Our Government is Creating a Religious Civil War in Our Country


Denying the Truth About Islamic Terrorism in Our Country is Disasterous

If a Muslim with his Muslim wife, enter a Christmas party, say nothing, and kill 14 innocent partygoers and injure 17 others, dressed in military style clothing and bullet proof vests, AK-47s and handguns, Go-Pro cameras strapped to their clothing and then they empty two clips each, and we cannot figure out why? We cannot say for sure it was terrorism?

Their residence was being used as a bomb factory when investigators have to use remote controlled vehicles to gain entry. They find remote controlled cars loaded with explosives, pipe bombs and other items. Reports of suspicious activity at the home was happening over a three week period with boxes being received through the mail and late night working going on in the garage. Several Middle Eastern people were seen coming and going.

Right under the noses of employees working for a county office is one who has been working there for five years. He is Muslim going to an employee Christmas party. He possibly or apparently gets into an argument with a fellow employee and he leaves. Because of that, they want to call this workplace violence. But there are several reasons why this not workplace violence. It is so obvious. A person doesn’t leave a party and come back a short time later totally dressed war-like gear on the spur of moment. If they had these weapons and gear there had to be a great deal of planning over a considerable length of time.

Then prior to the shooting, the husband and wife, Muslims, drop their child off at a grandmother’s house and go shoot up a Christmas party. No one enraged by a workplace innocent can pull together so much firepower and enlisted the support of his wife, put themselves in assault clothing and equipment in a matter of an hour or so. This is not workplace violence. But that explanation is still being considered while also stating they will not rule out terrorism.

And then another incident happens. A gunman enters a cab and asked the cab driver where he is from. When he says he is from a Muslim country, he is shot dead. Instantly, the FBI starts an investigation calling it a hate crime. Exactly. That is what it is and it is a crime.

But the FBI is all over this San Bernardino, CA mass shooting and is careful not to designate this as a terror attack. But if two Muslims shot up a Christmas party in such a horrific fashion, it is a hate crime. These are Muslims who hate Christians. Simple. A hate crime and a terrorist attack. It is both. Get a clue. We do not need gun control legislation, we need a declaration of war against those who will wage war on innocent Americans during a Christmas party planned by a county government employer.

If a Christian kills a Muslim with a pistol, it is a hate crime. But if a Muslim kills 14 Christians and wounds 17 others with AK-47, it is workplace violence. Enough already. If the government continues to try to sweep this under a rug, the public will react negatively in retaliation. Lie to the public trying cover for Muslims will generate a backlash. Cab drivers and Mosques are going to be targeted. Are those going to be labeled as hate crimes or counterattacks in a War Zone? Our military is not permitted to operate inside the country. So who is?

As a side note: the Daily News puts out a headline: “God is Not Fixing This.”  But neither is mainstream media. Muslims commit the shooting screaming “Ala u Akbar.” Their God is fixing it as far as they are concerned. To belittle those who call on prayer to help, is a press trying to deny freedom of religion of Christians and excuse the behavior of those who are members of Islam becuase Americans caused the problem. I am beginning to ask myself, who is our biggest enemy, Muslim Terrorism or our own Press.

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