Useless Fixing the Carbon Problem and CO2 Levels

There is an extremely powerful push to replace the use of carbon and oil in our lives. A good example is the push to replace carbon, oil and natural gas based power generation with solar panels and wind farms. The rally cry is “We need to eliminate our dependency on carbon.” This effort started in the 1970s when scientists, who were screaming about the whole world freezing over and freezing mankind out of existence, were overcome by scientists screaming about the world heating up due to our increase in carbon emissions as several nations entered into their industrial revolutions. But the chatter lately has focused on ridding ourselves of the use of carbon and oil. Do those believing in fixing the so-called global warming issue know what they would have to give up to accomplish this lofty goal? Well, let’s take a look at things that we should no longer use because they were produced with carbon/oil processes.

Many of those among us who have sufficient income to purchase a home and need to maintain a lawn to protect the value of those homes would have to give up fertilizers. They would also need to give up the use of water hoses and just about every other piece of equipment they use to maintain their lawns. Lawn mowers using gas or electricity for power that are totally manufactured by numerous petroleum processes, edging equipment, rakes, shovels, plastic bags to store the cut grass, or mulching bins, wheelbarrows, and anything else you find in your garage or shed you use to maintain the grass on your property. By the way, the entire garage and/or shed is made from products that were made from some form of processes using carbon or oil. Need I mention the entire component structure of the home? Same processes.  And the first thing that comes to mind that would replace the grass is artificial turf. But that too is manufactured using petroleum. The next idea would be gravel or rocks. Those too have to be created using heavy equipment, petroleum products, huge steel crushing equipment, large transportation vehicles to move the rocks around, and then those rocks would need to be delivered to retailers for sale to the public.

Our entire medical profession relies on the production of every physical tool they use. All of those tools are manufactured using a form of petroleum based processing. All their disposable supplies used to keep their entire existence sanitary are also made from the same processes. In fact, every single medical facility world-wide is built entirely from products derived from the same processes. Carbon is in just about everything you can think of. The water served in hospitals has no carbon but the cups serving that water do. And the water is purified at facilities totally dependent on an infinite number of carbon/oil based processes in every inch of their entire infrastructure.

Additionally, in the medical field, all the medicines, sanitation liquids and things like anesthetics are made using the same processes. Even the pills are in containers made from dissolvable materials created by petroleum based production methods. All the artificial limbs come from the same processes. Hospital beds, ambulances, exam equipment likes CT scanners, x-ray machines, temperature measuring devices and even the stethoscope the majority of doctors wear, is made from petroleum processing methods. Next time you enter a hospital, look around to see all the physical things they have to keep humans healthy or even alive. All of them are made from some form of petroleum process.

Many are complaining about the cars we drive burning gasoline. But the entire car, from the tires to the car seats, dashboard, all the mechanical parts used to keep the care functioning on the road and any piece of plastic on that car are made from petroleum processing. If the car or truck has a trailer hitch, that too is petroleum based. And the entire item you are towing is made from the same process whether it is a boat, camper or horse trailer, or any other item you may be towing. Adding a bike rack to the top or back of your vehicle adds equipment made from the same process. Even the entire bike, too. Every vehicle on the planet is lubricated with oil or grease to give it a longer functioning life. Every form of transportation from airplanes, trains, trucks and cars are violating the rules concerning carbon and oil use. The engine runs most efficiently if it has brake fluid, power steering and transmission fluid, antifreeze, refrigerant to keep us cool and windshield washer fluid to help clean the windshield. All these fluids would be disallowed.

You might as well start eliminating any kind of sporting good because everything we use in every sporting event is manufactured using petroleum and/or carbon. Cancel all the birthday parties because balloons would not be allowed. Candles would not be allowed. Paper to wrap gifts? No more! No parties of any kind since everything used to hold a party is made from some form of the same process. No golf carts, electric or otherwise. Even the golf balls and clubs have to go.

I learned of someone in Oregon or Washington State who does not recycle at all. She reuses everything. But she lives in a house made totally from petroleum processing. But she also takes some things she can no longer reuse, to businesses or other entities that have recycle bins. So much for that effort. How would someone be able to rid themselves of the use of these products that are so bad for our environment? That would be simple, give up everything you currently have, go outside totally naked and stand in an area that has not been touched by humans in any way. Oops, that naked part is against the law so I guess what I am suggesting is something that is not even possible at all. But if you did get arrested, all the steel in the jail cell would be made with a petroleum process.

