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Perfect Example of Liberal Hypocrisy

Posted December 10, 2015 By Gospel

school houseThis happened 3 years ago in Riverside, GA. Here is a perfect example of liberal hypocrisy. Keandre Varner is about to graduate from High School. I might add with the dropout rate among black students so high, I am extremely proud of Keandre for being an exceptional student and getting his diploma. But it seems his principal was arrested for not showing up for a hearing concerning her speeding violation and she got caught. We can assume, because of her position as principal and because she is black, she could just ignore the police because they are most definitely racist, profiling her and disrespecting her; their ancestors kept slaves and forgetting the fact that she is a principal of a high school.

Using his computer skills he learned in school, Keandre happened to find his principal’s mug shot on line. You know, that worldwide internet thing where everyone in the world has access and is free for them to use, view, insinuate and to guess as to why she was arrested.  And since that mug shot is public record placed on there by the government on their own website according to accepted law and for the public’s legal interest and their right to know, you would think that Keandre could post the picture on his Instagram to share it as something of interest. I think we call that exercising your free speech.

But along comes the principal, a typical liberal, who gets pissed off that one of her students had the gall to do such a thing  – to “exercise his free speech rights off school property without her permission. She first tries to get him arrested by asking a policeman on campus, there keeping the peace and enforcing the law, to take him into custody. The policeman did the right thing by refusing to handcuff Deandre and cart him off to jail. I am pretty sure he refused because there was nothing to charge him with. Or maybe the policeman left is “Miranda Rights” quote card at home that morning and couldn’t remember exactly what it said.

Now, I think the policeman could have arrested the principal for trying to file false verbal charges. But of course, he really shouldn’t do that since she IS the principal and presumably, according to the principal, immune from prosecution; you know like foreign dignitaries. And of course, there is that profiling thing that exempts her from any scrutiny since she is black. Every policeman is fully aware of that.

Since the arrest of Deandre didn’t work, the principal, by virtue of her falsely perceived, untethered, limitless power, charged him with the spreading of misinformation. My question would be; misinformation to whom? The public who has the right to know? Other students who are able to freely access Instagram on their own, something that is clearly an actual right? Wow! Here we go again with that liberal cry, “watch out for the slippery slope.” Oh, but that slippery slope doesn’t apply to liberals. What we have here is a bunch of slippery slop; the pig-like kind after the pigs have finished eating! She calls her own personal kangaroo court into session, designating her self-appointed self as judge, jury and executioner. She said wrongly, that he said, “She was arrested for DUI. But he actually said he thought she might have been arrested for DUI. He didn’t know for sure. She suspends him for what he was thinking.

The actual charge should have been that Deandre was stupid to not realize that his principal would get pissed off at him and have the gall to illegally retaliate. So he really didn’t do anything wrong. He followed the teachings of all his teachers by practicing the skills they taught him. They also taught him about what is free speech, the purpose of our legal system, how our country works and that he should expect to be treated fairly at all time. And that it is wrong to make false accusations. The principal only watches students all day but no one else. I wonder if possibly the principal could be performing the act of profiling.

And it is interesting, after all this education she insists all her students must take to be a better citizen, that she actually, really breaks a public law, gets caught, fails to show up in court, gets arrested without any profiling or racism, gets booked, fingerprinted and has her picture taken, she takes it out on one of her students by profiling, falsely accusing, abusing and punishing him, not because he misinformed someone but because he pissed her off. Might this whole episode indicate that she doesn’t practice what she preaches? Well, yes.

After all, she is a liberal who should be permitted to do the things she does because it will be better for rest of us in the long run. We need to accept that they know better and will always do the right thing regardless of how wrong it might be in their own eyes. I am so glad that Deandre is graduating from fantasy land and moving out into the real world to make the very best of his life. The only thing he learned in high school was how not to be.

This whole situation would never have happened if the principal wasn’t caught speeding and didn’t skip out on a hearing – you know like skipping out of school. We all know you are going to learn something by not skipping; Deandre, things he can use to live a good life and the principal, things she should not do in life because it is unlawful, or arrogant or certainly expected of her not do since she holds a position of responsibility caring for our young people, and where her example she sets is paramount.

Keep in mind, Keandre, you are not the only one who has had to experience this kind of activity, it happens all the time in our schools. The management, principals and administrators, alike, deliberately try to hide all that happens in schools to protect the reputation of the principal.  It is bad publicity regardless of who steps out of line. I am so sorry you had to witness firsthand what liberals feel they are free to do all the time; practice the epitome of hypocrisy. Best of Luck , Deandre with all you do. And remember: Don’t let things happen to you; make them happen for you!

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Obama Presidential Portrait

Posted November 20, 2015 By Gospel

President on ToiletThe Television was in its usual state when I went downstairs this morning to get my coffee. It was on. Dana Parino was hosting a documentary program about the Presidency of George W. Bush. Part of her presentation was when she was in the White House with President Bush discussing various Presidents’ paintings. The Portrait of Lincoln was his favorite. He favored history and mentioned he emulated Lincoln during his presidency. I couldn’t help but wonder how President Obama will control the creation of his masterpiece.

I learned that it is the Non-Profit White House Historical Association who foots the bill using private donors. That is really good for us because some of those paintings nowadays cost as much as $40,000. The National Portrait Gallery is where you can find most of the paintings of our presidents. President Bush had his own donors cover the expense for his. But Presidents can’t have their portraits unveiled until after their term of office is complete. During their presidency, a photograph is used, and after that the photo is replaced by the painting. During Bush’s portrait unveiling in the White House, he stated to the guests: “Welcome to my hanging!

Presidents normally pick their preferred painter. With Clinton, Hillary controlled that. Why does that not surprise me? She reviewed many offers and interviewed and reviewed the work of a lot of them. And sometimes she would permit Bill to tag along on some of the interviews. They decided on a black man from the South, the first black man to ever be called upon do a president’s portrait. I’m guessing she might have done that for political reasons in the event she ran for office. That would be a good campaign item to work into her speeches. She had the man paint a portrait of her as well, for the First Lady’s picture. The question was, I am sure, which painter is going to get us the most votes. There is another interesting fact off the subject of paintings, Clinton doesn’t have a Presidential Library, it’s an Adult Book Store.

Needless to say, President Kennedy’s portrait was painted after his death and Jackie controlled that one. The artist did not want to paint a dead man’s eyes so the portrait shows the President looking down in such a way that his eyes are not visible. President Kennedy was my President when I was in high school. Like most young people then and today, it seems being a democrat is the right thing to do. Then later in life we find out who these democrats are, what they do to get elected and how they stay elected. I was an early convert to Republicanism. You notice they don’t have an “ism” for democrats so they use the closest thing to it calling themselves followers of socialism or communism. I think if you have a political following, you should be able to describe it with an “ism. Just like their party, democratism doesn’t work.

But then we have the forthcoming portrait of President Obama. And I am sure Michelle is really going to get involved in that effort. In fact, she already is, coming up with a potential painter who she gave the leeway to present what he felt would be a good idea. They even have it hung already in the White House, but where no one can see it yet. That way they can check it out occasionally to see if it tickles their fancy. It is a painting of the President sitting on top of the world. The globe clearly looks like it is made of porcelain. His pose portrays him looking like a President sitting on a throne. I suppose that is what gave them the idea to hang it in the President’s private bathroom. That way he can get used to viewing himself while sitting on a porcelain throne, sitting on top of the world with his pants down below his knees. The painter was careful to insure his pants were not so low that they would obscure his presidential shoeshine.

