining a problem to him so he understands there is a problem about to happen. The problem is the moment something happens, he runs to the course or takes a vacation. In other words he assumes the position of an ostrich with is head in a hole while an Iranian Cleric shoves a stick of dynamic up his apex and lights the fuse.

You probably have noticed by now, when it comes to phobias, I am definitely an “Obamaphobe.” I strongly believe we need a new leader of the free world. The last one we had was ” President ” George W. Bush.

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Illegals and Their Lawyers = Parasites

Posted September 13, 2015 By Gospel

Lawyers, Unions and democrat politicians are parasites – along with their fellow illegal immigrants. But why? My story tells all. (Updated to 2015)


Garage Door Mural

Since our economy is going into the toilet and taking me with it, I wanted to show my disappointment with arrogance by making a political statement. What better way but to have people think I had started to buy gold and hold it in anticipation of the looming market crash everyone expects. It is going to be catastrophic. So, I found this really great site where I could buy a mural that covered my entire garage door. As you can see above, the picture I picked out was that of a stack of gold bricks that made it appear they were neatly stacked in my garage. But how would I know something would happen that would capture the eyes of the entire neighborhood and go viral.

It wasn’t long before I heard a few sirens outside. When I looked out my upstairs window, I noticed an ambulance with a stretcher being pulled out, two police cars parked at various angles blocking any traffic from getting by, and a newsman from a local mainstream media outlet filming, using equipment hooked up to huge cables running out of the back of his news truck which was weighted down with a huge extendable antenna on top. I was curious as to what was going on and ran downstairs, unlocked my sliding glass door and made it pass several other onlookers to get a better view of what happened. There was a person being loaded on the ambulance stretcher, hooked up to an IV, getting his blood pressure monitored and his vitals reviewed by the paramedics. One paramedic was on the phone apparently talking to the emergency room giving the latest update about the person’s condition to a doctor on call. The police were walking around trying to ask onlookers if they had seen what happened. No one had. It wasn’t until the next day when I learned from the police what had happened.

My doorbell rang and their was a couple of knocks on the door as well. Whoever it was, it seemed they where anxious to get someone to answer. I pulled back the side curtain and noticed two policemen seriously positioned at my front door. I opened it. The first thing they asked me was, “Is the garage door with the mural on it, yours?” I just love their trick questions since the condo number on the wall above the garage door matched the one on the front door they just knocked on. “Of course,” I said. “Yes.” “What’s the problem, officers?” “I am sure you know we had an incident where someone was hurt yesterday right in front of someone’s garage door. Well, the man we took to the hospital yesterday couldn’t speak English so it took us awhile to get an interpreter to translate for us so we could get his side of the story. That’s when we learned that he actually didn’t know what happened because he had blacked out and couldn’t remember. But one thing we did know was that it happened right in front of your garage door. The doctor told us it appeared he had been running really fast and smashed into something knocking himself out.  We think it might have been your garage since we just took a closer look and found blood stains on it at a level that matches our victim’s general height. The interpreter mentioned that he may be an illegal alien and we confirmed that later this morning because he had a record and had been designated as one who was under a deportation order. They released him this morning from the hospital and we have not been able to find him. ICE released him a few weeks ago asking him to return for his deportation date and he didn’t show.” “Wow,” I said. “You guys are really busy. But what does this have to do with me?”

They continued. “Here is what we think happened. We believe he may have been casing the area looking of an opportunity to break into one of the condos here in your complex. But when he saw the gold bricks on your mural, he thought he had struck gold and made a quick dash to your garage thinking he was about to strike it rich. That is when he ended up on the ground passed out. We have no idea why you are displaying that mural but in doing so you may have unintentionally cause bodily harm to an innocent passerby. So I am sorry, but we are going to have to ask you to take it down so it doesn’t cause any further injury to unsuspecting victims who might happen to be walking by. And since the victim doesn’t have any insurance, the hospital has asked us to file a report as soon as possible so they will have cause to send you a bill for their expenses incurred while caring for him. As a consequence, we may have to site you for causing bodily injury and charge you with aggravated assault since the damages were significant. We are sorry for the inconvenience, we are just doing our job.” I was going to say, “wait, I didn’t get all that. Could you start from the beginning?” But that would not be a good idea since they may think I was being facetious. I was not looking for a free ride to the police station at the moment.

Later that afternoon, I learned that, though the police and ICE were not able to find the guy, an attorney had. A server arrived at my door and presented me with a request from the man’s attorney asking me to provide the name of my homeowner’s insurance company so they could file a claim. There was also a notice that they had received a copy of the police report and were in the process of filing a civil action asking for compensatory damages to cover anticipated long-term pain and suffering caused by serious injury at no fault of their client. They recommended that I come to a meeting in their office to discuss a settlement agreement to avoid formal court proceedings from being filed on behalf of their client. I said, “I’ll get back to ya on that,” and closed the door. As soon as I closed the door, the phone rang. It was the ambulance company calling to confirm my address so they could send me a bill for transportation expenses associated with the victim’s transport to the nearest hospital.

It wasn’t long before my address was out for all to see. I knew for sure that was the case when I began to notice an ever-increasing string of automobiles starting to slowly drive past my home. Some of the vehicles had one or two occupants but several had as many as 4. I noticed that many of those cars had Obama/Biden stickers pasted on them in places where there was very little other space since numerous other stickers blanketed the back side of the car leaving just enough room amongst all the anti-Bush stuff, pro-choice, peace and gay rights stickers. The rest of the cars were hispanically adorned with Mexican flags and words that I didn’t understand. Some were painted in really pretty colors with glitterful, tiny reflective strings of lights in numerous colors flowing along the lowest exposed points of the entire car. I could tell when they were coming by, since some of them scrapped the speed-bump outside my window because their shock absorbers were completely worn out. I could also tell the same thing when I would hear bass music pounding on my exterior walls, shaking my foundation and causing all the pictures on the interior walls to tilt to one side or crash to the floor.

