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A Prayer to Get America Back – Awesome!

Posted November 3, 2015 By Gospel

There was an interesting prayer given in a new Kansas session of their Senate. I received it in an email from my son. It passed on what happened when Minister Joe Wright was asked to open the new session with a prayer. But what they all heard was remarkable to say the least – Maybe a Godsend.

Here is the prayer:

Heavenly Father, we come before you today to ask your forgiveness and to seek your direction and


We know Your Word says, ‘Woe to those who call evil good,’ but that is exactly what we have done.

We have lost our spiritual equilibrium and reversed our values.

We have exploited the poor and called it the lottery.

We have rewarded laziness and called it welfare.

We have killed our unborn and called it choice.

We have shot abortionists and called it justifiable.

We have neglected to discipline our children and called it building self-esteem.

We have abused power and called it politics.

We have coveted our neighbor’s possessions and called it ambition.

We have polluted the air with profanity and pornography and called it freedom of expression.

We have ridiculed the time-honored values of our forefathers and called it enlightenment.

Search us, Oh God, and know our hearts today; cleanse us from every sin and set us free.



I guess that just about says it all.

The next time someone says “God Bless America” ask yourself if they really mean it or are they just saying it to make themselves look like they are true patriots. But are they saying it because they are just in it for the money and votes.

I might add that when the prayer was underway, a number of the legislators walked out in protest. In just 6 short weeks, Reverend Wright’s church, the Central Christian Church, received over 5000 phone calls that were positive. Only 47 of those calls were negative. Only in America can this happen. The church is now receiving requests from all over the world, including India, Africa and Korea, asking for a copy of the prayer.

Please share this with all your friends on social media so as many Americans as possible get to see it. I will tweet it and also forward the link to my Facebook page.

Let the fact checkers find fault as to whether this happened! But what difference does it make, the prayer is absolutely right in the message. If it didn’t happen, that doesn’t mean it isn’t true!

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The Hypocrisy of Liberals Strikes Again

Posted September 9, 2015 By Gospel

Go to JailA judge puts a county manager of a marriage license office in jail for refusing to issue licenses to gay couples. They called it a violation of a court order. It was her religious beliefs that made her do it. Numerous examples are expressed on the news of private employer situations where the law was interpreted to mean that the employer needed to try to make accommodations when a problem like this occurs. When the argument favoring putting her in jail tries to imply that she is a government employee and the law does not apply to her. The problem is the law specifically states public or private employees. So the need for an accommodation applies to a government entity as well. Jailing her was an attempt to get her to change her mind.

Additionally, those supporting the jailing say she should be forced to issue licenses or she needs to be fired or she needs to resign. When she was elected, the permission of same sex marriages was not an issue. Now it is. The nature of the work has changed and impacts her religious beliefs. Therefore an accommodation is warranted. Also, it was argued she is a hypocrite because she has had 4 divorces. But after those divorces, she had a religious conversion. Leaving out parts of an argument to support your case is no support at all. It is deception. It is the essence of lying to get your way. “My dog ate my homework.”

Liberals are always asking for accommodations to support someone’s civil rights when the doing so would help their cause unrelated to the violation of civil rights. In this case, it is convenient to trash the public employee because what she did is against their support for gay marriages. If the opposite were the case, where an atheist government official refuses to issue a license because they know it is going to be used to permit a wedding in a church, the left would be in support of the government official not because he has the right to honor his convictions but because they do not accept religion as a valid belief system, a philosophy of life. If a judge just puts the guy in jail until he capitulated, the left would be screaming false imprisonment.

Forcing religious people to accept any and everything the government say or orders, is exactly what is happening in countries like Iran. The government incarcerates those who do not follow the faith. The liberals want to incarcerate anyone who does not follow their guidance. Atheism is a philosophy of life and so is Christianity. One should not have sway over the other in this country. People should be permitted to follow their philosophy of life whether it is Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism or atheism without interference from their government. That is what our constitution dictates.

Liberals want to make peace with Muslims who follow Sharia Law and want the United States to accept Sharia law. They leave out the facts that Sharia Law calls for the beheading of disbelievers, the stoning of women who are raped because they could not find 5 men to say they witnessed the event and actually witnessed penetration. Fathers can kill their daughters if they personally determine they have disrespected the religion of Islam. A man can divorce is wife; and all his has to do is state it and then wait 3 months to insure she is not pregnant and the divorce is final. A man can have more than one wife. Gays, atheists and those with no faith will get in front of the beheading line, ahead of Jews and Christians, because Islam teaches that Christians and Jews are misguided and misinformed but since they believe in the same God, they are less guilty of “shirk” than gays, atheists and rest without religious faith.