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Racism Has Not Changed; Just Gone Full Circle

Posted November 10, 2015 By Gospel

Riots again about race, now coming from college campuses! When I was a teenage, I lived in Southern California in the 60s. Now I am a big ugly white guy in my late 60s. I led a sheltered life growing up on a small ranch in Southern California about 50 miles East of LA. I was oblivious to what was happening in the South until the race riots started happening. I became interested quickly and I was inspired by what Martin Luther King was doing. I was not very happy with hearing about separate fountains and counters and riding in the back of buses. And the ones who were imposing these guidelines were, as far as I was concerned, rednecks from the bottom of the redneck cesspool. And my father had a redneck mentality which I felt at the time was not that bad. My father and mother separated when I was about 18. My dad who is now passed away; committed suicide. He was dirt poor and lived until he was 85 getting social security checks and getting his medical services at the VA. So my observation was that he was no better than the complaints he was trying to lodge against the entire black community in our country. I thought with time he would get over it.

But I remember when I was young how he would tell me over and over that “If you give a nigger an inch, they’ll take mile.” I just couldn’t believe that was true. I did not feel comfortable every time my father said that. At the time, I didn’t really know better or why. So how did I eventually determine he was a full blown racist? In 1999 my brother committed suicide – he drank too much and used drugs often. And then in early 2000 my mother became ill with a sudden brain tumor and partial paralysis on her left side and would only live another 6 to 8 months. I brought her to Denver from Southern California and with the help of my whole family, we took care of her in my home under Hospice. I asked my Dad who was living in Reading, California at the time, where he lived rent free in a small trailer on a ranch caring for the property and the livestock; to come to Denver. He agreed. I thought I could get him a similar arrangement on a ranch in Colorado after my mother died. I set him up a bunk in our basement. He and my mother had long talks about everything and it was a very happy time for my mother, and I enjoyed seeing them laughing together and enjoying themselves.

But then it happened. While I was standing, caring for my mother one Sunday morning, he came up to my side and said I had some serious problems. But he didn’t want to talk about it in front of my mother. I took him to a pool hall to talk since he liked to play pool. I thought it had something to do with the care of my mother. But no. We parked in the parking lot and he started by saying, “you know, I cannot stand the sight of black people.” We never got inside to shoot pool. We had black people delivering my mother’s medicines occasionally. My daughter who was 12 at the time really helped a lot caring for grandma. So I told her I would take her and her friends to the water park so they could take a break and have some fun. One of those friends was half black. I asked my father if she was a problem for him as well. He said, “Yes.” I told him she was an innocent 12-13 year old, but he cut me off saying “you don’t know what they are thinking.” I said, “Well what is more important is that they don’t know what you are thinking. You are no better than the KKK.” But then he said, “But they wear masks.” And I replied, “and you are too chicken shit to wear a mask.”

I really blew up. I explained that I would have no problems inviting Colin Powell over for dinner. He said, “He is just looking out for himself and the blacks.” Then I said, “You know, he would make a better father than you.” And my father continued to insist that I should not permit any black people in my home. I told him I would not impose such a ridiculous rule on my family. And if he could not deal with that, he would have to leave. He said, “OK.” We spoke no more. We drove home. Then the next morning, I came downstairs and he was calmly setting at the kitchen table reading a newspaper and drinking a cup of coffee as though nothing had happened. I leaned over the kitchen counter and said, “So when are you leaving.”

I drove him that morning to the truck rental to get him a truck for his stuff and he packed up and left. I never again heard from him or knew where he was. It was years later when I got a call from the Reading City Manager’s office to inform me of the suicide. I immediately arranged a flight and my wife went with me. We took his car to a junkyard and sold it for $25. I arranged for a friend of his to distribute his ashes at the ranch where he used to live according to his wishes in the suicide note he left. He gave the few hundred dollars in his bank account to his friend as well. My wife and I sorted through his belongings and found a few mementos. The city kept the rest to auction off and the funds would go to the city for their trouble. I was finally done with my father. I was sad it all had to end that way, but that was my family. You get the cards you are dealt.

I met my wife in Germany when she had joined the service to make money to send home. I am the only one left from my side of the family but my wife has 5 sisters and 4 brothers; a family of 10. My wife’s father died when she was 12 and it was not until she was 21 when she left for Hawaii. And that is when she slept in a bed for the first time. Her mother had all these children while living in a barrio in the Northern Philippines and they were dirt poor. She gave birth 10 times the old fashion way by squatting with the aid of a brother who was the family midwife. As a child, my wife’s mother happened to have been born on the Island of Hawaii while her parents were over working in the fields; she had a Hawaiian birth certificate. She returned home to the Philippines, grew up and got married at the age of 17.

An Uncle living in Hawaii found mother’s birth certificate and with his saintly help managed to get them all to come to Hawaii in 5 groups over 3 years. The first ones including the mom began working immediately so they could send money back to the Philippines for the next group to come. The mother worked in the pineapple fields. And so it went, after 3 years, they were all back together. But that is only the beginning of a remarkable story. Every one of her brothers and sisters found good work, got married and had children. Most of their children have graduated or are still in college. The degrees so far have been a Doctor of Pharmacy, my daughter; Political Science, my son and who has just started law school; a female civil engineer now working in San Diego, a female dentist who recently graduated, degrees in nursing, music and several more degrees to come.  The Grandma is still living in Hawaii being cared for by her children. She is now almost 90 years old and has several great grandchildren. When she was 85, the entire family came from everywhere to give her a birthday party on her birthday which is December 25. The greatest moment during the celebration and the most moving moment for me was when all her grandchildren got up on the stage and sang a song to her in English. They sang the Bruno Mars hit “Just the Way You Are.”  I am now tearing up right now even 4 years later.

I might add that one of my wife’s sisters is handicapped and made her way around while in the Philippines on flip-flops attached to her knees until she was 13 years old. She had no bottom parts of her legs. And her hand was partially deformed. She was the last to come over to Hawaii but before she came she remembers sitting in a front window thinking there was no one like her in the whole world and she would not be able to work like the others. She thought she would not be able see her mother again. But she did arrive in a Hawaii in the last group to come from the Philippines. She got married to a Navy guy who took her to Ohio and it was there she gave birth to two children. One has a Music degree and the other graduated and joined the military. He is just got married. My wife’s sister started a sewing business in her home and for 4 years, she sewed the names on the back of all the jerseys belonging to Ohio State Football team. And it was one of those years they won the national title. She also offered to sew some really large curtains for someone who lived in a mansion-like home. That owner put the word out and she began sewing these types of curtains for several other well off residents in up-scale Columbus. She then moved to South Carolina and is now working with a sewing company and she is so good that the boss lets her do what she wants and the rest of the crew simply adore her. They love her amazing attitude and her remarkably entertaining sense of humor. While she was in Ohio, she and her husband came to visit us while we were in Pennsylvania. We took them to see Washington, DC. Her husband carried her up the steps of the Capital Building on his back.

I may have lost my entire family but I gained the best family anyone could ever hope for. They are all such wonderful people. They are filled with respect for others, help each other all the time and have big meals together to enjoy the life they have. And I am so blessed to be a part of it. God blessed me beyond belief. And I am convinced that I am getting much more than I deserve. I often wonder how I could have been so lucky by asking a Filipino lady to marry me. I am inspired by what the whole family has accomplished after having come from such austere circumstances.

That brings me to wonder, what went wrong with our black communities. How did they reach a point of such despair? Could it be possible to give them an outlook on life like these simple Filipinos? I am very saddened by what I see and I am powerless to do anything about it. I am experiencing racism because of the color of my skin. I have not done anything wrong, but I am so hated by so many. I had hoped things would get much better when President Kennedy took such decisive action in turning the South around. I am now certain I will pass away before I see any change for the better.

They hate Fox News and Bill O’Reilly. But while public schools for blacks are doing very little to help them, the teachers are getting a good paycheck and politicians keep telling the black community they are going to help them; and that has been going on for 50 years since the 60s. Bill O’Reilly supports a private school for under privileged kids in one of the worse neighborhoods in New York City. But those kids do well, they wear uniforms and get a good education. He is doing his part and most of the black community hates him just because politicians have told them Fox News is bad. What a shame.

We need all private schools for our black children. The public schools run by unions and democrat politicians have kept the black communities poor. All the major cities have the same problem and those cities are run by democrat mayors who are against private schools solely because they get so much economic support from unions. Millions of dollars of public funds have been spent under the guise that it is intended for those black communities. That money has been wasted. Sixty years of waste.