Needless to say, this was a little scary. I, for the first time in my life, started seriously fearing for my life. I finally broke down with my reluctance to buy a weapon and sneaked off to the nearest gun shop. I picked out a nice semi-automatic with extra clips and bullets that were extra powerful and had hollow points. But before I could get a gun, I had to go through a background check. It didn’t take long before I learned I would not qualify to buy a gun based on two reasons. First, based on my prior military service, I was put on a small dose of antidepressants by the VA, The other issue was associated with the fact that there was a recent record of a police report filed that indicated a possible pending assault charge. I had no other choice but to defend myself some other way. On my way home, I stopped by Walmart to buy a couple of high-powered pellet guns and a crossbow. But I needed more security so I got a quote from a home security vendor. It was $4500 for 24 hour of monitored security and a ton of wiring throughout my home attached to sensors from motion, to broken glass, to body heat. There was a bunch of other things but I had no clue what they were for. That quote was way outside my budget by just about $4500, give or take a few pennies.

I am not stupid so I figured out a more cheaper way. The other precautions were ingenious. I stopped by the local furniture store and found a stuffed, life-sized English Bull Dog accessory for my home. I returned to Walmart and picked up a beware of dog sign in English and Spanish and another sign that said this home is protected by Smith & Wesson. I then got on the computer to find a local home security service, copied their signage trademark to a JPEG file, enlarged it using photo shop and pasted it on a round board I fashioned on a table saw in my garage. I nailed it to long wooden stake I found at the hardware store used for temporary barriers on construction sites. I positioned the sign outside next to my home where the street light would shine on it to improve visibility from the street. I also found an electronic kit where I could create a small box with an LED blinking red light powered by a battery to attach to the wall in clear view from the sliding glass window so anyone who looked in could see that their was a professionally installed security system up and running. I bought little round chair leg coasters and stuck them to all my windows so they would be in clear view. I attached a short wire to them which  ran behind the curtain where I taped the end to the wall out of sight. Walla! I had window security glass breakage detectors.  Who knew I could do so much with so little? I set up a nylon fishing line “trip wire” that ran into my house and hooked up to a bell I attached to the wall next to my bed. I figured I better not use poison darts since I was not sure the “Make My Day Law” covered me if I did any harm to illegal immigrants who  aimlessly and innocently walked on to my patio area who did not understand what “Smith & Wesson” meant.

The traffic outside my home began to taper off. Probably because I was beginning to become old news and their were for sure many others impacted by the bureaucratic red tape, gun control, racist accusations, retaliation for not supporting illegal immigration and abortion and any other label with which the liberals used to describe me. I was becoming a little more relaxed just about the same time when my homeowner’s insurance policy holder representative called me to inform me they were settling out of court, paying all the expenses associated with the injured party. Then they inform me that since they decided to settle out of court, my insurance was going to be increased as a result of my negligence. It was then I noticed I was even becoming a little more relaxed but my wallet started to tremble.

It was just a few days later.

Wow! Did you hear that? I think I heard a thump coming from the area in front of my garage. Oh, shoot! I forgot to take down my mural of gold covering my closed garage! Dang. I called 911 and pulled out my smart phone, tapped on my Spanish translator software application, and rushed outside to take care of the victim. As I approached him, he was still conscious so I yelled into my phone, “help is on the way,” and I then pushed the translate button. The phone blurted out, “Ayude a estar por el camino.” The guy looked up at me and said, “Was?” (pronounced “VOS.”)

“Oh Shit,” I said. I think he is German!

It wasn’t long after that, and after the police report was filed, that cars started driving by my house adorned with German Flags and “Scheiss Ami”  or ” more formal “Beschissener Amerikaner” stickers pasted on the rear! The rough translation of both meant “Shitty American.” And just as a side note, the US State Department called to tell me that my Passport needed a special stamp; “Not permitted to travel to any country located within or adjacent to the European Union or countries in Central and South America.” I will be just a matter of time before an Islamic Terrorist hits my garage door and “BOOM,” I would be barred from visiting anywhere in the Middle East. The State Department will have all those countries on a no travel list anyway, but a little overkill won’t hurt.

Yeah, freedom is just great! If you are liberal.

OR, if you are a member of a labor union who contributed 96% of all their political contributions to Democrats, or lawyers and law firms who contributed 76% of all political contributions to Democrats. And isn’t it interesting that the majority of Democrat elected officials in our entire government are mostly lawyers. To be politically correct to Massachusians you need call them “Lahyas.” Have you any idea why we will never see tort reform? Or get rid of Public Labor Unions? Most Republicans are from the business sector. Any idea why corporations are hated so much? It is because they hire liberals but don’t pay them to stop working so they can live at home. There is another sub sector of liberals who vote Democrat, have not worked for quite some time and get food stamps to spend on the greater things in life, like Marijuana and all the other more “Progressive” concoctions known as designer drugs, H, and Crystal Meth; to name a very few. The problem with them is getting them to remember to vote. These folks needed to be on food stamps because they ran out of money when their 99 months of unemployment checks, granted to them by a liberal president, ran out.

Yeah, I know. I got carried away with that last paragraph. Just ruined a perfect story. I am going to just have to learn to stifle my free speech to which I actually am not entitled unless approved by a liberal.

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Is It Solar Activity or Man-made CO2?

Posted September 10, 2015 By Gospel

Yes, the Gospel of JJ is back harping about the global warming scam now being called climate change. If humans would just stop breathing for about 10 minutes; problem solved! (This is a update to 2015). Interestingly, they did away with the term global warming blamed on excess CO2 from humans to climate change so they could blame our CO2 on any weather change whatsoever.

But to make this problem a lot clearer, we need to ask two simple questions. If you do not know the answer to those two questions, you don’t know a thing about global warming.

