Trump is a Disaster for Us All


If they do, I will fire them because I am a nice Guy!

If they do, I will fire them because I am a nice Guy!

The hype for Trump is the epitome of foolishness. Trump has not changed it approach to anything for decades. He started out with a great deal of money and built on it. But all his experience in business has been as the result of a dictatorship. He makes all the final decisions and for those he does not agree with, he fires them. But if you are sitting behind the desk in the oval office, you can’t just fire anyone you choose. You can’t just get away with calling anyone who disagrees with you names that are complete exaggerations such as Cruz is a liar or the rest of the candidates are morons, stupid, inexperienced, incompetent, childish, ridiculous, little, and I could go on if I pulled out a dictionary and filled up this page with hundreds of other disgraceful words Trump has used; which also includes that word disgraceful. I can only describe what are country is becoming by looking into my toilet seconds following a poop characterized by as being the result of a bad case of the runs. And then I have to also put up with the stench! There is only one thing worse than that. A Hillary presidency. The toilet becomes a cesspool.

Couldn’t I also use all those words to describe Trump? One has got to stop trying to justify Trump being our best bet for president. The way he acts now is exactly the way he will act when he becomes president. That is Trump. He is not going to change is approach just because he gets to play the president. He already is the president of his own empire and he is the dictator. Nothing will change. He will essentially perpetuate the gridlock because Congress is not going to be able to do what he wants because they will lose the votes they need to get reelected.

Trump will be going in front of a camera constantly. That is how he operates. He craves media attention because that is the way he operates. If the media is going to jump every time Trump says something controversial, we are going to see Trump on TV perpetually for 4 years daily 24/7. That is how he rolls. When is he going spend time in the oval office discussing how to deal with very delicate international situations? He is not going to have time for that because he will trying to find a microphone to excuse what he does by blaming someone else.

He didn’t file for bankruptcy his self, but he did with several businesses he tried to start, but he is not going to be able to file for bankruptcy when he fails to improve our economy with his promises. He promised those bankers who lent him money that his casinos would be amazingly profitable. They were not because he spent too much money trying to make them better. That is exactly what democrats are doing to trying to make our country more economically stable and they have failed. They fail in every major city which, by the way, they happen to control. Detroit failed because the democrats were running the city and run it into the ground. Chicago is failing and has been run by democrats forever. Every major city is run by democrats and that is where is the majority of crime is happening. Gridlock is the problem.

Trump has the grace of a rabid badger. He cannot stand anyone to criticize him. The moment someone does, Trump with take it to the press and begin the name calling instantly. We won’t need the Freedom of Information Act anymore because Trump will release all the information in his rants. He will not need a press secretary because he will take on that task himself. How many speeches do you thing we will get from the oval office. They will probably occur daily without any input from speechwriters because Trump talks off the cuff only while he is awake. What would he need speechwriters for? He doesn’t speak from preplanned prepared speeches. If he is president, Trump will not need any control because he will be in total control. The White House will become a reality show of total fantasy.

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