Obama – The Greek God of Lies

Newsweek-Obama-Gay-PresidentThere are two kinds of Gods in this country. One is the God that Christians look to for guidance and then there is the Obama god who liberals and progressives worship to the point where anything he does or says is the Gospel. But there is one big difference; one always tells the truth and the other lies like a dog. So that would mean that one is a truthful prophet and all the followers worship him because they believe in his honesty, his sacrifice and his goodness. And the other is followed blindly because they believe everything he says could not possibly be anything other than the truth even when the evidence clearly supports otherwise. That makes him the false prophet.

There is a common theme among all Americans about lawyers. They are the butt of enough jokes to record on over 11 million pages. Oddly enough, that is the number of pages so far that make up Obama’s healthcare law. A good example was the lawyer applying for a job who was asked if he was honest. “Yes,” he replied. Because he paid back every cent of his law school money loaned to him by his father; even though the father had to sue him to get it. Another; there were two lawyer friends standing next to each other in a bank as they were each being robbed. One lawyer slipped $5o into the other’s pocket. When asked what that was for, he replied: “It’s the money I owe you.” There was a man on his death bed who requested to have a quickie law degree presented to him before he died. When asked why, he stated: “one less lawyer. And I always ask when I get the chance; “What is worse than a lawyer?” and the answer is “two or more.”

It isn’t a coincidence that most democrat public officials are graduates of law school. It is also not a coincidence that 76% of all campaign donations from law firms go to Democrats. And that is the reason we do not get tort reform to help cut down on frivolous lawsuits. Another great question is, “do both Barack and Michelle have law degrees?” The answer is always, “Of course they do.” But they may have graduated from law school and passed the Illinois Bar Exam, but did you know that both have lost the right to practice law? Michelle lost hers because of a violation of the law that caused her to be disbarred. Barack also can no longer practice law according to the Illinois Bar, but no one has been able to determine why and no one ever asks the question; probably because he was too busy getting a bogus birth certificate created out of whole cloth. They both are not now lawyers.

There is absolutely no list of lies having been told by the God of the Christians but the God of the Liberals and progressives, Barack Obama, has numerous lists documenting his lies. List of 100 Obama lies is one of at least 100 lists. And the lists keep growing and the lies on those lists keeps increasing but only when our lord and savior Barack Obama opens his mouth. The only time he is not lying is when he is sleeping. And it is during that time that his dreams are all the absolute truth; why should they not be. He is the essence of truthfulness in his entirely imagined world.

There is an image of a poem you can find on line  that is used hundreds of times. Here it is:

There are moments in your life

That make you, and set the course

Of who you’re going to be.

Sometimes they are little, subtle

Moments. Sometimes, they’re big

Moments you never saw coming.

No one asks for their life to

Change, but it does. It’s what you

Do afterwards that counts

That’s when you find out who

You are.

Well, there were numerous moments in Obama’s life where someone else made him and it was those puppeteers who set his course; just not him. Everything he has done has been very little but far from subtle. He clearly saw it coming; but it was the rest of us who didn’t. He created big moments that he claimed were true but they all turned out not to be. He begged for his life to change but it didn’t so he manufactured it. And after he became president, he continued the charade. He knew all along who he was; the ultimate deceiver and the ultimate in charlatans!

God help us; just not him!

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