Racism at CNN & Left Media again??

question-markCNN is being selective again when it comes to whether they refer to someone as white or black during the reporting of news events. If a white police officer shoots a black, it is “A white police officer shoots an unarmed black man.” But when two black police officers shoot a 6 year old boy who is with his father and neither have a gun, it is “two police officers shoot a 6 six year old boy.” So it is about race in the first incident and not in the second. Then we learned that these two officers received cover from their police department when they claimed the police officers were attempting to serve a warrant.

But they were not. They had stepped in to handle what they considered was a domestic dispute. The man disputed their involvement, jumped in his car and drove off with his son in the front seat. The police officers gave chase and ended up shooting 18 bullets into the vehicle hitting the boy 5 times. Again, there was no gun in that vehicle. Then we hear that one of the police officers has had a troubled pass. Then we hear that there is corruption in the police department. A police department controlled by black leadership, interesting. Also, after the police officers were jailed for murder, one of the prosecuting attorneys recused himself because he was the father of one of the police officers. “I smell a black rate.”

Why can’t CNN report about the potential for a black corrupt police department who now is involved in killing a white boy who is 6 years old, shooting him 5 times and also seriously wounding his father. Could that be a event plagued by racism. “A hatred of whites by black cops?” And black cops working for a corrupt police department, which if proven to be corrupt should be held responsible for blacks dominating whites in a community controlled by a black police force. Oh, and by the way, the two officers are black!! Did I mention that, already? No, I did not intentionally avoid that like CNN who wants to perpetuate its white on black police officer agenda.

There were 430 killings, as of this date, of black on black deaths by gunfire in Chicago. It is clearly gang violence when a 9 year old boy is shot several times in the back and head to get back at a rival gang member. Then a former gang member disagrees with bringing in the National Guard to help clear up the problem. He wants someone to find out where all the guns are coming from. What? The gang members are buying them with drug money to protect their drug business. If we cannot stop the drugs from getting into the hands of these gang members, we are not going to stop guns from coming in just like the drugs, illegally. The drug dealers are in a war with each other and innocent people are just collateral damage. How can an innocent populace take back their neighborhoods from members of gangs with massive killing power with guns? People with guns need to be brought down by a superior force with, guess what? Much more killing power from guns then the gangs. But also, coupled with that effort, those bringing in drugs are just as dangerous because they use death by gunfire to control their drug empire. Go after drug dealers, cartels and gang members with overwhelming firepower. Then send they ones who are not dead, in front of a 3 panel set of judges. The punish merited is levied and away they go to jails. The lawyers don’t need the money and do not practice law in any war zone. A gang member should not get civil rights if he is engaged in all out war. War doesn’t work that way. You use a gun in a robbery, you get attempted murder because the one who you held up feared for the life. Enough of this crap. Deal with them like they deal with others.

The gangs in these neighborhoods are depriving Americans of their rights to a safe and prosperous life where they can pursue their own happiness. We need an all-out war on the whole criminal empire associated with the movement of illegal drugs. In Singapore, you get hung if you sell drugs. Why, because drugs kill people. You get what you dish out.

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