Our Sharia President

Our “perfect Administration” running this country knows infinitely more about religion than all the Americans in this country. The whole world, and every American, knows beyond any doubt that we are in a war with Islamic Terrorists. Yet our President and his minions want to try to tell us they know better than us by stating the Terrorists are not Islam. If I told you the United States is not a democracy and told you that we Americans high-jacked the beliefs of the founding fathers and are forcing them on the rest of the world “by force” with our superior military power, would you believe that? Unfortunately, half the country thinks that is true.

Half the country wants us to abandon the constitution, get rid of our military and let the rest of the world fend for itself. The last time the United States actually occupied a country and called it our own was NEVER. We did spend millions of our own lives freeing numerous countries from oppression and bringing them back to life restoring them to their original free state and permitting them to move forward without our intervention. Germany is doing very well today on their own because of us. The same is true of France and England and Spain and Italy and Japan and many more. We did not take over any of them. The “Islamic State” which is based on the religion of Islam and insists that Sharia law should be the only law permitted in that state, is rapidly moving to expand worldwide the absolute rule of Sharia Law. They want to physically occupy and convert to Ismalic rule all these countries mentioned above; and they want to do the same in every other country.

That is just like the movement called the Inquisition brought on by the religion called Christianity. Most elite people in this country clearly state that that was an institution based on religion. That is True. But also true, the Islamic state and many other groups throughout the world are running their own Inquisition. That is true as well. If you are not Islamic, you are an unbeliever and need to convert or die. The Democrats are quick to claim the Republicans are in a war on women, gays, and all kinds of other civic issues. But when it comes to protecting this country, our elites want to call the terrorists a small fringe group who high-jacked a religion. They want to claim these terrorists are not Islamic. Tell them that! The elites claim that they are not a religion even though their entire message and every form of violence they undertake is in the name of Mohammed and is based on a fanatical and determined interpretation of Islam. If that is what we are fighting against then we are in a war with Islamic fundamentalism. We are at war with Islamic Terrorists.

These terrorists have a cause and it is to spread their religious faith on the rest of us. And we will die if we do not comply with their demands. Followers of this faith want to overthrow our form of government and impose Sharia Law. This war is a war against members of the Islamic faith. We are in a religious war, the most dangerous form of war we have ever known because those we fight are willing to give their lives for their God. The democrats have always been in a war with Christianity. They are denying they are in a war with Islam. Give me a break. You, our administration, are the ones who are in denial at the expense of our nation. Call it what it is. I learned a week ago that there are “NO-GO” zones in France. There are 750 of them. And they are not governed by French law. They are governed under Sharia Law. And today I learned there are 22 “NO GO” camps in 9 states that have one mission. Train its members in how to kill all unbelievers of Islam. What? NO-GO zones run by Islamic Fundamentalists are already in our country? And guess what the elite say? They have a right to be here. But they do not have the right to plan the takeover of our country. I wonder when the President is going to declare that this country is no longer the United States of America but the United States of Islam to appease the faith of those who follow the teachings of Mohammed and the Islamic law called Sharia.

Born a Muslim, always a Muslim. That is the rule. Our President was born a Muslim and if he converted to Christianity like he says he has, the rule is he must die for committing the most egregious sin of all according Sharia Law. I wonder why some Imam has not already issued a Fatwa for the death of President Obama for this terrible sin. If they haven’t then maybe the President knows something we all do not know; that he only claims to have converted to Christianity in order to become our President and then work to expand Sharia Law in the United States. That would be the ultimate deceit. The only reason I can think of for a President to claim these terrorists are not Islamic is that he really is a Muslim. He has pulled back our military forces from battles against Islamic folks in Islamic countries. By doing that, he is actively supporting the spread of Islamic fundamentalism. Huh! Interesting.

So, what do you think about the content above? Do you agree or disagree to some extent? Leave a comment for me to consider and I will get back to you.


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