The Ultimate Abortion Lie

The discussion about frozen embryos being held on behalf of Sofia Vergara and her ex-fiancé, and the discussion about viability that goes back decades when Roe vs. Wade happen, reminds me of a story I wrote about an embryo that begins talking to her mother the moment of conception; her name was “Lylianna.” I can understand that the US Government, more specifically, the Supreme Court made its decision that it was OK for a woman to abort her children based on the arguments of the day. A part of the court discussion hinged on the belief that life does not begin at conception. And the argument also hinged around when a zygote, embryo or fetus would be viable enough to survive should it be removed from the womb prematurely.

What really amazes me about these arguments was that they were all predicated on a total lie. Life doesn’t begin at some point, it never ends. The procreation of a human being is a perpetual occurrence in the ongoing existence of our species where two live humans pass living cells between them where those cells meet, combine and create a replica of themselves. The key to this fact is life doesn’t all of a sudden begin, it never ends. It replicates itself through the process of procreation.

If left alone, without external interference, a new human being will enter this world, vibrant and ready to repeat the process into eternity as long as our world permits us to exist. Every animal on earth goes through the same process. Even the dinosaurs lived under the same system of procreation until external forces brought many of those species to an end. A large meteor from outer space hitting the earth can bring an end to us as well. A recent hit and run driver ran over a woman in a crosswalk who was about to give birth to the child she was carrying. But the law did not protect that child out of fear a death penalty imposed on the driver would interfere with the Roe vs. Wade law. That woman did not elect to abort her child and therefore should be permitted to bring that child to a life outside the womb. But a lawless individual can essentially abort the child, ending a long and prosperous life, with his truck and walk away without a charge of murder.

The stupidity of our race wouldn’t have dawned on me, if I hadn’t realized that we created, or avoided creating laws thus disregarding or discarding a human being for a personal reason hinging on the need to avoid taking responsibility for protecting a human life. The hit and run motorist avoided a murder charge because the coroner determined the baby did not take a breath outside of the womb. But the child was breathing through another process getting its oxygen from its mother until that process could be replaced by a set of lungs ready to go if given the chance. That chance was stolen from the child because of a reckless driver who fled the scene to avoid prosecution, a prosecution that faulted him for hurting a woman but not charging him for aborting the child against the woman’s will. That in essence constitutes a government taking an unborn by virtue of faulty laws. That law breaker was a breath away from getting the death penalty of life in prison.

Read my story so you can see what a child in the womb would say to those who would consider abortion to be a human thing to do.

Hi, Mommy. My name is Lylianna and I Love you. Isn’t my name pretty? It comes from nature.

I picked my name since you don’t know I’m here yet. But you can change it later if you like. I have been very busy, though. It is like my manifest destiny driving me to do all these things. All you had to do is get together with daddy and do a little huchy-guchy and “poof,” I am here. That’s it. That’s all you had to do. I take care of the rest.

It’s a miracle. Like a shooting star, Daddy sent his entire personal designs racing straight towards me. I opened the door as soon as he knocked and instantly let him in. I closed the door, locked it and went to work in a nanosecond. Thank you, Daddy. They look great.   I grabbed one set of your designs, mommy, off the shelf and put them side by side with his. Then out of respect for both of you , I picked and I chose the very best of each of you, combined them together and gave myself some really unique designs of my own. It is so cool how this works. Daddy sends me a living, shooting star and you provide me with a beautiful living locket so I can work my magic.

Just so you know, my life doesn’t really have a beginning. It is a continuum. You two provide me with two sets of your “living” designs and they transform themselves into me. That is how Mommy and Daddy get into eternity. I take them with me, in me. And I pass them on to my children, too. That is the way it has always been. That’s why you should always respect your mother and father. They share with you a continuation of their lives. And like in the movie “Pay it Forward,” I get to carry your lives within me and I am so thankful to have been given the honor.

So, about all the things I have been doing. The moment my new design was up and running, I decided to have a little fun. I slid down this really long tube just like I will be doing at the water park when you take me.  And as soon as I arrived at the bottom of the slide, I noticed that I had this insatiable hunger. I did some really, “gum machine” clever swimming moves to get over to the side of the pool where there was a vending machine. It had all my favorite snacks. I was so hungry that I practically embedded myself into that machine and started eating. And I am sorry, Mommy. I didn’t ask politely and I didn’t put any coins in the slot. I just started taking and eating everything I needed. I guess I was being a little pushy.

I was doing pretty well, too. While I was feasting, I decided I would multitask. I split myself in two and began making a sleeping bag that had all the modern conveniences. It had an oxygen device for me to breath and a conveyor belt to bring me my snacks. It also included a self-contained toilet so I could go number 1 and number 2 whenever I wanted and without having to get up. Sorry about the mess though, the sleeping bag had a mechanism to push that stuff outside for you to clean up. The food was great and the sleeping bag kept getting more and more cramped as I grew.

It is first things first. Before you knew it,  I had already got myself a spine and brain. I was both brave and smart right away. And bold, too. I was pulling all the strings. I started sending out these little chemical signals every time I wanted something. That’s how you found out a month later that you were probably with child; me. I was in a good mood. I turned off the cramps and that other messy stuff you didn’t care that much about, anyway. After that first 30 days and you found out about me, I was already working on body parts such as all my internal organs; my legs, hands and fingers. And by the next 30 days I had all that formed.

You remember I said I embedded myself in that vending machine. That was not really true. I was speaking metaphorically. Without you knowing it, I embedded myself in you and I was taking all the good stuff from you directly. I distributed it out to all my buddies. Miss Brain, my organs and everyone else. You were feeding us all. Thank you. I know I really took a long time increasing the size of everything. I was handling everything at once under very crampy conditions. It was making me cranky, and I was not getting enough sleep. I was doing a lot of tossing and turning. I might have kicked you in my sleep as well, I am not sure. Sorry, if I did.  And by the way, enough with the pickles, already!

I might add that when I was getting close to getting me some sunshine, I sent out some more of those chemical signals that reminded you to fire up those two milk containers and fill them up. Just before coming out, I shut down the food supply and I did not pack a lunch. So I need those containers to be up and functioning within the hour. So you see, I reminded you of everything. I even told you when I was ready. That was not stormy wet weather, it was me poking a hole in the sleeping bag. I even sent out some more of those chemical signals which sent you into contractions. You didn’t think I could do this birthing thing all by myself, did you?

I can send this message at any time during the process and abort the mission. I bring myself into this world, I can take myself out. I believe in free choice. It is my body and I choose whether to abort, not you.  Sorry about that, I needed to vent.

Too, many times mothers take matters into their own hands and just throw us out with the garbage. How cruel is that? I hope you are not one of them. If you don’t want me, give me to someone else. I just want to have a chance to experience all the wonders of life like you do. Life in the big wide world is a treasure for all of us to enjoy. Not just you. There is plenty of room for the both of us. I have a good chance to be a doctor, lawyer or Indian chief. Well, maybe not the chief. I could become president of the United States, though.

So Mommy, let’s work together here. I create and you sit and wait for me to finish my work. Let’s make it a win-win for both of us. If you have an accident, that is on you, not me. I want to continue to live. After all, I have your genes to carry forward. Can we go get some ice cream now? I am beat from all this hard work while you were sitting around eating pickles. “Ice Cream? Yeah!

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