The Muslims are Coming! The Muslims are Coming!

So Screams Paul Revere calling out to us from his grave! “The Muslims are coming”

If you don’t think the Muslims are currently going through their own “Muslim Inquisition” maybe you should reconsider. There is a story in the news, May 25, 2014, about a small town in Spain whose residents are going to vote to change its name. The name is Castrillo Matajudios.  Why on this planet would they want to do that?

The country of Spain is grappling with recent bouts of hate speech on twitter as a result of a Jewish Basketball team winning a match against a team from Madrid. They are also directing concern at the town of Castrillo Matajudios. The word “Castrillo” can be translated to “Fort” in English and is like many towns here in the United States use “Fort” in naming their town after a fort that may have been in or around their historical past. A good example is Fort Morgan in Colorado. The word “Mata” literally means “he or she kills” and the last part of the word “judios” represents a reference to the Jews. Judio in Spanish means “Jew or Jewish.” The tiny Spanish pueblo just North of Madrid has about 56 residents who will hold a referendum to decide on whether to change the name.

So where did that name come from. In 1492 during the Spanish Inquisition, the government of Spain decreed that all Jews must convert to Catholicism or move out of the country. Many Jews chose not to leave and met their fate while tied to a burning cross.  The town adopted its name in 1627 about 135 years later in 1627. The Spanish Inquisition began in 1478 under Queen Isabella and lasted 350 years.

Then we have the Muslims who didn’t get started until 500 AD who decided to spread their power and their faith to other lands to the West. On their way to overrunning Spain and parts of France, they took Jerusalem, the holy land. The Jews had been there for centuries. The Catholic Church, wanting their holy land back, began several campaigns to free the holy land from its Muslim occupiers. Those conquests began in 1097 and came to an end with a loss in 1291 after as many as eight campaigns lasting almost 200 years.  The Christian participants in these campaigns were referred to as “the faithful of Saint Peter” or the “Knights of Christ.” They felt themselves as being on an armed pilgrimage. The words crusade and crusader were not used to describe them until 1750.

The history of the crusades by the Christians and the Inquisitions is repeating itself. The Muslims are now bent on regaining all the land they lost which they refer to as the Caliphate. They are now also on a campaign to rid the world of anyone who does not convert to Islam. Infidels are to place their heads on the chopping block which is just a more modern version of the Cross used to burn those who chose not to follow the Christian faith. But Muslims are taking it to another level. They wipe out schools of girls with bombs, kill their children in honor killings, beat their wives, and they divorce them if they want to move on to another woman – pun intended. They blow up anything and everything they associate as their enemy which can be a different sect, Shiite or Sunni, or those infidels who parked their cars in the underground garage below the Twin Towers or later, those people who actually worked in the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. One of their targets was probably the White House. More recently, they bombed innocent runners and their families at the Boston Marathon. We have managed to stop many other attempts at mass destruction or just been very lucky since the terrorists screwed up their explosive devices. Now they are attacking Paris with AK-47s, grenades, explosive suicide belts and a rocket launcher. That is an act of war.

You say, “Well, those are just Islamic Terrorists” referring to them as not part of the mainstream Muslims as a whole. But you forget that when the Twin Towers fell, the entire Muslim world hit the streets in joy celebrating the deaths of nearly 3000 innocent human beings. Do you need another example? Today in the Sudan a woman has been given death by hanging as her punishment. What is it that she did that is so heinous? She married an American Christian. Her history is interesting also. Her Muslim father left her family when she was 6 years old. Her mother raised her as a Christian in Ethiopia. But since her father is a Muslim, the Sudanese court under Sharia Law states that she is a Muslim who converted to Christianity. She therefore has to convert to Islam or suffer death. She must also not go back to her husband, and her son must be given an Islamic name and raised in the Muslim faith. And by the way, she is pregnant so the baby in her womb must also be named and raised the same. Before she is put to death, she will also receive 100 lashes for adultery since she did not marry a Muslim.

With interference from international sources, they finally released her and she left with her two children. This is not a country of Islamic Terrorists. It is a country following Islam’s Sharia Law. Several court cases here in the US where someone who is a Muslim commits a crime called an honor killing of some young girl in their family and requests that Sharia Law be used in deciding the case. In other words, they want us to use a religious system of laws instead of our own to try a case of someone in the US, in a US court. Who among us doesn’t believe they would rather have Sharia Law in the US instead?

The Muslims in general are in a Holy war using modern tactics of guerilla warfare to take back their land and convert us all to Islam. The year 1097 and 1478 are now reborn; it is just another religious faith repeating another faith’s history. Isn’t it interesting that we did away with religious ruled states only to be asked now to convert to a society ruled by the Islamic law of Sharia? God save us all – the God I refer to is actually the same God for all three faiths – Jewish, Christian and Muslim. Ironic how that happens.

Women are treated terribly in these countries and the Christian experience worse. The Christians see their churches burned and they are leaving en mass those countries to escape the mayhem. ISIS is killing Christian men, raping their women and puting those women into slavery. And they kill their children except for the young girls who can be used as sex slaves. Homosexuals are sentenced to death. Rape is a norm practiced routinely by Muslim men. Women who complain are put to death for exposing themselves to their rapists. It is 2015, not the middle ages. But that is where we are headed if we think we can use political correction and appeasement to solve this problem we fail to acknowledge exists. It is the Ostrich with its head in a hole and a Muslim is ramming a stick of dynamite up where the sun don’t shine and lighting the fuse. And President Obama is leading the charge of appeasement.

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