Is It Solar Activity or Man-made CO2?

Yes, the Gospel of JJ is back harping about the global warming scam now being called climate change. If humans would just stop breathing for about 10 minutes; problem solved! (This is a update to 2015). Interestingly, they did away with the term global warming blamed on excess CO2 from humans to climate change so they could blame our CO2 on any weather change whatsoever.

But to make this problem a lot clearer, we need to ask two simple questions. If you do not know the answer to those two questions, you don’t know a thing about global warming.

The real reason the earth fluctuates in temperature is solar activity. The hype and blaming of CO2 is truly a scam. If you do not know the answer to two simple but very important questions then you are the problem. How much total CO2 is in our atmosphere? And then how much is man-made? The answer is 400 PPM overall in our atmosphere. The man-made part of that is only 3% of the 400%. That means our part, the man-made part, is just 12 PPM. When I say our part, I mean all the people on earth, not just the USA. There are two ways to look at this. First, our USA landmass is 6% of the entire landmass of the earth. So that means, we could take the 12 PPM for all man and factor it down to .72% to get the USA part as it relates to landmass. Our USA contribution is therefore less than 1 PPM of the 400 PPM. There other way to look at it?. Our CO2 output compared to all other countries is 15% of all Man-made CO2. So that means our part would be about 1.8 PPM. The ocean is going to absorb 40% of that so that would leave us at about 1.08 PPM of the original 400 PPM.  What percent of the original PPM of 400 is 1.08 PPM? That is about ¼ of a PPM.

What is important to know is that to reduce our ¼ of a PPM by just 10%, it would cost us billions. I mentioned that the ocean absorbs CO2 but it also emits CO2 depending on how warm it gets? The warmer it gets the more CO2 it releases. The ocean absorbs heat from the sun and the ocean covers 70% of the earth. The Scientists try to claim that the heating of the ocean is primarily coming from CO2 and all the heating is coming from the 12PPM from humans, less the ocean’s absorption rate. If I set a bucket of water out in the sun, do you think the water heats up from too much CO2 in the air; or the heat from the sun? Or, just take a million grains of sand, and heat 1 grain really hot and throw it back in. How much temperature change do you think that 1 million grains of sand would experience? Put 1 million quarts of water in a container and then bring one quart to the boiling point and then dump it back in. How much temperature change would you experience? How cold is the ocean? Well, 90% of it is between 32 and 37.5 degree Fahrenheit. The average temperature on the surface of the ocean is about 62.6 degrees. That surface temperature has increased .1 degree or 10% of one degree in 30-50 years. So the scientists are actually guessing about what happened over the course of 20 years. They are not sure. But they are absolutely sure that CO2 is the primary heat source of the entire planet. So let’s just say they are absolutely sure the surface temperature of the ocean is being changed by increased CO2 but they are not sure whether that change occurred from 30 years ago or 50 years ago. That leaves CO2 predictions not so accurate after all. They are just guessing.

Is increased CO2 so bad? Not according to the 1000s of government sponsored studies that clearly showed that the most effective level of CO2 for plant growth is between 1000 and 1500 PPM CO2 in the atmosphere. They have tested this over and over. The more CO2 we have, the more green the earth is. And that means more oxygen for the rest of us. I would be willing to guess that most of the folks who believe in global warming alarmism or that more CO2 is bad for us, also have a hankering to smoke marijuana. And, of course, they are always seeking that perfect crop that generates the best effect from THC, the drug in marijuana. Just search on line for how to grow marijuana and you find that growing the plant in a greenhouse provides for the most ideal conditions. And, of course, you have to make sure you have the best possible concentration of CO2. That perfect amount is 1200 to 1500 PPM.

If you pay more attention to the solar activity we routinely experience, you would understand that we are actually headed for another mini ice age. Things are going to start getting a little cooler. And over the past 20 years, we have experienced temperatures that are flat, not increasing. But the CO2 has been increasing. The Ocean surface is warming up a bit so that may be the reason for the increase in CO2 in the atmosphere. But warming seas also create more weather activity and more current activity. Again, I would be willing to bet that the 70% of the ocean surface has been reacting to sun rays, not human made CO2.

So can we get back to using oil and gas for energy? Global warming fears have been around since 1970 and it is now 2015. So we have spent billions of dollars on alternative forms of energy production. Specifically, wind and solar. Did you know that after about 45 years of effort, we now experience less than 3% of all our energy output from Solar and wind? You see what I mean? We are getting nowhere. And low and behold with all the help from solar and wind, we have managed to maintain a constant level of annual US output of man-made CO2 at about 15%. Wouldn’t you think all this money we are spending would have decreased that just a little over 44 years? Oil and gas are king. Without it we are lost. No plastic, no chemicals, no automobiles, no transportation, no heating, no cooling, no homes, no pavement, not one household item to make our lives better, not a single piece of medical equipment or supplies, and worst yet, no I-phone.  I reviewed a list of 400 items that we use as humans, each item derived from a petroleum process and I could only find 4 items I have not had the opportunity to use….yet. I could very well get the opportunity to use those also if I live long enough.

I love oxygen, it keeps me alive. Plants love CO2, it keeps them alive. Plants keep me alive. I need more plants and therefore more CO2. It is a wonderful cycle.

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