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Trump Really Steps On it with Megyn Kelly!

Posted January 27, 2016 By Gospel
If they do, I will fire them because I am a nice Guy!

If they do, I will fire them because I am a nice Guy!

Trump trying to influence Fox News into pulling Megyn Kelly as a debate monitor requires us to revisit what triggered this 5 month battle even Megyn has to put rest months ago. Megyn asked a question about several comments he made about women and during the question he blurted out a joke saying, He only said that about Rosie O’Donnell. That right there is repeat of the same statement about a woman. But the statements Megyn attributed to Trump were true.

He really called certain women fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. Let’s be clear and fair; Megyn asked tough questions to every candidate. But Trump responded much differently than the others. He stated she had blood running out of her eyes or “wherever.” It was a tough question but he attacks the moderator with a blood comment coming out of her whatever. Everyone knows what he was trying to say. If not, you are a Trump supporter in denial.

We are always hearing people after the fact trying to explain what someone said and what he meant. Well, let’s do that. It is clear he spoke out of anger and to me he was trying be subtle like always when to he says she had blood coming out of her vagina. In others words, she must be on the rag having her period and suffering from PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome.) It should be noted that PMS normally begins prior to the bleeding. But Trump wouldn’t really know that would he? He tried to cover it up by stating he was talking about her nose or ears. I am not stupid; he was not talking about a nosebleed or bleeding ear which would imply she had been in an serious accident. I know when someone is disingenuous when trying to twist what they said to cover up their disgusting comment. He was talking about a bleeding vagina and implying she had PMS which makes her nasty. But Megyn didn’t make those comments, Trump did. To quote Trump, he is a disgusting animal.

This problem came up months ago but in recent comments when saying he was not going to attend the debate, he had to state that Megyn Kelly is a very nasty person and a light weight. Nowhere is it more appropriate than to say, “It takes one to know one.” This entire campaign has demonstrated how nasty Trump can be when he doesn’t get his way. Rolling your eyes whenever someone says something he doesn’t like is childish. You might see that on TV but it has no place in a Presidential debate. One has to stop and think about what he is going to do in the White House sitting behind the oval office desk when he doesn’t get his way. How many times is he going say that a particular news person who points out his faults is nasty and incompetent? Then what about anyone in the Government who makes a negative comment about something he wants to do or has done. It sounds like we would have Obama all over again but this time he would be on steroids.

And now the next thing that just came up. Trump “demands” a meeting with Mr. Murdoch, the head of Fox News. Is he going to do the same thing with world leaders, or every business CEO across the country? I can tell you now. None of these folks are going to take such a demand seriously without breaking out into a fit of laughter. This clearly demonstrates Trump is just a simple bully on the playground of life spoiled with his daddy’s money.

I want a President who can control his temper, and lead with common sense and bring respect to office of the Presidency since he would be leader of the free world. This is not a TV show, Mr. Trump. You can’t say “You are fired” to a government employee because they said something you do not agree with. Call the union they belong to and they will tell you!

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Jellyfish and Democrats are Twins

Posted December 21, 2015 By Gospel

Sadly, they both have a Mouth and Anus

I have not been able to find anything in nature that comes even close to describing the characteristics of the common democrat species. Until now! I was amazed at the similarities. It was like experiencing one of a set of twins for years, not knowing the other existed, until I met the other twin face to face. The characteristics leaped at my mind like an electric shock springing from a cloud. Within a nanosecond I knew that I had finely cleared up the most amazing mystery known to the conservative man. Face to face? Not really. Jellyfish don’t really have a face.

In fact, they don’t even have a brain. Or a heart. And just like their name, they really aren’t what their name implies. A jellyfish is not really a fish. And democrats aren’t really democrats. They are actually a little bit further down the political spectrum foodchain. Like jellyfish that live below the surface of the sea, the democrat lives just below what they say they are at the moment. If they say they are democrats, they are concealing the fact that they are socialists, or a little deeper; communists. But there is a whole new level of peculiarity about them. They have an uncontrollable urge to dictate. They practice the most subtle form of dictatorial dominance. Like the word “subtle” used in the previous sentence, they are like the ‘b;’ silent. They are subliminal. There, another “sub.” Like jellyfish, they lurk below the surface like a nefarious submergible. And if you happen to come in contact with them, you will get stung.

Jellyfish have no eyes. And like democrats they can’t see where they are going, don’t care who they bump into and are absolutely certain they are moving in the right direction. They don’t want to see where they are going because their existence depends on blindly going where no one in their right mind would want to go. Yet it fits their ideology of fantasy. Just like a jellyfish dancing blindly through the currents of the sea, so do the democrats who crash through humanity with no care of the outcome. Jellyfish hide under the sea and democrats hide under the sea of humanity. Both have the same characteristic; they are spineless yet fearless. Who cares who dies while they are about their tasks of unknowingly destroying every fabric of their world?

Just looking how each moves itself around is also telling. The jellyfish moves by contracting its body in the sea water in which it exists. It does this with a simple network of nerves that contract and release much like the democrat that contracts to hide behind someone else to blame and then swells with ego to take credit for catching the evildoer they blamed for what they had done. They contract like a leopard about to pounce on its prey and then swell with ego when it manages to destroy any existence of another not of their ilk.

And, because jellyfish are related to corals, you could also say that democrats are closely related as well.  Corals and jellyfish share the same basic body plan just like democrats. It is shocking to bring up the subject of evolution – something endeared by democrats. Both corals and jellyfish evolved from something more like a sponge-coral than a jellyfish. It is interesting that the word sponge comes up. Sponges suck up moisture from its environment just like democrats suck dollars from our economy. It is so revealing to find out that democrats evolved having a sponge in their ancestry. Sponges evolved into corals, jellyfish and democrats. And why do I know for certain now that democrats are polyps? Polyps are what they call each one of those microscopic, carnivorous beings, or corals. Yep. Democrats are polyps. They feed on the flesh of our economy delving deep down using their long jellyfish-like tentacles to milk every last dollar leaving only a reef made of bone and economic ruin.

Democrats are actually not like corals. Corals are actually alive. Democrats are more like the reefs the corals create. The reefs are made up of calcium carbonate. That is why democrats are so hardheaded. And to think that the most disgusting thing known to democrats is carbon, and then you find that reefs are in part, a structure including carbon. And, another thing needs clarity in this discussion. Corals and jellyfish are related in such a way that they are part of what biologists call a phylum – or division. And that is why democrats are so divisive. They are not part of our phylum.