The real reason the earth fluctuates in temperature is solar activity. The hype and blaming of CO2 is truly a scam. If you do not know the answer to two simple but very important questions then you are the problem. How much total CO2 is in our atmosphere? And then how much is man-made? The answer is 400 PPM overall in our atmosphere. The man-made part of that is only 3% of the 400%. That means our part, the man-made part, is just 12 PPM. When I say our part, I mean all the people on earth, not just the USA. There are two ways to look at this. First, our USA landmass is 6% of the entire landmass of the earth. So that means, we could take the 12 PPM for all man and factor it down to .72% to get the USA part as it relates to landmass. Our USA contribution is therefore less than 1 PPM of the 400 PPM. There other way to look at it?. Our CO2 output compared to all other countries is 15% of all Man-made CO2. So that means our part would be about 1.8 PPM. The ocean is going to absorb 40% of that so that would leave us at about 1.08 PPM of the original 400 PPM.  What percent of the original PPM of 400 is 1.08 PPM? That is about ¼ of a PPM.

What is important to know is that to reduce our ¼ of a PPM by just 10%, it would cost us billions. I mentioned that the ocean absorbs CO2 but it also emits CO2 depending on how warm it gets? The warmer it gets the more CO2 it releases. The ocean absorbs heat from the sun and the ocean covers 70% of the earth. The Scientists try to claim that the heating of the ocean is primarily coming from CO2 and all the heating is coming from the 12PPM from humans, less the ocean’s absorption rate. If I set a bucket of water out in the sun, do you think the water heats up from too much CO2 in the air; or the heat from the sun? Or, just take a million grains of sand, and heat 1 grain really hot and throw it back in. How much temperature change do you think that 1 million grains of sand would experience? Put 1 million quarts of water in a container and then bring one quart to the boiling point and then dump it back in. How much temperature change would you experience? How cold is the ocean? Well, 90% of it is between 32 and 37.5 degree Fahrenheit. The average temperature on the surface of the ocean is about 62.6 degrees. That surface temperature has increased .1 degree or 10% of one degree in 30-50 years. So the scientists are actually guessing about what happened over the course of 20 years. They are not sure. But they are absolutely sure that CO2 is the primary heat source of the entire planet. So let’s just say they are absolutely sure the surface temperature of the ocean is being changed by increased CO2 but they are not sure whether that change occurred from 30 years ago or 50 years ago. That leaves CO2 predictions not so accurate after all. They are just guessing.

Is increased CO2 so bad? Not according to the 1000s of government sponsored studies that clearly showed that the most effective level of CO2 for plant growth is between 1000 and 1500 PPM CO2 in the atmosphere. They have tested this over and over. The more CO2 we have, the more green the earth is. And that means more oxygen for the rest of us. I would be willing to guess that most of the folks who believe in global warming alarmism or that more CO2 is bad for us, also have a hankering to smoke marijuana. And, of course, they are always seeking that perfect crop that generates the best effect from THC, the drug in marijuana. Just search on line for how to grow marijuana and you find that growing the plant in a greenhouse provides for the most ideal conditions. And, of course, you have to make sure you have the best possible concentration of CO2. That perfect amount is 1200 to 1500 PPM.

If you pay more attention to the solar activity we routinely experience, you would understand that we are actually headed for another mini ice age. Things are going to start getting a little cooler. And over the past 20 years, we have experienced temperatures that are flat, not increasing. But the CO2 has been increasing. The Ocean surface is warming up a bit so that may be the reason for the increase in CO2 in the atmosphere. But warming seas also create more weather activity and more current activity. Again, I would be willing to bet that the 70% of the ocean surface has been reacting to sun rays, not human made CO2.

So can we get back to using oil and gas for energy? Global warming fears have been around since 1970 and it is now 2015. So we have spent billions of dollars on alternative forms of energy production. Specifically, wind and solar. Did you know that after about 45 years of effort, we now experience less than 3% of all our energy output from Solar and wind? You see what I mean? We are getting nowhere. And low and behold with all the help from solar and wind, we have managed to maintain a constant level of annual US output of man-made CO2 at about 15%. Wouldn’t you think all this money we are spending would have decreased that just a little over 44 years? Oil and gas are king. Without it we are lost. No plastic, no chemicals, no automobiles, no transportation, no heating, no cooling, no homes, no pavement, not one household item to make our lives better, not a single piece of medical equipment or supplies, and worst yet, no I-phone.  I reviewed a list of 400 items that we use as humans, each item derived from a petroleum process and I could only find 4 items I have not had the opportunity to use….yet. I could very well get the opportunity to use those also if I live long enough.

I love oxygen, it keeps me alive. Plants love CO2, it keeps them alive. Plants keep me alive. I need more plants and therefore more CO2. It is a wonderful cycle.

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There is an extremely powerful push to replace the use of carbon and oil in our lives. A good example is the push to replace carbon, oil and natural gas based power generation with solar panels and wind farms. The rally cry is “We need to eliminate our dependency on carbon.” This effort started in the 1970s when scientists, who were screaming about the whole world freezing over and freezing mankind out of existence, were overcome by scientists screaming about the world heating up due to our increase in carbon emissions as several nations entered into their industrial revolutions. But the chatter lately has focused on ridding ourselves of the use of carbon and oil. Do those believing in fixing the so-called global warming issue know what they would have to give up to accomplish this lofty goal? Well, let’s take a look at things that we should no longer use because they were produced with carbon/oil processes.

