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And 1/3 of 1% of total CO2 is heating up the globe exponentially???

OMG! My Sweat is Freezing!

OMG! My Sweat is Freezing!

Back on the CO2 lie. I just learned that the sun provides 8,700 times the energy generated by man world-wide. Well, that means we are small ball when it comes to generating heat from natural resources. And when we look at all the sources of resources we use for generating that energy we learn that wind and solar are at the bottom, contributing at only a 4.4% rate. All the other sources, the major ones; coal 39%, natural gas 29%, nuclear 19% and hydropower 6%. Just note: hydropower has been around long before the global warming craze started, yet environmentalists like to include that in the overall total for renewables number to make it look like we have made reduction in CO2 progress. The real renewable total is about 7%. And wind is 4.4% and solar .4% for a total of 4.8% for those two outstanding sources of electricity. I get more electricity from static in my hair.

Only 41% of human CO2 emissions come from generating all our electric power and this also includes heat generation. Only 1% of petroleum is used in generating electricity. Petroleum (Oil) is responsible for the other 59% of human emissions. That is mostly transportation; planes, trains, ships, trucks and cars. Transportation emissions have surpassed industrial emission. We are rapidly headed in the wrong direction. Our government spends most of its time beating up on coal providers. But they also say we need to cut down our carbon emissions from transportation sources. For the past 20 years, our use of oil has increased by 45%. We are not reducing our dependency on oil, we are rapidly increasing it.

And here is an interesting twist to this puzzle. CO2 totals, natural and otherwise, have moved up 30% since the beginning of the industrial revolution, but emissions from transportation has increase 45% in just 20 years. Remember, human’s CO2 part of all CO2 is less than 1% of the current 400 ppmv. To say all the CO2 increase is from humans should mean we are responsible the 30% increase in CO2 overall. But when we look at 400 ppmv, the scientists tell us our total of that is less than 1%. The numbers do not add up. How can .3% ppmv of current human CO2 in our atmosphere compete with a heat source that provides 7,800 times the heat of all human energy generation combined? Our CO2 in the air only represents .3%? The heat is coming from the sun and is caused by a natural chain of events mostly associated with the oceans, and 95% of all greenhouse gas is water vapor coming directly from the ocean. Our CO emissions are competing with the sun, ocean and water vapor. This planet doesn’t even know we exist, and quite frankly doesn’t care.

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Solar Panels are Useless Crap

Posted November 10, 2015 By Gospel

WindsolarYou want to know why investing in solar panels is for crap? Just look at the Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) for solar. There are only two of them TAN and KWT. But right at this moment they are up but there is a reason for that and it won’t last. The US Government has been subsidizing the installations and that is going to expire in 2016 just about the time Obama goes home and a Republicans takes over. The rush by solar believers to get them installed is because the government is going to stop subsidizing them. That has caused the ETFs to go up sharply because demand increased in 2015. But a sell off is going to happen really soon. The companies selling solar panels are even offering free installation to get those panels up and running in fields and on roofs. The problem is they are still too expensive to buy on your own. That’s why the government subsidizes them in the first place.

But here is the hidden thing about solar. After all this hype, our government energy agencies that keep track of where all our electricity comes from, currently have solar at .4%. That is less than ½ of 1% of overall power from solar. The solar companies are saying they anticipate that to grow to 4% by 2020. What? 4% in 5 years when solar cells have been around since 1883 when the first primitive cell was invented by Charles Fritz. He even installed a solar energy system to heat water in his house. In the 1980s, a hundred years later, I installed a water heating system on the roof of my home using a government tax break. I lost money when I sold the house because the whole system started leaking and I had to take it down, redo the plumbing, replace the water heater, and repair the roof in order to sell the home. The tax break was only for the year of purchase. Big deal? Nope.

The system was a couple of concaved sun reflectors that focused on big cylinder-like water tanks laying suspended over the sun reflectors. It worked. But it was ugly and I was the only “idiot” in the neighborhood to fall for the contraption. During the same time the interest rate on my home loan was at 14%. You know, the President Carter era. I had to sell my home at a loss. The solar system added to the expense greatly.

The solar craze began just about the same time the global warming scare started, 1970. So what is the point? We have had solar systems around since then and of course you see solar panels on roofs all over the place and occasionally you see huge pieces of land covered in panels. So 45 years later, our government comes out with data that clearly shows we get .4% of our energy from solar. Wow, that is a huge benefit. And now solar companies are telling us they are on a roll and will be at 4% by 2020. That is a 1250% improvement in 5 years when they have been working on this for 45 years. And if the government is going to stop subsidizing it in two months, what do you think their chances are.

Solar panels are ugly on houses and what is going to happen when they begin to need maintenance. What is going to happen to the roof? The companies that repair these systems are going to have to charge more because they are not going to be making as much money because their sales will have gone down because of a reduction in demand. No more subsidizing causes less demand. Electric companies are already starting to charge an access fee to those who turn electricity back to the electric companies. They need to make up the difference in income so they will charge a fee to recover it. They don’t want to pass increased prices to their non-solared customers. Nice.

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Therefore, Wind and Solar is a total lie and waste of money.