Liberals do not care about Muslims, they just use them to their advantage when they argue against war and want to falsely claim to be more compassionate. The Liberals run the major cities in this country and have done nothing to quail the violence in the black neighborhoods. They cannot do anything because they know they would lose black vote if they try. They use racism charges against blacks as a talking point to put down the right. It is all about votes and power for them. The rest of us can just get in line. Yeah, just like the beheading line under Sharia Law.

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Drop God From Oath? Wrong!

Posted October 24, 2013 By Gospel

So you are saying Sex does not exist?

First of all, no one gets hurt if you say “So help me God” in military oaths. If you don’t think there is a God then to say it means nothing. If you do believe in God it helps that person more than others. Best way to handle this is to ask the oath takers to not say it when they give their oath if they want to. You are committing to your country first and foremost to support and defend. Whether God helps you or not is a matter of conscience. Just about everyone believes in some form of superior being so it is OK for most to use their own version of the word God. In Islam, it is Allah, in Judaism it is Hashem (or Adonai in prayer) and Jesus Christ is referred to as God. Those three religions make up most of the world. But there are others as well who have their own word to describe their belief in a superior being.

But we also have a lot of people who do not believe any god exists. That is their philosophy of life and if they lived in a Muslim country, they would be subject to the death penalty. That is the extreme. Belief systems have their purpose and that is to give someone a set of guidelines on how to be good and have a peaceful and comforting life. Atheists have their comfort with their philosophy of life and so should others who have a different philosophy of life. When you ask the government to step in and stop one philosophy over another than you are no better than the Muslims with their death penalty. Government should just stay out of it. The Government does not have the right to start or stop a person’s belief. The majority of people in the USA have some form of belief in a superior being so Atheists should mind their own business. To try to do away with a certain religion is folly. If the country outlawed Atheism it would be wrong and to accept the fact that this country has customs associated with their religious history is right. The majority are comfortable with that.

So, when you go to another country on vacation, it is totally accepted that you should respect their customs, and the idiosyncrasies of their society. After all, you are a guest. Let it be. If you are not comfortable with the religious customs in the USA, go to another country where you can feel more comfortable. But just remember, they maintain all their old churches and cathedrals as landmarks of their history.  That way you won’t have to waste your entire life trying to convert a majority of people to follow your personal philosophy of life. Try to do that in Saudi Arabia and see how far you get. Most of the time you would be spinning your wheels. Life is too short to be spending all your time trying to correct others.  If you do not like broccoli, don’t eat it. If you do not want to say God in an oath then don’t say it.

Do not try to take God away from those who have a strong belief in a superior being. It is like a pillar that supports their total existence. You have yours and they have theirs. Religion(or a philosophy of life which is actually identical)  is just like the difference in all the races (diversification); everyone is born into life with the right to chose the philosophy of life they are comfortable with and no one should be able to force the other to change just because one thinks they are right. Atheists are a minority in this country and by doing exactly what they claim those with religion have been doing for centuries, proselytizing, is just as wrong. If I am OK with saying “so help me God,” then don’t try to take it away from me or our longstanding traditions and customs. Live with it; just like we live with you.

God help me put up with these people who want to take away my philosophy of life and force theirs upon me.

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Simply – Philosophy of Life

Posted July 25, 2013 By Gospel

It was in 991 AD when Archbishop Arnulf of Rheims was the first to identify the existing Pope as the Antichrist. He did that because he disagreed with the direction the Pope took in his duties. That was over 1000 years ago. Being a Catholic, and a poor one at that, an acquaintance of mine who belonged to a protestant church, insisted that their teachings indicate that the successor of the then current Pope, John Paul, would be the Antichrist. We had Pope Benedict for a awhile after John Paul and he resigned but he was OK; he was cool. And now we have Pope Francis. But he doesn’t seem to be that threatening either. In fact he is more like John Paul:  outgoing, endearing and loved by a majority for his warm personna. How would anyone know any of these popes would be the Antichrist since if either of them were, he wouldn’t  reveal himself to us minions? When we learned that John Paul was quite ill, I called my acquaintance to say, “well, the Pope is quite ill so I guess we are going to test your prophesy.” His reply, “Well it might not be the next Pope.” This antichrist rumor has been going on for centuries by lots of very smart folks who continue to get it wrong. Francis Bacon suggested this, a really respected author, and he got it wrong in the 1500s. Archbishop Rheims got it wrong in 991 AD. That is over 500 years ago for Francis Bacon and over 1000 years for Rheims.