Many of those among us who have sufficient income to purchase a home and need to maintain a lawn to protect the value of those homes would have to give up fertilizers. They would also need to give up the use of water hoses and just about every other piece of equipment they use to maintain their lawns. Lawn mowers using gas or electricity for power that are totally manufactured by numerous petroleum processes, edging equipment, rakes, shovels, plastic bags to store the cut grass, or mulching bins, wheelbarrows, and anything else you find in your garage or shed you use to maintain the grass on your property. By the way, the entire garage and/or shed is made from products that were made from some form of processes using carbon or oil. Need I mention the entire component structure of the home? Same processes.  And the first thing that comes to mind that would replace the grass is artificial turf. But that too is manufactured using petroleum. The next idea would be gravel or rocks. Those too have to be created using heavy equipment, petroleum products, huge steel crushing equipment, large transportation vehicles to move the rocks around, and then those rocks would need to be delivered to retailers for sale to the public.

Our entire medical profession relies on the production of every physical tool they use. All of those tools are manufactured using a form of petroleum based processing. All their disposable supplies used to keep their entire existence sanitary are also made from the same processes. In fact, every single medical facility world-wide is built entirely from products derived from the same processes. Carbon is in just about everything you can think of. The water served in hospitals has no carbon but the cups serving that water do. And the water is purified at facilities totally dependent on an infinite number of carbon/oil based processes in every inch of their entire infrastructure.

Additionally, in the medical field, all the medicines, sanitation liquids and things like anesthetics are made using the same processes. Even the pills are in containers made from dissolvable materials created by petroleum based production methods. All the artificial limbs come from the same processes. Hospital beds, ambulances, exam equipment likes CT scanners, x-ray machines, temperature measuring devices and even the stethoscope the majority of doctors wear, is made from petroleum processing methods. Next time you enter a hospital, look around to see all the physical things they have to keep humans healthy or even alive. All of them are made from some form of petroleum process.

Many are complaining about the cars we drive burning gasoline. But the entire car, from the tires to the car seats, dashboard, all the mechanical parts used to keep the care functioning on the road and any piece of plastic on that car are made from petroleum processing. If the car or truck has a trailer hitch, that too is petroleum based. And the entire item you are towing is made from the same process whether it is a boat, camper or horse trailer, or any other item you may be towing. Adding a bike rack to the top or back of your vehicle adds equipment made from the same process. Even the entire bike, too. Every vehicle on the planet is lubricated with oil or grease to give it a longer functioning life. Every form of transportation from airplanes, trains, trucks and cars are violating the rules concerning carbon and oil use. The engine runs most efficiently if it has brake fluid, power steering and transmission fluid, antifreeze, refrigerant to keep us cool and windshield washer fluid to help clean the windshield. All these fluids would be disallowed.

You might as well start eliminating any kind of sporting good because everything we use in every sporting event is manufactured using petroleum and/or carbon. Cancel all the birthday parties because balloons would not be allowed. Candles would not be allowed. Paper to wrap gifts? No more! No parties of any kind since everything used to hold a party is made from some form of the same process. No golf carts, electric or otherwise. Even the golf balls and clubs have to go.

I learned of someone in Oregon or Washington State who does not recycle at all. She reuses everything. But she lives in a house made totally from petroleum processing. But she also takes some things she can no longer reuse, to businesses or other entities that have recycle bins. So much for that effort. How would someone be able to rid themselves of the use of these products that are so bad for our environment? That would be simple, give up everything you currently have, go outside totally naked and stand in an area that has not been touched by humans in any way. Oops, that naked part is against the law so I guess what I am suggesting is something that is not even possible at all. But if you did get arrested, all the steel in the jail cell would be made with a petroleum process.

We are determined to impose this carbon neutral mentality on the entire globe. But we can’t even feed the poor in our own country. We know we have a serious problem because almost 50% of our nation is on some form of subsistence. But I mentioned we want to change the world for the better.  We have spent billions of dollars supporting wind and solar but for the past 40 years while we have been on that drive, we currently get less than 3% of all our power from these two sources of energy. Yes, 3% in 40 years and billions of dollars wasted on this boondoggle. Now let’s take a look at the rest of the world where we are determined to impose these lofty goals. Did you know that 50% of the people in this world live on $2.50 a day? That is $75 dollars a month. That is $900 a year. That means we have to impose our world saving goals on 3 billion people who are dirt poor. Do you really think these people can afford to concentrate on recycling or worry about the concentration of CO2 in the air? They have much more pressing things to worry about.

We cannot stop with these dirt poor people. What about 80% of humans on this planet live on $10 a day or less, $300 hundred a month or $3600 a year. No way are we going to be able to change these people also. They do not have time to pay attention is such a ridiculous argument. They have to hunt for food, or work on a farm taking home a small portion of the crop to feed their family with no actual pay. They raise chickens and pigs and slaughter them themselves to get some meat on the table. Do you honest belief we can change the way those people live so they don’t pollute the air with CO2 coming from their fires or makeshift rock stoves why warming their food to eat. They don’t feed their chickens, they let them loose to go find their own food and those chickens return to their pen for the night. That is where these humans get their eggs. They have no food stores available; and they could not afford it if they did.

There are only 400 parts per million of CO2 in our atmosphere. Only 3% is from humans on the globe. The USA emission part is 15% of that amount for the whole planet so we are left with less than ½ of a percent of the entire CO2 in the atmosphere. Keep in mind the emissions generated from China and India, the most prolific polluters in the world, are exempt from limiting their emissions because they are going through their initial industrial revolution. They will generate even more as they progress and will not be able to decrease emissions for the foreseeable future. The Kyoto treaty exempts them and we didn’t sign it either. In 2010, our emissions were at 16% of the world. In 2011, we emitted 17%. In 2012, we were at 16%. 2013, 16% with a slight increase of .2%. China, in 2010 was at 24%. But then the chart began to show per capita emission in 2011 so China was given 7%. So if we discount that way of showing the data, China is still at 24-25%. There emissions are almost twice ours. India in 2010 was at 6%. So 1/3d of the total emissions are coming from two countries. The USA, China and India, combined, are almost at 50% of the rest of the world. The other half of the world is emitting around 50%. We have not improved our emission for the past 5 years. We are going nowhere but we are spending billions trying to get there. And it should be noted, since 1960, CO2 levels have increased 22%. But temperatures have only increased by a degree or two. That tells me without equivocation that CO2 does not drive heat.