These creatures can fool you with their spectacular light show drawing you into a hypnotic trance and then sting you with hundreds of dangerous harpoons laced with their deadly toxin. The only ones that are not fatal are the ones who magically develop brains, eyes and a heart going through a metamorphosis where they become republicans. Yeah, I know. Poo-Poo happens when the lights go on and you finally are able to see and think and reason.

So to conclude, and to insure that normal humans learn to exclude this particular Cnidarium of the Cnidaria family from all their political discussion, we need to recognize what democrats really are. They are Jelly-crats!  They are spineless, brainless, sightless, heartless, and of course, bloodless, slimy carnivores who sting you to death while sucking the life out of your highly evolved system of capitalistic perfection you give your lifeblood to protect. Jelly-crats certainly always drool but God help us if they ever get to the point where they rule.

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The PC Police and the Common Folks

Posted March 16, 2015 By Gospel

Oops! I have paper waste What do I do now?

I wanted to get down on paper, in story form, some of the hypocrisies associated with some of our most intelligent, highly educated and what we would call the elite members of our society who do not normally mingle with the common staff at work who are in administrative positions like those in the human resources departments who the elitists feel have a rudimentary education. A vast majority of these elite members of society are immensely focused on issues such as global warming, the plight of polar bears with the melting of ice caps, the rising oceans, the draughts and why normal human beings don’t have the good sense to recycle their trash so we can save our planet. They are totally disgusted with how wasteful the majority of normal human beings are as they go about trying to keep themselves and their families alive on our planet. There are billions of folks in extremely rural areas of the world who do not know where their next meal is coming from yet we have very well educated, so called highly advanced do-gooders who want to completely change how those billions go about just trying to survive.

So! What people do in a lunch room and what sometimes happens there, can be interesting, fun, humorous or even challenging.  Friends gather from their intensely hectic mornings at work to relax and share recent experiences in their lives. It’s how they recharge their batteries so they can finish out the rest of their trying day. While eating lunch one day in the lunch room, a lady named Laura sat down with a few of her fellow workers. She was telling the others around the table about what her daughter, Natalie, shared with her the evening before, over the phone. It was a mother and daughter sharing some quality time with each other because they lived so far apart. Getting together physically is impossible since there are 1000s of miles of ocean and half the United States between them.

Natalie is married and lives in Hawaii with her husband Marcus in a home they recently bought. When they bought the home, they also bought a form of insurance that lasts a year to protect them from losses that might occur with the appliances that came with the home. A few months after moving in they noticed that just about everything in the upright freezer was partially thawed out. The insurance company sent out someone to check it and it was determined that it needed to be replaced. The insurance covered that and they received a new freezer a few days later. Marcus is sort of an outdoorsy type and works near the docks in Pearl Harbor. He sometimes brings things home that you might expect from someone living or working near the ocean in Hawaii, which is everyone. Natalie and Marcus work different shifts so they are often coming home at different times.  Marcus worked the night shift the night before and had just began his turn for getting some sleep. He had just dozed off when he was awoken by a scream coming from the kitchen.

Natalie had gotten up, prepared herself for work, and went into the kitchen to start her day with some breakfast. A bolt of fear struck her body and she jumped back when she opened the door to the freezer. She saw a huge set of widely based claws sticking out from the bottom shelf of the freezer. Her entire body went cold with fear as she let out a scream and slammed the freezer door shut. Out of blind fear she could swear she saw the claws moving and they were coming after her. Marcus came running into the kitchen to see what had happened. What she saw was the biggest king crab most people had ever seen in their entire life.  The moment Marcus saw what had happened, is the moment he began laughing uncontrollably almost falling to the floor. But that was just a fraction of a second before he took an intense blow from Natalie to the left arm just above the humorous bone. Isn’t it ironically funny how that happens? Emotions filled her body with the natural human response of flight followed by a fight where Marcus took a stern hit.

The punch to the left arm triggered more laughter from Marcus. Then he took a second hit in the same spot for laughing at what Natalie did not think was funny at all. It was just a few moments later when out of the joy of feeling that nothing serious was going to happen, Natalie joined in with the laughter as her body began to calm its nerves. As the laughter subsided minutes later, they both began hearing scratching. It was coming from what sounded like the bottom of the freezer. They opened the door. The crab was still alive and was going through its own flight response trying to helplessly crawl out of a freezer whose door had just slammed shut. Natalie sent a picture by smart phone to her mother to show her how huge that crab was. When Laura shared the picture and the story with her husband, his response was, “That crab is so huge, I am surprised it didn’t throw Marcus into the freezer.” A ton of laugher began again; and again between Marcus and Natalie when Laura shared that response with them.

And now back to the lunch room. The nature of the business this lunch crowd supports requires the hiring of several very highly qualified research consultants with extensive educations such as masters, PHDs and those at a level where they earned the right to be called Engineers. These folks consider themselves part of the elite set. They find it difficult to socialize with those members of the support staff with the very basics of an education. And that’s OK. The nature of any discussion needs to fit the social status of the group.

The common support staff can’t relate to someone whose professional life is immersed in having gained a Doctor of Philosophy degree in, say, social engineering. The elite person thinks that since they are philosophers in their field of expertise, it makes them qualified to play judge over those who are experts at somehow finding a way to get buy on a bare minimum of income. The elites think in economic terms of purchases and expenses in the “thousands of dollars” while the poor think in terms of hundreds, twenties and dollars; even pennies sometimes. And they always remain laser focused on where the next dollar might be coming from so they can support a family. How does a woman relate to a woman who bought their jacket from Neiman Marcus before they put it on sale for a few thousand dollars less when she is extremely happy she purchased her jacket on sale at TJ Max for 24 dollars but wonders whether she will ever be able to afford another or a pair of matching shoes.

While the story was being told at the table of the commoners, another one of the employees of the company who is of the elite ilk, was at the counter preparing her lunch for the microwave. But when she overheard that the crab had been placed in the freezer alive, she turned with a grimace on her face and in a condescending way, stated. “Oh, that is so cruel.” She is one who feels we should not eat shrimp because they are part of nature and should be left alone. The members at the table facing away from the woman placed their index fingers over their lips as to signal they should be quiet. The power of PC had raised its ugly head and those at the table were forced to stifle their speech. In essence, they were being denied to speak about such things, they were being told they were cruel, and they were being told that their speech needed to be denied since they were not qualified to know what is best for them.

