Racism Has Not Changed; Just Gone Full Circle

Riots again about race, now coming from college campuses! When I was a teenage, I lived in Southern California in the 60s. Now I am a big ugly white guy in my late 60s. I led a sheltered life growing up on a small ranch in Southern California about 50 miles East of LA. I was oblivious to what was happening in the South until the race riots started happening. I became interested quickly and I was inspired by what Martin Luther King was doing. I was not very happy with hearing about separate fountains and counters and riding in the back of buses. And the ones who were imposing these guidelines were, as far as I was concerned, rednecks from the bottom of the redneck cesspool. And my father had a redneck mentality which I felt at the time was not that bad. My father and mother separated when I was about 18. My dad who is now passed away; committed suicide. He was dirt poor and lived until he was 85 getting social security checks and getting his medical services at the VA. So my observation was that he was no better than the complaints he was trying to lodge against the entire black community in our country. I thought with time he would get over it.

But I remember when I was young how he would tell me over and over that “If you give a nigger an inch, they’ll take mile.” I just couldn’t believe that was true. I did not feel comfortable every time my father said that. At the time, I didn’t really know better or why. So how did I eventually determine he was a full blown racist? In 1999 my brother committed suicide – he drank too much and used drugs often. And then in early 2000 my mother became ill with a sudden brain tumor and partial paralysis on her left side and would only live another 6 to 8 months. I brought her to Denver from Southern California and with the help of my whole family, we took care of her in my home under Hospice. I asked my Dad who was living in Reading, California at the time, where he lived rent free in a small trailer on a ranch caring for the property and the livestock; to come to Denver. He agreed. I thought I could get him a similar arrangement on a ranch in Colorado after my mother died. I set him up a bunk in our basement. He and my mother had long talks about everything and it was a very happy time for my mother, and I enjoyed seeing them laughing together and enjoying themselves.

But then it happened. While I was standing, caring for my mother one Sunday morning, he came up to my side and said I had some serious problems. But he didn’t want to talk about it in front of my mother. I took him to a pool hall to talk since he liked to play pool. I thought it had something to do with the care of my mother. But no. We parked in the parking lot and he started by saying, “you know, I cannot stand the sight of black people.” We never got inside to shoot pool. We had black people delivering my mother’s medicines occasionally. My daughter who was 12 at the time really helped a lot caring for grandma. So I told her I would take her and her friends to the water park so they could take a break and have some fun. One of those friends was half black. I asked my father if she was a problem for him as well. He said, “Yes.” I told him she was an innocent 12-13 year old, but he cut me off saying “you don’t know what they are thinking.” I said, “Well what is more important is that they don’t know what you are thinking. You are no better than the KKK.” But then he said, “But they wear masks.” And I replied, “and you are too chicken shit to wear a mask.”

I really blew up. I explained that I would have no problems inviting Colin Powell over for dinner. He said, “He is just looking out for himself and the blacks.” Then I said, “You know, he would make a better father than you.” And my father continued to insist that I should not permit any black people in my home. I told him I would not impose such a ridiculous rule on my family. And if he could not deal with that, he would have to leave. He said, “OK.” We spoke no more. We drove home. Then the next morning, I came downstairs and he was calmly setting at the kitchen table reading a newspaper and drinking a cup of coffee as though nothing had happened. I leaned over the kitchen counter and said, “So when are you leaving.”

I drove him that morning to the truck rental to get him a truck for his stuff and he packed up and left. I never again heard from him or knew where he was. It was years later when I got a call from the Reading City Manager’s office to inform me of the suicide. I immediately arranged a flight and my wife went with me. We took his car to a junkyard and sold it for $25. I arranged for a friend of his to distribute his ashes at the ranch where he used to live according to his wishes in the suicide note he left. He gave the few hundred dollars in his bank account to his friend as well. My wife and I sorted through his belongings and found a few mementos. The city kept the rest to auction off and the funds would go to the city for their trouble. I was finally done with my father. I was sad it all had to end that way, but that was my family. You get the cards you are dealt.

