The President is Dead on Arrival!

Newsweek-Obama-Gay-PresidentHere we go again. After all these complaints that the Republicans are doing nothing, stonewalling, and blocking progress, the President is stating out front without any discussion that he is going to do everything he can to deny, stonewall and block any piece of legislation he doesn’t like. There are a few issues he wants and he calls those “issues they can come together on.” He drew lines in the sand in so many cases during international crises and he did nothing. That is because all those international problems are not crossing his desk for approval. But things that directly affect our own country, he is drawing a line in the sand and will veto anything the Republicans do. Who has been stonewalling with help from Harry Reid? Our President.

Harry Reid took over 300 pieces of legislation from the House and did nothing with them. He put them on the proverbial “table” and did not allow any vote. He continuously referred to every issue as “dead on arrival.” He has been essentially vetoing everything the Republicans did until he lost control of the Senate. Now he cannot table anything. Now the President is going to have to veto over 300 pieces of legislation from a Congress controlled by Republicans. He drew a line in the sand and according to him, he is going to veto everything the Republicans bring across that line. We will see if the President’s imaginary line in the sand finally becomes real. We have had 6 years of presidential stonewalling and it looks like we will have another two years of congressional action doing the people’s business “dead on arrival” on the President’s desk.

The President was dead on arrival the moment he took a seat in the Oval Office in 2008.

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