Same Sex Marriage Equals Polygamy Marriage of Any Sex

We are always hearing from the Democrats when they are against a change that it will create a slippery slope. Well, the Supreme Court just blessed gay marriage. Now same sex marriage is allowed across the land, but not in any other country world-wide. And now any two people living together gay or otherwise can go in to apply for a marriage certificate and no one is going to asked them why. They will not be able to confirm they are gay. That means two heterosexual people sharing a room can go get married to take advantage of the tax laws. They will also be able to get health care for the room mate who not working because the other will be able to include that person on their company plan.

What is to stop anyone one from wanting to marry their dog now? That will eventually be challenged in the courts and because an adult wants to marry a dog he or she is responsible for, why not? There is one more element to this “Pandora’s box” scenario. Now people who want multiple wives because of their religion will now have the right granted to them because that limitation in the law is religious based. It too will need to be overturned.

Think about this. Now someone who does not want to work can now get health care for nothing because they can get it through a marriage to a roommate. The roommate with the job will now be able to claim his “spouse” roommate as a dependent and receive a tax break. And, If the working person’s income is low enough, he will more easily be able to qualify for an income rebate from the IRS of taxpayer dollars. With these new guidelines, half the country would not have to work. One person gets a job, rents a small apartment and two people regardless of sex or sexual orientation will be able to get by on much less income. Not to mention that some of that income could be coming from taxpayer expense. That is because a single person will not have a dependent to claim and by having a spouse of any sex will give him or her a chance to claim a dependent. Think about this. All those college graduates who cannot find jobs will now not have to. And don’t forget the fact that eventually a person will be able to have multiple spouses. That means on college graduate working and five others on his tax return as none working spouses. If a women is working and has 4 guys she is “married” to and she gets pregnant, will all 4 guys get maternity leave if they happen to be working? What about Social Security: If the working spouse dies, will all the other spouses get the social security check according to current rules? There is no end to this “Democrat” created fiasco.

How long do you think it will take two college graduates living together to figure this one out? There is one more thing. If the two roommates have a falling out, they can always fill out some documents to get a divorce based on un-reconcilable differences, submit it to the court and boom; done.

The Democrats fought to keep slavery, voted against women’s right to vote, instituted laws across the South to keep blacks who were free from being equal members of the society until the 1960’s. Now all the major cities are ruled by Democrat majors who do nothing to stop the carnage now happening in their black neighborhoods. There are 9,000 deaths of black on black homicides out of a total of 11,000 overall deaths by gunfire across the country. All those deaths are from illegal guns and the Democrats want to take away all the legal guns from law abiding citizen who kill no one. Democrats want ID checks on everything except voter registration. Why? One reason. It is the only way to get more votes; essentially by cheating. Democrats ran Detroit and now Detroit is bankrupt. Democrats run California and now all the rich people are leaving the state. California now has the largest illegal population in the country.

Democrats started the abortion industry with the purpose of controlling the growth of the black race in this country. And now they have managed to make it legal. And the most abortions performed in this country are in the black community. They call it Planned Parent Hood but their primary purpose is to terminate a birth so a child will not need to burden a parent. They get tax payer dollars for what they call everything except abortions. But they spend 99% of their time aborting children.

Democrats do not want to have any wars even if the terrorists are growing strong and are now permeating every element of our society. They claim Christianity is worse than Islam. They look the other way when a parent with Islamic faith murders their children because they have disgraced their family by wearing the same clothes everyone else in the country wears. Then they fight school uniforms. They also fight homeschool families, charter schools and church schools who constantly score two or more grades higher than public school kids. They fight any attempt to give funds to parents who want to use alternative schooling for their kids even if those children are going to get a better education for less money.

I am a Republican. And quite frankly I am tired of being called names just because I am a Republican without any regard for who I am. According to them I am a racist, homophobic, suffering from Islamophobia, anti-women, want to deny poor people the opportunity to vote, old fashioned, non-progressive, and not worthy of being an American. And it is this party that is always bashing America so why don’t they let me be American since that would fit their narrative?

I am not permitted to say anything contrary to the progressive message. I must remain silent and let Democrats run the country because they know infinitely better than I what is best for our country. I used to be a Democrat when I was younger but I saw the light. In other words, Democrats want a one party system which is essentially, a dictatorship. And I need to conform or leave. Fat chance that will happen. What we need is a 100 million man, woman and child march on Washington, DC, flood the White House lawn with people, encircle the Congress so no one can get in or out. Surround the Supreme Court and demand they stop with judicial overreach and demand term limits on Congressman, Senators and Judges, close down the department of education and the EPA. And why we are at it, fire all the Czars, privatize the VA, kill Obamacare, closed down the IRS and go to a flat tax. It is about time we literally take our country back.


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