We are determined to impose this carbon neutral mentality on the entire globe. But we can’t even feed the poor in our own country. We know we have a serious problem because almost 50% of our nation is on some form of subsistence. But I mentioned we want to change the world for the better.  We have spent billions of dollars supporting wind and solar but for the past 40 years while we have been on that drive, we currently get less than 3% of all our power from these two sources of energy. Yes, 3% in 40 years and billions of dollars wasted on this boondoggle. Now let’s take a look at the rest of the world where we are determined to impose these lofty goals. Did you know that 50% of the people in this world live on $2.50 a day? That is $75 dollars a month. That is $900 a year. That means we have to impose our world saving goals on 3 billion people who are dirt poor. Do you really think these people can afford to concentrate on recycling or worry about the concentration of CO2 in the air? They have much more pressing things to worry about.

We cannot stop with these dirt poor people. What about 80% of humans on this planet live on $10 a day or less, $300 hundred a month or $3600 a year. No way are we going to be able to change these people also. They do not have time to pay attention is such a ridiculous argument. They have to hunt for food, or work on a farm taking home a small portion of the crop to feed their family with no actual pay. They raise chickens and pigs and slaughter them themselves to get some meat on the table. Do you honest belief we can change the way those people live so they don’t pollute the air with CO2 coming from their fires or makeshift rock stoves why warming their food to eat. They don’t feed their chickens, they let them loose to go find their own food and those chickens return to their pen for the night. That is where these humans get their eggs. They have no food stores available; and they could not afford it if they did.

There are only 400 parts per million of CO2 in our atmosphere. Only 3% is from humans on the globe. The USA emission part is 15% of that amount for the whole planet so we are left with less than ½ of a percent of the entire CO2 in the atmosphere. Keep in mind the emissions generated from China and India, the most prolific polluters in the world, are exempt from limiting their emissions because they are going through their initial industrial revolution. They will generate even more as they progress and will not be able to decrease emissions for the foreseeable future. The Kyoto treaty exempts them and we didn’t sign it either. In 2010, our emissions were at 16% of the world. In 2011, we emitted 17%. In 2012, we were at 16%. 2013, 16% with a slight increase of .2%. China, in 2010 was at 24%. But then the chart began to show per capita emission in 2011 so China was given 7%. So if we discount that way of showing the data, China is still at 24-25%. There emissions are almost twice ours. India in 2010 was at 6%. So 1/3d of the total emissions are coming from two countries. The USA, China and India, combined, are almost at 50% of the rest of the world. The other half of the world is emitting around 50%. We have not improved our emission for the past 5 years. We are going nowhere but we are spending billions trying to get there. And it should be noted, since 1960, CO2 levels have increased 22%. But temperatures have only increased by a degree or two. That tells me without equivocation that CO2 does not drive heat.

Let’s revisit the ½ of 1 percent of which we can control. 3% of all CO2 is human driven. That totals 12 parts per million. If our part total part is 15% of that then our part is 1.8 parts per million. and 10% of that is about 1/4 of 1 part. That means if we correct 10% of our emissions we spend billions fixing .24 parts of the 400. And the believers want to fix the who 1.8 parts belonging to us. Which would cost us several billions of dollars to fix. What would be the real impact on the rest of the world if we spent all that. If we fix it all, the 1.8 parts per million, which is ours and absolutely impossible to do, the rise of CO2 levels over the past 49 years increasing 22% would make our effort fruitless.  And, since 1998, 17 years, the temperature has not risen. Is the CO2 increase really causing the planet to warm?? Of course not.

So here we see an increase of 130 or so parts per million and we can only fix 1/4 of a part of a million to get 10% of it. And our emissions are staying relatively the same. We have not been able to reduce our emissions but have spent billions trying to. IF the CO2 level has gone up 130 points and our emissions are stable, spending billions is getting us nowhere. We have shown by results that we are not able to cut 1/4 of 1 part of our own. But the rest of the planet has generated another 130 parts per million. Does anyone get the idea that we are spinning our wheels and having no affect whatsoever? And one more question, we cannot get the rest of the world do anything about anything: human rights, human cruelty, starvation, religious wars, terrorist attacks, famine, genocide, or all the hundreds of other human ills and foreign government actions, how do we talk them all into reducing their CO2 emissions? We are insane if we think we can make a difference. I would rather spend those billions feeding our poor, especially the children. In other words, mind our own business. And don’t waste so much capital trying to change the world. It is useless.

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