Meanwhile, at that very moment while the speech at a table of generally happy people just getting along with their lives was abruptly curtailed; in a barrio somewhere in another part of the world, a family is overjoyed that they will be able to share a few pieces of chopped up shrimp, in what they normally experienced was only a small bowl of rice and vegetables, between a father and mother and their ten young children, following a short prayer of thankfulness. A month earlier, as sheer luck would have it, they were able to chop up the thigh of a chicken they received as a gift from one of their neighbors who cared more about their health than what stories they might be telling around the mat on the floor taking the place of a table they could only dream of having.

It is ironic that a majority of these elite members of our society go to 5 star restaurants where live crabs are served by throwing them into boiling water and slicing them down the middle before placing them on a plate next to a steak that originated from the slaughter of a calf whose meat is considered to be the most tender of all. The vegetables, a main staple of the poor, is just thrown to the side more as for image than for their nutritional value. The cost of that one meal for two is much more than what that poor family in a barrio might be able to pull together in a year or even a lifetime. And the elitist wants to teach them how to recycle their trash, stop cooking on open flames of burning wood spewing tons of CO2 into our precious atmosphere at a rate not seen for the past 200 years. They also do not want them to harm the poor creatures that deserve to be left alone; especially the hundreds of thousands of animals, birds, frogs and bugs from around the world who elitists have placed on the endangered species list. Just about the only creatures not on the list are humans, unicorns and dodo birds.

If one had the guts to say something, they might ask if the elitist in their presence knew that a study had been done showing that vegetables experience pain when they are plucked from the ground or a tree and then chopped up for their salad (I was just kidding about that study but the elitist would believe any study real or imaginary). I am, however, dead serious in asking whether they know that the marijuana they champion as needing to be legalized for human use, according to thousands of government studies paid for by the taxpayer, actually needs around 1200 to 1500 parts per million of CO2 to permit the best quality atmosphere for their growth. In fact all plants do best when the CO2 level reaches around 1200 parts per million.

Most elitists do not know that there are only 400 parts per million of CO2 currently in our atmosphere and they want to drastically reduce that number by taking billions of dollars from the tax dollars of most Americans who do not give a damn about CO2. They do not know that when the CO2 level gets at or below 180 parts per million, plants can no longer survive.  They do not know that approximately 23 million years ago, Antarctica was covered with fern and had no ice caps at all. The vegetarians are mostly those who believe in global warming and the need to reduce CO2 but don’t realize how many more vegetables would be available for their consumption if they would permit the CO2 level to drastically increase.

The most ironic thing is that most of the elitists in this country do not know what part of that 400 PPM is actually man-caused CO2. The 97% of the scientists they claim consider the issue settled science, are really only convinced that CO2 has the capability of retaining heat in our atmosphere. They say that because all compounds have that feature to varying degrees. The question is to what degree. But more importantly, that degree is insignificant since only 3% of that 400 PPM is man-made. Would these elitists know that CO2 makes up only .0004% of our atmosphere of which only 3% of .0004% is man-made? Do they know that the oceans cover 70% of the planet and soak up 40% of that human made CO2? Or do they realize that the USA only takes up 3% of the entire landmass of the globe? Just how much CO2 do we have control of? The fraction is just way to minescule to even imagine. And the elite want us all to spend billions of dollars cutting our emissions of CO2 when we have o control over the rest of the globe. Maybe they should worry about human rights and animal rights and endangered species more! Oh, but they do! My bad!

That is why those commoners sitting around the table eating their lunch don’t believe the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere is a problem. That is why that poor family sitting around a mat eating rice and vegetables doesn’t worry about CO2 levels. They have more pressing things to worry about. If the elitists would just leave well enough alone, these poor people would have a much more vibrant source of vegetables making it easier for them to survive if the CO2 level would be closer to 1200 PPM than merely 400 PPM.

I was at a fast food cafeteria at the Botanical Gardens mingling with the elites who go there often and it only took me a moment to get what I wanted and sit down to eat. But when I got ready to leave I approached the area where one could dispose of one’s trash. When I got there I noticed there were 4 separate bins, 4 different colors, and each had a specific and distinct purpose for being there. There was one that said cans only, one that said bottles only, one that said organic only (whatever that means), and then the 4th bin said other waste. There was a large sign on the wall over each bin, in matching colors to their respective bin that explained what each bin was for and then there were several lines of instructions below that in small font explained in excruciating detail exactly how to separate your trash and what constituted that type of trash. I have to admit I did not have time to study what I could only describe was a 4 level college course requiring me to cram the rest of the afternoon learning how to separate my trash to insure I could pass the final exam. I just hope the instructor is grading on a curve. But, like many college students, it didn’t take me long to figure out a shortcut using my highly advanced commonsensical ability to solve major problems quickly. I could just dump it all in the bin that said “Other Waste” and go about my day. So I slyly peered around to make sure the PC police were not watching me and in it all went.

Isn’t it interesting that while all those elitists are driving to work, they pass probably 30 or 40 black 50 gallon plastic bags full of all sorts of trash, undivided by category, laying by the side of the road where the common folks dumped them while in a hurry to get to where they are going so they could earn a few bucks to feed their families and pay the rent. The PC crowd driving by those bags must be going nuts.

But now, while writing this, I remembered I needed to go take my trash out quickly since the trash truck was due any minute. Of course, I only had one bin so I was able to accomplish that task in a timely manner. That reminds me of the phrase, “Haste makes waste.” I would add, “Disposal more efficient.” Oh, I was wondering, “Which bin do I sit on to deposit my fecal waste?”

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Poems From the Gospel of JJ

Posted September 18, 2014 By Gospel

 Bon Bon

   My Bon Bon

I have a little bonbon

I keep it in-a box

With several thousand latches

And thirty-seven locks.

My bonbon is so yellow

With little streaks of green

I’d eat it up just like that

But that would be to mean.

I love my little bonbon

It’s all I have in life

If someone were to take it

I’d stab ’em with a knife.

So I’ll just keep it hidden

For no one ‘er to see

We’ll live as one forever

Just my bon bon …….and me.






   I had a little duckling,

I called him Socrates,

He was so very naughty

And very hard to please.

He’d wake me in the morning

With little peeps of rhyme,

I’d tell him to be quite

And give me peace of mind.

When he was unhappy,

I’d take him to the sea

To play upon the wet warm sand

And perch upon my knee.

