Albania is Fighting Terrorism the Right Way – We are Not!

FlagIf you really want to know what is happening to Europe and what is creeping into the USA, you need only look at what the country of Albania is going through right now. And keep in mind by asking yourself, is it just a small group of people trying to create their own country in Syria and Iraq, and calling it an Islamic State or is it a significantly large portion of Muslims who would rather have every country in the world eventually governed under Sharia Law.

There is an article about what is happening in Albania by Jody Warrick for the Washington Post (read it here) which describes what the country of Albania (a member of NATO) is going through trying to deal with imams in the country encouraging young Muslims to go to Syria to fight or just stay home and attack where they can to support converting Albania from Democratic rule to rule under Sharia Law. A democratic governance is unacceptable and the whole country should be ruled under Sharia Law. The dominant religion is now a tolerant form of Sunni Islam at 60%.

What is key for us Americans is that we need to understand what is happening in Albania. Albania has been a moderate country for centuries with tolerance of all religions which includes Christian and Islamic faiths. The moderate Muslim leaders who have been in Albania for ages are OK with the status quo. But recent migration of imams and members of the Muslim faith who are more intolerant strongly prefer Sharia Law be the law of the land. When the communists who banned religion were driven out of Albania during the fall of the Soviet Union, the practice of religion resurfaced from the shadows with a tolerance for all religions to co-exist. That has been the way for several decades. But strict adherence to Sharia Law from Imams who studied abroad and Muslim immigrants from the Middle East began to take hold. Imams began recruiting young Albanian Muslims to go fight for ISIS in support of the new Islamic Caliphate where Sharia Law is the only acceptable law of the land.

The problem in Albania is already here in the US. Except that our politicians are fighting over whether surveillance of these types of intolerant Muslims is acceptable under the constitution. How many more Americans have to die before our nation whose government is bound by law to protect us begins doing just that. Those imams going to jail in Albania are doing so because they are openly trying to overthrow democratic rule. And that is exactly what those in this country who support ISIS and their Islamic State want to do here. They will not give up until Sharia Law replaces our existing law here. Courts are already considering elements of Sharia Law when trying cases in this country. Under Sharia law, summary killing of those who dishonor the faith is acceptable.

This means that a religious law trumps our entire judicial system. A parent murdered his daughters by running over them with a car because they began wearing American style clothing and dating like their fellow classmates were doing. The father was driven by Sharia Law to do what he had to do but he also understood that under US law he would be arrested for murder. He fled the US in fear of this. The key is that religious law in this case trumped the laws of this country in his mind. He had to do it. Accepting our laws as a country did not override Sharia Law. As far as he was concerned, he had to follow his faith in order to stay in good standing with his church. The ideology of one’s faith is paramount. And interestingly enough, our constitution “preaches” the separation of church and state implying that a person is free to practice his religion no with interference from the state.

But here is the rub, the constitution also dictates that our government must protect its citizens from foreign attack and that is paramount. A religion that clearly dictates that all western countries need to convert to Sharia Law or suffer the consequences is contrary to our way of life. This is not some group of radicals who have hijacked a religion. It is woven in the fabric of Islam just like members of faiths such as Protestants, Mormons, Catholics and Jews, strongly disagree on the approach one should take to worship their God, the same God that the Muslims worship. It is just that some members of Islam are more dogmatic than others. The Middle Easterners for the most part are living in an era from the past, just like the Christians with their crusades to take back the Holy Lands from its invaders, members of the Islamic faith are marching down that same path. Quite simply put, the Christians over time became much more tolerant of others while some members of the Muslim faith are still living in the past where intolerance is the norm and anyone who is not Muslim or refuses to convert to Islam has committed what they refer to as “Shirk.” That is punishable by death. That is how serious this problem is.

We cannot just ask, “Why can’t we just get along.” Or, “We need to show them love so they will not feel threatened by us.” There is a reason why many Muslims, and converts, are drawn to the creation of an Islamic State. It is because they do not accept the nature of our free society where just about everything goes. That violates the basic tenants of Islam and Sharia Law is the answer. The Islamic State exists under strict interpretation of what being a devout Muslim should require. Jim Jones was a cult leader who had the support of many politicians with his “People’s Temple,” before he moved his followers out of the US to Guyana. The fact that they followed him giving up life in the US and then were convinced that committing suicide, having the children drink first followed by their parents, was the devout thing to do. That is the power of faith.

