Is Obama Lying to Us Again About This Drone Strike??

Drone PreditorDid the Intelligence do its job but the President decided to ignore it. When the trust level keeps dropping concerning the Clintons, the trust level of our President also keeps dropping. Now we have a drone strike that takes out two American Citizens who became members of Al Qaeda and another American being held as a hostage. The Italian guy is just another issue. The President takes full responsibility but did not know the strike was going to happen. My concern is when the President denies he knew about something that could also mean he wanted to take an action and have deniability.

Why? This President also has bent over backward to avoid having to deal with Congress. If it was determined that US citizens affiliated with Al Qaeda were in the compound the US struck with a drone, in order to hit that compound, you would have to get the approval of Congress because an American citizen was going to be hit. The rule is that person must pose an eminent threat to the USA. That could be debatable in that what qualifies as an eminent threat. Just about everyone wants to get rid of such a member of Al Qaeda – a US citizen working to help kill Americans.

My gut tells me, the President did know more about that compound then he admits. So the only way to get rid of that American citizen was to hit him at all cost. Even accepting the loss of two hostages as collateral damage. This would not be the first time shadows begin to form over an attack. We were told for a month that Benghazi was the result of a crappy video no one actually really viewed. So, now I am a little skeptical about what we are now being told.

Another interesting point. We were told initially that there was “a drone” strike killing two Al Qaeda members who were American citizens and unfortunately there were two innocent hostages, an American and an Italian, also killed. And the President apologized for that. The strike was classified for 4 months and now the President decides to make public “portions” of the strike out of concern for the families of the hostages. But then during the press conference at the White House, the press secretary mentions in passing, while answering a question, “the two strikes” did so and so. Ah, two strikes. So there were two strikes by drones not “a” drone strike. Did those strikes hit the same target or separate targets? That question never gets asked or answered. Note also, the hit on one of the America Citizens was announced much earlier but their was no mention of an American and Italian citizen also killed. Why is that and now why are they lumping the two strikes together and making it sound like there was one strike?

Finally, there seems to be an exerted effort to keep classified everything else about the strike or strikes. Could it be, the information about US citizens was going to get leaked so they needed to get out ahead of it? The protocol was followed in hitting the strike and normally, they have a good idea as to who may be inside a facility, building or house. This strike took out 3 Americans so the protocol really didn’t work very well and the strike should not have happened. Was there ever any discussion about mounting a rescue using Special Forces at this site? How did we know in the first place that this compound was being used by Al Qaeda? Did we have human intelligence from the ground? We did it to get Bin Laden, so if there were American citizens being held, wouldn’t it be more important to consider a raid? If we are experiencing another lie, it will not be long before a leak comes out. And you can “trust” me on that.

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