The President just shut down a chance for the Keystone Pipe Line to get approved during his presidency. And everyone in support of killing it is jumping for joy. “They finally listened to us,” they say. But liberals have been claiming this and those who want it killed are just listening the ones who say it is bad and buying into it. It is a stupid circle of idiots telling themselves they are stupid idiots!

Here are the true numbers of where our electricity is coming from:

  • Coal = 39%
  • Natural gas = 27%
  • Nuclear = 19%
  • Hydropower = 6%
  • Other renewables = 7%
    • Biomass = 1.7%
    • Geothermal = 0.4%
    • Solar = 0.4%
    • Wind = 4.4%
  • Petroleum = 1%
  • Other gases < 1%

Less than ½ of a percent is coming from solar. And Look at Wind. We only get 4.4% from wind.

Total electricity we get from solar and wind is 5%. And this global warming/climate change BS has be ongoing since 1970 and we are just getting 5%. Wow, that is a great income on investment.

He keeps comparing oil and electricity together in the same sentence. Yeah, wind and solar beats oil but only 1% of all the oil is used for electricity generation. Coal, Natural gas, Nuclear and Hydropower are providing 91 % of our electricity.

We have spent billions of taxpayer dollars trying beef up that wind and solar crap. We are losing our shirts on this boondoggle. And no one on the news brings this up at all.

We are stupid for not telling it like it is. Get a clue!

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Focus Points on Blogs Concerning our President!

Posted November 5, 2015 By Gospel

You know, when you write blog posts, you have various focus points you discuss. I just wrote a blog about our president and after doing that I went through a list of subjects you have covered in the past. Then you pick the ones that apply to that particular blog. When you do that your blog will have a better chance of showing up when Internet users search a particular subject. I was a little shocked when I went through this list when I blogged about our current president. So why was that?

Well, when you write about this president, you are reminded of the various issues that have been a problem for him. I have 38 subjects I have written about. I checked off 27 subjects that come up when you think about what our problems have been since he became president. Let’s get into it. They are in alphabetical order.

The first is on abortion. We find out that under this president, we learn one of his favor organizations is Planned Parenthood who sells baby parts for profit – Mr. O avoids the subject. The next is aliens. That word has been designated as not PC. And if you add illegal, another subject word on the list, it then becomes a Mexiphobic statement. Illegal is also what he does when he tries to go around congress with executive orders or when he signs a law on Obamacare when it was illegally past through the Senate.

And then there is Benghazi where he lied by saying for a month that is was caused by a video. The problem is, his Secretary of State sent an email to her daughter telling her it was a terrorist attack, the night of the attack. A week later the president sends his UN adviser, Susan Rice, around to talks shows to perpetuate the lie 5 times. Hillary Clinton sends a message to the president of Egypt telling him it was definitely not the video, the day after the attack. The American People do not deserve the truth, so his election a month later was predicated on lies about how 4 Americans died. He stole an election by deceiving the American people.

The next up is debt. We were 10 trillion in debt when he started, and now we are reaching 20 trillion. It doubled.  Global warming comes up next. There are 400 ppmv total CO2 and humans across the globe are only responsible for 3%. The USA’s part is 15% of all human emissions so that leaves us with less than half a percent responsibility. that means our ppmv  is less than .5% of all CO2. The biggest contributors are China, India and the EU. But China and India are exempt under the Kyoto Treaty and we refused to sign it. It will cost us billions to reduce our emissions by 10%. With all our debt, we do not have the money and we would make absolute no difference. And that is the primary subject Mr. O talks about. But it is a lie.

Every time some idiot buys a gun legally and shoots a bunch of people, Mr. O brings up gun control. This country has millions of guns in the hands of legal gun owners and those are the people he wants to control. He cannot control the inner cities run by Democrat Mayors where 85% of all deaths by gunfire are black on black. But peeps the word about that. All the guns in those neighborhoods are illegal and no one knows who has them. There are thousands of gangs in this country with illegal guns. NO way are we going to be able to get those guns off the street.

I mentioned illegal immigration. Our president brings lawsuits against any state that tries to do something about it. And he does nothing about Sanctuary Cites who the most dangerous criminals back on the street. And when ICE takes control and is supposed to deport them, the president releases them back on the street. Kate’s Law is designed to put repeat felony offenders automatically in jail for 5 years if they return after deportation. That bill is block in the Senate by the President’s primary backer, Harry Reid, who does whatever the President wants.

This President is the first to comment on any event where there are drummed up charges against a white person. George Zimmerman was Hispanic but was called white, he was acquitted in a kangaroo court to appease blacks. When ever anyone talks about police brutality they reference this case and Zimmerman was not a policeman. Trayvon Martin attacked Zimmerman and Zimmerman legally carrying a gun, used it to defend himself as a last resort. The Ferguson case was blown out of proportion, where no crime was committed by a police officer who was trying to defend himself against someone who had already tried to take his gun, then charged the police officer threatening to take the gun again. The police officer who did nothing wrong, loses his job and has to go into hiding. Black rioters destroy the town in protest when nothing happened to merit a protest. Riots are also on the list. And Baltimore went up in flames when a drug dealer selling drugs, hurts himself in a police van while by himself and eventually dies from his injuries caused by his own rage. Any police officer remotely near the processing of the prisoner is arrested for murder. And the district attorney rushes to judgement and the Mayor backs her up. The Police Chief lost his job and during the riots, the police were ordered to stand down while a tremendous amount of destruction of private property and businesses are allowed to continue with no interference by the police. Police officers across the country are now under physical assault and many have been killed by ambush. Black Lives matter continues to ask for violence against innocent police officer everywhere. And Mr. O says nothing; he lets it happen. Except, he has his justice department investigate police officers and entire police departments for civil rights violation.

