The Hypocrisy of Liberals Strikes Again

Go to JailA judge puts a county manager of a marriage license office in jail for refusing to issue licenses to gay couples. They called it a violation of a court order. It was her religious beliefs that made her do it. Numerous examples are expressed on the news of private employer situations where the law was interpreted to mean that the employer needed to try to make accommodations when a problem like this occurs. When the argument favoring putting her in jail tries to imply that she is a government employee and the law does not apply to her. The problem is the law specifically states public or private employees. So the need for an accommodation applies to a government entity as well. Jailing her was an attempt to get her to change her mind.

Additionally, those supporting the jailing say she should be forced to issue licenses or she needs to be fired or she needs to resign. When she was elected, the permission of same sex marriages was not an issue. Now it is. The nature of the work has changed and impacts her religious beliefs. Therefore an accommodation is warranted. Also, it was argued she is a hypocrite because she has had 4 divorces. But after those divorces, she had a religious conversion. Leaving out parts of an argument to support your case is no support at all. It is deception. It is the essence of lying to get your way. “My dog ate my homework.”

Liberals are always asking for accommodations to support someone’s civil rights when the doing so would help their cause unrelated to the violation of civil rights. In this case, it is convenient to trash the public employee because what she did is against their support for gay marriages. If the opposite were the case, where an atheist government official refuses to issue a license because they know it is going to be used to permit a wedding in a church, the left would be in support of the government official not because he has the right to honor his convictions but because they do not accept religion as a valid belief system, a philosophy of life. If a judge just puts the guy in jail until he capitulated, the left would be screaming false imprisonment.

Forcing religious people to accept any and everything the government say or orders, is exactly what is happening in countries like Iran. The government incarcerates those who do not follow the faith. The liberals want to incarcerate anyone who does not follow their guidance. Atheism is a philosophy of life and so is Christianity. One should not have sway over the other in this country. People should be permitted to follow their philosophy of life whether it is Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism or atheism without interference from their government. That is what our constitution dictates.

Liberals want to make peace with Muslims who follow Sharia Law and want the United States to accept Sharia law. They leave out the facts that Sharia Law calls for the beheading of disbelievers, the stoning of women who are raped because they could not find 5 men to say they witnessed the event and actually witnessed penetration. Fathers can kill their daughters if they personally determine they have disrespected the religion of Islam. A man can divorce is wife; and all his has to do is state it and then wait 3 months to insure she is not pregnant and the divorce is final. A man can have more than one wife. Gays, atheists and those with no faith will get in front of the beheading line, ahead of Jews and Christians, because Islam teaches that Christians and Jews are misguided and misinformed but since they believe in the same God, they are less guilty of “shirk” than gays, atheists and rest without religious faith.

Liberals do not care about Muslims, they just use them to their advantage when they argue against war and want to falsely claim to be more compassionate. The Liberals run the major cities in this country and have done nothing to quail the violence in the black neighborhoods. They cannot do anything because they know they would lose black vote if they try. They use racism charges against blacks as a talking point to put down the right. It is all about votes and power for them. The rest of us can just get in line. Yeah, just like the beheading line under Sharia Law.

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