Nelson Mandela the father of a New Racism

Nelson Mandela passed away and although he is a great man who had a great message, there is a new racism problem. He was, however, quite a problem for South Africa when he was young. Apartheid arguably had it problems but it  had a reason and it was to protect the slaughter of the whites in South Africa for decades prior. It is now happening today, Nelson Mandela is being honored but not the thousands of whites who are being slaughtered. Racism is alive and well here and in South Africa. But it is against whites.

Racism in America exists but White on Black and Black on White is not the problem we face now. Our problem is black on black homicides by gun fire. But let’s take a look at South Africa. The Black on White murder rate and the methods used, make our recent history of crime against blacks in the South seem like child’s play. Since 1994, there have been over 69,000 murders of whites in the most horrendous way. We have lost over 150,000 black young people due to black on black homicides over this same period to gunfire but the manner in which these Afrikaners died is unimaginable. They would beg to be shot rather than die the way they are now. One wonders how human beings can be so vicious in the methods used to torture these people to death. Prepare yourself; the following examples are so grotesque, it makes Hollywood horror movies look like cartoons.

  • A twelve year old boy was drowned in boiling water, his face forced down in a bath tub. But first he had to witness the death of his father who was hacked to death with knives and machetes and then he had to watch his mother being raped numerous times. I am not sure she was killed but one can easily guess that was her fate.
  • A elderly husband was forced to watch while his wife was is raped numerous times before he and his wife were wrapped in plastic and burned with a hot iron until they died from the immense pain.
  •  Another method of torture is to take bound South Afrikaners and drip hot burning plastic on them until they succumb. (Just how long does that take?)
  • There was the elderly man who was tied up and forced to watch his wife being raped repeatedly and beat without mercy. He then began his own ordeal by his captives extracting each of his teeth one by one with a set of pliers until he died from the overwhelming pain.
  • The captures take elderly women and stuff pages of their Bible down their throat until they suffocate. ( You might understand this if you realized that witchcraft worship is prevalent in South Africa. Even the President of South Africa practiced it in a sacrifice of several animals, a witchcraft like ceremony, with his closest friends in a celebration.)

It is not only the white South Africans who suffer. There is another statistic that is very telling. There are 40 murders per 40,000 mixed race, called coloureds,  and Asian people per year. Any European visiting is fair game as well. We in America also realize that accidently driving into the wrong neighborhoods in some of our major cities can also be a very dangerous thing to do; and it is due to the color of the skin.

In South Africa they catch and arrest some of the perpetrators of these crimes but they routinely escape when sympathetic police officers facilitate it or look the other way. Witnesses fear reprisals against them and their families if they come forward to testify. This means that very few of these torturers actually get convicted. The many murders are one thing but there are numerous beatings and rapes that do not result in death. Even the police are in on the game. They will arrest a white person for valid reasons, or for no reason, and place them in cells with numerous blacks who then rape them repeatedly. The police know this is going to happen. Many of the black men have aids and pass the ailment onto the white rape victim. Many believe that what is happening in South Africa is governmental sanction of what equates to genocide. It is no secret that the current government is excessively corrupt.

Doesn’t this all seem familiar? Except for the extreme torture and the raping of men and the passing of the aids desease, much of the same happened in the South in our country only a few decades ago. Beatings occurred, and raping occurred, homes were burned down and much lynching occurred. Although a lot of these crimes were heinous, the degree of torture now going on in the 21st Century in South Africa seems to be over the top.

There is another interesting way to look at this. Over half of all murders in South Africa are of white people. But there are only 4.5 million whites compared to 40 million blacks. If you take a look at twitter you might notice the hash tag #RedOctober. If someone mentions racism, it is not uncommon to see the #redOctober tag as well in the same tweet. That is actually making reference to the South Afrikaner group protesting and asking for a stop to the Black on White murder rate. Yet many on twitter appear to be sympathetic to the blacks. They comment on how ironic it is that these poor white racists are now claiming racism. The message is they are getting what they deserve. Two wrongs do not make a right.

Actually, white foreigners have suffered many atrocities for centuries while trying to migrate to Africa. What very few know is that Apartheid was actually a plan conceived by whites to help protect them from brutality they had suffered for so many years. To provide for their security, apartheid was the system they chose. Then the world got involved complaining it was unfair to blacks. And ever since Apartheid was done away with, the murder rate has skyrocketed for whites. So much for the claims nowadays that South Africa is now a shining example of a free democratic state where everyone lives peacefully. Ask the whites if they feel that way. Yes history repeats itself. But it seems that nothing has changed in South Africa and now we are back to business as usual – get totally rid of the whites.

It might be good for us Americans to learn a lesson from what is going on in South Africa. The efforts to bring equality to just one race could turn into a nightmare in the future.

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