Why Graphene Will Drive Global Warming Croud Nuts!

If you thing they are going to get rid of Carbon, Graphene will make their day.


question-markThose who are nuts about recycling, having everything made in a biodegradable form, eliminating everything made from carbon and carbon itself, are going to become schizophrenic about what is coming down the pike from all those scientist who swear up and down we need to get rid of carbon to fix global warming.

The next big thing that will give all those scientists a huge boost in computing power to work their experiments is graphene. It is made from carbon and is basically taking the lead in pencils and spreading it out so thin that it becomes 1 million times thinner than paper. Think about a piece of saran wrap. But this thin layer of graphene will be the strongest materiel in the world. It can be stretched. Electrons move through it incredibly fast and low and behold, it will improve solar panels. The last part is going to get lost in a confused argument to total eliminate carbon except for the carbon used to create more efficient solar panels.

One of the major uses could be to greatly strengthen plastic production is a by-product of petroleum. So this means we will have to mix carbon with oil to get the plastic that is an absolute necessity in the daily lifes of all of us. And it should be known that all those electric and hybrid cars all the environmentalists drive make extensive use of plastics to hold the cars together. All the glass tubes and other paraphernalia used by scientists who are 100% sure global warming science is settled, and are absolutely certain “beyond uncertainty” that we should stop using carbon and oil “NOW,” are made from carbon and oil.

In fact, all the clothes those scientists wear right down to the socks and their shoes when they are out collecting data and conducting experiments throughout the world to prove global warming is real, are made from the processing of petroleum. The ships they sail on are all made from the processing of petroleum. And all the containers that hold the food they will eat while out there are made from a petroleum process. I could go on but I need to go check the TV dinner I have cooking in the microwave that is most entirely made from metal and plastic parts, and wires and glass all made from the same stuff; petroleum.

I think I am going to stick with graphene and just put up with the global warming problem. I am convinced it is the result of a natural progression moving our planet away from the ice age and where we may very well end up with no ice caps and the North and South poles covered with fir trees just like they were millions of years ago. Don’t forget that plants are most comfortable and grow the best in about 1200 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere. With the current level of 398 ppm, we are along way off from ideal conditions.

Even pot smokers are too stoned to know that marijuana is best grown in atmospheres with a level of CO2 at 1500 ppm. But I am also convinced that Al Gore’s house on the coast of California really is going to be under sea water because the oceans will definitely expand due to “natural” warming of the globe. We are guests of the planet and need to stop playing with nature. Nature seems to always take very good care of itself.

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