He loved no more than bathing

In mothers coffee cup,

I’d fill it to the brim

With sparkling seven up.

He loved the little bubbles

To run along his sides,

It made him feel so happy

And then he’d run and hide.

But I knew where to find him

Wherever he may go,

He’d leave his tracks all over

Like footprints in the snow.

But time has passed on by now,

He grew too old, you see,

I no longer have my duckling,

I had him with my tea.




In a Meadow

(Ode to the Hunter)

In a midsummer meadow

Near a blue calmly stream

There’s a doe and her fawn

Taking peacefully the green.

The wee fawn asks of mother

In a questioning sad way

Where has daddy gone

I’ve not seen him today?

But mother in answer

Soft tears in her eyes

Wants not to bring harm

Wants not to tell lies.

Your father’s away, my son

Venturing through time,

Where life is a happy one

 And bells are sweet rhyme.

 So we must be brave, son

And be good our lives through

For the time will come, son

When we must leave too.

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Sage and Montana

Posted September 12, 2014 By Gospel

Mother Nature stepped in last evening to let us know fall is underway. We woke up to 30 degree weather this morning with a light snow near the middle of September. My wife and I had two furry guests; Australian Shepherds named Sage and Montana. They were spending a couple of nights with us while their owners drove another furry friend, an English Bull Dog named Andy, across country to Washington, DC, to reunite her with her parents, my son and his wonderful wife. We put our dark jackets on over warm clothing to take our two guests out for their morning constitutional. It was not long before we were able to come back in. But not before all four of us had our dark coats bespeckled with a dose of Mother Nature’s white frozen flakes.

Our son and his wife, married for two years now, were doing very well in Portland, OR. He had just graduated from the University of Portland with a Political Science Degree and she had a well-established position with a great company. But then our son was accepted to attend the American University Law School, in Washington, DC. They both agreed they would make the move and fortunately, her talents made her extremely valuable to several companies and three attempted to make her offers that were quite good. She settled on a position located near Washington, DC.  The offers included an agreement to fund her move to include household goods, two cars and all transportation. It must be nice to be so much in demand during our current economic times where many people found it difficult to find work. But she really is very talented at what she does.

Because of Andy’s flying restrictions, her parents volunteered to drive their daughter’s car across country to give Andy first class accommodations with her own personal entourage caring for her every need. The airlines do not permit English Bull Dogs aboard their planes because of the potential for breathing issues associated with her breed. Our daughter-in-law flew in from DC, to meet Andy along the way to help with the drive eastward. Yes, Andy is their first baby raised from a pup, and she is very special to us all. She is my grand-puppy. And she can call me her Grand-doggy, too, anytime she wishes.

And now back to our doggy sitting adventures. Montana and Sage live out on a ranch near us and after two days, we took them back to their home so they could get back to running the property in hot pursuit of any critter crazy enough to cut across the property. On our way, we reached a point in the road where a sign appeared. “Dear Crossing.” And sure enough, here they come. A Doe and her Fawn followed by the Buck in the family began crossing the road. We pulled to a stop as they slowly made their way across. But I think they were moving too slow to satisfy Montana in the backseat because he began barking instructions telling them to get moving. But that didn’t cause them to move any faster. After all, they did have the right-a-way; the sign said so. It’s not Montana’s fault, he can’t read signs.

When we reached their home, the leashes were detached the moment I opened the rear door and they hit the property on a dead run, barking, immediately going on 4 foot patrol searching every inch of land surrounding their home. They also managed to catch up on another constitutional break during their casing of the land on which they considered themselves to be the primary protectors. It was still in the low 30s so it was a little on the cool side. My wife and I were due another  visit later on in the day so we stayed a while letting them in and out so they could keep up on their security duties but not get too cold in the process. I brought a book to read and got in a few chapters. By noon, and according the weather reports, the temperature was still in the low 30s. So it was time for us to go take care of some errands. I called Montana and Sage into the garage where they had warm accommodations and a good supply of water. Montana was not too cool to that idea so I had to use my “I’m real tough” commands to get him to sit next to Sage and wait for me to close the garage door; showing a stern palm that stayed in plain view until the door got within 6 inches of the ground which meant I was serious about those sitting instructions. That was a pretty difficult task trying to get them to stay put.

My wife and I came out again in the evening to give them their evening meal, a few more minutes of security duty and; it is off to bed they go. They can’t be out at night because that’s when the not so friendly foxes, skunks, porcupines and raccoon begin their nocturnal rampaging. Those guys are another story when it comes to security. It is best to let those guy do their thing during the night without interruption. Montana and Sage could really get themselves into a serious mauling, or if they happen onto somebody who can put up a serious stink, they may be looking at a prolonged scrubbing in a location far from the house out of nose shot. They could also find themselves coming home yelping with pain looking like industrial pin cushions. That would get them front row seats to a dreadful special event; a trip to the vet and his tweezers where they get called up on stage, the operating table, to become the stars. Ouch.

Why go through all the trouble of trying to keep them in the garage when a neat trick would do the trick. All I had to do is get one of their treats; a peanut butter tasting biscuit in the shape of a flat bone, break it in two and have them sit and then lay down. Then I would simply hand each a half and they would ignore everything going on around them while I pushed the button on the control. They looked at me, still in the lay down position, and the door going down, but they couldn’t concentrate on that; that half of a cookie tasted better than a trip to the Outback Restaurant for a steak dinner. Well, they don’t know about that since they have never been there; but I have. That steak and baked potato tastes better than a dog biscuit. At least I bet it does.

The next morning was interesting. As I pulled up to the garage door to let Sage and Montana out, I got out of the car and delayed as long as I could in eager anticipation to see what was about to happen. They knew I was their but didn’t make a peep. The door only got up about 8 or 9 inches before Sage and Montana crawled out screaming with joy to see me, made a few spins and prances in circles before constitutionals and security duty called. Like darts they were out on patrol making a counter clockwise trip around the house. That took several minutes which gave me time to prepare their breakfast. I stayed awhile so the garage door ordeal would not come to quickly. I fixed their bowls with the meals they liked best and changed the old water to being fresh again just inside the garage door to the house, in the mud room. I called them. One after the other ran into the room, and I closed the door behind them. Sage, given the chance, would eat both bowls, so I had to watch her while Montana nibbled at his food as though he still had patrolling on his mind. He moved back and forth from bowl to door. I had to keep reminding him that he would have to eat before hitting counter-clock wise patrol again. I would let Sage out first since she was done eating and give Montana more time to finish eating. Then out he went on a dead run returning to where he and Sage left off.