Let’s revisit the ½ of 1 percent of which we can control. 3% of all CO2 is human driven. That totals 12 parts per million. If our part total part is 15% of that then our part is 1.8 parts per million. and 10% of that is about 1/4 of 1 part. That means if we correct 10% of our emissions we spend billions fixing .24 parts of the 400. And the believers want to fix the who 1.8 parts belonging to us. Which would cost us several billions of dollars to fix. What would be the real impact on the rest of the world if we spent all that. If we fix it all, the 1.8 parts per million, which is ours and absolutely impossible to do, the rise of CO2 levels over the past 49 years increasing 22% would make our effort fruitless.  And, since 1998, 17 years, the temperature has not risen. Is the CO2 increase really causing the planet to warm?? Of course not.

So here we see an increase of 130 or so parts per million and we can only fix 1/4 of a part of a million to get 10% of it. And our emissions are staying relatively the same. We have not been able to reduce our emissions but have spent billions trying to. IF the CO2 level has gone up 130 points and our emissions are stable, spending billions is getting us nowhere. We have shown by results that we are not able to cut 1/4 of 1 part of our own. But the rest of the planet has generated another 130 parts per million. Does anyone get the idea that we are spinning our wheels and having no affect whatsoever? And one more question, we cannot get the rest of the world do anything about anything: human rights, human cruelty, starvation, religious wars, terrorist attacks, famine, genocide, or all the hundreds of other human ills and foreign government actions, how do we talk them all into reducing their CO2 emissions? We are insane if we think we can make a difference. I would rather spend those billions feeding our poor, especially the children. In other words, mind our own business. And don’t waste so much capital trying to change the world. It is useless.

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The PC Police and the Common Folks

Posted March 16, 2015 By Gospel

Oops! I have paper waste What do I do now?

I wanted to get down on paper, in story form, some of the hypocrisies associated with some of our most intelligent, highly educated and what we would call the elite members of our society who do not normally mingle with the common staff at work who are in administrative positions like those in the human resources departments who the elitists feel have a rudimentary education. A vast majority of these elite members of society are immensely focused on issues such as global warming, the plight of polar bears with the melting of ice caps, the rising oceans, the draughts and why normal human beings don’t have the good sense to recycle their trash so we can save our planet. They are totally disgusted with how wasteful the majority of normal human beings are as they go about trying to keep themselves and their families alive on our planet. There are billions of folks in extremely rural areas of the world who do not know where their next meal is coming from yet we have very well educated, so called highly advanced do-gooders who want to completely change how those billions go about just trying to survive.

So! What people do in a lunch room and what sometimes happens there, can be interesting, fun, humorous or even challenging.  Friends gather from their intensely hectic mornings at work to relax and share recent experiences in their lives. It’s how they recharge their batteries so they can finish out the rest of their trying day. While eating lunch one day in the lunch room, a lady named Laura sat down with a few of her fellow workers. She was telling the others around the table about what her daughter, Natalie, shared with her the evening before, over the phone. It was a mother and daughter sharing some quality time with each other because they lived so far apart. Getting together physically is impossible since there are 1000s of miles of ocean and half the United States between them.

Natalie is married and lives in Hawaii with her husband Marcus in a home they recently bought. When they bought the home, they also bought a form of insurance that lasts a year to protect them from losses that might occur with the appliances that came with the home. A few months after moving in they noticed that just about everything in the upright freezer was partially thawed out. The insurance company sent out someone to check it and it was determined that it needed to be replaced. The insurance covered that and they received a new freezer a few days later. Marcus is sort of an outdoorsy type and works near the docks in Pearl Harbor. He sometimes brings things home that you might expect from someone living or working near the ocean in Hawaii, which is everyone. Natalie and Marcus work different shifts so they are often coming home at different times.  Marcus worked the night shift the night before and had just began his turn for getting some sleep. He had just dozed off when he was awoken by a scream coming from the kitchen.

Natalie had gotten up, prepared herself for work, and went into the kitchen to start her day with some breakfast. A bolt of fear struck her body and she jumped back when she opened the door to the freezer. She saw a huge set of widely based claws sticking out from the bottom shelf of the freezer. Her entire body went cold with fear as she let out a scream and slammed the freezer door shut. Out of blind fear she could swear she saw the claws moving and they were coming after her. Marcus came running into the kitchen to see what had happened. What she saw was the biggest king crab most people had ever seen in their entire life.  The moment Marcus saw what had happened, is the moment he began laughing uncontrollably almost falling to the floor. But that was just a fraction of a second before he took an intense blow from Natalie to the left arm just above the humorous bone. Isn’t it ironically funny how that happens? Emotions filled her body with the natural human response of flight followed by a fight where Marcus took a stern hit.

The punch to the left arm triggered more laughter from Marcus. Then he took a second hit in the same spot for laughing at what Natalie did not think was funny at all. It was just a few moments later when out of the joy of feeling that nothing serious was going to happen, Natalie joined in with the laughter as her body began to calm its nerves. As the laughter subsided minutes later, they both began hearing scratching. It was coming from what sounded like the bottom of the freezer. They opened the door. The crab was still alive and was going through its own flight response trying to helplessly crawl out of a freezer whose door had just slammed shut. Natalie sent a picture by smart phone to her mother to show her how huge that crab was. When Laura shared the picture and the story with her husband, his response was, “That crab is so huge, I am surprised it didn’t throw Marcus into the freezer.” A ton of laugher began again; and again between Marcus and Natalie when Laura shared that response with them.

