Islamists Are Coming to Kill Us, Oh, My!

Christianity+vs+Islam+2We recently experienced a terror attack in Florida where 49 people died and over 50 injured. There were about 320 people in the club, so this terrorist was able to attack and hurt or kill about 1/3 of all those in the club. And then are government said, they are still trying to determine the motive. WHAT? The guy was a Muslim and claimed support of ISIS during the attack by calling 911 and saying so. And he was on a terrorist watch list and then got removed. A primary problem with Islamic countries is the interpretation of Sharia law when it comes to the gay community. They do not accept gayness whatsoever and gays are routinely killed by government edict. That is not fanaticism, it is religious doctrine. It is not radical Islam, it is Islamic accepted doctrine.

Their treatment of women is the same. In Saudi Arabia, women cannot vote, cannot drive and are required by government edict to be dressed in a way where their entire body is covered. They are not permitted to go out to a club. When I was stationed in Turkey with the military, we would go out to have a meal in a Turkish restaurant and find that only Turkish men where there; no women. The absolute worst countries (bottom 10) in the world for the lack of inclusion of women in general society are all Middle Eastern countries. All ten have very low participation rates and the worst of worst are Yemen, Pakistan, Chad, Syria and Mali. They ranked the lowest based on income level, labor participation, literacy and holding a position in the parliament. Guess who was number 6? It was Iran, the country we just made a deal with on their nuclear capability to create weapons of mass of destruction; and they are known terrorist supporters.

What is happening to women in these countries with regard to their health and well-being is even more devastating. India is not predominantly Islamic. About 80% are Hindu and about 15% are Islamic. Interesting to note, this country has the highest rate of rape and violence against women. Afghanistan is number 1 in the places most dangerous for women. The next 4 are the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Pakistan, India and Somalia. All are Islamic countries except India. Oddly, India is most noted for its sex trafficking and infanticide rates. The other 4 of these countries are known for having a lack of medical care for women, especially in child birth where the death rate for women is extremely high. Rape is a huge problem. As many as 400,000 women are raped each year in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with girls as young as 3 years old. And they call themselves a “Democratic Republic.” Pakistan is known for a high rate of honor killings, acid attacks and stoning. In some countries, the woman who is raped needs to have 5 male witnesses who actually saw the penetration to win her case. If not, it is assumed she exposed herself a little and that caused the gang rape. They cut off hands of thieves. Maybe they should cut off penises.

In Germany, they have a very serious problem with sexual abuse from Syrian refugees who cannot control themselves while at a public pool. They had to separate men from women to prevent these attacks. It is now unsafe for women to be out at night unprotected for fear of gang rapes from Muslim refugees from Syria and other countries in the Middle East.

Many claim the Orlando massacre was a hate crime. NO, not exactly! Is was an attack on those who are not Islamic, like every person in the Western World. The fact that the majority were all gay is just icing on the Islamic doctrine cake. In Florida, alone, there are over 100 Islamic religious organizations. In impromptu surveys on the street, many express the desire to have Sharia Law above the law of the land, the laws of the United States of America. They say life would be much better under Sharia Law.

Islam has some pretty significant problems worldwide. ISIS is now about 40,000 strong and growing. If we don’t wake up, we are going to continue to see mass killings of those who are not Muslim. And they are going to find more ways to commit as much killing as possible, even biological and nuclear weapons are on their list of weapons they need to fight this non-Muslim problem they face.

This is a religion that is living in the 18th Century. The Christians stretched individual non-believes on the rack to get them to accept Catholicism. There were many killings but nothing compared to the mass destruction we are now experiencing in the 21st Century. The entire western world is under attack, not for political reasons, it is based on religious doctrine and they are willing to sacrifice their own life for the cause. If you think we can talk nice, be nice and tell them that love of each other is best, to those who want to kill us and change their minds, you are presenting your life on a silver platter for the taking. We could not suggest to the Nazis that living peacefully together with Jews, and loving them was the way to go. They were bent on destruction of every Jew on the planet. Funny, that’s exactly what the Islamic fanaticals are saying about the entire western world. Get a clue.

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