Our visits would last about 6 days after which the owners would return home by air and we would pick them up. The routine became comfortable for my wife and I and and all indications were that Sage and Montana were happy seeing us each time. It even got a little mysterious for us when we walked out the door to the garage to notice that one of their two sleeping pads was missing. They are about 3-4 feet across and about 4 inches thick. We got ourselves into a mild panic wondering how could one of those pads come up missing. All kinds of ideas flashed through our minds as to how something light this could happen. We went outside looking for a missing pad. It is a three car garage with a large cement circular form driving way big enough to turn around it with a car. We walked out to the road entering the circular driveway to find the missing pad under a tree with a few puffs of cotton padding spread around a hole that seemed to be getting larger. We had notice initially that there was a small hole when the pad was in the garage. We knew at that moment, that either Sage or Montana had moved the pad out under a tree to probably have something soft to sit on in the shade or just have something to chew on in between jaunts around the house on patrol.

That pad problem would have again. But this time, two pads where missing. I looked out to where the pad was following the previous theft and it wasn’t there. Wow! One of these canine robbers was playing a mischievous trick on me. This time I had to go out to the road before I saw one of the pads. It was across the road laying in the field with large cotton balls surrounding it. But that was only one pad, when two were missing. I had to look farther. But then I saw it. It was laying under another tree around the side of the house blending in the landscape making it hard to see. I gathered them up and returned them to their proper place in the garage. It didn’t happen again in the six days. But I was ready for it should it again. I still don’t know which one, Sage or Montana, was playing this cat and pad game with me. My guess it was Montana. He gave me the impression that he would do something like this. Sage was older and little less spry so Montana gets the blame in my mind. He is the pesky one; the leader of the pack.

I would stay at the house for awhile to give them a chance to get in more doggy activities. On one trip to the house and after they had eaten and gone out for awhile, we went out to check on them. In a few minutes they returned. Sage was all wet like she had just taken a bath. We were curious as to how that happened and we began making the rounds around the house, too. But clockwise was our route. There were small bodies of water to our left as we downed the steps around to the back yard. And sure enough the evidence revealed itself. There was a small pond at the foot of the steps and a flat rock pathway passing it. A few steps further down was a hot tub with its cover on. We looked across the lawn to see tree large bowl like receptacles with water bubbling over. At first we thought maybe Sage has gotten into one of them for a quick dip in the cool water. But that was ruled out a short time later when we noticed the rock pathway had a streak of a wet water mark leading from the small pool and the grass. She had been in the pond at the foot of the steps. These two happy go lucky shepherds were probably frolicking around and Sage probably accidentally fell in. But it was time to go for us. But we waited a few minutes so Sage had a chance to dry off in the warm sun.   It was back to the garage where they eagerly following me convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt a half of a doggy biscuit was about to brighten their day. There was no room between me and these two beggars as they took a sitting position on their blanket next to the two pads. It reminded me of the old homeless guys sitting at an intersection holding a sign which said they would work for food. But in this case, the sign said “I will do tricks or follow any command you want, just give me a peanut butter flavored biscuit.

Finally, I gave the down command and they each did an instantaneous belly flop knowing for sure the long awaited time had come. I handed each their share and with garage door opener control in hand just walked out side and pushed the button. I watched as the door made its way down but they stayed in the prone position chomping away. They peered at me as I went out of sight but did not fail to keep chomping and check around them for any scrape that might have fallen. We had been told that getting them to stay in the garage was going to be extremely difficult but the treat trick was even better than stealing mattress pads. But before we resorted to this approach, we were told we could leave them out all day. We tried that but as we left heading for the remote controlled gate about 100 yards down the hill, they two made stealthy attempts to follow us. We would tell them to go home but they would just make larger loops making their way to the gate about the same time we got there. We opened the gate and drove through and the gate closes automatically. They just passed by the gate through a narrow path designed to permit people to walk past the gate. We drove up the road farther. And they continued to follow.  It was clear they were going to follow us regardless. We had another gate to get to which was about a quarter mile away opening to the road way. We just got through the first gate a up the road another hundred yards or so and turned around. We had to return to the doggy biscuit method of control in the garage. We would try that again.

When I was young I had a Australian Shepherd named Buttons. But she was little more passive than Sage and Montana, probably because we had a warmariner who made it his sole purpose in life to steal the show. Buttons would just sit and watch as Pete the Warmariner made prancing around in a perpetual frolic his primary form of enjoyment. He never learned to not do that around Sam the Terrible, a black cat we also had. Several times Pete would forget what happened before and pull his frolicking routine up next to Sam who would fire off with blinding speed several punches to both sides of Pete’s face, claws extended. The yelping in pain was part of his routine, too.  Buttons, I am sure, was just sitting watching Pete learn that history really does repeat itself, over and over again. But his memory seems to be lacking. Buttons was probably thinking, “gosh, how dumb can these Warmariners be?” My time spent with Sage and Montana was a lot of fun. It reminded me of the good old days when I grew up on a ranch with our dogs and Sam the Terrible in Southern California. Sage, Montana and I had a good time frolicking ourselves. Now back to life with humans. Oh how boring. I wonder if they might like peanut butter flavored biscuits?

I wrote another story about Sam the Terrible! (click here) and enjoy the fun I had with the furry friends I grew up with.


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The left continues to come up with the most hypocritical positions when things don’t go their way. They are now trying to attack Hobby Lobby by saying the company doesn’t support 4 certain contraceptives. Hobby Lobby, based on their religious conviction, has the right to choose not pay for those drugs and devises that will cause an abortion; so ruled the Supreme Court. But now the liberals say there is a contradiction, a hypocrisy, when the company has a 401K program that permits its employees to invest in the same companies that make these contraceptives. The only problem with this is when the company pays its employees their retirement plan funds, the money is leaving the company and going to the ownership of the employee. Once the company gives the assets to its employees, the employees have the right to purchase whatever investment they please. After all, it IS their money, not the company’s. Half of them are probably democrats.

If the company were to try to block what its employees were purchasing in their 401K accounts, the liberals would be up in arms crying foul. They would be enraged that a company was interfering with the employees own funds. And then we have certain moments in time when liberals do not like what a company is doing regarding a number of issues and they try to get the company boycotted. They continue to want it both ways depending on their side of an issue. When it goes the other way, like with Hobby Lobby, they want to use what would normally be an objection on behalf of employees to attack the company.

