Ben Carson is Fighting the “Left Wing Conspiracy NEWS”

Newsweek-Obama-Gay-PresidentThe proof of whether the main stream media is the epitome of hypocrisy is in the pudding. They have now devoted entire days in trying to prove that Ben Carson lied in his autobiography. Take the stabbing incident when he was 14 years old. Or the moments when he would lose his temper. He admitted doing bad things while in a rage and the left is trying to say he is lying about that. Who in their right mind puts false statements about being bad in an autobiography for the sole purpose of  lying about that. He wasn’t running for President when he wrote that. CNN is on a role trying to prove he was not a bad guy for the purpose of saying he is a liar. NO, he really is a good guy who had a troubled past and admits it. Honesty is in his soul and lying is in the soul of CNN.

Then, Ben Carson was in ROTC in high school and was a black student with exceptional grades. West Point needs as many black students as possible to maintain an image that they are diverse. To accomplish that, they send out people like General Westmoreland to find these guys and try to get them to go to West Point. In case the left hasn’t noticed, that was West Point’s attempt at Affirmative Action, doing what the left likes by trying to stay diversified. They go out find a black kid and tell them if they come to their school (the school they are representing), the will pay for everything. Whether you call it a scholarship, an appointment, a nomination, a free ride, or whatever, it is an offer by West Point. General Westmoreland was doing what he was supposed to do, extend an offer to a black kid to get him to go to West Point. How Ben Carson explains it is not the issue. What happened? He received an offer and he turned it down so he could pursue a career in medicine. Good for Him! He made the better choice and the world is better off for that decision.

Then the media goes out and talks to his old friends and finds no one to corroborate the stabbing? Finding no one to corroborate it does not make it a lie. Twisting the words in a biography is corrupt. Politico put out a lie and they changed the heading on their initial report removing the word “Fabricated” because they were caught making that part up. Twisting words to make up a lie and then having to retract that particular word is good enough for me. They screwed it all up and got caught “TELLING A LIE, SEVERAL!” And CNN runs with the lie, over and over!

But the worst part is that CNN is now claiming it is ok do what they are doing because they are vetting the story. Their form of vetting is trying at all cost to find a lie and stick with it, true or not. That is not vetting. They should have vetted the story for accuracy not use a false story to prove a lie and call that vetting. This happened when a man running for president was 17 years old. But they claim they vetted Hillary Clinton and found she did not do anything wrong at Benghazi. And then, when she went before Congress this last time, they were raving about how well she did all day long but failed to report that she lied to the American people, twice, in her own words in communications that are a matter of official record.

On the day of the attack, in her own words, she told her daughter that it was a terrorist attack. Then the following day, she tells the Egyptian president, it definitely was not a video, it was a terror attack. And then Obama and Clinton 5 days later, when the bodies came home, tell the survivors they will get the guy who did the video. Then they get Susan Rice to run around to 5 talks shows on Sunday to push the video as the reason for the attack. And what do we get from CNN, no reference to a lie coming from Hillary Clinton or anyone else, just, “She was great.” Then they said that Benghazi is old news and we should move on, which is exactly what Hillary said. Oh, and they failed to count the number times Clinton, Obama and Susan Rice told the same lie.

So, an event that happened to a young boy when he was 14 or 17 years old, 50 years ago, in his personal life and put in an autobiography is much more important than a Secretary of State, a few years ago, who clearly lies to the entire nation about what caused an attack that killed four Americans. CNN is totally discredited as a news organization; they are what Marco Rubio said they are: “A super pact for the Democrat Party.” They are in what the left won’t call it, “A War On Ben Carson.”

CNN vets stories for the sole purpose of finding fault with Hillary Clinton’s rivals, whether true or not, but vets stories about Hillary Clinton with the purpose of determining how to make her look good and claim her opponents are members of a right wing conspiracy. The only conspirators here are those in the main stream media.

Ben Carson didn’t go to West Point, he went to Harvard and he is totally open with showing his records at schools. He is proud of his record. Where are Obama’s records from any college he went to? Who is really hiding their past? Could there be a lie there he doesn’t want us to know about? Like maybe he claimed foreign status to gain financial support and entrance, I’m just say!  I bet the main stream media will continue not to vet that. Just about everything that comes out of this president’s mouth is a lie. And the main stream media bends over backwards continuing to avoid vetting that because it does not support their “Left Wing Conspiracy.” Well done, CNN.

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