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Frustration eats at me every day when I continue to hear about the abuse of women worldwide. Look up the 10 worst countries with regard to abuse and also those with very little civil rights for women. We are humans yet male humans are the most destructive force against women on the planet. Whenever I meet a woman who is pregnant I make a point to praise her for the sacrifices she makes in bearing children “For Men.” They spend 9 months carrying the baby around in their abdomen while the baby completely controls its own growth by taking all it needs from the mother. Then women go through the pain of giving birth. But it doesn’t end there. They then spend every minute of every day for the next 18-20 years caring, feeding, nurturing, clothing and a thousand other verbs describing what she does to insure the children get to adulthood with the best chance of success on their own. And all the time they are doing that, they do the same for a man who spent a few seconds having a blast impregnating them.

Come on! What is happening to women all over the planet is a total disgrace. No rights, rapes, abuse with unimaginable violence, stoning, acid thrown in their face, or men just leave them shortly after they find out they are pregnant or shorting after they give birth. In some countries, the life expectancy is around 48 years. Rapes and gang rapes are happening every minute of the day across the globe. And you would think right here in the USA, the smartest among us, those bright young men in our institutions of higher learning, wouldn’t be the rapists they are. The respect for women is less important than pleasing their penis for a few moments in time. Their penis is attached to their brain and neither has control over the other. They are not operating out of the right side of their brain, it is clearly the wrong side. That drive they experience is supposed to be for the continuation of the human race, not for their personal pleasure with no regard for the women who make the human race happen.

The institutions of these young men are more concerned about their reputations and income than doing whatever it takes to punish the offenders and protect the women who, by the way, also pay their college bill. Interesting, too, more women graduate than men. And it is the majority of those institutions and their faculty who are always campaigning for the fair treatment of women and insuring they get equal rights.  Yet they are the first to try to cover rape up by blaming the women. I guess the equal rights only pertains to a woman’s belly button and up.

Even many judges routinely give rapists a break with either no time in jail or a few months. Where is the deterrent? The judges don’t realize that by giving them little time in punishment, it lets them return sooner to raping to satisfy their uncontrollable desire to satisfy themselves at the expense of a woman. In some foreign countries, they cut off the hand of a thief so that hand cannot be used to steal. The same should happen to the men so that with no penis, they cannot rape. What a novel idea. Now that is a deterrent – a permanent one! Do you think others would get the message? Probably not but the rapes will decrease astronomically because of the lack of repeat offenders.

I am a married man and respect for my wife for what she has done for the well-being of our family is paramount. If she wants to go to work then so be it. If she wants me to run to the store, I am on it. Women have a nature about them that drives them to nurture for their family and home. That makes me automatically responsible for the overall security of the home. A women should not have to worry a second about the sanctuary of her life and home. It is a man’s job to insure that security is the least of her worries. She has enough that she gladly does. She doesn’t need to worry about security. Even when the children have left the home, she deserves the same. Protecting her from any despair or worry is what she has earned for the rest of her life. Men need to make that happen. She sacrificed so much for so many years and for many women the bearing of children can have dramatic impact on their physical well-being. She doesn’t need a life of worry, she needs a life of peace and tranquility.

Open the damn door of car once and awhile, let her park her car in the garage and you park yours in the street, learn to do the laundry, clean the bathrooms, cook a few meals, take out the trash, hold the bag of dirt while she plants the flowers she bought that you carried to the car from the garden shop. I could go on with a million other things a man can do just because she deserves it; she earned it tenfold. And what about the woman who unfortunately can’t have children? Nothing changes. She is a woman put on this earth to nurture, the man must make sure she is secure, has peace and tranquility in her life. Why you ask? Because she is a woman, dummy. Get on it.

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