And now today, we have this attack on Christians of any sect from non-Christians. The latter is in a significant minority. And since only 1 in 5 of our citizens do not follow the Christian philosophy of life, the neigh sayers only make up 20% of our nation. Those folks are predominantly Atheists or Humanists. Those too are philosophies of life – and therein we find the problem. Maybe they are the antichrists.  Both sides are philosophies of life. So how is it that the minority gets to dictate what is right for the majority. They do it with excessive force and lots of yelling. They take our constitution, twist its meaning and use that through legal means to systematically get rid of any outward expression of Christianity in our society. They want to remove every visual physical reference whatsoever.

One example: They want to take down the Memorial to our WWI veterans because the monument has the form of a cross and is sitting on government land. That would mean to me, they want to destroy any historical heritage we may have because they claim the government is pushing religion. If they drive by this monument and see it, does that tell them the government insists they convert to Christianity or else? The Constitution that protects them from that, is being used to destroy one groups philosophy so theirs will prevail. Now that sounds to me like they are using our government to dictate their preferred philosophy of life on Christians. And that is exactly want the constitution is supposed to protect us from. I have witnessed, studied and experienced several sides of this issue. I started out reading tons of books and taking classes to see if I could find the answer. More precisely, I wanted to find a philosophy of life that I could be comfortable with. I was an atheist at first. Then I became an agnostic, swam around the logic of many other philosophies of life and ended up with Christianity. Why? Well, I was searching for the logic and then realized I needed something I was OK with and logic was less important. I wna to be able to argue my point. I eventually learned that arguing was useless. I stopped listening to the crazies and found what is best for me. I was not smart enough to figure it all out. And if I was, why would I want to impose my philosophy on anyone else. What is good for me is just that, only good for me; no one else. We all have to find a philosophy of life that is acceptable to our own being. I was OK with the “faith” thing. It was a suitable fit.

A philosophy of life is just a belief system an individual adopts to help himself get through life and to become a better person. It keeps him comfortable in his own skin. That is a human thing. If that is his goal, then leave him to his and you keep yours. The chemistry of the mind is well beyond our grasp to understand. It is dynamic beyond comprehension. Neurological engineers have been studying what goes on in our minds for centuries. They want to know what makes it tick. But I need my mind to get me through a lot of tough times in a hundred years or so of life. A statue shaped like a cross in a memorial that I pass is a moment in a whole life time. Don’t let it get to you. Those who came before me decided on the shape of the statue and I appreciate the recognition those veterans and their families are getting.

Isn’t it interesting that these folks are so concerned about a statue when they brag about having traveled to other countries all over the world to see ancient sites. They walk past centuries of history inundated with religious symbolism. And they say, “Ah! Look at that. Isn’t that just spectacular?” They want our country to be just like theirs. They love their politics and economic systems. But they fail to realize that these governments are the key players in maintaining and protecting the architecture and the history of their country’s past. And they use taxpayer money to do it. Most see the value in it. And there is no difference in a memorial here and a fabulous painting with Christian symbolism hanging on a wall in the Louvre. Both governments maintain it and the majority appreciate it. Is anyone’s belief system threatened when they visit these magnificent places? No, and hardly anyone converts.

But what about a religion that teaches that anyone not of their faith must either convert or die. But even if you convert you are still not a full member. In Islam, those not born into the faith can never gain full status since they have committed “shirk.” You are considered to be a converted infidel. And that sticks with you. There is a hierarchy – lifelong Muslims, converts, Christians, Jews and then non-believers and those of any other religion. That’s because Christians and Jews and Muslims all have the same God.  When they take over our country and tell us to line up for beheading, guess who will be at the head of the line: Humanists and Atheist. Now that is something to complain about. There is a truly great book that explains all this in much detail. It is called the Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran. Before you say anything about this subject, learn the truth in this book. Keep in mind while reading further, when the twin towers fell, just about every Muslim, in every country on earth danced in the streets with absolute joy. They were overjoyed to hear we took a hit. That event speaks millions. Pun intended.