And now back to the lunch room. The nature of the business this lunch crowd supports requires the hiring of several very highly qualified research consultants with extensive educations such as masters, PHDs and those at a level where they earned the right to be called Engineers. These folks consider themselves part of the elite set. They find it difficult to socialize with those members of the support staff with the very basics of an education. And that’s OK. The nature of any discussion needs to fit the social status of the group.

The common support staff can’t relate to someone whose professional life is immersed in having gained a Doctor of Philosophy degree in, say, social engineering. The elite person thinks that since they are philosophers in their field of expertise, it makes them qualified to play judge over those who are experts at somehow finding a way to get buy on a bare minimum of income. The elites think in economic terms of purchases and expenses in the “thousands of dollars” while the poor think in terms of hundreds, twenties and dollars; even pennies sometimes. And they always remain laser focused on where the next dollar might be coming from so they can support a family. How does a woman relate to a woman who bought their jacket from Neiman Marcus before they put it on sale for a few thousand dollars less when she is extremely happy she purchased her jacket on sale at TJ Max for 24 dollars but wonders whether she will ever be able to afford another or a pair of matching shoes.

While the story was being told at the table of the commoners, another one of the employees of the company who is of the elite ilk, was at the counter preparing her lunch for the microwave. But when she overheard that the crab had been placed in the freezer alive, she turned with a grimace on her face and in a condescending way, stated. “Oh, that is so cruel.” She is one who feels we should not eat shrimp because they are part of nature and should be left alone. The members at the table facing away from the woman placed their index fingers over their lips as to signal they should be quiet. The power of PC had raised its ugly head and those at the table were forced to stifle their speech. In essence, they were being denied to speak about such things, they were being told they were cruel, and they were being told that their speech needed to be denied since they were not qualified to know what is best for them.

Meanwhile, at that very moment while the speech at a table of generally happy people just getting along with their lives was abruptly curtailed; in a barrio somewhere in another part of the world, a family is overjoyed that they will be able to share a few pieces of chopped up shrimp, in what they normally experienced was only a small bowl of rice and vegetables, between a father and mother and their ten young children, following a short prayer of thankfulness. A month earlier, as sheer luck would have it, they were able to chop up the thigh of a chicken they received as a gift from one of their neighbors who cared more about their health than what stories they might be telling around the mat on the floor taking the place of a table they could only dream of having.

It is ironic that a majority of these elite members of our society go to 5 star restaurants where live crabs are served by throwing them into boiling water and slicing them down the middle before placing them on a plate next to a steak that originated from the slaughter of a calf whose meat is considered to be the most tender of all. The vegetables, a main staple of the poor, is just thrown to the side more as for image than for their nutritional value. The cost of that one meal for two is much more than what that poor family in a barrio might be able to pull together in a year or even a lifetime. And the elitist wants to teach them how to recycle their trash, stop cooking on open flames of burning wood spewing tons of CO2 into our precious atmosphere at a rate not seen for the past 200 years. They also do not want them to harm the poor creatures that deserve to be left alone; especially the hundreds of thousands of animals, birds, frogs and bugs from around the world who elitists have placed on the endangered species list. Just about the only creatures not on the list are humans, unicorns and dodo birds.

If one had the guts to say something, they might ask if the elitist in their presence knew that a study had been done showing that vegetables experience pain when they are plucked from the ground or a tree and then chopped up for their salad (I was just kidding about that study but the elitist would believe any study real or imaginary). I am, however, dead serious in asking whether they know that the marijuana they champion as needing to be legalized for human use, according to thousands of government studies paid for by the taxpayer, actually needs around 1200 to 1500 parts per million of CO2 to permit the best quality atmosphere for their growth. In fact all plants do best when the CO2 level reaches around 1200 parts per million.

Most elitists do not know that there are only 400 parts per million of CO2 currently in our atmosphere and they want to drastically reduce that number by taking billions of dollars from the tax dollars of most Americans who do not give a damn about CO2. They do not know that when the CO2 level gets at or below 180 parts per million, plants can no longer survive.  They do not know that approximately 23 million years ago, Antarctica was covered with fern and had no ice caps at all. The vegetarians are mostly those who believe in global warming and the need to reduce CO2 but don’t realize how many more vegetables would be available for their consumption if they would permit the CO2 level to drastically increase.

The most ironic thing is that most of the elitists in this country do not know what part of that 400 PPM is actually man-caused CO2. The 97% of the scientists they claim consider the issue settled science, are really only convinced that CO2 has the capability of retaining heat in our atmosphere. They say that because all compounds have that feature to varying degrees. The question is to what degree. But more importantly, that degree is insignificant since only 3% of that 400 PPM is man-made. Would these elitists know that CO2 makes up only .0004% of our atmosphere of which only 3% of .0004% is man-made? Do they know that the oceans cover 70% of the planet and soak up 40% of that human made CO2? Or do they realize that the USA only takes up 3% of the entire landmass of the globe? Just how much CO2 do we have control of? The fraction is just way to minescule to even imagine. And the elite want us all to spend billions of dollars cutting our emissions of CO2 when we have o control over the rest of the globe. Maybe they should worry about human rights and animal rights and endangered species more! Oh, but they do! My bad!

That is why those commoners sitting around the table eating their lunch don’t believe the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere is a problem. That is why that poor family sitting around a mat eating rice and vegetables doesn’t worry about CO2 levels. They have more pressing things to worry about. If the elitists would just leave well enough alone, these poor people would have a much more vibrant source of vegetables making it easier for them to survive if the CO2 level would be closer to 1200 PPM than merely 400 PPM.

