Democrats and the Gay Community – Racism and Lies

Former Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., with "husband," James Ready

Barney Frank and his husband tell it like it is!

What is it about the Democrat, Gay, Black community connection. It is an unholy arrangement to get votes. Other than that, they cannot stand each other. The hatred the spew behind closed doors, or more specifically on hidden cameras, tells a a much different story. The gay community has some serious problems when they are candid about what they really think with regard to race relations and how they actually “chose” to be gay. They hate the black folks and they lie about how they became gay. Most of them chose later in life to pursue the gay life style. You learn the truth from the mouths of gays. Really!






This video really tells the story in raw detail.


So lets look at the problem in more detail. I don’t really care how gayness came about. Just leave me alone and don’t push the need for me to accept it as something hereditary. The human race continues but only as a result of a woman giving birth from a sexual contact with a man. That is the way it works and that is the way it works in other biological beings. You need a live male reproductive organism (like sperm) to come in contact with a female reproductive organism (the egg) for the human race to proliferate. Two gay men or two gay woman cannot procreate; it is not the way nature works and that makes it unnatural. Without some form of heterosexual relationship, life as we know it cannot go on. And now I learn that gays among themselves routinely state that it is a life choice; not hereditary. It is for political reasons that the “born gay” mantra finds it way into the discussion with regard to gay rights.

And then, it was a political decision to connect the plight of the black community with the gay issue out of convenience. It is an established effort to deceive the American public into accepting gayness as normal. And as the video clearly shows the gay community is as racist as any when they agree that we need to continue welfare and the food stamp programs to keep the black community voting for democrats. In essence, they are buying the black vote. But the icing on the rotten cake is when they laugh about giving watermelons to black people to keep them happy.

It should be noted that every major city where most of the poverty and crime exists in the black community, the city is run by a democrat mayor. You would think that those who claim to be there for the blacks would do something to make their lives better but they do not. Now democrats are pushing the effort to distract from this serious problem in their cities by blaming the police departments for all the black deaths. “Black lives matter.” But not when blacks kill blacks with guns. Over 80% of all deaths by gun fire in this country are the result of black on black homicides with guns. Of the total homicides with a gun, less than 5% are white on white homicides. The remaining percentage is Hispanic on Hispanic. And a minuscule number of deaths by guns are by police; a percentage only a small fraction of 1%. If black lives matter, then the democrats running the major cities should focus on the major reason black folks are dying. That is where the travesty is. Blaming police is a senseless smoke screen but another ploy to get the black vote.


The Democrats also have control of our school systems because they gain financial support from all the unions in this country that say they support the teachers. The teachers are slaves to these unions and they are forced to contribute to the democrat part through union dues. Very few know that 95% of all contributions from those unions go to support democrat reelections. Common Core is a democrat initiative to gain more control over the minds of our young. Democrats cannot win doing what is best for our country because their message has to be clothed in lies, deceit and corruption of the system. Re-distribution of wealth, division of the classes and the destruction of our constitution is all they can do now to stay in power. They will take us to a socialistic system of government and eventually to a form of communism that will leave us no better than a Russia or Cuba. A central leader and central government with all the wealth and a populace so poor, living in this country will no longer be desired. The great American dream will come to an end. Just listen to the video and take note of those who are our educators in our universities supporting the gay initiative and demonstrating how much hatred they have for our country and how racist they are.

Sadly, an accomplished black man like Justice Thomas is the brunt of so much hatred just because he doesn’t side with other black folks and gay folks who call themselves democrats. Playing the race card and calling people homophobic just so you can get votes is a shame being played out in our country at the expense of really good people trying to make our country better. I used to call myself a democrat during the Kennedy area but since then I have learned that being a democrat is a fools errand. I am an American and proud of all those who died over the years to keep us free. And Democrats throw all good folks and those folks died for us under a bus to accomplish the most destructive assault on our American way of life. “When will we ever learn,” to quote a song from the sixties when the great transformation began. Those who run our educational systems now are those who were the draft dodgers back then.

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