It is time for members of our black communities to take back their neighborhoods, honor the family and turn their neighborhoods into gun free zones. And Use the Police to Do it! Democrats like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson, the NAACP and the Black Caucus, keep making victims out of them. As long as these entities keep making victims out of them, we are never going to see any improvement. We are witnessing the most destructive form of slavery ever witnessed on this planet. Keep them poor, keep them believing everything is going to get better. Why do this: because we need their vote to stay in power. There is no lynching anymore but these race mongers have found a way to get the black young men in this country to basically lynch each other with the use of illegal guns. Blacks can change the way they live. But they will need to stop blaming the police for brutality and look at the brutality imposed by blacks on blacks. Simply put, police shoot more whites than blacks because the population of whites exceeds those of blacks. The most deaths of black folks are committed by other blacks. That is where the focus should be. Not just black lives matter, everyone’s lives matter.

If black lives matter, then do something to stop the death toll. Note: over 80% of all deaths by gunfire are  black deaths are gunfire from other blacks. Don’t those lives matter? When a serious crime happens in a black neighborhood, the first ones they call are the police. But now the police are being blamed for the loss of black lives. The Black on Black death rate annually by gunfire is 80%, about 15% of the deaths are Hispanic on Hispanic, white-on-white is 4% of all deaths and police end up killing less than 1% of the population which actually happens while they are in the line of duty. Death committed illegally by rouge police is minuscule, almost immeasurable. But why call the police when something bad happens when all you have to do is call Al Sharpton. He has been fixing everything for over 60 years. NOT. He is the problem. I entered military service in the 60s and shortly after the riots everyone was forced to attend race relations classes so we could better understand the race issues. I was considered a racist and needed to be reprogrammed. I was not racist to begin with. The military was a good place for black people to get an education in a given skill and just like the rest of us, we all were not permitted to fail. If we screwed up, we had to do it all over again. Failure was not an option. The playing field was level in the military and everyone had to study their skill set and take tests routinely to prove you were still up to speed. I would call that randomized testing. Everyone; black, white, Hispanic, oriental and anyone else in service had to compete equally. If you didn’t study and failed tests, you would not have a chance of getting promoted and get more money. Everyone studied and we helped each other study. We were not competing, the playing field was level. You did not fail to get a promotion because of your race.

But now I look back and ask myself what happened. I have to be careful what neighborhood I drive through because the color of my skin can get me in serious trouble. They might not hang me from a tree but they would surely beat the hell out me for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The tide has turned. In the south, the idiot rednecks hung blacks from a tree just because they were black. They hated the blacks.  Now the tide has turned. I can get a modern day lynching for just being white driving through a black neighborhood. They hate me because I am white. They were scared back then and now I am scared for the same reason. Thank you Al Sharpton, the progress you have manufactured has gotten us all by to square zero. What a shame.

There was apartheid and everyone raved about getting that fixed. But now South Africa is run by the majority, the black community. But the white farmers are now being slaughtered with long knives because they are white. They murder the children in front of the man of the home, then they rape the wife in front of him and then kill her. After witnessing all that, the poor farmer is murdered. Is that where we are headed? I hope not. I had a great time in military service with all the races working together but the moment I got out I was one of the most hated of them all. How is that even humanly possible? I am so saddened by it all. As I mentioned above, I am just about to turn 70 years old. I have probably another 20 or so years of life left. So many people have lost lives in wars and due to crime and what have we to show for it. A war on Radical Islam and black community in absolute turmoil. What good have I done? All these years and it seems the plight of human kind is getting no better. Now that is a waste.

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We are always hearing from the Democrats when they are against a change that it will create a slippery slope. Well, the Supreme Court just blessed gay marriage. Now same sex marriage is allowed across the land, but not in any other country world-wide. And now any two people living together gay or otherwise can go in to apply for a marriage certificate and no one is going to asked them why. They will not be able to confirm they are gay. That means two heterosexual people sharing a room can go get married to take advantage of the tax laws. They will also be able to get health care for the room mate who not working because the other will be able to include that person on their company plan.

What is to stop anyone one from wanting to marry their dog now? That will eventually be challenged in the courts and because an adult wants to marry a dog he or she is responsible for, why not? There is one more element to this “Pandora’s box” scenario. Now people who want multiple wives because of their religion will now have the right granted to them because that limitation in the law is religious based. It too will need to be overturned.

Think about this. Now someone who does not want to work can now get health care for nothing because they can get it through a marriage to a roommate. The roommate with the job will now be able to claim his “spouse” roommate as a dependent and receive a tax break. And, If the working person’s income is low enough, he will more easily be able to qualify for an income rebate from the IRS of taxpayer dollars. With these new guidelines, half the country would not have to work. One person gets a job, rents a small apartment and two people regardless of sex or sexual orientation will be able to get by on much less income. Not to mention that some of that income could be coming from taxpayer expense. That is because a single person will not have a dependent to claim and by having a spouse of any sex will give him or her a chance to claim a dependent. Think about this. All those college graduates who cannot find jobs will now not have to. And don’t forget the fact that eventually a person will be able to have multiple spouses. That means on college graduate working and five others on his tax return as none working spouses. If a women is working and has 4 guys she is “married” to and she gets pregnant, will all 4 guys get maternity leave if they happen to be working? What about Social Security: If the working spouse dies, will all the other spouses get the social security check according to current rules? There is no end to this “Democrat” created fiasco.

How long do you think it will take two college graduates living together to figure this one out? There is one more thing. If the two roommates have a falling out, they can always fill out some documents to get a divorce based on un-reconcilable differences, submit it to the court and boom; done.

The Democrats fought to keep slavery, voted against women’s right to vote, instituted laws across the South to keep blacks who were free from being equal members of the society until the 1960’s. Now all the major cities are ruled by Democrat majors who do nothing to stop the carnage now happening in their black neighborhoods. There are 9,000 deaths of black on black homicides out of a total of 11,000 overall deaths by gunfire across the country. All those deaths are from illegal guns and the Democrats want to take away all the legal guns from law abiding citizen who kill no one. Democrats want ID checks on everything except voter registration. Why? One reason. It is the only way to get more votes; essentially by cheating. Democrats ran Detroit and now Detroit is bankrupt. Democrats run California and now all the rich people are leaving the state. California now has the largest illegal population in the country.

Democrats started the abortion industry with the purpose of controlling the growth of the black race in this country. And now they have managed to make it legal. And the most abortions performed in this country are in the black community. They call it Planned Parent Hood but their primary purpose is to terminate a birth so a child will not need to burden a parent. They get tax payer dollars for what they call everything except abortions. But they spend 99% of their time aborting children.

Democrats do not want to have any wars even if the terrorists are growing strong and are now permeating every element of our society. They claim Christianity is worse than Islam. They look the other way when a parent with Islamic faith murders their children because they have disgraced their family by wearing the same clothes everyone else in the country wears. Then they fight school uniforms. They also fight homeschool families, charter schools and church schools who constantly score two or more grades higher than public school kids. They fight any attempt to give funds to parents who want to use alternative schooling for their kids even if those children are going to get a better education for less money.

I am a Republican. And quite frankly I am tired of being called names just because I am a Republican without any regard for who I am. According to them I am a racist, homophobic, suffering from Islamophobia, anti-women, want to deny poor people the opportunity to vote, old fashioned, non-progressive, and not worthy of being an American. And it is this party that is always bashing America so why don’t they let me be American since that would fit their narrative?

I am not permitted to say anything contrary to the progressive message. I must remain silent and let Democrats run the country because they know infinitely better than I what is best for our country. I used to be a Democrat when I was younger but I saw the light. In other words, Democrats want a one party system which is essentially, a dictatorship. And I need to conform or leave. Fat chance that will happen. What we need is a 100 million man, woman and child march on Washington, DC, flood the White House lawn with people, encircle the Congress so no one can get in or out. Surround the Supreme Court and demand they stop with judicial overreach and demand term limits on Congressman, Senators and Judges, close down the department of education and the EPA. And why we are at it, fire all the Czars, privatize the VA, kill Obamacare, closed down the IRS and go to a flat tax. It is about time we literally take our country back.