Those who say the Muslim religion is a peaceful religion should have no problem living in a Middle Eastern country. But they will not go there for one reason. Fear! They have very high odds of experiencing some form of violence. They know it. It is just too dangerous and our State Department tells us so. Would you want to go to one of these countries and tell them they need to take down their religious symbolism because it offends you? If you can’t do it there, don’t do it here. If here is the only place you will do it, then you are a coward. If you convert to anything in your life, it will be for reasonable philosophical reasons that makes you comfortable with your being as a human. It is truly sad when frogs in a protected waterway are infinitely more important than a memorial statue set up to honor those who gave their lives trying to protect this great country where some take everything for granted – except for religious symbolism. Judge not less thee be judged. A man’s philosophy of life is his alone.

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question-markWe all know that the absence of normal human intelligence in the majority of the Democrat party is the fault of no one other than George W. Bush. The Democrats call him “W” for short because they have trouble saying the words in his name that are longer than one letter. They are much more comfortable with the letter “D” though, because that letter comes earlier in the alphabet than “R” or “W.” But they do know that those two letters come somewhere beyond the letters of the alphabet they did manage to memorize – “A, B C, D, E, F, G.” They are not sure of the order from that point on. But they also favor the letter “D” above “A, B, and C” since those three represent grades that are harder to get in college courses. The “D” gets them a passing grade so they can stay in school to avoid work. They also like the “D” because it won’t transfer to other colleges. They can then transfer and take the same freshman and sophomore classes again. They manage that by changing their degree program at the next college they attend which gets student loans to continue flowing. The longer they can manage to stay in college, the longer they can avoid work. I might add, they do get “Cs” once in a while if the professor grades on a curve. In fact, that is where they learned the concept of “redistribution.” When they hear the president say that word, they think of getting more than they deserve. But are the Democrats more intelligent than Republicans?

I recently read a Huffington Post article making fun of Marco Rubio’s answer to the question: “how old is the earth?” And, because he didn’t say the earth was 4.5 billion years old. He answered it in a way to avoid alienating his potential base of those who take the bible literally. In other words, his answer was very intellectual and very political. But that cleverness is just as prevalent among Democrat politicians. But let us take a look at this question. I am a Catholic, albeit a convert. As far as I am concerned, the earth is approximately 4.5 Billion years old. I am convinced of it by the science. But religion is something else. It is a philosophy of life just like atheism. Some of those who follow their Christian faith believe the earth started a few thousand years ago. That is wrong to take literally. But that is their belief. As long as they live their lives in a moral way, that is perfectly fine with me. One of the morals of religion is that you should not lie. But the intrinsic nature of politics dictates that you need to lie to get elected. You lie about who your opponent is, what he or she does or thinks. Digging up dirt on the other is a primary goal to winning. But there is something missing. Who is most qualified? So, in essence we vote for the guy who we perceive, or better, deceived into perceiving, who is less bad then the other. Qualifications are dismissed as less important. If we as a nation vote on the candidates based on that, we are a nation of sheep. Very dumb sheep. That is a sad turn of events in a nation of humans who have the mental capacity to know better but chose to dwell on the negative narrative that is in most cases created out of whole cloth.

So, what does that mean? It’s simple. Most people, the humans in our society, are not prepared to take proper action in voting to make our country better. They vote more on what letter is behind someone’s name on a ballot than what is best for the country. When someone can’t name the Vice President of the United States, how can they be a valuable asset to the voting process? How about a number of democrats asked if they are ok with the President being prolife. They are perfectly ok with that – not knowing the President is prochoice. Or when asked if they are ok with President Obama picking Paul Ryan as his running mate; they respond that he is a really good choice and he will do just fine. Or, they are ok with President Obama being dedicated to overturning Roe versus Wade. So dumb and these people are either voting for Obama because he’s black or because he promises to give them stuff. Or these voter call themselves democrats not really knowing what that means. They just know they need to vote for the guy who has a “D” after his name. The most ridiculous thing of all is they continuously accuse the Republicans of being racist because they question Obama’s qualifications. We have been questioning our politicians for 200 years – the normal political process. And none of these folks know that it really never gets better for our black population no matter what the democrat party promises them. As a matter of fact, if the republicans promised all that, they wouldn’t follow through either. The problem is too great to fix. It can only be fixed when the black population begins to change their own neighborhoods and take determined action to educate themselves out of the mess they are in. They need to institutionalize their efforts to improve themselves.