The IRS targets and blocks republican non profit organizations from getting approval of their tax status while the president is running for office. And nothing happens, those who go before congress about this, plead the fifth and the department of justice declines to prosecute. The IRS sent all those applications to IRS legal attorneys for review in Wash, DC. they also sent private tax records, also. Some of those records went to Democrat Members of Congress. Marijuana is illegal under federal law but this president lets state approve the use for both medicinal and recreational purposes without FDA approval.

The Military! Those who keep our country safe and give their lives or become severely handicapped are ignored by this president. The VA as failed them, President Obama tied their hands while they were in combat so they could not do their job. When they are killed by terrorists, it wasn’t due to combat. When you desert and help the enemy, you get a hero’s welcome. Mr. O trades 5 Taliban generals in Guantanamo to get him home, he delays the trial. And when the trial finally begins, the prosecuting attorney want’s to let him off for time served. Meanwhile, the military undergoes the most draconian cuts ever.

Obamacare was passed by violating Senate rules. It has not lived up to any promises by Mr. O. Now it is on track to implode in 2016. The President violates his own Obamacare law by granting exceptions to unions so they can avoid loss of their Cadillac Plans. He forces religion groups under Obamacare to pay for abortion services that will end pregnancies. Next year half of the insurance providers are going under.    And Occupy Wall Street protesters supported the president but were found to have committed numerous crimes of property damage, assaults, rape, drug us, etc.

Politics, Mr. O’s politics. Every decision, denial, lie, deceit and criminal violation of federal law is designed to make him look good and make his legacy look better. Regardless of the price millions of Americans have to endure financially, militarily and personally. Loss of jobs, phony statistics to make the economy look better than it is. Using the IRS to block his enemies. We have a two party system but he is bent on have just one, a dictatorship.

Religion is under constant assault but Islamic Terrorists get a pass. Iranian Cleric gets all their money back under this president while they scream death to America and swear to kill every Jew on the planet. And the president gives them an agreement that permits them to continue on a path of mass destruction, support terror and arrest Americans where they are put on trial for trumped up charges and then held for ransom. He blames the Christian religion for atrocities during the middle ages but says nothing about the beheading of Christians by Islamic terrorists today. And he calls himself a Christian.

Same sex marriages are more important than the rights of states to say marriage is between a man and a woman. A government official who refuses to issue these licenses based on religious belief is immediately arrested and thrown in jail. The President says nothing. Schools continue to get worse under this president when he said he was going to make them better. Teachers continue to get raises and improvements in student learning flat-lines. The unions take teachers money through dues and then sends all their political donations to Democrats at a 96% rate padding their pockets at the expense of education and taxpayer dollars.

The claim by Democrats, this president and John Kerry that 97% of scientists believe global warming is real is a lie. Actually surveys of scientists show a 50/50 split.  That 97% are those scientists who agreed to the UNs position and those scientists who did not agree were excluded from being counted. Only 97% of democrats agree making it a partisan issue not a science based issue.

Taxes. This president always wants to raise taxes so he can cover ever-increasing expenses. He is not the great uniter he said he would be, he is a relentless divider. Blacks against whites, rich against poor, women against men, police against the black community. Christians against Muslims. Military against civilians.

Mr O says the war on Islam is not real. He says most Muslims across the globe are peaceful but when the twin towers fell, all Muslims hit the street across the globe praising the hijackers. He beat up on Bush when he said “mission accomplished” when that was true because the military took Baghdad in a month. But the President said Obama is dead and Al Qaeda is on the run. Shortly thereafter, Al Qaeda attacked our mission in Benghazi and killed 4 Americans and injured others. And the president denied it for a month when he new right away who attacked in Benghazi. There is a war on terror and it is increasing exponentially and the President continues to deny the seriousness of it. He said no more boots on the ground especially in Syria. But he just sent 50 more special ops military to put their boots on the ground in Syria. But then the president says it is not a combat mission. Military carrying weapons being supported by F-16 and A10s is a combat mission. Any time special ops deploy it is to engage in combat. The lies keep coming.

I could go on, but I need to go get my breakfast and listen to news, just not from Obama’s lame stream media. Like what Marco Rubio said, the president’s super pact!


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My Buddy the President – Yeah, Right!

Posted November 5, 2015 By Gospel

Newsweek-Obama-Gay-PresidentWhat a less than remarkable piece of work. Our “leader from behind” is the epitome of one whose desultory conversations deliberately avoids the subject that is center most on everyone’s mind. His favorite subject of diversion is when he is confronted with something serious, he focuses on “climate change,” something that invariably happens daily. There is always safety when it comes to daily weather. If the sidewalk gets wet from a little drizzle of rain, it is definitely due to climate change. Yes, especially when the sun was out the day before or just hours before. The same is true when the temperature drops to zero and there is 4 feet of snow on the ground; damn that climate change, it is killing me! The only way this “Private and Chief” runs this country is into the ground.