I met my wife in Germany when she had joined the service to make money to send home. I am the only one left from my side of the family but my wife has 5 sisters and 4 brothers; a family of 10. My wife’s father died when she was 12 and it was not until she was 21 when she left for Hawaii. And that is when she slept in a bed for the first time. Her mother had all these children while living in a barrio in the Northern Philippines and they were dirt poor. She gave birth 10 times the old fashion way by squatting with the aid of a brother who was the family midwife. As a child, my wife’s mother happened to have been born on the Island of Hawaii while her parents were over working in the fields; she had a Hawaiian birth certificate. She returned home to the Philippines, grew up and got married at the age of 17.

An Uncle living in Hawaii found mother’s birth certificate and with his saintly help managed to get them all to come to Hawaii in 5 groups over 3 years. The first ones including the mom began working immediately so they could send money back to the Philippines for the next group to come. The mother worked in the pineapple fields. And so it went, after 3 years, they were all back together. But that is only the beginning of a remarkable story. Every one of her brothers and sisters found good work, got married and had children. Most of their children have graduated or are still in college. The degrees so far have been a Doctor of Pharmacy, my daughter; Political Science, my son and who has just started law school; a female civil engineer now working in San Diego, a female dentist who recently graduated, degrees in nursing, music and several more degrees to come.  The Grandma is still living in Hawaii being cared for by her children. She is now almost 90 years old and has several great grandchildren. When she was 85, the entire family came from everywhere to give her a birthday party on her birthday which is December 25. The greatest moment during the celebration and the most moving moment for me was when all her grandchildren got up on the stage and sang a song to her in English. They sang the Bruno Mars hit “Just the Way You Are.”  I am now tearing up right now even 4 years later.

I might add that one of my wife’s sisters is handicapped and made her way around while in the Philippines on flip-flops attached to her knees until she was 13 years old. She had no bottom parts of her legs. And her hand was partially deformed. She was the last to come over to Hawaii but before she came she remembers sitting in a front window thinking there was no one like her in the whole world and she would not be able to work like the others. She thought she would not be able see her mother again. But she did arrive in a Hawaii in the last group to come from the Philippines. She got married to a Navy guy who took her to Ohio and it was there she gave birth to two children. One has a Music degree and the other graduated and joined the military. He is just got married. My wife’s sister started a sewing business in her home and for 4 years, she sewed the names on the back of all the jerseys belonging to Ohio State Football team. And it was one of those years they won the national title. She also offered to sew some really large curtains for someone who lived in a mansion-like home. That owner put the word out and she began sewing these types of curtains for several other well off residents in up-scale Columbus. She then moved to South Carolina and is now working with a sewing company and she is so good that the boss lets her do what she wants and the rest of the crew simply adore her. They love her amazing attitude and her remarkably entertaining sense of humor. While she was in Ohio, she and her husband came to visit us while we were in Pennsylvania. We took them to see Washington, DC. Her husband carried her up the steps of the Capital Building on his back.

I may have lost my entire family but I gained the best family anyone could ever hope for. They are all such wonderful people. They are filled with respect for others, help each other all the time and have big meals together to enjoy the life they have. And I am so blessed to be a part of it. God blessed me beyond belief. And I am convinced that I am getting much more than I deserve. I often wonder how I could have been so lucky by asking a Filipino lady to marry me. I am inspired by what the whole family has accomplished after having come from such austere circumstances.

That brings me to wonder, what went wrong with our black communities. How did they reach a point of such despair? Could it be possible to give them an outlook on life like these simple Filipinos? I am very saddened by what I see and I am powerless to do anything about it. I am experiencing racism because of the color of my skin. I have not done anything wrong, but I am so hated by so many. I had hoped things would get much better when President Kennedy took such decisive action in turning the South around. I am now certain I will pass away before I see any change for the better.

They hate Fox News and Bill O’Reilly. But while public schools for blacks are doing very little to help them, the teachers are getting a good paycheck and politicians keep telling the black community they are going to help them; and that has been going on for 50 years since the 60s. Bill O’Reilly supports a private school for under privileged kids in one of the worse neighborhoods in New York City. But those kids do well, they wear uniforms and get a good education. He is doing his part and most of the black community hates him just because politicians have told them Fox News is bad. What a shame.