When you have 9000 homicides a year of black on black crimes in black neighborhoods across the country, you have a serious problem. We lost over 3000 men in Iraq in 10 years. Our black communities lost 90,000 in ten years. That is the real problem. Politicians’ priorities are really screwed up. Democrats did body counts every day while George Bush was president but stopped when Obama became president. They need to do daily body counts of those who die in our neighborhoods. If it doesn’t improve, then they do not get elected. Whites are not capable of fixing black neighborhoods. It is as simple as that. Blacks are going to have to take back their own neighborhoods. The only blacks making money in their neighborhoods are the drug dealers who do not pay taxes because they don’t get a W2 for the immensely destructive work they do. They don’t pay property taxes because they rent. They do not do anything for their neighborhoods except keep their own people hooked on the drugs they sell. They are not middle class. They are part of those few Americans who are part of the upper class because they make millions; with one difference. They pay nothing to better their neighborhoods. They are parasites milking the life out of their own race. They ARE the local government by gunpoint. Voting for democrats will do nothing for these neighborhoods. There is one more thing that is most bizarre. It was the democrat party that fought to keep slavery in the South during the civil war. They are back at it again holding the black community hostage by keeping these poor folks enslaved to the democrat vote.

Interesting. I can tell some democrats are really smart. But many interviewed on the street can’t even tell who their VP is. If it were not for those folks, Obama would have lost. As mentioned above, they vote for the guy who has a “D” after their name. The “D” stands for several things. Dumb, dependent, do-little; delirious with hate for someone who wants to make them go to work, debt forgiveness, and “don’t want job” checks. They want the government to forgive their student loan debt for their liberal arts degree that they managed to get after 6+ years avoiding work. Our country needs hard science degrees not social dependency delinquents. Again, Obama only won because he has fooled the majority of folks who think they are a democrat. After all, they only need to spell the first letter of the word to get everything they need from the Government. “D.” Funny, that is the grade they need to pass each course they manage to occupy a seat in without actually filling it.” Space filling space. They, too, do not know how old the earth is. An individual should not claim the use of science as a way to beat those pesky God-fearing Republicans when most democrats can’t even spell it.

I have a few questions for Democrats. Why do you ask so many questions you do not know the answer to, when you claim to be infinitely intelligent and all-knowing? Why would Democrats be OK with killing a baby in the womb but stomp up and down when a serial killer is next in line on death row? Why are Democrats always protesting what the government does yet want a larger government? Why do Democrats have so many Lawyer jokes when 95% of their elected officials are lawyers? Why do Democrats always say the no the answer to a question they don’t really know? Why is it that the most intelligent folks on earth are college students when only about 40% actually graduate? Why do they fight for public schools when private schools produce the most qualified students? Why do most students take liberal arts degree programs when our country needs and will pay so much more for those with science degrees? Why do Democrats use Ritalin more in college than kids do in elementary school? Why do Democrats hate corporations so much when they buy everything they need from them? Why do Democrats support being nice to Muslims who want to chop their heads off for not believing in God – their God? Why do Democrats rave about the need for free speech as long as they are the only ones permitted to speak? Why do democrats believe in “political Correctness” when in fact their argument is political crappiness? Why are Democrats more afraid of teachers having guns then the crazies who want to kill all the kids in the classroom. Why was it that the Democrats created the idea of eugenics? Why do Democrats want everyone to be more sociable yet want drugs approved so they can escape reality? Why do we have Democrats anyway?

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The Islamists are Coming to Get Us

Posted May 4, 2013 By Gospel
No Left turn

There are three levels of search options on the internet for “No Left Turn” signs. The options are “Off, Moderate and Strict.”  I get 287K, 275K and 271K, respectfully.  I searched on “Right Turn Only Signs” I get 166K, 109K and 105K. irrespectfully. That tells me a lot about being “left” or being “right,” politically speaking. There are almost three times as many signs telling folks not to go left. So one can only surmise that all these signs are telling us we should go right. We should be conservative. We should join the Republican Party. We should fight for our freedom against those who, foreign or domestic, find it necessary to punish the innocent for all they find wrong in the country.