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Mom and babyThe recent discussion about frozen embryos being held on behalf of Sofia Vergara and her ex-fiancé, and the discussion about viability that goes back decades when Roe vs. Wade happen, reminded me of a story I wrote about an embryo that begins talking to her mother the moment of conception. Her name was “Lylianna.” I can understand that the US Government, more specifically, the Supreme Court made its decision that it was OK for a woman to abort her children based on the arguments of the day. A part of the court discussion hinged on the belief that life does not begin at conception. And the argument also hinged around when a zygote, embryo or fetus would be viable enough to survive should it be removed from the womb prematurely.

What really amazes me about these arguments was that they were all predicated on a total lie. Life doesn’t begin at some point, it never ends. The procreation of a human being is a perpetual occurrence in the ongoing existence of our species where two live humans pass living cells between them where those cells meet, combine and create a replica of themselves. The key to this fact is life doesn’t all of a sudden begin, it never ends. It replicates itself through the process of procreation.

If left alone, without external interference, a new human being will enter this world, vibrant and ready to repeat the process into eternity as long as our world permits us to exist. Every animal on earth goes through the same process. Even the dinosaurs lived under the same system of procreation until external forces brought many of those species to an end. A large meteor fro out space hitting the earth can bring an end to us as well. A recent hit and run driver ran over a woman in a crosswalk who was about to give birth to the child she was carrying. But the law did not protect that child out of fear a death penalty imposed on the driver would interfere with the Roe vs. Wade law. That woman did not elect to abort her child and therefore should be permitted to bring that child to a life outside the womb. But a lawless individual can essentially abort the child, ending the change of a long and prosperous life, with his truck and walk away without a charge of murder.

The stupidity of our race wouldn’t have dawned on me, if I hadn’t realized that we created, or avoided creating laws thus disregarding or discarding a human being for a personal reason hinging on the need to avoid taking responsibility for protecting a human life. The hit and run motorist avoided a murder charge because the coroner determined the baby did not take a breath outside of the womb. But the child was breathing through another process getting its oxygen from its mother until that process could be replaced by a set of lungs ready to go if given the chance. That chance was stolen from the child because of a reckless driver who fled the scene to avoid prosecution. A prosecution that faulted him for hurting a woman but not charging him for aborting the child against the woman’s will. That in essence constitutes a government taking an unborn by virtue of faulty laws. That law breaker was a breath away from getting the death penalty of life in prison.

Read my story so you can see what a child in the womb would say to those who would consider abortion a human thing to do!

My Name is Lylianna – Do Not Abort

Hi, Mommy. My name is Lylianna and I Love you. Isn’t my name pretty? It comes from nature.

I picked my name since you don’t know I’m here yet. But you can change it later if you like. I have been very busy, though. It is like my manifest destiny driving me to do all these things. All you had to do is get together with daddy and do a little huchy-guchy and “poof,” I am here. That’s it. That’s all you had to do. I take care of the rest.

It’s a miracle. Like a shooting star, Daddy sent his entire personal designs racing straight towards me. I opened the door as soon as he knocked and instantly let him in. I closed the door, locked it and went to work in a nanosecond. Thank you, Daddy. They look great.   I grabbed one set of your designs, mommy, off the shelf and put them side by side with his. Then out of respect for both of you , I picked and I chose the very best of each of you, combined them together and gave myself some really unique designs of my own. It is so cool how this works. Daddy sends me a living, shooting star and you provide me with a beautiful living locket so I can work my magic.

Just so you know, my life doesn’t really have a beginning. It is a continuum. You two provide me with two sets of your “living” designs and they transform themselves into me. That is how Mommy and Daddy get into eternity. I take them with me, in me. And I pass them on to my children, too. That is the way it has always been. That’s why you should always respect your mother and father. They share with you a continuation of their lives. And like in the movie “Pay it Forward,” I get to carry your lives within me and I am so thankful to have been given the honor.

So, about all the things I have been doing. The moment my new design was up and running, I decided to have a little fun. I slid down this really long tube just like I will be doing at the water park when you take me.  And as soon as I arrived at the bottom of the slide, I noticed that I had this insatiable hunger. I did some really, “gum machine” clever swimming moves to get over to the side of the pool where there was a vending machine. It had all my favorite snacks. I was so hungry that I practically embedded myself into that machine and started eating. And I am sorry, Mommy. I didn’t ask politely and I didn’t put any coins in the slot. I just started taking and eating everything I needed. I guess I was being a little pushy.

I was doing pretty well, too. While I was feasting, I decided I would multitask. I split myself in two and began making a sleeping bag that had all the modern conveniences. It had an oxygen device for me to breath and a conveyor belt to bring me my snacks. It also included a self-contained toilet so I could go number 1 and number 2 whenever I wanted and without having to get up. Sorry about the mess though, the sleeping bag had a mechanism to push that stuff outside for you to clean up. The food was great and the sleeping bag kept getting more and more cramped as I grew.

It is first things first. Before you knew it,  I had already got myself a spine and brain. I was both brave and smart right away. And bold, too. I was pulling all the strings. I started sending out these little chemical signals every time I wanted something. That’s how you found out a month later that you were probably with child; me. I was in a good mood. I turned off the cramps and that other messy stuff you didn’t care that much about, anyway. After that first 30 days and you found out about me, I was already working on body parts such as all my internal organs; my legs, hands and fingers. And by the next 30 days I had all that formed.

You remember I said I embedded myself in that vending machine. That was not really true. I was speaking metaphorically. Without you knowing it, I embedded myself in you and I was taking all the good stuff from you directly. I distributed it out to all my buddies. Miss Brain, my organs and everyone else. You were feeding us all. Thank you. I know I really took a long time increasing the size of everything. I was handling everything at once under very crampy conditions. It was making me cranky, and I was not getting enough sleep. I was doing a lot of tossing and turning. I might have kicked you in my sleep as well, I am not sure. Sorry, if I did.  And by the way, enough with the pickles, already!

I might add that when I was getting close to getting me some sunshine, I sent out some more of those chemical signals that reminded you to fire up those two milk containers and fill them up. Just before coming out, I shut down the food supply and I did not pack a lunch. So I need those containers to be up and functioning within the hour. So you see, I reminded you of everything. I even told you when I was ready. That was not stormy wet weather, it was me poking a hole in the sleeping bag. I even sent out some more of those chemical signals which sent you into contractions. You didn’t think I could do this birthing thing all by myself, did you?

I can send this message at any time during the process and abort the mission. I bring myself into this world, I can take myself out. I believe in free choice. It is my body and I choose whether to abort, not you.  Sorry about that, I needed to vent.

Too, many times mothers take matters into their own hands and just throw us out with the garbage. How cruel is that? I hope you are not one of them. If you don’t want me, give me to someone else. I just want to have a chance to experience all the wonders of life like you do. Life in the big wide world is a treasure for all of us to enjoy. Not just you. There is plenty of room for the both of us. I have a good chance to be a doctor, lawyer or Indian chief. Well, maybe not the chief. I could become president of the United States, though.

So Mommy, let’s work together here. I create and you sit and wait for me to finish my work. Let’s make it a win-win for both of us. If you have an accident, that is on you, not me. I want to continue to live. After all, I have your genes to carry forward. Can we go get some ice cream now? I am beat from all this hard work while you were sitting around eating pickles. “Ice Cream? Yeah!

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Women Are Much More Valuable Than Men!

Posted May 4, 2014 By Gospel

Men and Women“It’s a small world, after all” are words in a song you hear playing while going through the Disney ride called “It’s a Small World” at Disneyland in Southern California. I actually enjoyed it as an adult watching the joy on the faces of my children as we float in a boat through a maze of characters at every bend on the small make believe river. Those children represent my future when I pass away. They will carry forward my genes giving me eternal life. When someone does a DNA test centuries into the future, they will find my DNA. But without having married a remarkable lady, none of the above would have been possible. In fact, life would not be possible were it not for women.

