Global Warming is a bunch of Biomass Poop!

OMG! My Sweat is Freezing!

OMG! My Sweat is Freezing!

We keep being told we are making great progress in weaning ourselves from oil, coal, nuclear and natural gas. And in a discussion about how great wind and solar is, the supporters keep throwing around the 17% to 19% figure. They claim that is great progress. So just where does that 17% come from? Better yet, the question should be, how much of that 17% is just from solar and wind? They always leave that part out. The answer is 3%. What? Over the past 45 years, we now only get 3% of our entire energy use in this country from solar and wind? Absolutely.

I have heard that renewable energy is as much as 17%. But I cannot find where that figure is coming from unless the number also includes nuclear which 8.5%. In fact, the best I can do is come up with 9.8% if I exclude nuclear which is a source the environmentalists want to kill. But that is misleading as well because when you count nuclear with petroleum, coal and natural gas, you get over 90% of our energy comes from these 4 sources. Let’s take a closer look at that 9.8 figure. What at biomass.

Biomass is included in the renewable figure but that also includes the burning of wood, getting to the wood is a problem because it costs to get it or have it delivered and a lot of communities have banned it because of emissions. Biomass also includes biofuel from corn. But that too has been determined to pollute the air twice as much over 30 years. Using corn increases water usage, natural gas is used in the production of biofuels from corn, biofuel also increases wear and tear of engines, the US government subsidized corn based biofuel production by 45 cents until 2011. But they still survived because the EPA mandated its use keeping the industry afloat. Without out that our gas prices would be lower. And, the production of corn based biofuel makes up 44% of all corn produced in the US which put pressure on the price of corn. We pay more there, too. Of interest, the entire world relies heavily on the burning of wood, animal dung and other dead plant life to get their heat. That adds heavily to the world’s Carbon emissions. It is totally misleading to use biomass as a renewable and that takes away 4.9%, leaving us with half at 4.9%.

The next thing they include as a renewable is hydroelectric power which is power generated from dams which have been around prior to the beginning global warming issue. So you have to take that away, too, leaving us with 2.4%. Geothermal has been around forever. In 1900, hot springs water was piped to homes in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Granted small use. It has significantly grown now and the government started granting and directing the use of exploration to improve on the science of extracting heat from the below grown in the 60’s. But that too started long before the global warming issue began to surface in the late 70s. So you really need to take that number away also. We get .2% from Geothermal today. Wow. That is a lot of heat energy. That leaves us with 2.2%.

There you have it. For the past 40 years of the global warming hype, we get 2.2% of all our energy from solar and wind. Wind gives us 1.8% and solar gives us .4%. Look at the chart below from the IER, Institute for Energy Research, March 2015, located by going to the following site:

No one can say the numbers are outdated as an excuse, the 2015 chart is proof.

I might add, all the infrastructure and equipment used to create wind farms, all the materials used to create solar panels and all the equipment they use in the Geothermal drilling effort are made from petroleum-based manufacturing processes. Kill petroleum and you kill every single thing we own in our house and even the building materials of our entire home, car and boat; if I had one, of course.

So when the President says we need to reduce our CO2 emissions by 20 or 30%, you need to be asking how much that is going to cost and is it actually possible under our current debt situation. I cannot be taxed anymore at all.


Let’s do a per capita on that! We are now at 18 trillion dollars in debt, a lot of which is owed to the Chinese. To pay that off, each individual in this country would have to come up with around $60,000. But you wife living at home and your two children do not earn money, you do. So actually, in a family of 4 where only the husband works, he is going to need about $240,000. That amount per family? OMG. In order to pay that off in 10 years, the government would have to tax that family an extra 24,000 a year. The average wage of an individual in this country is about $46,000. If both spouses are working, that comes to $92,000 a year in income. My tax bill now is about 12-15,000 a year already. If I add 24,000 to my current tax bill, my federal tax liability alone would be close to $40,000. Then I would need to add all the other taxes like state, local and sales taxes, fees and property tax, gas taxes, phone taxes, taxes on electricity use and taxes on food. Paying extra to cut CO2 emissions is really not even feasible.

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