ISIS in Syria has now grown to over 40,000 followers and has branched out to other countries in their attempt to recreate the Islamic Caliphate of old which existed from 632 to 1258 when the Mongols destroyed Baghdad, Iraq. It lasted 6 centuries and reached into Africa to Spain and parts of Southern France. Eight centuries later; here we go again. They are moving into Africa and creating thousands of Islamic institutions in every country. A massacre just happened in Orlando, Florida, in the name of ISIS, an acronym which includes Islamic State. They openly claim they are recreating the Islamic Caliphate strictly ruled under Sharia Law. They could not do this if they couldn’t get Muslims all over the world to come to their rescue. The followers strongly believe that dying for the cause is an acceptable course of action. They are accepting Sharia Law over every other law in the world.

What is happening in Albania is coming to a street corner near you. When I hear someone say that everything would be better if we just reached out to these Muslim communities in our midst and helped integrate them into our society, they are being foolish and naive. They want to be Muslims first and Americans second, and they want an America that will accept Sharia Law. In Iraq, if they have separate communities of Sunnis and Shiites because of the differences between the two sects, how are we as Americans going to integrate a people so intensely faithful to Islam, into our society. Killing Americans under the name of Allah and the Islamic State is a clear act of war. They are a state so they claim, and they declared war on us. So let’s treat them like any other sovereign state in the world. You attack us, we respond with overwhelming force. We have no choice but to defend ourselves at all cost. We need to take away what drives others to go there to fight. They won’t go there if “there” doesn’t exist. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and the result was the Marshall Plan. But this time, those running the plan will be Arabs bent on establishing peace in the Middle East, a United States of the Middle East governed by a democratic society with Laws based on what a peaceful nation would adopt. No religious rule at the expense of other religions.

It would take decades to make this happen, not 6 centuries like in the past. Religious rule didn’t work in the middle ages and it won’t work now. People have philosophies of life that are counter to others. Being a Christian or a Muslim or an Atheist are philosophies of life that members of each belief need to recognize. If you do not want to be a Christian, you should not have to be forced to be one.

People adopt these beliefs to help them live their lives in such a way that they are essentially good members of their communities. It is a common desire to part of a community that shares your common beliefs. But being tolerant of other philosophies of life is the respectful thing to do. Trying to convert others to your faith with the threat of death is futile. They are going to fight you to the death. The only way is acceptance of diversity knowing that those of a like belief are going to be drawn to those who share their own belief system. It is how humans throughout history have existed. Trying to say we need to integrate others into our way of life so they won’t hate us is foolish.

We have entire black neighborhoods, Hispanic neighborhoods, Asian neighborhoods, Indian reservation neighborhoods and we have white neighborhoods. We have New Yorkers, Southerners, Westerners and a host of other diverse peoples among us. We have rich and poor neighborhoods. We have entire communities that are made up of members of a particular job type like farmers, oil workers, coal miners and automakers. They predominantly want to be around those who they can relate to. A few will be ok migrating to other areas for numerous reasons, but the majority will move into areas where they feel more commonality with others. It is human nature. Anytime anyone tries to force those of other cultures to integrate, to become more like them, they experience kickback, especially so, when a philosophy of life is being challenged. That is the ultimate transgression. History has proven that ever since the beginning of man.

Albania is no different than us, we just need to start imposing restrictions on those who want to destroy our way of life. They are throwing them in jail; when are we going to do the same. Someone who communicates with, fights for or demonstrates support of a foreign entity trying to destroy us needs to be treated the same way we treated spies during all our previous wars. They go to jail or get executed. We need a firm response, a strong deterrent for those who choose to support a belligerent foreign nation we are at war with.

We are constantly trying to place our personal rights above those of a nation at war. During all our wars, we sacrificed a lot of personal freedom. We need to start sacrificing again. We are at war and we need to start acting like it. Is it more important to keep every single person’s private conversations private than trying to save an entire nation from destruction? If you care about the well-being of all your friends who are also part of this nation, you should be willing to sacrifice some freedom temporarily to protect them and the rest of us. Your privacy does not trump my survival and my desire to protect my family from those who want to kill us, both foreign and domestic. That last part in the previous sentence is in every pledge of allegiance from those in political office and every element of those who choose to join the military to fight for your freedom. If they are willing to give their lives for you, you need to sacrifice your privacy for them.

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