The current harping of equal pay for women, especially the 77% disparity uttered by our President, is a lie like the rest of his Burger King double whoppers. And there are too many who actually believe everything he says. Or they have an excuse like, “Republicans lie all the time, too,” as though that makes his lies OK and justified. And then there is the lie that the Republicans are in a war against women. We already have laws that make it illegal to disparage women by paying them less than men. And every place I worked had lots of women managers and the pay was equal. In fact, the HR department conducted examinations on a regular basis to determine if a person’s pay was fair. I know this to be true since I was one of those who got a pay raise to bring my pay in line with the rest of those with the same job and approximate length in service. In that case, everyone, male or female, was getting more pay than I. Ironic though, I was asked to keep it a secret so it didn’t upset others – I guess that meant those who were getting more pay than I.

Clearly, we have come a long way in bringing equality in the workplace. But there is another aspect of how women fit into the scheme of our lives as humans. Is it important to insure that everyone recognizes them as equal and that they need to be treated as equal? The fact that they are now being pushed closer and closer into combat while in military service is an example of this drive to show that they are equal. If they were, they would be able to make it onto a special forces Green Beret Team or Navy Seals Team. Because they are not on those teams makes it clear they are not equal in that regard. But I maintain the respect we men have for women is really the issue. We are seriously lacking in that area.

We often hear how women are more dedicated to seeking a long term relationship with the men they chose to date and later hopefully marry. If a man tries to maintain a relationship that has equal terms, they are missing the point. Actually, women need stability and safety, and they deserve a great deal of respect for the role they play in a long term relationship. Nature has it that they are the ones who take the most responsibility for the welfare of a family, and because of that they deserve a rightful place on a pedestal.

Why would I say such a thing? I would be willing to guess that there are many men who are in disagreement with that statement. And therein lies the issue. They think they deserve equal respect in a relationship. It should be noted that men by their nature may not be looking for the same thing. They aren’t interested in a relationship that is safe and stable but one that demands respect for the role they play. More often than not, if they don’t get what they want, they leave, children present or not, or even children on the way. Men are more apt to be predators seeking a relationship that places their pleasures well above all other moving parts associated with a partnership between two people. Some women might take the same approach but they number far fewer than their male counterparts.

One issue that is an extremely good indicator of a difference between the sexes is the propensity for males, alone or in groups, to be the aggressor in rape cases. They force themselves on the woman, or drug them, or entrap them in a subtle way into a relationship where the woman is being used while being led to believe there is a long term relationship in the making. Women rarely take this approach with men. That indicates that women are looking for long term relationships more often than men. That indicates that women are different than men.

If you take a closer, more honest look at the roles men and women play in a relationship you find the reason why women deserve more respect and the man must become the leader in a “subservient” fashion. That is the key. Being a leader in a subservient environment is an interesting concept. A leader provides for the safety of their men in combat. They also provide the stability necessary for the group to accomplish the highest degree of efficiency. A good leader also respects their subordinates more than he demands respect for his superior rank. The most successful leader actually plays a subservient role guarding the welfare of the team. There is no need to flaunt your rank because the leader already has the power but using that power wisely is the key. The point in this leadership rant is to get male readers to ask themselves who is actually being asked to do the most in the day to day needs of the relationship.

Here is the difference. There is a need for a man to be the protector, a stabilizer and a supporter of the overall relationship. The woman usually provides for the daily maintenance and she should be permitted to take the leading role in meeting these needs. Women are the ones who are most vulnerable. They are not capable of protecting the family or doing the heavy lifting if they are with child. That is when they need the most support of all. They need to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the environment they live in is safe. They need to know that they can make it to term without any adversity creeping in. It is mandatory that a male mate insure that his partner does not have to worry about her security, safety and general welfare while waiting for the birthing process to begin.

But it doesn’t end there. After birth, a whole new area of responsibility comes to life. From nurturing to nursing, clothing and bathing, constant contact and constant surveillance to every need for several years into the future. Who needs and unselfishly wants to take on that role? The mother; the woman. If a man doesn’t understand the magnitude of this endeavor, he is a total fool. Going out with your friends and having a good time can be a part of a man’s existence but should never be any part if there is a need unmet at home. Go home first, take an active subservient role, and insure you do what it takes to bring and maintain happiness at all cost. Women are vulnerable and so also are the children. At every moment of their vulnerability they should be able to feel safe and secure.

When my son was 6 or 7, dashing out the front door and hitting the back yard of a friend’s house nearby was priority number 1 in his play cycle. It happened almost daily and sometimes several times a day after each meal. The freedom to do that was just understood and the neighborhood provided a degree of normalcy that permitted the activity. The kids were generally quite happy. But one day while he was across the street playing, I left to go on an errand. A short time later, my wife left to do another errand assuming that I had taken him with me. The house was locked up. When he returned and found that we both were not there, his acceptance of security and safety that was always going to be there, broke down. He began crying in fear. We finally came home, which could have been a matter of minutes, but it seemed like hours to him. His safety structure which was always there, just crumbled. He was able to go play because he had the comfort, subconsciously, in knowing safety and security was a moment away.

That demonstrates how someone can become dependent on the existence of what is perceived as a secure environment. That is what a man should be providing his mate. She deserves the respect and she needs the assurance that her home is going to be safe at all times. She needs comfort in knowing this exists beyond a doubt, and she needs to feel comfort that her man is always going to be vigilant and in perpetual “protection mode.” But it should be understood that although you have the power, you need to be subservient. Your home may be your castle but you are primarily in charge of maintaining the moat. The day to day maintenance of the castle is the responsibility of the woman. And since the responsibility is so monumental, you as the subservient must always be there to take up the slack and do essentially what you are told. When we humans lived in caves, the men provided for the food and did the hunting, but they also provided for the overall security of the cave. A woman with a baby 7 months on its way and another straddled on her hip while she is preparing a meal is not going to be able to provide for home security and shouldn’t even have to worry about that because she trusts you have that totally covered.

Now think about our black communities in our major cities were 70% of black children are born out of wedlock. How is it even possible for a male to be so negligent in his responsibilities? The same thing is happening among poor whites. When our government sends them a message that the government is going to take care of the poor women with children, the males have an excuse to run. How can they blame racism as the reason they leave home? Discrimination is a very common human characteristic inherent to our species. And it is not going to go away regardless of the degree of political correctness any party imposes on the populace. There is an infinite amount of hatred or mistrust for just about everything and everyone in a vast world full of diversity and cultural and religious differences across the globe.

Hatred is everywhere and we as individuals are all dealt with a tremendous amount of challenges because of it. Many hate various religions and philosophies of life like:  Christians, Jews, Russians, Muslims, Atheists or even certain types of snakes, food, trees and hamburgers. PETA hates any farmer who raises livestock as a business to provide for their family. Many hate carbon to the point they want to do away with its use at all cost; not realizing that just about everything we use in our lives is derived from some form of petroleum, oil or coal process. Hatred and discrimination is a fact of life and it is up to every human being to raise himself above it and try to find a way to move on; to improve your lot in life. Millions come to this country who were in abject poverty and manage to improve their lot in life. Claiming you can’t because you run into some form of discrimination is a cope out. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Women need to be respected for the role they play in the perpetuation of our human existence. Men take a joyous moment planting a seed but the women go through 9 months of vulnerability and bare the child and then they relentlessly spend a lifetime caring for a family. Men can plant the seed and run, or they can be there to provide exceptional support for the long process of procreation. The value is in supporting, not running. Don’t look at women as equal, look at them as the source of humanity and put them on a safe and secure pedestal. And always be there to insure that pedestal remains standing.

