Tip of the Democrat Iceberg is Killing Us All

We are always hearing about the “tip of the Iceberg” scenarios. “That is just the tip of the iceberg!” The titanic met its demise by running into an iceberg that they could not see because most of it was below sea level. But our country today is riddled with iceberg type issues where most people do not see the real issue. And with such a highly educated populace, you would think we could extrapolate the problems we see today for what they really mean. There are thousands of these so let’s take a look at a few.

Have you ever thought about to what degree we may have a problem with illegal immigration? Yeah, people are sneaking across the border and we have had that problem for decades- so what?  This month the Houston police department and happened to uncover a safe house with 115 Hispanic people from 4 different Central American countries being held against their will at gunpoint in a house with boarded up windows. They were stripped down to their underwear and their clothes were locked up to make it more difficult to escape. There were stun guns and weapons being used to control them. One of them was a young woman and her children. She had paid $15,000 for human smugglers to get her that far. But the smugglers were not satisfied with that, they tried to get another $13,000 from the woman’s mother or the woman and her children would disappear. She either couldn’t pay it or choose to fight it. She contacted the police. In looking for one woman and her children, they happened to find the rest. The mother was the one who exposed the tip of the iceberg. And now we have a president that has circumvented the congress by using an executive order to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.

So why is that a serious problem? This has to be an extremely lucrative illegal business. For just one woman and her children, these criminals would have gained $28,000. There were 115 people in that one house. What did the other 100+ people pay to get that far? And how many of their relatives already here in the US were experiencing the same shakedown? Is the $28,000 the exception or the average? Conservatively, if the average was $10,000, then they would earn $1,150,000 not counting the extortion part of the scheme. So the criminals get over a million and the Homeland Security will release them here in the US because they haven’t committed a crime. But recently, even those with a criminal record were not deported. They were released. Why? Because one political party really needs the Hispanic vote badly to remain in power. How many more of those safe houses exist? We are always hearing in the news about how bad human trafficking is; but in this case our government is causing the problem to intensify. They are growing the iceberg.

Why don’t we just annex Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador? Why do most of those in our nation not understand the magnitude of this problem? Why worry about a porous border, we have a human trafficking enterprise to support? All these illegal immigrants use our community resources like hospital emergency rooms, banking facilities, and take up jobs for cash so they can send that money back home to their own country to support the members of their families who couldn’t make the first trip. But with the new source of cash, they can pay the smugglers to get them here. How much of an economic strain does this whole system cost us? But who really knows or cares to know how truly deep this iceberg really is.

Terrorism is another issue. The US government just recently finally called the Fort Hood attack a terrorist jihad event. Yet the US government, the FBI run by the DOJ, issues alert with this title: “Planned Fort Hood inspired Jihad” against military posts. A terrorist, homegrown or not, it doesn’t matter, told his friends and family good bye when he was on his way to basic training. Someone ratted on him. He was planning jihad and the FBI wants to capture this guy who is still on the loose, but they also warned in the alert that there may be others. Others? How do they know that or suspect that? Is there credible evidence to support that? Well guess what. On September 11, 2001, the Twin Towers fell and all those innocent Muslims who are not radical hit the streets in ever Muslim country and every other country with a large Muslim community to express their absolute joy this happened. We are not dealing with a small group of radicals, we are dealing with what I call the new “Muslim Crusade” based on the need to take back all the original caliphate that once reached all the way into France. And while at it, they want Sharia law to be institutionalized in the US. At least honor killing of innocent teenagers would then be legal. The Christian Crusade that everyone complains about so much happened in the middle ages, yet they have no clue that the same thing is happening again. They do not understand the intensity in which a person with a strong religious faith might go to take part in this crusade. We all know what happened in Jones Town when a cult leader felt it necessary to annihilate his flock for the cause. That is what we call insanity. And the Muslim cult leaders, Imams, are more than willing to sacrifice young people for their cause.

