Democrats Love Islamic Sharia Law, WHAT?

Republicans-vs-DemocratsDo you want to know what has been bugging me lately? It is the bazaar actions of the leaders of the Democrat Party. We have religious zealots establishing an Islamic State run by the law of Islam, Sharia Law, beheading anyone who is not Islamic or burning them alive in cages, lining 100s of captives up in a ditch and shooting them dead with automatic weapons, women being raped and being sold into slavery and their children crucified; but we do not want to offend Muslims by referring to those savages as Islamic Terrorists. But as they do all these things, they yell Allah Hu Akbar in the name of their God, the God of Islam. The goal is to reestablish the Islamic Caliphate that existed hundreds of years ago which occupied half of France, and once that is complete, convert the entire globe to Islam and Sharia Law.  You either convert or die all in the name of the God of Islam.

If you refuse to convert to the religion of Islam by becoming a Muslim, you must be beheaded according to the teachings of Islam. If you burn the Koran you must die. If you publish a cartoon about the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad, you must die. All gays must die. If you have no religion at all, you get a place in the front of the “to be beheaded” line according to the teachings of Islam. The Jews are next in line followed by the Christians. According to those guidelines from the Koran and associated guidance and interpretation of Islam, just about everyone in Hollywood would find themselves in the front of the line. And the Democrats don’t want to identify them as Islamic Terrorists or Islamic zealots or Islamic Fanatics or Islamic anything. They want to refer to them as radical Terrorists. But what are the radical terrorists radical about? Islam. They are radical extremists; again, what are they radical about? The religion of Islam and those who follow this form of Islamic interpretation are all over the world in just about every country fighting for their religion.

And what do the Democrats constantly harp about? The Crusades. Which they describe an event where Christian killed a bunch of people in the name of Christianity. It is OK to refer to Christians as Christian extremists, all of them. And absolutely no Christian today took part in the Crusades, they were hired armies who were given to right to plunder wherever they fought. Funny, that is exactly what is happening today. These Muslims are doing exactly the same thing. If you are not Muslims you get to die and they take everything you own, rape your women and kill your children right in front of you. What is the difference? Democrats call those Christians and all Christians as Christian terrorist, fanatics or zealots or anything else as long as it is clear they were doing it in the name of Christ. You don’t get both ways. The German Nazis in World War II, where hell bent on ridding themselves of every last Jew on the face of the earth, not for religious reasons, but for political reasons. These Islamic fanatics are hell bent on removing all Jews from the face of the earth with a few no exceptions. But they all roll into the focus of their religious endeavor, everyone other religion on the planet as well as every person who has no religion. They want everyone on the planet convert to Islam, period. And they want everyone to be governed solely by Sharia Law, the supreme law of Islam. Oh, and by the way, Islam is a religion and those who follow it are Muslims. Democrats starting with President Obama, are determined to cut all Muslims some slack at the peril of this country. They care more about their image in the eyes of their supporters than they care about their own country. It appears they do not have a country because they want the whole world to be one happy family constantly circling in little boats singing, “It’s a Small World After all.” But there is one caveat. The Democrats have to have all the power to tell the rest of the world what to do. Why not? They always know what’s best for everyone.  NOT!

Democrats love Sharia Law, not as a religion, but as a means to an end; take control of the entire world and use Islam to get there.

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