My wife came from another country and was one of those who lived in abject poverty. In a family of 10, her father passed away when she was 12 years old and from then on all the children picked up the role of family protector, safety and financial wellbeing. They worked several jobs at once to get by. My wife was 21 years old when her family experienced a stroke of blind luck and they all managed to find their way to Hawaii. She joined the service as a resident alien and sent most of her pay home to support the family. I met her in Germany and we married.

She is now an accountant. Hard work was always in her fiber. We have 2 grown children, both happily married and both with college degrees, one a pharmacist and the other currently applying to several law schools after completing a degree in political science. He says he has gotten one acceptance and waiting on others so he is definitely going to law school. But he just hasn’t accepted one yet. Their mother gave them that chance to succeed by sacrificing herself caring for them constantly 24 hours a day for first 20 years of their lives. She did not have time to provide for the security of a home, that was my job. I might get to hang a picture once in a while or pick a color of paint provided she approves of it. The couch is where she prefers it to be, the plants are where she wants them and she chooses what most of the meals will be. It is mandated that I vacuum and clean the bathrooms once a week and mess up the laundry occasionally. And I am absolutely ok with all this. I am there! And it is not visible that the home is secure and safe but it is assumed that it will be so to the point she needs not to worry about it. She continues to worry about the wellbeing of her children to include their spouses. They have been away from home for several years now but the love of a mother continues on. She routinely calls to see how they are doing and checking to see if they need some help with anything. She is a saint in every regard.

Does a woman need to worry about her own safety and the safety and security of a roof over her head while doing all these other things and holding down a full time job as an accountant? No, and why should she? I am there to insure that part is covered and the moat is full of aggressive alligators keeping the bad guys away. She shouldn’t have to worry whether the alligators are there. Her role is the Administer of the Interior. I am the Administer of the Exterior. But I am OK with her also being the Prime Minister.

After all my spouse has been through, she deserves the respect and safety and security to spend the rest of her life doing what she loves to do – caring for the rest of us. She is always creating lists of things she wants to do in caring for the household and I slip by every once in a while and add an additional item to the list, “Do something with your husband.” And although I give each item on the list a priority number, and I make that item number 1, it is firmly understood that the list of priorities is always subject to change. I am sure everyone we come in contact with is wondering how we are getting along. I can see it on their faces. But whether they are or not, I usually manage to make a statement in jest, “I do everything she says out of fear and common sense.” It is interesting how that works when I am 6 feet tall and pretty strong and have all the physical power, she is only 5 foot tall but when she’s mad, she is 7 feet tall. And I love it that way. It’s actually a great way to experience a whole lot of happiness.

Neither party needs to exert excessive power over the other because two lives working together in tandem is a partnership. Sometimes the weight on one wheel far exceeds the weight on the other wheel. That is when it is important for that second wheel to take on some of the weight of the first wheel thus providing some balance. If things get so bad that you have to buy a trailer, attach it to your bumper and go live in the Walmart parking lot, then the pair of you need to be prepared to do that until you can get back on all four feet. Actually, I would prefer parking in front of Popeye Chicken but the lot is a little small.

Women are a wondrous part of our lives as men. Recognizing the vulnerabilities should be priority number on every man’s mind. Taking advantage of them for personal gratification is just not acceptable. It is the height of disrespect. Many studies have been done about trying to put a value to all they do in a household and in many cases, the amount is very close to or exceeds $100,000. And on top of that, they need, and often want to, to hold down a job to help the family experience a better quality of life.

I am not sure about you, but there is no way I provide that much value to the relationship. I need to respect that fact and take an appropriate roll, one that absolutely supports her wellbeing, happiness and need for security while she goes about each day making me the happiest man alive. Who usually gets called upon to change the battery in a smoke detector or get a jar down from the top shelf and twist open the lid? Me. I cook meals but they are nowhere near the quality she can bring to the table. While she is preparing a meal, I better be thinking about settling the table. It is the least I can do.

She has gone to work now, but because I am home now, retired, I am preparing to paint the living room with the color she chose to use. And when she comes home it will be done as though it never happened. All the furniture will be back in the place she wants surrounded by walls of a miraculous new color. How did that happen? Respect. Like the cable guy says, “Get ‘er done.” She doesn’t need to say thank you. She doesn’t have time since she will be concentrating on her list. I hope my priority on the list gets moved up a bit.

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Simply – Philosophy of Life

Posted July 25, 2013 By Gospel

It was in 991 AD when Archbishop Arnulf of Rheims was the first to identify the existing Pope as the Antichrist. He did that because he disagreed with the direction the Pope took in his duties. That was over 1000 years ago. Being a Catholic, and a poor one at that, an acquaintance of mine who belonged to a protestant church, insisted that their teachings indicate that the successor of the then current Pope, John Paul, would be the Antichrist. We had Pope Benedict for a awhile after John Paul and he resigned but he was OK; he was cool. And now we have Pope Francis. But he doesn’t seem to be that threatening either. In fact he is more like John Paul:  outgoing, endearing and loved by a majority for his warm personna. How would anyone know any of these popes would be the Antichrist since if either of them were, he wouldn’t  reveal himself to us minions? When we learned that John Paul was quite ill, I called my acquaintance to say, “well, the Pope is quite ill so I guess we are going to test your prophesy.” His reply, “Well it might not be the next Pope.” This antichrist rumor has been going on for centuries by lots of very smart folks who continue to get it wrong. Francis Bacon suggested this, a really respected author, and he got it wrong in the 1500s. Archbishop Rheims got it wrong in 991 AD. That is over 500 years ago for Francis Bacon and over 1000 years for Rheims.

And now today, we have this attack on Christians of any sect from non-Christians. The latter is in a significant minority. And since only 1 in 5 of our citizens do not follow the Christian philosophy of life, the neigh sayers only make up 20% of our nation. Those folks are predominantly Atheists or Humanists. Those too are philosophies of life – and therein we find the problem. Maybe they are the antichrists.  Both sides are philosophies of life. So how is it that the minority gets to dictate what is right for the majority. They do it with excessive force and lots of yelling. They take our constitution, twist its meaning and use that through legal means to systematically get rid of any outward expression of Christianity in our society. They want to remove every visual physical reference whatsoever.

One example: They want to take down the Memorial to our WWI veterans because the monument has the form of a cross and is sitting on government land. That would mean to me, they want to destroy any historical heritage we may have because they claim the government is pushing religion. If they drive by this monument and see it, does that tell them the government insists they convert to Christianity or else? The Constitution that protects them from that, is being used to destroy one groups philosophy so theirs will prevail. Now that sounds to me like they are using our government to dictate their preferred philosophy of life on Christians. And that is exactly want the constitution is supposed to protect us from. I have witnessed, studied and experienced several sides of this issue. I started out reading tons of books and taking classes to see if I could find the answer. More precisely, I wanted to find a philosophy of life that I could be comfortable with. I was an atheist at first. Then I became an agnostic, swam around the logic of many other philosophies of life and ended up with Christianity. Why? Well, I was searching for the logic and then realized I needed something I was OK with and logic was less important. I wna to be able to argue my point. I eventually learned that arguing was useless. I stopped listening to the crazies and found what is best for me. I was not smart enough to figure it all out. And if I was, why would I want to impose my philosophy on anyone else. What is good for me is just that, only good for me; no one else. We all have to find a philosophy of life that is acceptable to our own being. I was OK with the “faith” thing. It was a suitable fit.

A philosophy of life is just a belief system an individual adopts to help himself get through life and to become a better person. It keeps him comfortable in his own skin. That is a human thing. If that is his goal, then leave him to his and you keep yours. The chemistry of the mind is well beyond our grasp to understand. It is dynamic beyond comprehension. Neurological engineers have been studying what goes on in our minds for centuries. They want to know what makes it tick. But I need my mind to get me through a lot of tough times in a hundred years or so of life. A statue shaped like a cross in a memorial that I pass is a moment in a whole life time. Don’t let it get to you. Those who came before me decided on the shape of the statue and I appreciate the recognition those veterans and their families are getting.