I was at a fast food cafeteria at the Botanical Gardens mingling with the elites who go there often and it only took me a moment to get what I wanted and sit down to eat. But when I got ready to leave I approached the area where one could dispose of one’s trash. When I got there I noticed there were 4 separate bins, 4 different colors, and each had a specific and distinct purpose for being there. There was one that said cans only, one that said bottles only, one that said organic only (whatever that means), and then the 4th bin said other waste. There was a large sign on the wall over each bin, in matching colors to their respective bin that explained what each bin was for and then there were several lines of instructions below that in small font explained in excruciating detail exactly how to separate your trash and what constituted that type of trash. I have to admit I did not have time to study what I could only describe was a 4 level college course requiring me to cram the rest of the afternoon learning how to separate my trash to insure I could pass the final exam. I just hope the instructor is grading on a curve. But, like many college students, it didn’t take me long to figure out a shortcut using my highly advanced commonsensical ability to solve major problems quickly. I could just dump it all in the bin that said “Other Waste” and go about my day. So I slyly peered around to make sure the PC police were not watching me and in it all went.

Isn’t it interesting that while all those elitists are driving to work, they pass probably 30 or 40 black 50 gallon plastic bags full of all sorts of trash, undivided by category, laying by the side of the road where the common folks dumped them while in a hurry to get to where they are going so they could earn a few bucks to feed their families and pay the rent. The PC crowd driving by those bags must be going nuts.

But now, while writing this, I remembered I needed to go take my trash out quickly since the trash truck was due any minute. Of course, I only had one bin so I was able to accomplish that task in a timely manner. That reminds me of the phrase, “Haste makes waste.” I would add, “Disposal more efficient.” Oh, I was wondering, “Which bin do I sit on to deposit my fecal waste?”

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The Brilliance of Our Colleges

Posted February 2, 2015 By Gospel
SO Cool!

SO Cool!


Here is a quote that is so apropos with an excessive number of our young people today. “Those who will not reason, are bigots, those who cannot, are fools, and those who dare not, are slaves.” -Lord Byron, poet (22 Jan 1788-1824)

Sadly, many of these young people actually have finished college or have been working on that for much more than 4 years. They routinely change their curriculum goals so as not to graduate because they can get all their expenses paid by their parents. At least until their grants and education loans run out and their parents give up on them. The next stop for these humonculous creatures is the basement of their parent’s home.

Then as luck would have it, they would visit the coolest block downtown where all the hipsters go only to be willing to answer the questions of a roving news reporter called Watters from Fox news, the programs they have been conditioned to hate by their peers and professors – the absolute elite among us. With the superior visual acumen they possess, they notice the mic he holds says “FOX NEWS” on 4 sides in 48 font print. But why would they want to answer questions from this guy? Because they think they are much smarter than anyone connected to Fox News. The news reporters segment on Fox News is called Watter’s Word.

One brainy looking hipster with “dreaded” locks and white; and smoking a pipe glowing from each puff of hallucinogenic Maui Wowie he manages to purchase through the mail with parental monetary subsistence, he gets a question. “Have you heard of Watter’s World?” His answer is, “Sure, it’s a movie starring Kevin Costner?” When asked, “Which team in the Super Bowl are you rooting for, the Jets or Dauphins,” he answered with the same assuredness, “The Dauphins.”  Those teams are not playing in the Super Bowl, it’s the Seahawks and Patriots. Just because you are the hippyist of all the mental giants among us, it doesn’t mean you are an intellectual. You may be highly educated because of your “C” average in college but keep in mind, with a grade like that, you missed half of what each class was designed present. And the reason for the “C?” There were a couple of Orientals in the class bringing all the grades up by grading on a curve so the professor could make himself look good. It brings new meaning to the term “Under”graduate!

The last point in that quote above is being a slave to whatever your friends believe and what your President tells you. After all, if he gets elected as a result of your vote, or your friends’ votes because you didn’t have time to vote, how could you buck the group for fear of the embarrassment? There is a state called all-knowing and the opposite of that is total denial. But the there is one level below that. The cocoon state. A state of those who should have been aborted by their parents. Do you know someone like this? If you do, I am so sorry about that.

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Global Warming? – Another Crack!

Posted April 24, 2014 By Gospel


OMG! My Sweat is Freezing!

OMG! My Sweat is Freezing!

There was a NewScientist article released in 2011. The article is a perfect example of how a science news release gets garbled in translation on purpose. I am wondering why it was worded in that manner. Let’s break it down and then see if the global warming argument is starting to develop some cracks.

First, the subject is interesting: Warmer Oceans Release CO2 Faster Than Thought. Normally, you would use the word “then” instead of “than.” But maybe they meant to say “faster than Scientists thought” – just don’t want to use the word scientist in the same sentence when it doesn’t support what the original modeling presented. The only reason I can think of is they wanted to get away from saying the science is settled. Are they really telling us the original settled science is false?

So in this article they explain that “as the world oceans warm, their massive stores of dissolved CO2 may be quick to bubble back out into the atmosphere and amplify the greenhouse effect.” That is just one sentence being used as a paragraph. They have made their point. That poses a question.” Just how much of that greenhouse effect is caused by CO2 emissions from the ocean that are natural and not human CO2? The key word in this paragraph is “amplify.” If it does, then by how much?

Then they start the next sentence with “the oceans capture around 30 percent of human CO2 emissions and hide it in their depths.” But they do not say that the oceans also capture the rest of the CO2 at a 30% rate as well. Even the percentage is not clear. I have seen anywhere from 20% to 50% absorption rate by the ocean according to scientist (they are not sure). One thing to remember is that according to these same scientists, the total CO2 in the atmosphere is 398 Parts per million (ppm). But what they really avoid telling us is that the part of that CO2 that is man-made is only 1 percent of that when they include water vapor and clouds in the mix of those elements of our atmosphere that have an effect on keeping our planet warm. They tell us what that number is: It is .0398% of the whole. So that means it is about 1/3 of a ppm of CO2. You have 398 ppm heating the earth, and 1/3 of 1 ppm is responsible for all the heat.