He is good at coming up with an ingis fatuus which I guess would be equivalent to concentrating on something that is an ignorant infatuation with innocuous nothingness. He is so weak he bears no watching at all. He is a puppy who is dangerous to us all. He spends more time in a golf cart then in the oval office. He is a Connoisseur of the game of golf. In fact, whenever he is in the oval office, we should all yell “Four” before explaining a problem to him so he understands there is a problem about to happen. The problem is the moment something happens, he runs to the course or takes a vacation. In other words he assumes the position of an ostrich with is head in a hole while an Iranian Cleric shoves a stick of dynamic up his apex and lights the fuse.

You probably have noticed by now, when it comes to phobias, I am definitely an “Obamaphobe.” I strongly believe we need a new leader of the free world. The last one we had was ” President ” George W. Bush.

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The Truth About Global Warming

Posted November 4, 2015 By Gospel
OMG! My Sweat is Freezing!

OMG! My Sweat is Freezing!

Our planet came into existence 4.5 billion years ago and has gone through monumental changes as a result of so many happenings that were, well, monumental. And we are totally wrapped around a simple molecule we cannot see and do not have a clue about how much of it exists in our environment. Would you believe that all the CO2 in our atmosphere is only 400 parts of a million other parts? Let’s take a closer look at this.

No one asks the question as to how much is actually our part. I mean every human on the planet who lights a fire to keep warm, cooks a meal or drives a car is emitting a certain amount of CO2 into the atmosphere. Well, just how much do us humans put into the atmosphere. Our part? Never thought you would ask. It is just 3.8 percent. And 3.8 percent of 400 parts is 15.2 parts. So, simply put, our part is 15 parts per million in our atmosphere. Look at it this way. Our part of the atmosphere is .0015 percent. 1% is 10,000 parts. Ours is 15 parts.

But that 15 parts is coming from all the nations on the planet. And the UN says we in the USA are putting 15% into the atmosphere and all the other nations are putting 85% of all human CO2 into the atmosphere. Let’s ask another question after learning that. How many parts per million is ours from the USA. It is 2.25 parts out of a million. Remember that 1% of a million parts is 10,000 parts. And ours is 2.25 parts. Does anyone get the idea that 2.25 parts is so small that spending billions of dollars in taxes to fix 2.25 parts is a total waste of time and money. That 2.25 parts is so small that if we reduce that amount by 10%, is anyone on the planet going to notice a difference.

Let us bring this down to earth; pun intended. Take a million grains of sand on the beach, place them in a bucket, and remove 2.25 grains. Heat those grains up until they are red hot. Now throw those 2.25 grains of sand back in the bucket. Just how much temperature change will you see? Well there is going to be a change in heat of the million grains, everyone knows that. But is it measurable? You can also look at it this way. You all know that if you put a hot rock next to a cold rock in a bag, the heat from the hot rock will warm up the cold rock, right? Well, just the opposite is going to happen, the cold rock will cool off the hot rock. they will eventually be the same temperature and the reduction in heat of the hot rock will be cut in half and the cold rock will be increased in heat by half. Simple isn’t it. So if you had a million cold rocks and threw in two hot rocks, how much change in temperature would you witness? Duh!

Well, everyone has heated up a cup of water in the microwave to the point where it will begin to change to steam and enter the atmosphere as humidity. So take a cup and add a million drops of water. Take out two drops and heat them up in the microwave just to the point just before it begins to evaporate. Now take them out and dump those two drops into the container with the million drops of cold water. How much of an increase in heated water will you see? And I can hear someone say it is going to be warmer. Of course it is. But can you measure it? What if you took 500,000 drops of water and heated them up in the microwave to just before boiling and then dumped them into another container with 500,000 drops of cold water. The temperature of the hot drops will go down while the temperature of the cold rocks will go up. 2 Parts of CO2 is not going to heat up the rest of the 1 million parts of air.

Now there is something else to consider that no one really thinks about. Humidity is water vapor. The scientists tell us water vapor affects the temperature of the air by 95%. CO2 is 1/3 of 1%. If you set a bucket of water out in the sun, is it the heat from the sun radiating the warming the water vapor in the air around the bucket heating the water or is it 1/3 of 1% of the CO2 in the air. In the desert with vary low humidity, the sun still heats up the bucket rapidly, it is not a trace of CO2 in the air.

How many examples do you need to understand that the global warming argument is a hoax. But the next question is why they are trying to push this argument down our throats over and over. It starts with the UN and it ends with the UN.  The UN started the studies using models where they modified data to support their case. OK, fine. But why would they do that. Because the UN wants to tax CO2 emissions. If they can do that, they can become really rich and begin to control the world to the extent that countries no longer exist. The liberals on our planet want “One World Order” to become the norm. That is the issue in a nutshell. By the way, let’s heat up 2 nuts and throw them……………………oh, never mind!

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Corruption in Government is About to Sink

Posted November 4, 2015 By Gospel

No Left turnBob Dylan had some lyrics that fit the current political sea ripple turning into a tidal wave. “The Times They are a Changin’.” Kentucky elected its first Republican Governor in decades. The Democrats were running that state and the state was in the bag for Hillary. But not anymore.