Isn’t it interesting that these folks are so concerned about a statue when they brag about having traveled to other countries all over the world to see ancient sites. They walk past centuries of history inundated with religious symbolism. And they say, “Ah! Look at that. Isn’t that just spectacular?” They want our country to be just like theirs. They love their politics and economic systems. But they fail to realize that these governments are the key players in maintaining and protecting the architecture and the history of their country’s past. And they use taxpayer money to do it. Most see the value in it. And there is no difference in a memorial here and a fabulous painting with Christian symbolism hanging on a wall in the Louvre. Both governments maintain it and the majority appreciate it. Is anyone’s belief system threatened when they visit these magnificent places? No, and hardly anyone converts.

But what about a religion that teaches that anyone not of their faith must either convert or die. But even if you convert you are still not a full member. In Islam, those not born into the faith can never gain full status since they have committed “shirk.” You are considered to be a converted infidel. And that sticks with you. There is a hierarchy – lifelong Muslims, converts, Christians, Jews and then non-believers and those of any other religion. That’s because Christians and Jews and Muslims all have the same God.  When they take over our country and tell us to line up for beheading, guess who will be at the head of the line: Humanists and Atheist. Now that is something to complain about. There is a truly great book that explains all this in much detail. It is called the Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran. Before you say anything about this subject, learn the truth in this book. Keep in mind while reading further, when the twin towers fell, just about every Muslim, in every country on earth danced in the streets with absolute joy. They were overjoyed to hear we took a hit. That event speaks millions. Pun intended.

Those who say the Muslim religion is a peaceful religion should have no problem living in a Middle Eastern country. But they will not go there for one reason. Fear! They have very high odds of experiencing some form of violence. They know it. It is just too dangerous and our State Department tells us so. Would you want to go to one of these countries and tell them they need to take down their religious symbolism because it offends you? If you can’t do it there, don’t do it here. If here is the only place you will do it, then you are a coward. If you convert to anything in your life, it will be for reasonable philosophical reasons that makes you comfortable with your being as a human. It is truly sad when frogs in a protected waterway are infinitely more important than a memorial statue set up to honor those who gave their lives trying to protect this great country where some take everything for granted – except for religious symbolism. Judge not less thee be judged. A man’s philosophy of life is his alone.

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Truth About Boston Marathon Bombings

Posted July 24, 2013 By Gospel

It wasn’t long searching the internet before I found absolutely the best response for why the bombings in Boston happened. I have known it ever since 9-11 and there are too many in this country who have there heads in an Ostrich hole hoping Islam won’t detonate an Improvised Explosive Device right up their rear end. You have got to watch the following, pull your head out and make a difference for a change if you want to save lives.

Click on the Video below to view it now!

<—If you Like Share it – share it.


<—If you Like it? Share it!  But if you don’t like it, don’t assume no one else will. Share it anyway to save lives!

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My Package Deserves Its Privacy

Posted June 9, 2013 By Gospel
Gay Marine 2

How about a military Gay rights Parade?

This is an update: I just read an article from Todd Starnes concerning the soldier who was told he couldn’t read conservative authors while in uniform. Well couldn’t he do it in the post library in front of other soldiers and his “superior” leaders? That is clearly book banning. The fact that these books are on the shelves in military libraries is a perfect example of the hypocrisy. Now back to the original……

I just read an article about how our government scammed us on whether military folks would like having gays in the military. The comments were exceptional. Even my comments, but since I am retired military, I am seriously and hopelessly bias. There was so much intellect and so many words being expressed for concerns with this issue; or better yet, mess. I need to worry about killing the enemy and getting home safely to my family, not whether my package has been exposed to or even desired by a roommate whom I have absolutely no interest from a procreative point of view.

What is the purpose of having separate living and sanitary services for our men and women in the military? Simply put, it is because of their sexual preference. Women want their privacy. Well, so do heterosexual men. No heterosexual man wants to sleep in a room with a person of the same sex who is sexually attracted to them. If I see women’s private parts, as nature provides, I become  quite excited about that.  What percentage of these gay rights activists and supporters who are not gay, would have no problem sleeping in a room with someone who would be standing tall the moment he see you in your Whitey Tighties and overjoyed to take a shower with them? Dumb is as dumb does, said Forrest’s mother.

By the way, it would make more sense having gay men housed with heterosexual women because they are not sexually attracted to each other, Right? Ask the women if they would be OK with that? Dumb is………. Ditto. Then how will women feel taking showers with a penis hanging around right next to them? Not to mention the insult because it’s not standing up. Dang. I recall in 1969, while stationed at Ft Huachuca, AZ, there was a serious problem with lesbian senior NCOs taking over a trailer court off post where several lesbian women chose to live. There were other military women who chose to live their also and they feared being beat up if they didn’t do what the lesbian mafia wanted. Rat on them and you would be doomed. The straight women feared being approached sexually, and when that happened they had better keep their mouth shut. Interesting how the lesbian population in the trailer park had the run of the place; the rest lived there in fear. What about the straight families with children who lived there. Sounds like a great set up to make sure these children learn the ins and outs of being lesbian.

There was another story. A female military person who had no idea lesbians existed was assigned to a room with a lesbian. The lesbian had a friend who spend the night with her often. Even the whole weekend where they would turn up their music real loud in hopes the straight person in the room would not find out what they were doing all hours of the night. Trying to get some sleep under those conditions is impossible. When the straight person talked with a friend about the problem, the friend reported the issue and the First Sergeant, a female, caught some heat over assigning a room in this way. An excuse was made and the straight lady was reassigned to another room. Interesting how that works; the lesbians were the ones doing something wrong and the straight person had to pack up her stuff and move. Nice.

What about having straight men live with the lesbians. Would that work; they should be housed with guys, right? But what about those dangling mammary glands. In case you are wondering what those are, the definition in Wikipedia says: “A mammary gland is an organ in  mammals that produces milk to feed young offspring. Mammals get their name from the word “mammary”. In ruminants such as cows, goats, and deer, the mammary glands are contained in their udders. The mammary glands of other mammals that have more than two breasts, such as dogs and cats, are sometimes called dugs.” Guys can dig that.

But I like the histology section in Wikipedia: “mammary gland is a specific type of apocrine gland specialized for manufacture of colostrum at the time of parturition.” (That is so erotic whether you read it or say it out load.) “Whether mammary glands are modified sweat glands or sebaceous glands still remains controversial.” Hey! There is no controversy here! They are boobs and boobs turn folks on. By the way, why do they need them if they are not going to be nursing ever. So I guess the “lesbians in the men’s barracks” idea is out, too.

Here is another way to look at it. It is totally accepted that women should not be forced to take showers with men for obvious reasons. Privacy. So how can you force a heterosexual man to take showers with a person who would look and feel about what he sees exactly how heterosexual men would feel looking at women in a shower? It is ALL about privacy. And wouldn’t you know it, that is a bastion of liberal ideology. Hypocrites! I am not homophobic but I am definitely dumb-ophobic. Yeah, I have a fear of really smart people claiming to be extremely advanced in intellect but being really, really dumb. I just don’t want to sleep in a room with someone who is undeniably interested in getting his hands on my package.

Then there is the argument as to whether homosexuality is normal. Well, I can agree it is probably a result of the creative interactivity of DNA during the conceptional process. Things just got a little wacky. But that does not make it natural. The primary purpose of these reproductive faculties possessed by any mammal is to further the species through nature’s procreative processes. That is how we continue to be here century after century. With those of the homosexual bent, absolutely every sexual encounter is not going get them anywhere when it comes to the procreation the species. Having off-spring is the only way they are going to be able to pass themselves forward beyond their own existence. They are done. They are history. They have a whole lot of fun and excitement while here but when they die they are truly history in every aspect of that word. One could say, they are human but if they are not recreating themselves, then it could be said they are inhuman or only human for a moment in time from an holistic prospective.

