Democrats Go Stupid – Scott Walker W/O a Degree?

Scott WalkerHoward Dean is the one chosen by the left to go on TV and shed negative light on the education of Scott Walker. He didn’t go to college. Well that is not correct. He did attend college, but he had a strong interest in politics. He was only when 25 years old when he became a member of the Wisconsin State Assembly. This uneducated Republican moved up the ranks quicker than others and became a Milwaukee County executive, which would require strong leadership skills and then this uneducated man became the state governor.

Scott Walker took over running the whole state and was the first ever Governor to win a recall election. He was a strong candidate to run as vice president with Mitt Romney’s run for the presidency. Scott turned that down in 2012. It’s not because he was not chosen. Bottom line, the majority of state residents in Wisconsin were confident with him so his education level didn’t make a different. Is Howard Dean, and the rest of the left who want to use this “stupid uneducated” talking point, calling all the residences of Wisconsin stupid for electing this stupid uneducated man?

A large number of the left leaning college students failing to graduate, approximately 40%, vote democrat. And the other lefties tend to graduate with Liberal Arts degrees in a country where we need more science and engineering folks. It was a talking point several years ago about George W. Bush be stupid but graduated higher in his class at Harvard than President Obama. Obama doesn’t have any leadership history. He was a community organizer living off the public taxpayers of Chicago and the state of Illinois. He broke the record voting, not yea or nay, but “not present” during his short time in the Illinois Senate. President Obama has not yet released his school records. He would look pretty stupid if he got government grants because he was a foreign student. Who knows? He can talk a good game but he is heading for the most unfavorable President ever.

So, I guess Howard Dean is much more qualified because he is a dentist with an extensive education. He is a very highly educated dentist who fell flat on his face when he tried to run for President. Enough said about him. How about the highly educated President Clinton who permitted a female intern to go down on him in a house that we own and pay for. We tried to evict him and all the democrats voted to keep him in office because a President’s private life is just that, private. If President Clinton was given another 4 years as an exception because of his college degree, he might have turned to White House into a meth lab. What he does on the side is not subject to judgment by the entire country.

Then there is the challenge to George W. Bush, “Bush Lied, Troops died.” What about the list of over 300 big lies President Obama told like being able to keep your Doctor and your plan under Obama care. And Hillary Clinton claimed she left the White House dead broke when she is worth millions. We are now paying the Clinton’s a salary for life just because they used to be the President and First Lady. A President who was impeached but saved by his fellow democrats. Wow! That is really stupid.

You do not need a college education to become successful in this country. Bill Gates and hundreds of thousands of others have done exceptionally well without a college education and some of them didn’t even graduate from high school. And the claim that he would be the first President who did not graduate from college. That is even a lie from a democrat. Several Presidents in our history did not have a college degree. It doesn’t matter how many. Let’s just settle on one. George Washington. That makes Howard Dean a highly education liar. I would rather have a president who has not graduated from College then one who lies like a Gatling gun with over 300 rounds in an unauthorized magazine liberals want to make illegal except for Mexican Drug Cartels and every drug running gang in the United States. In fact, democrats only want to take guns away from those who have them legally. They would have no control over anyone else. Now that is really uneducated stupidity.

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