The biggest issue that moved the electorate was the impact of Obamacare. The other big impact of this election is that this Kentuckian is loved by the Tea Party and is actually a libertarian who is bent on reducing the size of Government. Kim Davis, in Kentucky, was put in jail for refusing to issue marriage certificates based on her religious beliefs. The issue was decided by the Supreme Court but Kim didn’t give in. And the populace in Kentucky moved to support her. Kentucky is the ripple and when the national elections go down, states are going to flip and the new President will be Republican. The number of Republican Senators will increase and so will the Republicans in the House. That will be the tidal wave.

If I was working at the IRS, I would seriously be looking for a new job. If I make tons of money preparing taxes for businesses, the elite, the rich, and just about every other American, I would be looking for another job. Everyone at the department of education should be looking for another job because the states are going to take back their own education system. The EPA is also on the chopping block. The Department of Commerce is done because it is a useless government entity. There are probably a hundred more agencies that are not worth the budget money they eat up and waste.

If these cuts get on a roll, they will also trickle down to the states. So national wide and state wide cuts will put American back on a positive capitalistic track. The biggest losers outside the government will be the Unions who will have fewer politicians they can buy with their 96% contribution rate of Democrats. Even the global warming craze will crumble because it has always been a Democrat boondoggle to fill their pockets with kickbacks into their reelection coffers from the subsidies they approved for green companies trying to sell windfarms and solar panels.

Cases in point. When a green company builds a windfarm, they get to write off the expense in 5 years on a farm that is projected to last 30 yrs. If I own a piece of rental property, I can depreciate it over 30 years, not 5. The companies get a huge tax break up front. Then the owners of these farms sell them after 5 years to other investors or power companies at a discount actually earning themselves a hefty profit because of the tax breaks on their other income. But then the farms actually depreciate in 15-20 years based on the need to replace huge, expensive windfarm infrastructure. Those Wind turbines don’t last 30 years. They need continuous inspections and maintenance, and will need to be replaced in 10 to 15 years due to excessive wear and tear. The turbines, at that time, will cost more because of inflation. The Democrat politicians get a kickback from those companies who gain the windfall; pun intended. The global warming issue has been around since 1970, 45 years ago. And as of this date, we only get less than 3% of our entire energy consumption from Wind and Solar.

There is a reason politicians go to Washington and stay forever. They get there with relatively modest wealth and leave multimillionaires. The hay day is about to come crashing down. The American public has had enough. They do not get a piece of the American pie because the politicians and big government get the whole pie leaving us with half a slice. Then the pie gets bigger but the slice we get actually shrinks to a quarter of a larger pie. Interesting how that works.

The politicians and glutinous government agencies should invest in life boats because the tidal wave is building in strength exponentially and is going to sink their corruptive ships.

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Global Warming is a bunch of Biomass Poop!

Posted October 26, 2015 By Gospel
OMG! My Sweat is Freezing!

OMG! My Sweat is Freezing!

We keep being told we are making great progress in weaning ourselves from oil, coal, nuclear and natural gas. And in a discussion about how great wind and solar is, the supporters keep throwing around the 17% to 19% figure. They claim that is great progress. So just where does that 17% come from? Better yet, the question should be, how much of that 17% is just from solar and wind? They always leave that part out. The answer is 3%. What? Over the past 45 years, we now only get 3% of our entire energy use in this country from solar and wind? Absolutely.

I have heard that renewable energy is as much as 17%. But I cannot find where that figure is coming from unless the number also includes nuclear which 8.5%. In fact, the best I can do is come up with 9.8% if I exclude nuclear which is a source the environmentalists want to kill. But that is misleading as well because when you count nuclear with petroleum, coal and natural gas, you get over 90% of our energy comes from these 4 sources. Let’s take a closer look at that 9.8 figure. What at biomass.

Biomass is included in the renewable figure but that also includes the burning of wood, getting to the wood is a problem because it costs to get it or have it delivered and a lot of communities have banned it because of emissions. Biomass also includes biofuel from corn. But that too has been determined to pollute the air twice as much over 30 years. Using corn increases water usage, natural gas is used in the production of biofuels from corn, biofuel also increases wear and tear of engines, the US government subsidized corn based biofuel production by 45 cents until 2011. But they still survived because the EPA mandated its use keeping the industry afloat. Without out that our gas prices would be lower. And, the production of corn based biofuel makes up 44% of all corn produced in the US which put pressure on the price of corn. We pay more there, too. Of interest, the entire world relies heavily on the burning of wood, animal dung and other dead plant life to get their heat. That adds heavily to the world’s Carbon emissions. It is totally misleading to use biomass as a renewable and that takes away 4.9%, leaving us with half at 4.9%.

The next thing they include as a renewable is hydroelectric power which is power generated from dams which have been around prior to the beginning global warming issue. So you have to take that away, too, leaving us with 2.4%. Geothermal has been around forever. In 1900, hot springs water was piped to homes in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Granted small use. It has significantly grown now and the government started granting and directing the use of exploration to improve on the science of extracting heat from the below grown in the 60’s. But that too started long before the global warming issue began to surface in the late 70s. So you really need to take that number away also. We get .2% from Geothermal today. Wow. That is a lot of heat energy. That leaves us with 2.2%.