We have had numerous cases that we know about, where we did not stop these attacks. The shoe bomber attacked failed based on technical problems with the explosive device. But our Homeland Security took credit for stopping it, and then stopped interrogation of the culprit by the FBI, gave him an attorney, and has been in the court system at our expense for an ion. Another case is where the vehicle rigged to explode began smoking and a citizen reported it. If not for the smoke, we would have seen a tremendous waste of life. So where is the iceberg on this one? Our borders are a civ for jihadists to make their way into our country and our immigration system lets two many of these guys slip through. And we have the imams in our Muslim temples in our country preaching a strong anti-American sentiment. We are hell bent on making sure our Christian believers are forced to support contraception but we do nothing about these Muslim fanatics inside our borders slowly fomenting the destruction of our way of life.

I only need to draw your attention to a legal case brought by our government against a Muslim based support organization who was funneling money from here in the US to Hamas and Hezbollah. There was a case which was at first thrown out because of a legal technicality but eventually the organization was found guilty of supporting terrorist organizations overseas – violation of US law. Well that doesn’t sound like a big deal, but what most are missing about this case was that there were over a hundred Muslim organizations in this country who were named as unindicted co-conspirators.  Those organizations have thousands of supporters here in the US. All those organizations were filtering money into the guilty party’s organization. Do you honestly think that is going to stop them? It is only a matter of time before our entire physical infrastructure in this country and our forests, every form of transportation, are going to experience some form of jihad. There is only one way to stop it. Convert to the Muslim faith and accept Sharia law as the law of the land or die.

The Crusades went on for several years and was an effort to take back the promise land from Muslims who took it in their own crusade. But here we go again. The Muslims want their original caliphate back and after that, they want the entire globe added to it. We have a real war on our hands and they are already attacking us from within. And it is only going to intensify because most people in this country think they can reason with a faith bent on a mission of conversion. We keep trying to set up peace talks in the Middle East but there is one sticking point we cannot overcome. Israel must be swept from the face of the earth according to Hamas and Hezbollah who just happen to be military extensions of the Iranian Secret Service in a country that is run by a Muslim hierarchy.  And the leadership in that country clearly stated that Israel needs to be annihilated. Should Israel take them seriously? If the Canadian government stated that the United States needed to be destroyed and it began shooting missiles into our major cities, what would we do?  Would we attack them or would we just take them to court. Duh! Now we have John Kerry trying to delay the inevitable by getting a worthless agreement with Iran about them getting nuclear weapons, not to stop them but to give the president and John Kerry a feather in their hat. Their legacy, and a cover for their failures, is much more important than our country’s safety.

Next Issue! Do you drink beer or know someone who drinks beer? Did you know that every brewery in the world doesn’t use every bit of grain they use to make beer? They sell the remaining grains to farmers and ranchers so they can feed their livestock. The farmers can buy it for about $100 a ton. If they couldn’t buy it, they would have to pay 3 times as much for their feed. And if the breweries were forced to dispose of it as waste, it would cost a lot of money just to get it to a landfill. So the expenses of those two industries in the US would be faced with enough extra expense to cause some of them to fail. Prices of beer and the cost of bringing beef to market would increase significantly. Now who in their right mind would want to cause that to happen?

It is our Food and Drug Administration – the FDA. That is exactly what they want to do for fear the current practice might cause health problems with our food supplies. The emphasis is on might because there has not been one reported case of excess grain causing any harm to a single human. Just the fear generated by the FDA is enough for some bureaucrat to create another law. And there in lies the iceberg. This iceberg has been sticking its small ugly head out of the sea of regulations they create to strike again. It won’t be long when they write a regulation that restricts me from coming in contact with another person, wife or otherwise, for fear I might transmit a dangerous germ to them causing an epidemic among two people. The ruling will include separate beds in separated rooms that have been sanitized by a highly sophisticated system that cost the builder an infinite amount of additional building expenses he will have had to pass on to the new home buyer. Old homes will have to include these new features before it can be sold. Not realizing our bodies have an extremely sophisticated system that continues to recreate itself based on new threats it confronts to fighting germs, the FDA may have us all dressed in very inefficient bubble suits that do not keep up with our rapidly changing fashion statement requirements.