Now doesn’t that strike you as odd when a scientist claims that 1/3 of a ppm of the atmosphere is solely responsible for heating up the entire earth’s atmosphere, and also the ocean that covers 70% of the globe and is as much as 14,000 ft. deep? It would be better to know how many gallons of water are in the ocean. According to these same scientists, there are 343 quintillion gallons. If you’re not sure how much that is, think about it this way: 343 billion, billion gallons of water are in the ocean.

Then in the same paragraph they claim “the hiding of CO2 in the ocean slows global warming somewhat” (but they are not sure how much). “Climate records from the last ice age show that as temperatures climb, the trend reverses and the oceans emit CO2, which exacerbates warming.” So they are telling us that all the CO2, natural (398 ppm) and human (1/3 of 1 ppm), are being emitted causing an exacerbating effect on global warming. I would argue that most of the warming is coming from the natural part, just saying. And if the ocean is absorbing at least 30% of all the CO2 and emitting more and more of it as it warms up, would the ocean be partly to blame for releasing CO2 into the atmosphere causing the increase in warming? And the ratio would be 398 ppm of which 1/3 of 1 ppm is human stuff.

Then they shoot another whole in the settled science case when they state that previous studies suggested that it took 400 to 1300 years for the CO2 to enter the atmosphere from the ocean. “But now the most precise analysis to date” (they are not sure again?) “has whittled that figure down.” Are you kidding us? You use the word “whittled” to describe a drop of anywhere between 200% and 650%? Then they say, “possibly even less” than the 200 years. If you whittle a piece of wood down 650%, you may be left with a toothpick. So I guess you’re like me, I am really confused as to what the answer is since they did say they were using the most precise analysis to date.  But they are not done yet. Later in the article they state that “the teams’ study comes with a significant uncertainty. Plus or minus 200 years could actually be no lag time between rising temperatures and gases being release.” Ok then, we have absolute uncertainty, not significant. One scientist from Australia’s commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) stated: “they’ve really nailed it!” I am really glad this scientist is in science and not out building houses! To add to his “nailed it” remark, he states: “despite the uncertainty, this is a really good data set that they’ve got.” So they are telling us everything is uncertain but the data set is very good. Wouldn’t that discredit prior data sets used to settle the science?

Do you remember all the ice core studies that helped scientists settle the science? Well this study states something interesting. They claim “previous estimates used cores from regions with low snowfall leading to a very gradual trapping of the carbon dioxide in the ice. This increased uncertainty in timing.” And here comes another kicker;  “many previous studies used only one ice core site.” Oh, how convenient. So the ice core site used previously underestimated the amount of CO2 in all the ice? Could that indicate that the lower estimates of CO2 turns out to be actually larger than originally believed?

But the article is not done yet in putting a “nail” in the settled science modeling. The following statement was made: “climate modelling will be needed before we can speculate how the results relate to current warming.  So you need more modelling in order to “speculate” on what this new data, a really good data set, will impact, amplify, exacerbate or effect global warming?

I will speculate. I would be willing to guess, which is also speculation, that 1/3 of 1 ppm (the human part), is not going to have much effect on global warming at all. I am more certain than ever that we are going through a warming trend which started with the end of the little ice age. A 30 year ping in CO2 levels is a blip on the earth’s climate changing record over billions of years. And just as a side note. Scientists state that methane, 25% more powerful than CO2’s heat retaining capability, is now at a level where it contributes 30% of all CO2 impact. And just like always, the scientists are not sure how this is happening. But other scientists say, it is due to permafrost melting and releasing massive amounts of methane. OMG. We need to cork all the cows. And don’t forget the goats, sheep, camels and pigs.

There are a few facts that scientists want to avoid. There was a time in our earth’s history where CO2 levels were between 4000 and 9000 ppm. There was also a time our earth’s history when there were no ice caps on the poles and fir trees were dominant. Most liberals believe in global warming and also like to smoke marijuana. But they do not realize that the best marijuana is created in greenhouses where the CO2 level is kept at its most ideal level to promote the best crop – 1200 to 1500 ppm. Plants can’t survive at 180 ppm so the 1/3 of 1 ppm is meaningless as far as plants are concerned. Why are we so concerned?  We would not need greenhouses for plants of any sort if we could just raise the CO2 level to 1200. Government sponsored studies confirmed this CO2 level is best for most plants. But, needless to say, but I will say it anyway. We are going to have to wait for the ocean to take care of the CO2 level in about 0 to 1300 years – But I am not sure about that either.

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The Moon is Brighter than Our Street Lamp

Posted December 24, 2013 By Gospel

Moon and LampI just have to write about this. It is broad daylight and the moon is brighter than this insane street light on the sidewalk near our home and garage. When my wife came home and pulled the car into the garage, the light came on while she was getting out of the car. But when she picked up her bag of groceries from the back seat, shut the car door and pushed the button to close the garage, the light went out. From the garage to our back door, she had to walk in the dark. The moon was not out.

I think this imaginary street lamp is supposed to come on when someone walks by which is a great idea for a street light; it saves electricity. But the money for this street light was not well spent. It comes on when you least need it. Our HOA dues went up again this year. In five years it has gone up just about 200%. But if we asked to have this lamp fixed, there will inevitably an excuse that they are working on paying more important expenses. That is probably the HOA employee payroll. Or like the time we wanted to get a light put in in an area that is secluded and used by drug dealers to sell their potions and   wares. We have been trying to get this done for over 2 years. But the last excuse was they had to delay it since they need money to close down the pool for the winter.

I guess there is only one thing we can do. Check the Farmer’s Almanac to see when the next full moon will be out. Then we can go get our groceries. The drug dealers don’t like full moons for obvious reason. Our Safety is less important than getting the pool shut down for the winter. It will continue to be lights out the drug dealership doing business 20 yards from our home. Oh, yeah. I need to go get miners hats for my and me so we can see our way to our home. I wonder if the HOA will pay for that. It is much cheaper and a street lamp.

By way, our state just approved the use of marijuana so the dealers had to stop selling it. They can only sell the hard stuff.

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