Muslims and 72 Virgins – Yeah, Right!

Most people in their lifetime will not be able comprehend why Muslims are the way they are in the world today. Imams and Sharia law may have something to do with that. That follows also with some of them having this “undying” determination to commit suicide while killing those who are not Muslims. Let’s take a closer look to what the hell is going on here. Are they smarter than the rest of us or exceptionally dumb?

The majority of Muslims have no television probably because it is against their religion to take advantage of lending services. In other words, they cannot borrow money on credit paying interest. And they do not have the money to buy a TV outright because they spend all their free cash on bomb-making material. Their religion does not have a holiday like our Christmas holiday where everyone gives everyone they know a present. Christmas is a time for giving, showing appreciation for the ones you love and taking a few days off to unwind from a busy lifestyle earning a living for you and your family.

Muslims are not permitted to go to places where they can view women in the nude. But they are quick to rape a woman who is completely covered from head to toe. And they get away with it since Sharia law requires the women to prove she did not expose any part of their body, like an ankle, thus causing a rapist to lose control of himself sexually. Also, either in an individual rape or gang rape, the woman is required to provide at least five male witnesses who actually witnessed penetration first hand. If she is not able to provide such evidence, she faces being stoned to death.

How about the food they are permitted to eat. To answer that question it is better to identify what they cannot eat. Pork chops, hot dogs, burgers, bacon, beer or any other beverage that may contain alcohol, are off limits. That’s probably why they don’t like baseball games; all the fun is standing in line waiting to order food.

Usually members of any other religion have one day a week set aside for them to go to church if they chose to. But a Muslim must bow down on a mat facing Mecca from any place on the planet 5 times a day. And that is mandatory. But you will not see women on mats or in a mosque because only men are permitted to worship in mosques. Maybe women are not permitted to be in mosques because everyone has to remove their shoes before entering. In that case, all the men would not be able to concentration on their prayers because of the women in attendance have exposed their feet to men who are very easily sexually aroused should they happen to kneel on a mat right behind a woman who would be also kneeling in prayer to Allah.

The men also have a pretty good arrangement when they get married because they can have more than one spouse. In fact, Sharia law had to put a recommended limit on that of 5 wives so the process doesn’t get out of hand. The man also has the right to divorce any of his wives, usually the older ones who more likely will experience this fate, by telling them he wants to divorce them. He then has to wait 90 days following the announcement to see if they are pregnant. After that, he just sends them back to live with their parents. And by the way, Sharia Law dictates that it is ok for a man to beat his wife if she doesn’t do exactly what he says she must do. There is a caveat though. He is not to beat her too harshly, whatever that mean. It is left to his better judgment as to what he considers to be harsh. There is another undesirable side effect to having several wives. For each one, he has a mother-in-law. I guess that makes it another reason to divorce. If he gets any problem with a mother-in-law, he just sends his wife home to momma, no longer married.

Shaving seems to be a very important issue with Muslims. The men have to grow beards out of respect for Allah. So if that is the case, we would assume the women are not permitted to shave as well. That goes for underarms and any other part of their body where hair may grow. It is a wonder what they may do with bearded ladies. Probably the same thing they do with gays if they are found out or just come out of a closet somewhere. They throw them off a high building. Gayness is absolutely a no-no in Muslim society. It is probably assumed that any male showing feminine characteristics is quite difficult to rape, individually or gang wise. There is nowhere to put their penis so out of fairness to the unduly sexually aroused heterosexual male, throwing gays off a building is sufficient punishment as payback for their not being rape-able. It also helps future males from being caught in this dilemma with the same guy.

Hygiene is big issue as well. According to Sharia law, a Muslim is not permitted to wash off the smell of a donkey. And what if one of his spouses smells worse than a donkey? Can he wash her? If he can, he would usually heat the water over an open flame of a fire created on the ground by burning dried camel dung. The next question should be, “Is the smell of a camel and his poop also protected under Sharia Law since camels are a primary source of transportation for personal belongings, transport of commercial goods and travel of Muslims across barren deserts. A camel has got to be more sacred than a donkey. It should also be easy to assume that goats do not hold the status of camels and donkeys because they eat goats. It would also be easy to assume that goat meat is much more flavorful than camel or donkey meat, especially if the goat meat is roasted over an open barbecue pit of enflamed camel dung briquettes.

We also need to take a look at the overall happiness of Muslims as they go about their lives. And one thing to note is that they tend not to be happy under Sharia law if they happen to live in areas like Afghanistan, Egypt, the Gaza Strip, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Pakistan, Syria or Yemen to name a few. They are also not happy in the Southern part of the Philippines which is controlled under Sharia Law in a country that is ruled by Christians in a democracy. But is there any place on the planet where they are generally happy?

Well, Yeah. Let’s name a few of those countries. Australia, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, and the USA. Those are democratic countries that are not ruled under Sharia Law. So why is it the communities of Muslims in those countries want to exclude democracy in favor of rule under Sharia Law? It seems that it is the Imams in the mosques of those communities who have convinced the Muslims living there that Sharia Law is superior to the laws of the countries they happily live in. How is it that if they are so happy in a country that is not being ruled under Sharia Law, that they would choose to be governed by Sharia Law?

Does it seem odd that they are unhappy in Muslim countries under Sharia Law but are happy in countries that are ruled following democratic principles? And then, at the urging of their Imams, they want to blame their problems on countries they are happy in so they can adopt Sharia Law that comes from countries they are most unhappy living in. That would seem insane, crazy, foolish, unreasonable, illogical, senseless, silly, mindless, and many other words to describe this ridiculous stupidity. In other words, it is absolutely dumb.

But maybe not. They have created their own unhappiness where they used to live and now want to bring it to where they now happily live. Why is that? It is simple. According to Sharia Law, they can get 72 virgins to sleep with the moment they kill themselves killing one infidel (someone not Muslim); someone who gives them their happiness by permitting them to live among them in their happy country. Something to wonder. Just how long do you think 72 virgins are going to last once penetrated. The dumbest thing of all are these Muslims who choose to kill themselves in the name of Allah do not understand one iota about how the female genitals work. Once used for the first time, virginity no longer exists. At least those virgins in heaven only have to endure one rape by one individual because there is no way to gang rape a virgin!



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