There you have it. For the past 40 years of the global warming hype, we get 2.2% of all our energy from solar and wind. Wind gives us 1.8% and solar gives us .4%. Look at the chart below from the IER, Institute for Energy Research, March 2015, located by going to the following site:

No one can say the numbers are outdated as an excuse, the 2015 chart is proof.

I might add, all the infrastructure and equipment used to create wind farms, all the materials used to create solar panels and all the equipment they use in the Geothermal drilling effort are made from petroleum-based manufacturing processes. Kill petroleum and you kill every single thing we own in our house and even the building materials of our entire home, car and boat; if I had one, of course.

So when the President says we need to reduce our CO2 emissions by 20 or 30%, you need to be asking how much that is going to cost and is it actually possible under our current debt situation. I cannot be taxed anymore at all.


Let’s do a per capita on that! We are now at 18 trillion dollars in debt, a lot of which is owed to the Chinese. To pay that off, each individual in this country would have to come up with around $60,000. But you wife living at home and your two children do not earn money, you do. So actually, in a family of 4 where only the husband works, he is going to need about $240,000. That amount per family? OMG. In order to pay that off in 10 years, the government would have to tax that family an extra 24,000 a year. The average wage of an individual in this country is about $46,000. If both spouses are working, that comes to $92,000 a year in income. My tax bill now is about 12-15,000 a year already. If I add 24,000 to my current tax bill, my federal tax liability alone would be close to $40,000. Then I would need to add all the other taxes like state, local and sales taxes, fees and property tax, gas taxes, phone taxes, taxes on electricity use and taxes on food. Paying extra to cut CO2 emissions is really not even feasible.

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Is It Solar Activity or Man-made CO2?

Posted September 10, 2015 By Gospel

Yes, the Gospel of JJ is back harping about the global warming scam now being called climate change. If humans would just stop breathing for about 10 minutes; problem solved! (This is a update to 2015). Interestingly, they did away with the term global warming blamed on excess CO2 from humans to climate change so they could blame our CO2 on any weather change whatsoever.

But to make this problem a lot clearer, we need to ask two simple questions. If you do not know the answer to those two questions, you don’t know a thing about global warming.

The real reason the earth fluctuates in temperature is solar activity. The hype and blaming of CO2 is truly a scam. If you do not know the answer to two simple but very important questions then you are the problem. How much total CO2 is in our atmosphere? And then how much is man-made? The answer is 400 PPM overall in our atmosphere. The man-made part of that is only 3% of the 400%. That means our part, the man-made part, is just 12 PPM. When I say our part, I mean all the people on earth, not just the USA. There are two ways to look at this. First, our USA landmass is 6% of the entire landmass of the earth. So that means, we could take the 12 PPM for all man and factor it down to .72% to get the USA part as it relates to landmass. Our USA contribution is therefore less than 1 PPM of the 400 PPM. There other way to look at it?. Our CO2 output compared to all other countries is 15% of all Man-made CO2. So that means our part would be about 1.8 PPM. The ocean is going to absorb 40% of that so that would leave us at about 1.08 PPM of the original 400 PPM.  What percent of the original PPM of 400 is 1.08 PPM? That is about ¼ of a PPM.

What is important to know is that to reduce our ¼ of a PPM by just 10%, it would cost us billions. I mentioned that the ocean absorbs CO2 but it also emits CO2 depending on how warm it gets? The warmer it gets the more CO2 it releases. The ocean absorbs heat from the sun and the ocean covers 70% of the earth. The Scientists try to claim that the heating of the ocean is primarily coming from CO2 and all the heating is coming from the 12PPM from humans, less the ocean’s absorption rate. If I set a bucket of water out in the sun, do you think the water heats up from too much CO2 in the air; or the heat from the sun? Or, just take a million grains of sand, and heat 1 grain really hot and throw it back in. How much temperature change do you think that 1 million grains of sand would experience? Put 1 million quarts of water in a container and then bring one quart to the boiling point and then dump it back in. How much temperature change would you experience? How cold is the ocean? Well, 90% of it is between 32 and 37.5 degree Fahrenheit. The average temperature on the surface of the ocean is about 62.6 degrees. That surface temperature has increased .1 degree or 10% of one degree in 30-50 years. So the scientists are actually guessing about what happened over the course of 20 years. They are not sure. But they are absolutely sure that CO2 is the primary heat source of the entire planet. So let’s just say they are absolutely sure the surface temperature of the ocean is being changed by increased CO2 but they are not sure whether that change occurred from 30 years ago or 50 years ago. That leaves CO2 predictions not so accurate after all. They are just guessing.

Is increased CO2 so bad? Not according to the 1000s of government sponsored studies that clearly showed that the most effective level of CO2 for plant growth is between 1000 and 1500 PPM CO2 in the atmosphere. They have tested this over and over. The more CO2 we have, the more green the earth is. And that means more oxygen for the rest of us. I would be willing to guess that most of the folks who believe in global warming alarmism or that more CO2 is bad for us, also have a hankering to smoke marijuana. And, of course, they are always seeking that perfect crop that generates the best effect from THC, the drug in marijuana. Just search on line for how to grow marijuana and you find that growing the plant in a greenhouse provides for the most ideal conditions. And, of course, you have to make sure you have the best possible concentration of CO2. That perfect amount is 1200 to 1500 PPM.