Just out of curiosity, I searched on “don’t go straight signs” and found those numbers to be rather interesting. They were: “off” 72K, “Moderate” 63.1K and “strict” was 59.1K, disrespectfully. That tells me not very many people should go Libertarian. But unfortunately, these numbers are skewed quite a bit since most of these signs are located in San Francisco which in turn, makes the numbers of very little help for the purposes of our analysis in this diatribe. And by the way, that was a total left turn if I have ever seen one. And I ended up in “left” field. So let’s get back to the left and right turning signs.

On further review, I find that restrictions on going left are much more prevalent and therefor much more harsh and insistent in today’s society. That probably means those on the left are not listening and need more urging to go get on the “right” path. As you would expect, the requests to go right are much more respectful. They’re not in your face. And they come in a peaceful blue color.Right turn sign  These signs are not bright red. In fact, there should be more stop signs to the left, if you will, to control the excessive, progressive, insensitive behavior we all experience. It gets rather tiresome having to listen to so much divisiveness, dominance and speech denying rhetoric. The left has fact checkers who check the fact checkers to insure the facts are ignored. You might say those fact checkers have become feeling checkers. Getting your way by clouding the facts with feelings is the norm.

The Bombers of Boston issue brings up an interesting point. Everyone knows that Boston is a far left town, in a far left state. They have the least amount of “Don’t Turn Left” signs. Leaning strongly left is not without some very distinct characteristics. It is their blind determination to extend friendship to all our enemies of the world to bring peace worldwide – llike they have any control over that. They are OK with granting asylum to Islamic Terrorists to show how cool they are. And then those same now friendly Muslims blow up their children. And the first words out of their mouths, as usual, are; “How could anyone have done such a thing?” “How can we fix this so it never happens again?” “We Bostonians are tough as nails.” The terrorists used nails to maim and kill them.

First, and after we discount all the hundreds of thousands of evil thinking Americans among us who kill for little reason or for the simple joy of it, there are humans among us and across the world who will kill us because of their intense beliefs in their so called “innocent” religion. They have a reason, and it is blind. To hope they will be our friends is foolish. There are regular normal folks we don’t want living in our neighborhoods. There are some black neighborhoods where whites are detested and can lose their life if they happen to pass through by mistake. But they make room for terrorists in their neighborhoods. Bill Ayers lives in one.

Islamic Terrorist hatred of us is so intense, that there is no degree of friendship that could overcome it. There are rednecks that can’t stand the sight of a black person. I know; my father was one of them. Bostonians want to make peace with Islamic Terrorists so the terrorists won’t hurt them. There are those who want us to pull out of every foreign country and retreat to within our own borders. And as a further gesture of peace, they want to open all our borders for anyone to enter. They think by doing that, we will stop all the evil in the world. And there are those who think the evil in the world is the fault of the USA,  solely. Well, how is that even possible?

Liberals want to practically erase any reference to the Christian faith as though it is evil incarnate. They constantly rave about how terrible the crusades were and Christians of today, by adopting the  faith, are automatically responsible for the deeds of those who lived hundreds of years ago. Liberals fought to keep slavery but deny being responsible for it. They do not realize that a second crusade is upon us. Muslims following their faith have no tolerance for infidels; anyone not Muslim. If liberals can’t accept Christians in their society, how can they accept the members of Islam? According to them, Christians are terrible and Islamic folks are only that way because we made them that way. So why is that thinking so nonsensical?

It is as simple as can be. The Muslim faith began 500 years after Christianity began. That is almost 1300 years before America came into existence. The hatred is not from what we are doing nowadays, it has been going on for 1300 years. Jews created their Jewish faith several thousand years before that. The whole problem is based on the fundamentalism of everyone’s faith, or better yet, philosophy of life we all have, secularists included. Yep, there are fundamental secularists. Bill Ayers and his wife are secularists who blew up stuff to get their way. There were Christians who blew up abortion clinics in their effort to save the lives of the unborn. Those pesky Jews, thousands of years ago, took an entire parcel of land from others to call their own. We did the same to the Indians who were here before us. There is a term that can be applied to every ilk. It was, according to each, their “Manifest Destiny.” It seems nowadays, everyone has got one of those. And one more thing. When the followers of Islam line us all up for our beheadings because we are all to some degree guilty of “shirk,” there will be an order to it. Secularists and gays and prostitutes will be first in line, followed by Jews, and then the Christians will take their places. According to Islamic law, Christians are just mistaken in what they believe. Oh, and by the way, your life will be saved if you convert to Islam; just keep in mind you will always be a second class citizen since you were not a Muslim from birth. These rules sound like those of our government. What is good for us exists for their benefit and is effective in the long run and what is good for them is to their benefit alone and immediately effective.