We need all private schools for our black children. The public schools run by unions and democrat politicians have kept the black communities poor. All the major cities have the same problem and those cities are run by democrat mayors who are against private schools solely because they get so much economic support from unions. Millions of dollars of public funds have been spent under the guise that it is intended for those black communities. That money has been wasted. Sixty years of waste.

It is time for members of our black communities to take back their neighborhoods, honor the family and turn their neighborhoods into gun free zones. And Use the Police to Do it! Democrats like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson, the NAACP and the Black Caucus, keep making victims out of them. As long as these entities keep making victims out of them, we are never going to see any improvement. We are witnessing the most destructive form of slavery ever witnessed on this planet. Keep them poor, keep them believing everything is going to get better. Why do this: because we need their vote to stay in power. There is no lynching anymore but these race mongers have found a way to get the black young men in this country to basically lynch each other with the use of illegal guns. Blacks can change the way they live. But they will need to stop blaming the police for brutality and look at the brutality imposed by blacks on blacks. Simply put, police shoot more whites than blacks because the population of whites exceeds those of blacks. The most deaths of black folks are committed by other blacks. That is where the focus should be. Not just black lives matter, everyone’s lives matter.

If black lives matter, then do something to stop the death toll. Note: over 80% of all deaths by gunfire are  black deaths are gunfire from other blacks. Don’t those lives matter? When a serious crime happens in a black neighborhood, the first ones they call are the police. But now the police are being blamed for the loss of black lives. The Black on Black death rate annually by gunfire is 80%, about 15% of the deaths are Hispanic on Hispanic, white-on-white is 4% of all deaths and police end up killing less than 1% of the population which actually happens while they are in the line of duty. Death committed illegally by rouge police is minuscule, almost immeasurable. But why call the police when something bad happens when all you have to do is call Al Sharpton. He has been fixing everything for over 60 years. NOT. He is the problem. I entered military service in the 60s and shortly after the riots everyone was forced to attend race relations classes so we could better understand the race issues. I was considered a racist and needed to be reprogrammed. I was not racist to begin with. The military was a good place for black people to get an education in a given skill and just like the rest of us, we all were not permitted to fail. If we screwed up, we had to do it all over again. Failure was not an option. The playing field was level in the military and everyone had to study their skill set and take tests routinely to prove you were still up to speed. I would call that randomized testing. Everyone; black, white, Hispanic, oriental and anyone else in service had to compete equally. If you didn’t study and failed tests, you would not have a chance of getting promoted and get more money. Everyone studied and we helped each other study. We were not competing, the playing field was level. You did not fail to get a promotion because of your race.

But now I look back and ask myself what happened. I have to be careful what neighborhood I drive through because the color of my skin can get me in serious trouble. They might not hang me from a tree but they would surely beat the hell out me for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The tide has turned. In the south, the idiot rednecks hung blacks from a tree just because they were black. They hated the blacks.  Now the tide has turned. I can get a modern day lynching for just being white driving through a black neighborhood. They hate me because I am white. They were scared back then and now I am scared for the same reason. Thank you Al Sharpton, the progress you have manufactured has gotten us all by to square zero. What a shame.

There was apartheid and everyone raved about getting that fixed. But now South Africa is run by the majority, the black community. But the white farmers are now being slaughtered with long knives because they are white. They murder the children in front of the man of the home, then they rape the wife in front of him and then kill her. After witnessing all that, the poor farmer is murdered. Is that where we are headed? I hope not. I had a great time in military service with all the races working together but the moment I got out I was one of the most hated of them all. How is that even humanly possible? I am so saddened by it all. As I mentioned above, I am just about to turn 70 years old. I have probably another 20 or so years of life left. So many people have lost lives in wars and due to crime and what have we to show for it. A war on Radical Islam and black community in absolute turmoil. What good have I done? All these years and it seems the plight of human kind is getting no better. Now that is a waste.

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