Don’t they get it? There is no war on women, either. It is a war on religion all over again being given another name to make it look like their opponent is at fault. It just doesn’t fly. After all, the liberals are always campaigning about their dislike for wars using military action yet they are the ones that label any action on the part of their opponents as a war on something. Well, when someone uses that word to describe their opponents in order to try to win an argument, that in itself is a hostile act that leads to the lack of communication in solving problems. They are creating a state where negotiations are not possible since the other side is considered guilty of waging war. That in turn, must be met with war until one side surrenders. Surrender is another form of depriving a side of free speech. The war is being waged by the left with the goal of getting a surrender which basically permits the right no longer to be able to exercise free speech. After all, they will be prisoners of that war.

I am wondering when the left will be shipping us off to concentration camps or GITMO. If I am restricted to my home and not permitted to speak out against things with which I disagree, then couldn’t I consider my home a form of GITMO? Liberals call the Tea Party terrorists and racists. But Liberal groups like Occupy Wall Street committed hundreds of violations of laws against innocent civilians. They deliberately fought with police while taking over public parks depriving others of a place to enjoy a day. Liberals are the ones who blow up a person’s home because they happen to work at a University, most of which are liberal institutions, in a lab that uses mice or other animals for research to improve the welfare of humans. They believe the manner in which they protest, blowing up a person’s home, is justifiable if it will save the life of one animal undergoing experiments to improve the life of millions of humans. That is denying a person’s freedom and free speech to an extreme level. Liberals claim that the welfare of humans is a key goal. Except, when they disagree with humans who try to accomplish something to improve human life. By the way, using a bomb to solve a dispute is an act of war. This is a liberals’ favorite choice to resolve an issue when all other attempts fail to control the argument to the point where the denial of free speech is not accomplished. Ask Bill Ayers; he will explain it to you.

Liberals are also quick to kill a premature infant but will fight to the death to save the life of a serial killer on death row. They continuously argue about the sanctity of a woman’s body, but the body of the infant in a woman’s abdomen is relegated to the status of being an abscess or a cancer that needs to be removed by vaginal surgery. The only problem is the baby is not threatening the life of the mother, the mother is the threat to a brand new human life. The hypocrisy is beyond comprehension. It is ironic that their position is predicated on their desire for convenience. Without a child, you are not required to care for a human being yet the strongest position a liberal takes is to protect the most defenseless of us all.

The first to say this country is worthless are the ones who fight the most to fix a country that they claim is not worth fixing. Yet, they are never going to leave to go live in a country in which they say is so much better. If that really is true then vote with your feet. Just go. Why continue to fight for something you think is beyond repair. The real purpose is to completely control the speech of those who oppose the liberal view. The history of this planet is full of people who finally get their way. They are dictatorships and fascists, revolutionaries, terrorists and fanatics and a whole host of groups who acted just like our liberals in their infancy. Maybe it is the liberal who needs to be aborted. They are the ones without a clue blaming their opponents for being clueless. Well, we do have a clear clue and we use it to judge the liberal mindset. They are clueless as to the destruction they reap in the need to impose their so called righteousness on others. It is a righteousness that is so God like. Hence, what we have is the fanatical religion of liberalism.

What is the difference between chopping off a person’s head because they won’t convert to Islam and a liberal who blows up a person’s home because they disagree with the way they derive their livelihood. Liberals are clearly saying, “convert to liberalism or suffer the consequences.”

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Unless the chicken asks you for an abortion.

PETA freed the cat from the bag when they responded to a court case they filed claiming the 13th Amendment in support of whales being held captive at SeaWorld; like slaves. The judge threw the case out of court. But PETA’s acting President, Ingrid E. Newkirk, sent out a press release which clearly shows the Organization is Pro Choice while also supporting abortion rights for animals if they asked that their offspring be aborted. Let’s highlight the important parts of the statement.

Chickens rule; PETA drools!

. “While the world focuses once again on the Catholic Church’s stubborn denial of the right to abortion, captive species in zoos all over the world are crying out for those same basic services. Conservatives have always suppressed stories of sign language-speaking chimpanzees that communicate a desire for abortion, but the problem doesn’t end there. Aborted whales might be as big as a Volkswagen, but rights are rights. And PETA will fight for those rights regardless of the species, starting today.”

So, since PETA is against real eggs being used as Easter eggs, they recognized that embryos deserve rights to life.  The statement above is clear; PETA supports abortion. And then at the end of the statement they say “they will fight to protect any species.” Well, yeah, except the human species. What a bunch of hypocrites.

PETA also supports abortion rights for animals when they communicate a desire for it. What? Look at this part of the first sentence in their response to losing a court case: “captive species in zoos all over the world are crying out for those same basic services. (They mean abortive services) Conservatives have always suppressed stories of sign language-speaking chimpanzees that communicate a desire for abortion, but the problem doesn’t end there.” This is amazing. If a chicken asks for an abortion, we should give them one. By the way, what is the use of aborting a chicken egg that is not fertile? Or a fertile egg that has already left the chicken? Oh, “I’ll take that scrambled, please, with bacon from an aborted pig provided we got the mother’s permission.” That is just like what abortion doctors do to unborn children they take from the womb except they don’t repackage the meat and sell it at restaurants or super markets. Oops, I gave the doctors an idea. My Bad. I used to talk to the chickens when I was a kid on a ranch so I wonder if I could get a job as a interpreter for an abortion veterinarian.

They went after the First Lady, Michelle Obama, with an ad using children challenging her use of real eggs during the annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House. What PETA actually did with this statement is recognize that embryos of chickens are just as important as chickens. There is no difference between an embryo chicken and a human embryo. That is there statement. So the statement on their website which clearly states they have no position on the “Pro Choice Movement” is a lie. They now hold that it is ok to abort a human embryo but not a Chicken embryo.

They are also stating that life begins before birth. Most of their followers are liberal women who are pro-choice supporting an organization that contradicts their argument that life does not begin before birth. PETA is essentially telling its supporters that they are wrong on the life before birth issue used to argue for legalizing abortions.