There is another aspect to look at with this pandemonium we exist in as humans. Within the Christian faith there are factions. But today, Catholics are not blowing up Protestants and vice versa. They just do what liberals always preach, “Why can’t we just get along?” The Jews have their factions but they don’t blow each other up over it. The Muslims have their factions. They are Shiites and Sunnis; a different story here. They want to blow each other up, any Jew, any gay person, any Christian, any secular person, and even fellow Muslims who convert to something else. They want to kill their own children if they happen to start wearing clothes not acceptable to their faith. Allah help them, if they start dating at all. It’s called honor killings. We should get us something like that.

A court decision which followed Sharia Law sentenced a young girl to 100 lashes because she was raped several times by her stepfather. Actually, I think she got the punishment because she let it get out that it happened. Or her fault was that she revealed herself while having to undergo forcible rape. These holly men can’t control themselves when they have to have sex with their own minor daughters. And it is the minor’s fault. It won’t be long before one of her brothers performs an honor killing because she disgraced the family and of course, Allah.

There was the gay person living in the Maldives Islands just off the coast of the Southern tip of India. Ironically, the town in which he lived was Male’ the capital of Maldives. The islands are maldives_map_printdominated by extremely devout Muslims. Not Muslim Terrorists – just simply fundamentalists following their Sharia Law. The gay man let it get out that he was gay. It was not long thereafter that upon returning home, someone came up behind him and slit his throat leaving him for dead. He grasped his throat to stop the bleeding and made his way to the street where a man on a motorcycle  gave him a ride to the hospital. His chance of survival was extremely thin, yet as luck would have it, he recovered. He moved to the island of Sra Lanka to avoid any further bloodshed from his neck. It seems that if you are not a male in the heterosexual sense, you are not permitted to live in Male’. Or it could have been that he didn’t care to rape young girls – just grown Muslim males who find it normal to rape their own children.

Liberals like always, are focused on the wrong target. In their effort to stop all violence, they want to register all firearms of everyone in America in an effort to stop a crazy person from getting one and killing people. They don’t realize that they are killing themselves. We need to un-register democrats. The crazy who shot Gabby Gifford was a democrat. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the killers at Columbine, had parents who were democrats. James Holmes, the Aurora theater killer, was a democrat. The killer at Newtown was a democrat. Even Bill Ayers is a democrat. His wife is a democrat. All their friends who took part in bombings were democrats. Just as the Boston Bombing occurred, it was the same day or early the next day, liberal newscasters discussing who might have done this, asked the question, “Could it have been Right Wing Extremists.” As though, left-winger swingers could not possibly have done such a thing. If you believe Right Wing folks are responsible for all the destruction in the world, then you are an extremist, yourself.

Liberals are so quick to describe a Muslim who blows stuff up as either homegrown or foreign. Yet they bring Muslims to live in their neighborhoods, home grow them and then question how they could do such a thing. Well, they were grown in your neighborhood and you always want to blame the parents for the actions of their children. Bostonians grew these two, so they are the parents. How could Bostonians, people so much tougher than the rest of us, do such a thing? How do we stop them so they don’t do it again?

Maybe we should give them all signs that say “Go Right” in red letters to warn them to be on the right side of life and not the wrong side. There should be nothing “left.” Liberals are “right” when they say we should all come together. I think John Lennon said that. Yes, we should all come together. But for a different reason, an intense reason, a reason just a little more devout than Muslims are with their faith. We need to quite literally fight fire with fire; with heat more intense then the Sun God who looks over all of us. After all, without him, we would not be alive to begin with. “Peace be with you,” as the Catholics always say. And the response was “and also with you” and now is “and with your spirit.”

Speaking of spirits, I think I will go have a glass full. It makes me “feel” so peaceful.  Z WS 8


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