The Brilliance of Our Colleges

SO Cool!

SO Cool!


Here is a quote that is so apropos with an excessive number of our young people today. “Those who will not reason, are bigots, those who cannot, are fools, and those who dare not, are slaves.” -Lord Byron, poet (22 Jan 1788-1824)

Sadly, many of these young people actually have finished college or have been working on that for much more than 4 years. They routinely change their curriculum goals so as not to graduate because they can get all their expenses paid by their parents. At least until their grants and education loans run out and their parents give up on them. The next stop for these humonculous creatures is the basement of their parent’s home.

Then as luck would have it, they would visit the coolest block downtown where all the hipsters go only to be willing to answer the questions of a roving news reporter called Watters from Fox news, the programs they have been conditioned to hate by their peers and professors – the absolute elite among us. With the superior visual acumen they possess, they notice the mic he holds says “FOX NEWS” on 4 sides in 48 font print. But why would they want to answer questions from this guy? Because they think they are much smarter than anyone connected to Fox News. The news reporters segment on Fox News is called Watter’s Word.

One brainy looking hipster with “dreaded” locks and white; and smoking a pipe glowing from each puff of hallucinogenic Maui Wowie he manages to purchase through the mail with parental monetary subsistence, he gets a question. “Have you heard of Watter’s World?” His answer is, “Sure, it’s a movie starring Kevin Costner?” When asked, “Which team in the Super Bowl are you rooting for, the Jets or Dauphins,” he answered with the same assuredness, “The Dauphins.”  Those teams are not playing in the Super Bowl, it’s the Seahawks and Patriots. Just because you are the hippyist of all the mental giants among us, it doesn’t mean you are an intellectual. You may be highly educated because of your “C” average in college but keep in mind, with a grade like that, you missed half of what each class was designed present. And the reason for the “C?” There were a couple of Orientals in the class bringing all the grades up by grading on a curve so the professor could make himself look good. It brings new meaning to the term “Under”graduate!

The last point in that quote above is being a slave to whatever your friends believe and what your President tells you. After all, if he gets elected as a result of your vote, or your friends’ votes because you didn’t have time to vote, how could you buck the group for fear of the embarrassment? There is a state called all-knowing and the opposite of that is total denial. But the there is one level below that. The cocoon state. A state of those who should have been aborted by their parents. Do you know someone like this? If you do, I am so sorry about that.

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