It is only through the heterosexual procreative process that the life of humans further the existence of themselves. And that is the only way we are going to get soldiers, sailors, Airmen and marines to protect our existence going forward far into the future of mankind. You could blame the heterosexuals because they procreated them. But we didn’t do it on purpose so we would ask to be thrown on the mercy of our society. Another way to put it; without heterosexuals, homosexuals wouldn’t exist.


Oh, did I mention the need for new uniforms!

I guess we are going to have to spend more taxpayer dollars for 4 separate types of barracks rooms, showers, toilets and outdoor Porto-Potties during training exercises to insure everyone’s privacy. That would also include 4 separate holes in the ground when we have to dig our own latrines. We will also need 4 separate tents, as well. Oops, I forgot the transvestites, bisexuals, those who have had sexual conversion surgery and those who “feel” themselves to be asexual. Congressional elites would fit the later preference because they continue to procreate the act of screwing themselves on a regular basis by perpetually trying to take action on this subject. But that comes without any presence of the desired side effects associated with the state of eroticism. Or does it?

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question-markWe all know that the absence of normal human intelligence in the majority of the Democrat party is the fault of no one other than George W. Bush. The Democrats call him “W” for short because they have trouble saying the words in his name that are longer than one letter. They are much more comfortable with the letter “D” though, because that letter comes earlier in the alphabet than “R” or “W.” But they do know that those two letters come somewhere beyond the letters of the alphabet they did manage to memorize – “A, B C, D, E, F, G.” They are not sure of the order from that point on. But they also favor the letter “D” above “A, B, and C” since those three represent grades that are harder to get in college courses. The “D” gets them a passing grade so they can stay in school to avoid work. They also like the “D” because it won’t transfer to other colleges. They can then transfer and take the same freshman and sophomore classes again. They manage that by changing their degree program at the next college they attend which gets student loans to continue flowing. The longer they can manage to stay in college, the longer they can avoid work. I might add, they do get “Cs” once in a while if the professor grades on a curve. In fact, that is where they learned the concept of “redistribution.” When they hear the president say that word, they think of getting more than they deserve. But are the Democrats more intelligent than Republicans?

I recently read a Huffington Post article making fun of Marco Rubio’s answer to the question: “how old is the earth?” And, because he didn’t say the earth was 4.5 billion years old. He answered it in a way to avoid alienating his potential base of those who take the bible literally. In other words, his answer was very intellectual and very political. But that cleverness is just as prevalent among Democrat politicians. But let us take a look at this question. I am a Catholic, albeit a convert. As far as I am concerned, the earth is approximately 4.5 Billion years old. I am convinced of it by the science. But religion is something else. It is a philosophy of life just like atheism. Some of those who follow their Christian faith believe the earth started a few thousand years ago. That is wrong to take literally. But that is their belief. As long as they live their lives in a moral way, that is perfectly fine with me. One of the morals of religion is that you should not lie. But the intrinsic nature of politics dictates that you need to lie to get elected. You lie about who your opponent is, what he or she does or thinks. Digging up dirt on the other is a primary goal to winning. But there is something missing. Who is most qualified? So, in essence we vote for the guy who we perceive, or better, deceived into perceiving, who is less bad then the other. Qualifications are dismissed as less important. If we as a nation vote on the candidates based on that, we are a nation of sheep. Very dumb sheep. That is a sad turn of events in a nation of humans who have the mental capacity to know better but chose to dwell on the negative narrative that is in most cases created out of whole cloth.

So, what does that mean? It’s simple. Most people, the humans in our society, are not prepared to take proper action in voting to make our country better. They vote more on what letter is behind someone’s name on a ballot than what is best for the country. When someone can’t name the Vice President of the United States, how can they be a valuable asset to the voting process? How about a number of democrats asked if they are ok with the President being prolife. They are perfectly ok with that – not knowing the President is prochoice. Or when asked if they are ok with President Obama picking Paul Ryan as his running mate; they respond that he is a really good choice and he will do just fine. Or, they are ok with President Obama being dedicated to overturning Roe versus Wade. So dumb and these people are either voting for Obama because he’s black or because he promises to give them stuff. Or these voter call themselves democrats not really knowing what that means. They just know they need to vote for the guy who has a “D” after his name. The most ridiculous thing of all is they continuously accuse the Republicans of being racist because they question Obama’s qualifications. We have been questioning our politicians for 200 years – the normal political process. And none of these folks know that it really never gets better for our black population no matter what the democrat party promises them. As a matter of fact, if the republicans promised all that, they wouldn’t follow through either. The problem is too great to fix. It can only be fixed when the black population begins to change their own neighborhoods and take determined action to educate themselves out of the mess they are in. They need to institutionalize their efforts to improve themselves.

When you have 9000 homicides a year of black on black crimes in black neighborhoods across the country, you have a serious problem. We lost over 3000 men in Iraq in 10 years. Our black communities lost 90,000 in ten years. That is the real problem. Politicians’ priorities are really screwed up. Democrats did body counts every day while George Bush was president but stopped when Obama became president. They need to do daily body counts of those who die in our neighborhoods. If it doesn’t improve, then they do not get elected. Whites are not capable of fixing black neighborhoods. It is as simple as that. Blacks are going to have to take back their own neighborhoods. The only blacks making money in their neighborhoods are the drug dealers who do not pay taxes because they don’t get a W2 for the immensely destructive work they do. They don’t pay property taxes because they rent. They do not do anything for their neighborhoods except keep their own people hooked on the drugs they sell. They are not middle class. They are part of those few Americans who are part of the upper class because they make millions; with one difference. They pay nothing to better their neighborhoods. They are parasites milking the life out of their own race. They ARE the local government by gunpoint. Voting for democrats will do nothing for these neighborhoods. There is one more thing that is most bizarre. It was the democrat party that fought to keep slavery in the South during the civil war. They are back at it again holding the black community hostage by keeping these poor folks enslaved to the democrat vote.

Interesting. I can tell some democrats are really smart. But many interviewed on the street can’t even tell who their VP is. If it were not for those folks, Obama would have lost. As mentioned above, they vote for the guy who has a “D” after their name. The “D” stands for several things. Dumb, dependent, do-little; delirious with hate for someone who wants to make them go to work, debt forgiveness, and “don’t want job” checks. They want the government to forgive their student loan debt for their liberal arts degree that they managed to get after 6+ years avoiding work. Our country needs hard science degrees not social dependency delinquents. Again, Obama only won because he has fooled the majority of folks who think they are a democrat. After all, they only need to spell the first letter of the word to get everything they need from the Government. “D.” Funny, that is the grade they need to pass each course they manage to occupy a seat in without actually filling it.” Space filling space. They, too, do not know how old the earth is. An individual should not claim the use of science as a way to beat those pesky God-fearing Republicans when most democrats can’t even spell it.

I have a few questions for Democrats. Why do you ask so many questions you do not know the answer to, when you claim to be infinitely intelligent and all-knowing? Why would Democrats be OK with killing a baby in the womb but stomp up and down when a serial killer is next in line on death row? Why are Democrats always protesting what the government does yet want a larger government? Why do Democrats have so many Lawyer jokes when 95% of their elected officials are lawyers? Why do Democrats always say the no the answer to a question they don’t really know? Why is it that the most intelligent folks on earth are college students when only about 40% actually graduate? Why do they fight for public schools when private schools produce the most qualified students? Why do most students take liberal arts degree programs when our country needs and will pay so much more for those with science degrees? Why do Democrats use Ritalin more in college than kids do in elementary school? Why do Democrats hate corporations so much when they buy everything they need from them? Why do Democrats support being nice to Muslims who want to chop their heads off for not believing in God – their God? Why do Democrats rave about the need for free speech as long as they are the only ones permitted to speak? Why do democrats believe in “political Correctness” when in fact their argument is political crappiness? Why are Democrats more afraid of teachers having guns then the crazies who want to kill all the kids in the classroom. Why was it that the Democrats created the idea of eugenics? Why do Democrats want everyone to be more sociable yet want drugs approved so they can escape reality? Why do we have Democrats anyway?

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