The Fix is In For Hillary – Extremely Careless with Our Nations Secrets doesn’t Matter??


Is Trump In On This?

Just listening to the news briefing from director Comey of the FBI stating he would not recommend charges to prosecute Hillary Clinton in her email scandal is totally ridiculous. For all those in government service who tirelessly protected classified information their entire career, they just got a total slap in the face. They all know what can happen to them if they allow classified information to move outside all the protections in place to keep that from happening. They loose their clearance, get reassigned, or they lose their job and get discharged from government service.

A person with a skill set that by nature of their position dictates they will at some time in their career come in contact with classified material, loose their job if they were to violate security guidelines. If you cannot properly handle classified information for an instant, you are gone. Even confidential is not allowed outside classified controls. Now we have Hillary Clinton setting up a personal server in her personal residence totally out of control of our government agencies. And she puts the highest level of security imaginable on that server. That is the most egregious violation of all; short of selling classified information to foreign entities.

I had a job where we had physical classified documents rated Confidential to Secret locked in a safe every day. If someone needed a secret document to do their job, I had to sign it out to them on a log and then before I could leave at night, I had to insure I retrieved that document and signed it back in. If you had a personal computer, you could not have it in the office. I worked for a civilian stock brokerage firm where if you stuck a flash drive into your office computer, it would immediately be seen by tech folks and they would come to your desk with a manager who would escort you to the door – FIRED on the spot. The military is no different. You would be removed from you position, placed in a menial position waiting prosecution followed by discharge from the service.

I spent 23 years in military service holding a secret clearance after an initial extensive security review followed by several periodic reviews. It wasn’t until I reached by 20th year where I was selected for an assignment requiring a top secret clearance SCI, the level just below what Clinton had access to. My position at the new assignment did not require me to have access but I had to have the clearance because I was around those who did. If given access, I would have been in-briefed as to the requirements for controlling classified security and advised of the consequences of violations. When I left the position, I would be de-briefed. Again, warnings and advisories of never being able to reveal what I had been exposed to. If I made a copy of a document and placed it on my personal computer, I would be looking at jail time and discharge from the service.

Such is the case with every single person in government service, military or otherwise. I experienced a violation while I was on that top secret assignment. A person worked in the classified area and failed in performance of his job not associated with a security breach. His bosses decided to bar that individual by submitting a request through administrative channels outside the classified area. By mistake, they included references to highly classified material in the request. When I got it, I became suspicious and called the officer in charge. Someone came to pick up the application, take it back to the classified area and remove the classified references. It came with certain words blacked out. That was a failure on their part, and it was also a failure in that they did not come to me to do an in-out brief of the information I had been exposed to. They swept the incident under the rug, no harm done, right? No, extreme violations of protocol in handling classified were violated. Someone should have been punished and an investigation should have been conducted to correct those involved. They may have done that, but they did not come back to me to clear up that loose end. I knew better, I did not violate my requirement to keep that information from ever being learned from me. But if I did, I would have been immediately relieved of my duties and would then see a discharge from service at least, with a strong potential for prison time.

As our Secretary of State, Hillary, put our most treasured secrets, hundreds of them, on her person computer, her cellphones, blackberries and most damaging, multiple personal server accesses by her own personal email. Anyone in government service holding a clearance at any level is sick to their stomach when hearing what she did and that the head of the FBI indicates no charges are recommended. The director of the FBI has totally failed in his responsibilities to protect our national security secrets by failing to recommend charges to the most serious violations ever among thousands of us who currently hold or ever held a clearance for access to any level of classification. And she gets the nomination to run for President of the United States from her political party.

Bill Clinton met in a private meeting with the District Attorney General of the United States a few days before the FBI announcement and she tried to cover it up. Then the FBI people doing their investigation meet with Hillary Clinton 3 days before the director makes his announcement to the press. But on the same day of the briefing, President Obama sets up a trip on Air Force One to North Carolina to accompany Hillary Clinton on a Campaign trip. And the FBI director says he has talked to no one about what he was about to say and no one knows what his findings and recommendations are. But then he adds a line that is totally political when he says, “No reasonable attorney would bring charges in this case.” He doesn’t make the decision to prosecute, the attorneys do. But he is telling us any attorney who does bring charges is not being reasonable! He is trying to influence the decision not to prosecute. But his prior statement clearly indicate she has at least violated the provision that no one should process classified information in a reckless manner. He used the term that she and her staff were extremely reckless in how they handled classified information. That is the clearest of all; an absolute violation. And he knows it.

Quite frankly, no one has even been so reckless as to remove so much classified information from government control short of those who stole some classified and gave it to our enemies. That is the only thing she hasn’t done but the FBI director stated she sent and received emails from her person account with highly classified subjects while she was in foreign governments who routinely monitor these types of communications. He said, classified information has probably been breached. If that is not enough to prosecute, nothing is. All classified mishandling by any government official is by these standards rendered meaningless.

All those who were prosecuted for far less should get themselves an attorney and file a motion to have their charges thrown out. Hillary Clinton set a precedence – Our Security Procedures are Meaningless to her. But everyone else is fair game. That is how she will run our country as President. A President who is totally exempt from prosecution is a dictator who will do whatever it takes to stay in power.

Look out interns, Bill Clinton is coming back to declare again, “It depends on what the mean of “is” “is.” And Hillary will again be able to state: “At this point, what difference does it make.”

And the first line the Washington Post, a newspaper in the tank for Hillary Clinton, reports following the briefing, is on the line from FBI director Comey? FBI Director said, “No reasonable attorney would bring criminal charges against Hillary Clinton.”  Does that mean she is not also perfectly fit to become our next President? Absolutely not. Those in the government close to the information in this case are going to open the floodgates with leaks because they are very upset over the Comey briefing. They all have received  the proverbial slap in the face by he who has the supreme responsibility to prosecute them should they made the smallest of mistakes.

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