Hillary Is Killing the Reputation of American Women!

Hillary – Epitome of Corruption!

The entire intelligence world, every member of the military from everyone in the Pentagon on down to the lowest private, all government officials, thousands of contractors who work for the government and every civilian manufacturer who supports the government needs has been slapped in the face. Every single individual in all these entities holding a clearance as a requirement for their job is sick to their stomach over this unbelievable outcome with Hillary Clinton. My stomach is turning over, too, because I held a Secret clearance followed by a Top Secret clearance for 23 years of service.

Everyone one of us received extremely threatening guidance and an extensive background check. We were clearly explained what would happen if we made one mistake in handling classified information at any level. My Top Secret clearance was classified as SCI, which means Special Compartmentalized Information. Those who had top secret clearances but no need to know, were not permitted to see it. I did not know a higher level existed: Top Secret Special Access Program used by those at the highest level of our Government including the President. This information has the names of our spies and international informants, even secrets between countries. Each time a person enters or leaves a top secret position, they receive a detailed in briefing and out briefing which is a stern reminder and threat that they are never to reveal what they learned by being in the that particular classified position. That alone tells you how serious protecting classified information is.

What Director of FBI Comey and Attorney General Loretta Lynch did with letting Hillary Clinton off the hook is the epitome of corruption. They took an oath when they took office to uphold the law. They failed beyond the pale with Hillary. They put a particular political party above the law and our country. Within hours following Comey’s briefing, President Obama stated that Hillary Clinton is the absolute most qualified person to be President ever. That must also include President Obama. Not only Hillary Clinton but Lynch and Comey and the President have just spit in the face of all these security holders, mentioned above. I have never seen so much disregard for security of our nation. Even those convicted and jailed for treason do not come close to the level these officials have stooped. Even Snowden is child’s play. He was a contractor who revealed highly classified information. We can use damage control to handle this; but what Comey, Lynch, Hillary and the President just did is a total frontal attack on our entire security system.

Here is a fact. Any person who moves one iota of classified information outside protected channels is in violation of the law, PERIOD! The moment one single piece of classified information crossed out of the State Department to Hillary Clinton’s personal email and her server made her immediately in violation of Federal Law. She received her briefing just like the rest of us and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that what she was doing was illegal but she did it anyway. Who in their right mind thinks they can get away with that. This tells me Hillary Clinton has absolutely no regard for national security. She intended to violate the law the moment she decided to set up her own personal email account and servers.

What is clear! Hillary Clinton does not care a bit about our country. She is willing to risk the entire security of our nation in order to meet her goal of becoming President of the United States. That is an oxymoron. Someone who has such a blatant disregard of our secrets can’t possibly be fit at all to hold anyone position whatsoever in our government. If she was a private in military with a confidential clearance, she would lose her job and never be given access to classified information at even the lowest level, ever again!

That is how serious this issue is. If Hillary Clinton becomes President, why have a country at all? She would become the first female President of the United States. No one could be more disrespectful to the women of this country. There are hundreds of women who would do a great job as President. Hillary would embarrass all women. Our first female President would be the most corrupt of all. Any woman who votes for Hillary Clinton is being made a fool. Hillary Clinton Cares So Much About Hillary Clinton, none of us count. Man, woman or child!

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