President Killing Americans and America

Emblem of PhilippinesAny military person in now or who has since left the service, separated or retired, disabled or not, special forces who operate at a top secret level on their every mission, is absolute frustrated with this President and his staff. At no time in history of war have we announced months in advanced that we are going to start a mission aimed at attacking and killing an enemy, and in this case taking over a complete town. Mosul is much larger than Fallujah and taking Fallujah was a pretty significant and difficult battle because there was two separate battles with house to house fighting for an entire year.

Only the non-military types would not have a clue what taking a town like Mosul means to those who have had to do it. Urban warfare is the most difficult. We took some pretty serious casualties in taking Fallujah and it took two separate major offensives to get control of the city. We did not announce that we were going to execute these operations but the battles in Feb and Nov 2004 were extensive. Our military had to face numerous IEDs, booby traps, snipers, enemy playing dead and then attacking, using mosques as weapons caches and hiding places for insurgents. Each time the insurgents took control of the city, they imposed sharia law and anyone who demonstrated an interest in western ways, dressed or had businesses selling western style items was taken and murdered. Sharia Law was not the law of the land in Iraq, the government of Iraq established the law, not religious fanatics following an accepted form of Islam laid out in the Koran and supporting guidelines.

So, announcing now, in February, that we will begin an offensive two months later in April in a city larger than Fallujah is asking our forces and any other forces involved in this effort to go into an operation where they will be sitting ducks. Normally, the first thing a force does in an operation like this is to set up check points outside the city to prevent the enemy from getting out or getting in. But now we are going to give them forewarning. They will be able to move fighters in or out and they will have time to set up booby traps, IEDs, snipers, car bombs, suicide vests, and numerous other surprises for the forces that may try to enter the city.

We complain that the Iraqi forces laid down their weapons and removed their military uniforms and ran. There is even more reason to do that now because we will not have the element of surprise. The enemy will be able to reinforce their fighting force in Mosul and not have to go attack areas of interest elsewhere. The forces they want to kill will be coming to them. It took a year and two major battles to get control of Fallujah, each of which were launched without prior warning. Now we are announcing 2 months ahead of time that we are coming and it is only going to take two months to accomplish? That is an absolute recipe for failure.

Why on earth would our President, the commander-in-chief of our Armed Forces, send his forces or any force into a battle where he announced it ahead of time? What could possibly be his purpose? He must be doing this on purpose and the reasons are political. He wants to be able to say that our military failed and the new Presidential leadership, who probably will be Republican, will be left holding the bag. He has the power already to wage war but he wants to do away with that authority and place a restriction on it that ends, one year after a new president takes office. And the Democrats will have a field day blaming the failure on the new president and congress. We won’t take that city in two months. Right now it is estimated there are only about 1000 ISIS fighters occupying Mosul. Now they have two months to increase the number significantly, and they will be able to recruit fighters because Muslims all over the world will be able to get there by the time the battle starts. Our President is going to help the enemy in their recruiting effort.

We are in a war against ISIS or ISIL or IS. All three of the descriptions of who we are fighting includes the word “Islamic” and our president says we are not in a war against a religion, we are fighting extremists. Yes, the Islamic extremists who are hell bent on converting the entire globe to Islam according their interpretation of the Koran, the holy book of Islam. ISIS clearly states they are Islamic and everywhere they go, they immediately impose Sharia Law, the law of Islam, and begin killing both Muslims who do not conform and any other faith outside of Islam. They rape the women and they crucify children in front of their parents on a cross. They take every person who does not follow, or refuses to follow the strictest form of Sharia Law, lines them up in a ditch and shoots them just like the Nazis did with the Jews in World War II. They behead captives, burn them alive in cages, or take every member of the Christian Faith and behead them on film and spread the images across the internet. They mean business and telling them in advance that we are going to attack them 2 month later is insane. The entire town of Mosul will have to be leveled to the ground to get them out of there.

Noam Chomsky will be so happy to see this happen. He will be able to blame America again for all the bloodshed. But under Sharia Law he will be the first to be beheaded. What an idiot. He is sleeping in the same bed with our President. However, what they do is make the bed and then make someone else lay in it. They are the epitome of cowards. This announcement has only one purpose: Aid and assist the enemy so they can kill as many of our own young men as possible. He claims to be interested in helping our black Americans, but many of them are in the military and will lose their lives at the hands of a presidential disgrace of the greatest magnitude.

Who is this President? He certainly is not American.

We have lost thousands of our own over the course of a century fighting wars for others so they can have a better life. Now we are being forced to have a worse life by sending our young people to war designed to put them unnecessarily in harm’s way for a political purpose. This country is the greatest country in the whole world and our President wants to bring it down.

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