Oscars were tarnished by N.P. Harris


I reluctantly watched the Oscars the evening before I wrote this knowing I was not going to be very happy about what I heard and saw. My wife felt the same way. We just knew he was going to do it again. We watched it the last time Neil Patrick Harris hosted it and the dance he did doing multiple crotch thrusts in someone’s face disgusted us immensely. The dance routine was smothered in sexual overtones. I know he is gay and that is just the way he is. So be it. But when he throws gayness in your face, I get turned off. In the program this year, I was not left un-disappointed. The disgust returned. His jokes were not funny and in many cases disrespectful. And then came the naked body in Whitey-Tighties skit showing the clearly defined form of his genitals – albeit hard to see relative to their exceptionally small size.

That razed the disgusted bar to a brand new level. They mentioned that the Oscars program was being viewed by people in 120 foreign countries; millions of people, young actors just starting out and just normal young children, getting another view of the perversion Hollywood has to offer. Does anyone realize why we may be hated so much throughout the world? Doesn’t the producer realize that gays are persecuted around the world and even killed in countries dominated by Islam? Doesn’t the producer know that if Sharia Law comes to America, Hollywood would be the first in line for the beheadings? Get a clue. The open display of sexual innuendo and perpetual slamming in the face of the need for gay rights is getting old. The performance was aimed at Hollywood elite, not the millions throughout the world how had to watch an Individual claiming to represent the values of America. Really?

The reference to half the audience representing the box office returns of the movie “American Sniper” grossing over 300 million, inferring that the other 300 million was earned by all the other films combined, but he didn’t say that. He said the other side was represented Oprah Winfrey. At first I assumed he was making a joke in reference to her weight and Oprah was not pleased by that at all. But then after he paused for effect, he stated “because she is so rich.” Aren’t the rich people the ones Hollywood hates the most because Obama told them to hate them? Is Neil saying Oprah is worth only 300 million when she is worth billions? That joke was so dumb and disrespectful. Regardless, there were many more stupid jokes coming as the show went on.

The song from the Martin Luther King movie had a reference in the rap lyrics that blacks protested by holding their hands up as though the black man in Ferguson was shot to death by a police officer while the man was giving up. That is absolutely not true. The song perpetrates a lie. The police officer was being charged by Michael Brown and he feared bodily harm. Why wouldn’t he when Michael Brown tried to take the officer’s gun away from him while the officer was still in his car. Police Officers killing blacks is infinitely more rare when compared to all the blacks who senselessly lose their lives due to black on black homicides with an illegal gun. Over 80 percent of all deaths make up that part. Only 4% of that total are homicides committed by whites. The remaining percentage is Hispanic on Hispanic. Secondly, Hollywood is openly dominated by liberals who vote democrat. But in all the major cities where most these homicides occur, the mayors are all democrat. The democrats are the ones who complain about racism but they do not fix the most seriously damaging part of their cities. They don’t because they need the vote to stay in power. The politicians just tell them they are on their side and understand their pain, but once they get the vote it is neglect as usual. It is much more important to keep Al Sharpton out of town then it is to do something about the black community in their town.

Patricia Arquette got up to accept best supporting actor but took the time to get read her script to complain about women’s rights and equal pay. Hollywood has that problem as well, but it really isn’t a problem when it comes to income from movies. Those who bring the best results at the box office get the most money. Women, through their agents, accept a certain amount of pay based on what the market will bear and what is a reasonable amount based the box office pull of each actor, including women. What, the free market works in Hollywood? Movie budgets drive the train. The Sony Pictures hacking case demonstrated that Sony was guilty of paying women less in their positions at Sony Pictures compared to men. That is what exists throughout Hollywood. Gays get preferential treatment, democrats get preferential treatment and the women get less pay than men. If hypocritical Hollywood wants to have equal pay for women, why don’t they start with themselves so as to set an example for the rest of us?

Asking Lady Gaga to sing songs from the classic movie, the Sound of Music, was appalling. She is good at mimicking various forms of voice but she did not come close to the quality of the performance of Julie Andrews in that classic movie. If Lady Gaga was such a great singer she would not have to sell herself as a bazaar vaudeville clown. On the carpet she looked like one of the cards on the chess board in the animation film Alice in Wonderland. And she looked fat in that dress she wore during the Sound of Music medley. And isn’t it interesting a college or two are offering a class on the life of Lady Gaga? I am clueless as to what value that class might be for those college students getting ready to enter our workforce. Are they teaching them how to dress or sing in the workplace or how to get more pay by acting like a clown? It is sad when people are interested in what she is going wear next rather than the song she sings. Then they go out and buy her CDs because they missed the song while watching a bazaar window display on a discount clothing store.

Worse than that is when Julie Andrews had to come on stage and praise Lady Gaga. That is disrespectful to Julie Andrews. And then besides the poor performance, Lady Gaga had to make sure she displayed all her tattoos on her arms and torso. Those images have no business being in a tribute to such a wonderful performer in such a classic performance. Lady Gaga does not represent class. Her whole purpose in life is to shock and awe an audience. The performance was a dud. Sound of Music got 10 nominations and won 5 awards. If Hollywood thinks that Lady Gaga is the perfect choice to perform this tribute then they are a bunch of duds. Yes, I am referring to an explosive that fails to detonate.

Neil Patrick Harris is disgusting. And I will no longer watch an Oscar program when he is picked as the host. He is not entertaining to most folks throughout the world, just the perverted living in Hollywood. I feel ashamed for all the hundreds of actors spending thousands on their clothes, or sponsors who spent those thousands for them, to look exceptional on the red carpet when Neil the pervert has to try to get a cheap laugh wear only his underwear with a torso that looks like an unsharpened pencil with no eraser. What comic value is there in such a ridiculous display of stupidity? His performance as a host is disrespectful to all those actors who worked their tails off trying to perfectly and respectfully match the subjects they portraying.

I was very impressed with the performances of those actors in those movies being nominated as the best movies for the year. The stories they told were exceptional well done. The Neil Patrick Harris performance was like squirting lemon in a perfect glass of Vitamin D milk. The cream of the crop in the exceptional movies of the year, were putrefied by the trash of Neil Patrick Harris.

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