We Need Race Baiting Law!!

Show Them the MoneyWe need a race baiting law! Ferguson and the Zimmerman Case were prime examples of why we need a law like that. With Zimmerman thousands of people and business owners across the nation had their civil rights violated solely because of race baiting. Eric Holder continues to be a primary race baiter when he threatens police departments with lawsuits and prosecution for criminal behavior. The result is that those who feel they are being oppressed intentionally violate the rights of innocent “American” citizens who had nothing to do with oppressing them. It is absolutely clear that the civil rights of business owners are being violated when someone vandalizes their store stealing all their inventory. Or when someone, or specific group, burns down a store or torches someone’s car or beats up innocent people solely because they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Ferguson is just another example that demonstrates the destructive nature of race baiting. And let’s look at the facts and to hell with any eye witness. The claim by race baiters was that Officer Brian Wilson a “white man,” totally out of hate for blacks, gunned down an innocent black teenager, a child, a black person not doing anything wrong. The officer shot and killed him solely because of his race. If that was the officer’s intent, why didn’t he do it the first time when he told Michael Brown to move to the sidewalk instead of walking down the middle of a street? The Officer started to drive away, but then he heard a police report over the radio about a store robbery of cigars. He had noticed that Michael Brown fit the description and he was carrying a package of cigars in his hand. So why did the officer back up his vehicle and cut off Michael Brown? Not to shoot him! He backed up to confront him as a suspect in a robbery and place him under arrest. There was no intent to shoot him.

When the Officer attempted to exit his vehicle like he is supposed to do when making an arrest of a robbery suspect (he was doing his job), Michael Brown pushed the officer’s door shut. That is an action of aggression, it is a threat to the officer’s safety and an attempt to avoid arrest. But once the door is shut, Michael Brown physically attacked the officer by hitting him. Michael Brown even threw the cigars he stole during the robbery at the officer while he was still in his car. Gun fire inside the vehicle resulted in Michael Brown getting shot in the hand. Then Michael Brown started to move away. The race baiters claim that Brown would not be dead if Officer Wilson would have stayed in the car. But it is his duty to get out and arrest Michael Brown, first for robbery and now for assaulting a police officer while the officer was doing his duty. Race baiters claimed that the officer shot Michael Brown in the back, and then continued to shoot while Michael Brown when he turned around and held his hands in the air. If that was the case, why was their blood spatter clearing indicating Michael Brown moved toward the officer. But Michael Brown was not shot in the back. He was shot several times in the front and the blood spatter proves that. There was a pause in the shooting and then Michael Brown moved toward the officer again. But this time, he was shot in the top of the head which means he had to be coming forward at a pace that would balance his weight with his head perpendicular to the ground. No one can physically hold their hands up while in that position.

What the race baiting causes is exactly what was claimed of Officer Wilson, some innocent person gets hurt, beat up or their car is seriously damaged. Even some innocent people, while the Zimmerman case was just getting under way, were dragged from their car and beaten. Some out jogging were taken and beaten. Some were shot and some died. Now innocent people had their civil rights violated in the Brown Case as well. Their stores were burned down or looted, cars torched, and many where afraid to drive on the streets and they had to stay in the safety of their homes to protect themselves. Children who have the civil right to an education were forced to stay at home and miss school. All of those innocent men, women and children had their civil rights violated. Eric Holder is not investigating that; he is investigation the police department; and will no evidence of a violation of Michael Brown’s civil rights, he continues to threaten the police officer with prosecution. Eric Holder still has an open case investigating George Zimmerman. The Zimmerman case was actually a kangaroo court where the prosecution action played the role of a defense attorney by creating innuendo, and the defense attorney had to provide the actually evident to protect his client. When does that ever happen? Well, it did in the South prior to the 70s when black men were charged with bogus crimes. Or, just lynched with no justice. That same thing is happening today except, it is the race baiter who is causing the so called lynching of innocent citizens solely because of their race.

What this means is that police officers should not make any attempt to enforce the law when the perpetrator happens to be black because of a perception that all police officers are racist. So police officers are not permitted to stop black hoodlums violating the civil rights of thousands of innocent citizens. Just because of a perception? But it goes deeper. Because of this race baiting, an innocent officer needs to be arrested and charged with murder of an innocent child. An 18 year old teenager is not a child. A strong arm robbery stealing cigars from the store of an innocent store owner, is not a crime associated with child. If that teenager had succeeded in getting Officer Wilson’s gun and killing him, the teenager would be tried as an adult, not a child. There are no children on the planet who weigh more than the average grown man. Michael Brown is not a child and anyone who refers to him as being one is race baiting, and causing innocent people to get hurt physically and financially. Those who are hurt should have the right to file a civil suit against the race baiters who are instigating the commission of crimes against the human rights of innocent people. The Al Sharptons of our world should be arrested for inciting to riot. Al Sharpton cannot yell fire in a theater and he should not be able to instigate a riot that harms thousands of innocent people.

