Islam Is Causing Terror Attacks

If you think our Government is right in trying to play down the Islam terrorist threat and think President Obama cannot do wrong; YOU ARE WRONG. Islam is a religion that has been around for almost 1300+years but Christianity and Judaism have been around several hundred years longer. It is ironic that we went through the Catholic Inquisition beginning in the 1200s. It lasted in various forms into the 19th Century. It started in France interestingly enough. But the Religion of Christianity and Judaism went through a lengthy migration into a more modern, accepting character. They are now quite peaceful in their general practice of their faith. “We can all live together.”

But Islam is totally different. Today, a majority of imams still preach that the Quran is the only acceptable guidance coming from God. Any deviation is not allowed. Mohammed, a military and political leader to begin with, began his claim that he was receiving guidance directly from God. All his teachings found their way into the Quran. But subsequent followers published thousands of verses explaining how a Muslim must live his life. It is called Sharia Law. There cannot be any separation of Church and State. Any society that is a majority of Muslims must absolutely follow Sharia Law. A democratic style state is not allowed. Voting is not a part of that society. Church leaders are the ones who are called upon to inforce Sharia law and pass judgment for violation of those laws.

A most interesting part of the law concerns itself with the crime of Rape. A woman who has been raped cannot speak for herself. She has to find 4 males who physically witnessed the penetration. The guilty person can merely state the victim revealed herself to me and I became aroused. That is why it all happened. First of all, what do you think is the likelihood 4 men were watching the act; and would 4 men admit that the rape they were watching actually happened. If the woman reports the crime, she is admitting she had sex with a male. If 4 men are not available. The Victim is the guilty one and must be stoned by the men of the community.

Another law. If a man decides to divorce his wife, he only has to state three times: “I divorce you.” But then he has to wait 3 months to see if the woman is pregnant. The divorce is then final and the man is free to go find a new wife. And regardless of his age, he can marry someone as young as 13 years old. He can also marry again and again. It is permitted because Mohammed had multiple wives. If Mohammed said it is ok, then it is ok. Period. No one can question the Quran. That would be a blasphemy subject to severe punishment including death.

Honor killings is another expectation of fathers to commit when their female daughters do not absolutely follow the teachings of Islam. There is a Muslim living in this country who ran his two daughters over with his car because they were dressing in American style clothing. He has not been captured because it is believed he has fled the country or is hiding in a Muslim community in the US or Canada. He was a taxi driver by trade.

The problem with the teaching of Islam is that those who see a need to back off from the most fanatical teachings of Islam are subjecting themselves to Sharia Law and since Mohammed teaches how you will live your faith, any deviation is disobeying Mohammed and the Quran. No one is permitted to find fault with the Quran because it is considered the absolute word of God. Imams who try to loosen the interpretation of Sharia law are marginalized. Speaking out for a more peaceful interpretation of the Quran is extremely dangerous.

France, where the Inquisition began in the 1200s, is now under extreme Islamic terror threats. They have now stated they are in a war against Islamic terrorism. They have deployed thousands of police and military out of fear of future attacks following The Charlie Hebdo killings and killing of 4 Jewish citizens in a market in Paris. It was also determined one of the targets of the Islamic terrorist was a Jewish school. Military are now protecting all the Jewish Schools across France. And both police and military are guarding major tourist sights. What is even more troubling is there are 750 no go zones in France that do not fall under French Law. They are governed by Sharia Law. Police officers will not go into these Muslim neighborhoods out of fear. If France cannot govern these areas then Sharia Law is alive and well in France; and it is growing. These communities are ruled by Imams and Sharia Law. If these 750 communities of Muslims are not subject to French law, and almost 25% of the country is Muslim, then France only governs 3/4th of its country.  Does anyone think that our problem with the radical side of Islam is a minor problem, they are living in a bubble and in suicidal denial?

Every Muslim country that tries to modernize, bringing it more in line with the rest of the world, is experiencing tremendous pressure from fundamentalist Muslim groups. What we are now experiencing is an Islamic Inquisition from a religion that is living in the 11th Century. They are now having their version of the Crusades to take back land lost and expand the faith throughout the world. Terrorist attacks are increasing and becoming more sophisticated. Islam teaches today, that the unbelievers (anyone who is not following the Islamic way of life) must die. Unless they convert. And if they do, they will not be a full pledged Muslim. They will be a subordinate class that needs to pay a tax for the rest of their lives just because they were not originally born as Muslims.

A reminder. A Christian woman married a Muslim and refused to convert to Islam. She was pregnant, and along with her existing child, arrested and taken into custody. She was sentenced to death for refusing to convert. She eventually had her unborn child in her jail cell without medical assistance. Eventually, the Islamic State operating under Sharia Law, caved to international pressure and released her to foreign officials and she left the country with her children. The world doesn’t have the ability to intervene in every case. It took a military invasion into Afghanistan to stop the Taliban from executing women on a soccer field who violated Sharia Law. They also were no longer able to have these women stoned in accordance with their Law.

But we are now leaving. Our military is pulling out and it will not be long before the Taliban move back into the country and return it to a country ruled under Sharia Law. And it will not be very long before France, with its 750 entire Muslim communities operating under Sharia Law, will be overcome with a Muslim community that changes the centuries of Democratic Rule to an Islamic State operating under the rules of a religion that superimposes itself with 1200 AD ideology. If one country falls, its neighboring countries will also. That is Islam’s goal. The way this religion functions means there can be no other goal.

Moderate Muslims cannot speak out for fear of offending the teaching of God as given to them through Mohammed. We have Christian and Jewish leaders who do not have that power because the nature of their religion is the pursuit of peace and the love of others. The definition of Islam is “Submission” and that is exactly where they are headed.

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