If you pay more attention to the solar activity we routinely experience, you would understand that we are actually headed for another mini ice age. Things are going to start getting a little cooler. And over the past 20 years, we have experienced temperatures that are flat, not increasing. But the CO2 has been increasing. The Ocean surface is warming up a bit so that may be the reason for the increase in CO2 in the atmosphere. But warming seas also create more weather activity and more current activity. Again, I would be willing to bet that the 70% of the ocean surface has been reacting to sun rays, not human made CO2.

So can we get back to using oil and gas for energy? Global warming fears have been around since 1970 and it is now 2015. So we have spent billions of dollars on alternative forms of energy production. Specifically, wind and solar. Did you know that after about 45 years of effort, we now experience less than 3% of all our energy output from Solar and wind? You see what I mean? We are getting nowhere. And low and behold with all the help from solar and wind, we have managed to maintain a constant level of annual US output of man-made CO2 at about 15%. Wouldn’t you think all this money we are spending would have decreased that just a little over 44 years? Oil and gas are king. Without it we are lost. No plastic, no chemicals, no automobiles, no transportation, no heating, no cooling, no homes, no pavement, not one household item to make our lives better, not a single piece of medical equipment or supplies, and worst yet, no I-phone.  I reviewed a list of 400 items that we use as humans, each item derived from a petroleum process and I could only find 4 items I have not had the opportunity to use….yet. I could very well get the opportunity to use those also if I live long enough.

I love oxygen, it keeps me alive. Plants love CO2, it keeps them alive. Plants keep me alive. I need more plants and therefore more CO2. It is a wonderful cycle.

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There is an extremely powerful push to replace the use of carbon and oil in our lives. A good example is the push to replace carbon, oil and natural gas based power generation with solar panels and wind farms. The rally cry is “We need to eliminate our dependency on carbon.” This effort started in the 1970s when scientists, who were screaming about the whole world freezing over and freezing mankind out of existence, were overcome by scientists screaming about the world heating up due to our increase in carbon emissions as several nations entered into their industrial revolutions. But the chatter lately has focused on ridding ourselves of the use of carbon and oil. Do those believing in fixing the so-called global warming issue know what they would have to give up to accomplish this lofty goal? Well, let’s take a look at things that we should no longer use because they were produced with carbon/oil processes.

Many of those among us who have sufficient income to purchase a home and need to maintain a lawn to protect the value of those homes would have to give up fertilizers. They would also need to give up the use of water hoses and just about every other piece of equipment they use to maintain their lawns. Lawn mowers using gas or electricity for power that are totally manufactured by numerous petroleum processes, edging equipment, rakes, shovels, plastic bags to store the cut grass, or mulching bins, wheelbarrows, and anything else you find in your garage or shed you use to maintain the grass on your property. By the way, the entire garage and/or shed is made from products that were made from some form of processes using carbon or oil. Need I mention the entire component structure of the home? Same processes.  And the first thing that comes to mind that would replace the grass is artificial turf. But that too is manufactured using petroleum. The next idea would be gravel or rocks. Those too have to be created using heavy equipment, petroleum products, huge steel crushing equipment, large transportation vehicles to move the rocks around, and then those rocks would need to be delivered to retailers for sale to the public.

Our entire medical profession relies on the production of every physical tool they use. All of those tools are manufactured using a form of petroleum based processing. All their disposable supplies used to keep their entire existence sanitary are also made from the same processes. In fact, every single medical facility world-wide is built entirely from products derived from the same processes. Carbon is in just about everything you can think of. The water served in hospitals has no carbon but the cups serving that water do. And the water is purified at facilities totally dependent on an infinite number of carbon/oil based processes in every inch of their entire infrastructure.

Additionally, in the medical field, all the medicines, sanitation liquids and things like anesthetics are made using the same processes. Even the pills are in containers made from dissolvable materials created by petroleum based production methods. All the artificial limbs come from the same processes. Hospital beds, ambulances, exam equipment likes CT scanners, x-ray machines, temperature measuring devices and even the stethoscope the majority of doctors wear, is made from petroleum processing methods. Next time you enter a hospital, look around to see all the physical things they have to keep humans healthy or even alive. All of them are made from some form of petroleum process.

Many are complaining about the cars we drive burning gasoline. But the entire car, from the tires to the car seats, dashboard, all the mechanical parts used to keep the care functioning on the road and any piece of plastic on that car are made from petroleum processing. If the car or truck has a trailer hitch, that too is petroleum based. And the entire item you are towing is made from the same process whether it is a boat, camper or horse trailer, or any other item you may be towing. Adding a bike rack to the top or back of your vehicle adds equipment made from the same process. Even the entire bike, too. Every vehicle on the planet is lubricated with oil or grease to give it a longer functioning life. Every form of transportation from airplanes, trains, trucks and cars are violating the rules concerning carbon and oil use. The engine runs most efficiently if it has brake fluid, power steering and transmission fluid, antifreeze, refrigerant to keep us cool and windshield washer fluid to help clean the windshield. All these fluids would be disallowed.