This whole ordeal for PETA brings up another issue as well. All those eggs that Michelle Obama was using were not fertile because they came from chickens in cages that had no contact with a rooster. That would mean that PETA is against women who discharge un-fertile eggs during their monthly menstrual cycle. By doing so, they are being cruel to their own eggs. Women who abort their children are just like chickens who eat their own eggs. Rather than setting on them to get them to hatch, the mother chicken eats its own eggs. But that doesn’t occur with caged chickens since the moment they lay an egg, it rolls out of the cage into a troth until the farmer picks them up for the trip to market. Maybe we should do that with women who chose to abort. Cage them and put there children up for adoption. PETA would support that since they support pet adoptions.

With chickens, the problem with them eating their own eggs occurs when chickens are kept in open pens. There is a whole list of reasons why chickens eat their own eggs and there are just as many solutions to train them to stop it. But the only reason humans abort their babies is for convenience or pleasure. Some farmers throw broken eggs on the floor for the chickens to eat. With women they don’t eat their young, they just throw them away in the garbage.

And there is a word PETA uses to describe the bad treatment of animals: Inhumane. That would mean women who abort their children are inhumane if you apply the same standard PETA applies to animals. If I were a chicken, and I saw another chicken eating its own egg, I would call her inanimale. PETA is inanimale when it comes to humans.


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The Dolphins are Dying! Why?

Posted December 9, 2013 By Gospel
The Are So Cute!

They Are So Cute!

I agree dolphins are really cute. But so are human babies when they’re allowed to be born. My mother and father spent several years in the military trying to make this country a better place to live. I spent 23 years doing the same thing. My son has spent eight years in special forces protecting this country from terrorists. But was it really worth it? They keep telling us were spending too much money on our military. But now I learn we are going to spend lots of federal funding to find out why dolphins are washing up on our shores on the East Coast. And the Government Accountability Office is going to investigate how Planned Parenthood is spending the federal dollars that it gets. In the first case, we are spending money when there’s really nothing we can do. In the second case, we are losing money as a result of fraud.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration officials get new

Could It Be Measles?

Could It Be Measles?

federal funds when an unusual number of dolphins wash up dead on the East Coast. There were 117 of them since July. There were another seven of them that were still alive. They eventually died or had to be euthanized. They could not save one of them. There are about 7000 dolphins along the northeastern coast, and 12,000 dolphins along the southeastern coast. That’s a total of 19,000 dolphins. That equates to one half of 1% of the population. The reason we are wasting money in this investigation is there is nothing we can actually do about it.

They think the death of these dolphins is caused by a virus called the Morbilli Virus. But they say they can’t tell at this time. They have to do research. All this agency has to do to get this federal funding is to declare the dolphins are having an unusual mortality rate. That turns on the money faucet. They are going to do autopsies on the dead dolphins. They say they are going to put together a national and international team of experts to study the problem. And they say it could take months or even years to get a final report. But then they say they can do very little to stop it unless they can find a root cause that they can blame on humans. In the US alone, since 1991 they have had 60 unusual mortality events but they have only been able to find the cause and 29 of those events.

We can expect all these scientists to take several years to try to find what’s killing these dolphins with a success rate of less than 50%. But they have already stated they can’t do much about it if they do find a reason. They say it would be too expensive and too difficult to catch and vaccinate 19,000 dolphins. If humans dies, we can usually find out what killed them in just a few weeks. Why can’t they find out what killed the dolphin my doing an autopsy in a few weeks. I have a quick solution. Refer to the Dead Dolphin Study this study was extensive. And it appears these dolphins got the measles. There kind of measles. The reason we humans have this under control is we vaccinate ourselves. The dolphins can’t do that and we can’t do anything to vaccinate them. Additionally, as the study indicates, these cases were off the coast of Italy and they also make reference to cases off the coast of Spain. So the population of dolphins worldwide is really what is important to consider.

Did you know there are 41 species of dolphins in the world? And did you know there are about 170 million; but I rounded down. That does not seem like that much until you show the number like this: 170,243,000. So when the scientists want to get some extra cash, they create an epidemic. The history they talk about is actually worldwide. Two major periods; 1988 and 2002. History also tells us that only occasional cases occur off our coast. So it was 25 years ago when we found out what it was that was killing the dolphins. It was 11 years ago when we had the second epidemic. And we learned in both of these major events, we could not do anything about it because we could not vaccinate 179 million dolphins. We can’t even vaccinate all the humans in the world. And in some cases, with humans or dolphins, cases of the measles can lead to very dire consequences when the brain gets attacked. But that only occurs in humans about 1 in a million. And people die. And so do dolphins and we do not to this day, know how to stop it. The scientists still say they are not sure how it is happening but the virus is the culprit. We are wasting money doing all this research on dolphins when Mother Nature is protecting most of them.

And then they want to find out if humans are causing it? Well, duh! We capture dolphins and keep them in captivity so we can enjoy watching them do tricks. Well, the trick is on them. We gave them a mutated form of our measles. And that is what is killing the dolphins. If fact, we come into contact with numerous animals – dogs, goats, cattle, horses, sea lions, whales and others. And they have a form of the measles virus. And it is just too late to stop it.

Mom and baby And that leads me to the next subject. Abortions and Planned Parenthood. It is no surprise that several of these clinics are under investigation because of how they bill the US government. The clinic in Texas is now being investigated because they may have fraudulently billed the government for services they didn’t render. And they falsified medical records to justify these claims. They can’t claim the cost of an abortion but they can claim everything else. And that’s how they get paid by the US government to perform abortions. If they botch an abortion, they send the person to a nearby hospital to get the damage repaired and we pay for that, too. And we don’t bill them for it.

We’re going to spend a fortune trying to find out what happened to 124 dolphins because they’re so cute. But we are also going to abort thousands of innocent unborn children. We care much more about dolphins then we care about human beings because dolphins are cute and children are an inconvenience, a burden and too expensive to care for. Those of us who think abortions are necessary treat unborn children like a mole. They have it removed so they can look better and have more sex without any consequences. There is a saying you can’t have your cake and eat it, too. These people eat their cake and they eat their young not realizing that those young human beings are actually the icing. These people don’t scrape off the icing and then eat the cake except when it comes to having their own children.

Here is the decimal number of how many dolphins we are losing: .0000072. And here is a statistic to which to compare: an estimated 1.16 million abortions were performed in 2009, 1.13 million were performed in 2010, and 1.06 million in 2011. There are approximately 4 million births in the US each year. We would have 5 million if abortion wasn’t legal. And that brings us to the percentage of children dying from abortions – 26%. If someone says they are very concerned about the death of 124 dolphins, and it is well worth it to research what happened to these dolphins, ask them at what amount would it not be ok? How many millions of dollars is ok.