Even though a grand jury made up of average private citizens who are not part of the police establishment found that Officer Wilson just did his job and the evidence support it, the race baiting intensified. The race baiters continue to insist that he needs to be indicted. In other words, he needs to be taken out and lynched not because of any guilt, but just because he happens to be white and is employed by the police department. So everyone knows that he is innocent but he needs to be indicted anyway according to the race baiters to further their agenda. If Officer Wilson were to walk out on the street of Ferguson today, he would be risking his life. His civil rights are being violated and his life is threatened. He can no longer work at his profession anywhere in the entire country. He married recently and that person who happens to be a police officer can no longer work as a police officer anywhere for fear of retribution. She just got married and that is not illegal. Police Officers in general, in every town in the country, now have to fear being set up and ambushed as a result of a false report of a crime. All their civil rights are being violated by race baiting. The National Guard soldiers are now being asked to stand between protestors who are clearly demonstrating violent behavior and public and private buildings with no means to protect themselves. Do you think they are also afraid of physical harm? If any one of them is, then his civil rights are being violated.

Over 80 percent of homicides of black people are caused by other blacks. Then the race baiters say that is not a valid point because 86% of homicides involving whites, are white on white. But they do not point out the numbers. There are approximately 12000 deaths by gunfire in this country each year and over 80% of those, 9600 of them, are the result of Black on Black shootings. Less than 5% of all homicides of white people are white on white; that is 600 homicides. The remainder of the number of deaths is Hispanic on Hispanic. The number of white deaths is 6% of the black deaths. I will say it again. Over 80% of all homicides by gunfire of blacks are committed by blacks. Police shooting of blacks resulting in death is much less than 1%. That tells me the police are doing a pretty good job at protecting lives; not taking them. The percentage of police who actually kill a black person on purpose just because he or she is black is practically nonexistent. And the few that do, end up losing their job, are tried and found guilty, and go to jail. The focus should be on saving as many lives as possible; not lynching an innocent young police officer who is just doing his job protecting all of us, black and white. That is fact. To label the entire police force nationwide as racist is race baiting and inciting to riot.

Why are Orientals the most peaceful of all, the most polite and so well educated? They work hard, they stay married, and they take very good care of their children. They have a strong family structure. There are those among us who still hate them and will discriminate against them. But Orientals do not need to claim discrimination, they have made themselves successful through hard work and education. The claim that the plight of blacks is solely do to racism is a cop out. The culture within the black community has resulted in self destruction. We live in a society that rewards those who work, maintain a strong family structure and demand that their children educate themselves to get ahead. There is absolutely no other way to get out of this mess. Burning down an entire town of innocent people will just make it worse. Indicting an innocent police officer just to make a political point is never going to work. Calling anyone who is not black a racist is not going to work. Race Baiting is the most destructive behavior of all. It is worse than yelling fire in a theater. No one dies in the theater for no reason; but their civil rights are being violated.

The only way this problem will be corrected is to begin from scratch in changing the culture. Only blacks can clean up their neighborhood overrun by gangs and drug dealers. Blaming white people for the problems in a black neighborhood is a total waste of time. Members of the black community should go after the race baiters first. We are so overwhelmed with the “political correctness” crowd because it is wrong to call someone a name that offends them. Doesn’t anytime someone calls another person or group, or entire political party racist with no foundation, a violation of the PC rules? A racist is someone who deliberately violates a person’s civil rights by harming or killing them solely because of their race. That rarely happens any more. Except when race baiters incite members of the black community to riot.

There are no political systems in this country that actually have separate laws based on race or specifically consider one race inferior to another and because of that deny them equal treatment under the law. There will always be haters like the KKK, but the entire black community should not be driven to hate the white race based on false accusations. Most businesses do not discriminate based on color, they discriminate based on education and skill. If a person of “any color” in this country does not try to improve on skills and education, they will most likely fail at any attempt to get ahead. There are thousands of examples where people of color have been extremely successful. If those people speak out in an effort to improve the status of the black community, they are attacked by those same race baiters.

It is obvious that race baiting is the most destructive behavior of all. And it should be a crime in light of all the damage it does. Because of this behavior, the entire black community has literally been decimated. It is not all the other races in this country who have caused the demise of the black community, it is the race baiter. They should be required to cease and desist. Or, be arrested for violation of an entire nation’s civil rights. Free speech is not allowed when it will result in actual physical harm to any citizen regardless of race. If the criminal courts can’t handle it, file for damages in civil court. If that doesn’t work, file tax evasion charges against Al Sharpton and send him to jail. He can’t go incite to riot across the country from jail. He owes over 4.5 million in unpaid taxes. Make an example of him and leave the innocent police officers to do their jobs.

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