You might as well start eliminating any kind of sporting good because everything we use in every sporting event is manufactured using petroleum and/or carbon. Cancel all the birthday parties because balloons would not be allowed. Candles would not be allowed. Paper to wrap gifts? No more! No parties of any kind since everything used to hold a party is made from some form of the same process. No golf carts, electric or otherwise. Even the golf balls and clubs have to go.

I learned of someone in Oregon or Washington State who does not recycle at all. She reuses everything. But she lives in a house made totally from petroleum processing. But she also takes some things she can no longer reuse, to businesses or other entities that have recycle bins. So much for that effort. How would someone be able to rid themselves of the use of these products that are so bad for our environment? That would be simple, give up everything you currently have, go outside totally naked and stand in an area that has not been touched by humans in any way. Oops, that naked part is against the law so I guess what I am suggesting is something that is not even possible at all. But if you did get arrested, all the steel in the jail cell would be made with a petroleum process.

We are determined to impose this carbon neutral mentality on the entire globe. But we can’t even feed the poor in our own country. We know we have a serious problem because almost 50% of our nation is on some form of subsistence. But I mentioned we want to change the world for the better.  We have spent billions of dollars supporting wind and solar but for the past 40 years while we have been on that drive, we currently get less than 3% of all our power from these two sources of energy. Yes, 3% in 40 years and billions of dollars wasted on this boondoggle. Now let’s take a look at the rest of the world where we are determined to impose these lofty goals. Did you know that 50% of the people in this world live on $2.50 a day? That is $75 dollars a month. That is $900 a year. That means we have to impose our world saving goals on 3 billion people who are dirt poor. Do you really think these people can afford to concentrate on recycling or worry about the concentration of CO2 in the air? They have much more pressing things to worry about.

We cannot stop with these dirt poor people. What about 80% of humans on this planet live on $10 a day or less, $300 hundred a month or $3600 a year. No way are we going to be able to change these people also. They do not have time to pay attention is such a ridiculous argument. They have to hunt for food, or work on a farm taking home a small portion of the crop to feed their family with no actual pay. They raise chickens and pigs and slaughter them themselves to get some meat on the table. Do you honest belief we can change the way those people live so they don’t pollute the air with CO2 coming from their fires or makeshift rock stoves why warming their food to eat. They don’t feed their chickens, they let them loose to go find their own food and those chickens return to their pen for the night. That is where these humans get their eggs. They have no food stores available; and they could not afford it if they did.

There are only 400 parts per million of CO2 in our atmosphere. Only 3% is from humans on the globe. The USA emission part is 15% of that amount for the whole planet so we are left with less than ½ of a percent of the entire CO2 in the atmosphere. Keep in mind the emissions generated from China and India, the most prolific polluters in the world, are exempt from limiting their emissions because they are going through their initial industrial revolution. They will generate even more as they progress and will not be able to decrease emissions for the foreseeable future. The Kyoto treaty exempts them and we didn’t sign it either. In 2010, our emissions were at 16% of the world. In 2011, we emitted 17%. In 2012, we were at 16%. 2013, 16% with a slight increase of .2%. China, in 2010 was at 24%. But then the chart began to show per capita emission in 2011 so China was given 7%. So if we discount that way of showing the data, China is still at 24-25%. There emissions are almost twice ours. India in 2010 was at 6%. So 1/3d of the total emissions are coming from two countries. The USA, China and India, combined, are almost at 50% of the rest of the world. The other half of the world is emitting around 50%. We have not improved our emission for the past 5 years. We are going nowhere but we are spending billions trying to get there. And it should be noted, since 1960, CO2 levels have increased 22%. But temperatures have only increased by a degree or two. That tells me without equivocation that CO2 does not drive heat.

Let’s revisit the ½ of 1 percent of which we can control. 3% of all CO2 is human driven. That totals 12 parts per million. If our part total part is 15% of that then our part is 1.8 parts per million. and 10% of that is about 1/4 of 1 part. That means if we correct 10% of our emissions we spend billions fixing .24 parts of the 400. And the believers want to fix the who 1.8 parts belonging to us. Which would cost us several billions of dollars to fix. What would be the real impact on the rest of the world if we spent all that. If we fix it all, the 1.8 parts per million, which is ours and absolutely impossible to do, the rise of CO2 levels over the past 49 years increasing 22% would make our effort fruitless.  And, since 1998, 17 years, the temperature has not risen. Is the CO2 increase really causing the planet to warm?? Of course not.

So here we see an increase of 130 or so parts per million and we can only fix 1/4 of a part of a million to get 10% of it. And our emissions are staying relatively the same. We have not been able to reduce our emissions but have spent billions trying to. IF the CO2 level has gone up 130 points and our emissions are stable, spending billions is getting us nowhere. We have shown by results that we are not able to cut 1/4 of 1 part of our own. But the rest of the planet has generated another 130 parts per million. Does anyone get the idea that we are spinning our wheels and having no affect whatsoever? And one more question, we cannot get the rest of the world do anything about anything: human rights, human cruelty, starvation, religious wars, terrorist attacks, famine, genocide, or all the hundreds of other human ills and foreign government actions, how do we talk them all into reducing their CO2 emissions? We are insane if we think we can make a difference. I would rather spend those billions feeding our poor, especially the children. In other words, mind our own business. And don’t waste so much capital trying to change the world. It is useless.

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