We spend billions in monumental efforts to try to protect all the creatures on the endangered species list. But that shouldn’t cost too much.  In the 2010 the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species, the total was 17,315 species. There are a total of 1,740,330 species on our planet overall. It might be only 1% of the total that need protections but they say they can’t evaluate all of those not on the list. They only evaluate 47 thousand a year. That is 2% a year. Just how much money is spent on that research? And keep in mind, that it will take about 38 years to research them all. In 2010, a total of 47,978 species were evaluated, so let’s break it down a little further. It took years to work out saving the bald eagle and it took just as long to save the alligators. So are we working on saving the rest of the 47 thousand?

Baby with towel

The Human Species

Babies in the womb are a species, the human species, and the most important. After all, we can control the entire universe since we are so smart. Yet we cannot protect the unborn because that would just be inconvenient. When bald eagles were on the list, it was illegal to interfere with an eagle’s nest which would have a few of those things called eggs at various stages of development. A pregnant woman has just the same thing in her womb. But because it happens to be in her stomach instead of a nest, we act like the baby doesn’t exist. We are such fools to have let this happen. The ones who believe it is ok and it is no big deal, are even bigger fools. Most of these believers have never seen a bald eagle or an alligator, but they have seen many babies. They even know with absolute certainty that it is a baby prior to birth. It is not a choice if the baby doesn’t get a vote. How many people now living would wish their mother had aborted them? Life for a bald eagle is just as important as a baby in the womb. But the bald eagle is not more important.

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Put a Cork In It! Global Warming Takes Another Hit!

Posted November 12, 2013 By Gospel

cow4It seems the environmentalists are taking another hit. And it also means the livestock in our country are going to have to feel the brunt of the environmentalist wrath. They will need to put a cork in it. I don’t know about you, but walking around with a cork stuck up that spot at the end of your digestive system that emits its final bi-products and those pungent aromatic expressions that  permeate the air and provide for moments of embarrassment if anyone is nearby, is just not my cup of tea. And it appears the most serious culprit in all this is the methane gas; the part of the process that creates the big stink.

A study just released reports the following:

“The main constituent of natural gas is methane. Although atmospheric concentrations of methane are much lower than that of CO2, totaling less than 2 ppm, pound for pound it is a much stronger GHG. Its “global warming potential” is 25 times higher than CO2′s over a 100-year time horizon, and even higher on a shorter time span. While most atmospheric methane has been traced to natural or agricultural sources, a large increase in atmospheric methane from natural gas production could overwhelm the undisputed downstream emissions benefits of gas in electricity generation, compared to coal.” – See more at:

So you are telling me, the coal mining process is better in protecting the environment than the liberal’s fascination with extracting natural gas? This means the liberals and progressives are going to be at it again, coming up with their smart ideas that have unintended consequences.  They have to counter this new bad news. This problem is almost as bad as the consequence of 5 million hardworking Americans losing their health insurance due to Obamacare while the system itself has only signed up about 50,000. And it should be noted that 50K is made of mostly those folks who are going to have to pay nothing into the system since they are dirt poor. This methane emission problem, in the process of opening more natural gas wells, is going to do more damage to the environment than coal. Honestly, is this bogus global warming fear-mongering ever going to end? Don’t they realize that the sun is running out of fuel and will die out in about 1.5 billion years? That means we are all going to freeze to death. You know, through nature’s own natural form of cryonics.

It won’t be long before the environmentalists come up with the idea of corking every methane-emitting orifice on the planet. That means corks for everybody and every mammal on earth that emits methane as a natural function during just about every minute of their lives; awake or asleep. And you will only be permitted to remove the cork during the visits to the toilet where you will sit on a receptacle that has been outfitted with a methane gas suppression device. The good thing is this effort is going to create more jobs on the farm since someone is going to have help remove the corks and replace them when the cows and all their other farmland friends need to go. I am just having a image flash through my mind about who is going to be removing and replacing those corks for all the chickens. Of course, it will be easier when the chickens are trapped in their cages, but those organic chickens are running free like hippies, so catching them is going to be a challenge, in deed.

The environmentalists are going to create new businesses to make all these different corks and suppression devices for use in the home, at work, all public bathrooms, and of course corks and devices that will be suitable for use in all areas of livestock maintenance associated with the entire agricultural production processes worldwide. And you can bet the government will step in to help all these businesses get startup funds so government officials can get their normal fiduciary kickback to deposit in their Political Action Committee (PAC) coffers which I like to call their form of a taxpayer subsidy.

But isn’t it interesting how every time the environmentalists take a hit, we end up taking a bigger hit. And global warming continues to be just a façade for another parasitical move on our tax dollars. Thank you so much, Al Gore. You have done so much for us all. We will be infinitely grateful – even more so when you leave this earth for good. But we would like to recommend you use Cryonics funeral services instead of cremation which would generate additional CO2 emissions into the atmosphere or burial where extremely pungent gases may escape and pollute our environment during your natural decaying process.  Oh, wait! Isn’t CO2 emitted during the long-term maintenance of frozen bodies? Dang!

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How About That Arctic Ice Up 60%

Posted September 10, 2013 By Gospel

I have been writing about the uselessness of trying to spend billions trying to fix 10% or our problem, and not addressing the the 99.96% of the world not going along with us. Why not! Because just like us; they can’t afford it economically. But I guess we don’t need to worry about that any more because in 2013 the Arctic Ice Cap has grown 60%. I was wondering why the scientists have been so quiet lately? They now know better. But the politicians, especially our President has been pounding the Global Warming=Climate Change drum again. But I wonder what the rest of those folks who have not given up are saying now? I know! They are going to claim that beyond a shadow of a doubt, it is penguin poop piling up.

Here is the link that shows that beyond a shadow of a doubt it is ICE. Proof of the 60% in full living color!

And in the interest of tooting my own horn; here are the links of all my previous in which I attempt at chime!

Global Warming Efforts Impossible

Marijuana Growers Prove AGW is a Farce

Greenhouse Gas Marijuana Connection

Global Warming Useless to Fix

Global Warming Caused by Humans – NOT!

And you would think I wouldn’t know about Marijuana since I haven’t tried it. But I am sure if I did, it would take my mind off Global Warming and those in the the know would get away with the charade.

Peace, Brother; Far Out! This subject is so bitchin’!

I wonder if I am going to get so feedback from my AGW friends; or are they going to give me another reason the sky is falling.






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