There is another iceberg I have often wrote about. The CO2 problem caused by humans. When I see one political party totally for something and the other political party totally against it, something is just not right. Why isn’t it unanimous since supposedly the science is settled? Isn’t it amazing that the scientists all agree by close to 100%s that CO2 is a serious problem but when you look at other gases such as methane, they are just not sure how much impact that causes right now or will cause. Yet they admit that methane currently causes about 20% of the problem with global warming. But they are not sure? I also found that Methane is a lot more powerful than CO2 because it can retain heat 21 to 35 times more than CO2.  And some of the really smart, strong advocates of global warming caused by CO2 think that it is so serious that we may already be too late even if we cut our emissions by 100%. Hum? Doesn’t that sound like useless alarmism?

Did you know that the UN agency responsible for putting out the report on CO2 didn’t include methane at all in their findings?  They ignored it. Why is that? If methane is 20% of the problem, why would they exclude methane and blame the whole problem on CO2? Wouldn’t you think that there report on CO2 is flawed by 20%? I would. And would you be interested to know that even though there has been 17 years of no noticeable heating in the average world temperature, that the permafrost is still melting, that methane release into the atmosphere is still increasing to the point that some scientists are claiming it is a catastrophe waiting to happen. Doesn’t that tell you at least some of those scientists who are 100% sure CO2 is the only problem, are shooting themselves in the foot when they make such a statement about methane? I believe methane is a problem.

But where is that coming from? I believe it may be due to normal cyclic warming of the ocean and it’s currents moving northward thawing out the permafrost that has been that way 10,000 years. When scientists tell me that the earth is 70% ocean and the oceans are warming up in the upper layer based on ocean heat data sensors located at various sea levels, I would find that reasonable to believe it is true. The permafrost is melting and releasing much more methane than scientists believed. Some of those scientists claim it could be as much as 50 billion tons of methane entering the atmosphere. And I call that natural. But then someone tells me the globe is heating up solely due to human CO2 emissions. So you are telling me our CO2, from humans, is warming up 70% of the entire ocean on the planet?

Well that is very interesting. These really smart scientists believe we should just start cutting back on our CO2 emissions to delay the inevitable. I found a list of 3 hundred items that are commonly used by just about everyone. We have those things because of our ability to manufacture them using petroleum, an oil product, a fossil fuel. And the whole world is involved in creating those things. I checked the list and found I have or routinely used all of them except about 4 items. But then I was told the 3 hundred items listed came from a list of 6000. So how much of those items do I use? That is not the point. Just about every single thing used to build our homes is sourced from petroleum. Our cars are just about 100% a by product of petroleum. Not sure about that? How many things do you use on a daily basis that are of some form of plastic. Take away the capability to make things from plastic and you have completely wiped out our entire life style we have managed to create for decades.

Recently, Harry Reid, announcing his retirement, was asked about his statement 3 months prior to the 2012 election that Mitt Romney had not paid his taxes at all for 10 years. It was a total lie. And asked if he regretted saying that, he replied, “Well, he lost didn’t he?” He admitted it was a lie solely aimed at falsely accusing him to help Barack Obama win the election. Harry Reid is a Democrat who was head of the Senate. He knew he could get away with that since making those statements on the floor of the Senate exempted him from censure by the Senate; the Senate of which he was in total control.The in a nutshell or tip of an iceberg explains the degree in which a party will go to to win an election. Lying is just the name of the game.

The tip of the iceberg is still just a tip because the magnitude of the problem below sea level is still growing. The problem is, it is all an iceberg of lies. A party that claims to be concerned with the welfare of everyone but ignores our welfare completely because that is the best way to get votes, is a lie machine in the business of creating icebergs of lies. I guess we need to “tip” our hats to them because they have managed to fool us all.

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