Ferguson is Now the New Trayvon Race Case

The Zimmerman case was a national travesty and the country lost. So is the case in Ferguson and it appears we all may lose again. There was a rush to trial when a trial just wasn’t necessary or justified in the Trayvon Case. But to respond to the black community, the legal folks tried to appease them. During that trial the roles were reversed in that the Defense had to put on all the actual evidence to save their client and prove his innocent beyond any doubt. The prosecution acted like a defense attorney trying to drum up as much doubt as possible to get a conviction of any kind. Their effort was designed to try to influence a jury by emotion and innuendo. Zimmerman was found to be not guilty by the overwhelming evidence that he was NOT stalking and NOT determined to hunt down a black man and kill him just because he was black.

Why would a guy who was stalking a black man with the intent of killing him because he was black call the police and talk to them on the phone while expressing a concern that that black man might be up to something. That was Zimmerman’s job as a community watchman; a position no one else wanted to do. Secondly, if he was out to kill a black man, why didn’t he have his gun drawn already? A stalker does not wait until the black man is on top of him, smashing his head into concrete, to execute him in a diabolical plan to cover his ulterior motive. Zimmerman was just a neighborhood watchman who was not smart enough to figure out such a ridiculous plan.

Now here comes Ferguson. At first, the policeman stopped to warn Michael Brown and his friend to stop walking in the middle of the street. A policeman is supposed to do that; it is his job. He then pulled away and then backed up again. Could it have been that they returned to the middle of the street or failed to comply or did the policeman then learn that they may have been involved in a robbery at a nearby store. How does a policeman sitting in his car get punched in the face? How does a gun discharge in the car? When the gun went off in the car, they began to run. But the officer jumps out of his car and calls for them to freeze. Michael Brown was not shot in the back except for a claim a bullet might have grazed him in the arm. But witnesses said he shot at Brown several times while he was running away. Brown was shot in the front several times. If Brown was not charging toward the officer, how does he get shot twice from an angle where the gun is pointing directly at the top of his head? He was shot once in the forehead behind his eye, the bullet exits his cheek, reenters his jaw area and exists and finally enters the top of his chest.  That trajectory clearly shows that Brown was leaning forward at that time.

And then the second shot which was fatal, entered directly in the top of his head, again indicating the top of his head was heading directly toward the muzzle of the gun. If Michael Brown communicated to the officer as his robbery accomplish stated initially, hands in the air, asking the officer not to shoot, wouldn’t that indicate that the officer had not yet fired his gun? One witness stated he did not hear a gun shot in the car, but saw the officer shooting at Michael Brown 3 or 4 times while he was running away. How did 5 of the six shots hit Brown in the front? And, it is questionable whether the sixth shot hit Michael Brown from the rear. That was speculation from attorneys after at first Dr. Baden said it looked like he was hit six times from the front. They cannot really tell for sure how a grazing wound happened to hit Michael Brown’s right forearm. The one grazing wound is being used to justify that the officer shot at him from behind.

The story being told that Brown held his hands up in surrender is speculation. That is exactly what an officer is trying to get a suspect to do to avoid the use of force. A another question to ask is how does an officer, much shorter than Michael Brown, get two shots directly down from the top of a man’s head while he is holding his hands in the air? An attorney said he was holding his hands up and lowered his head. He could not physically lower his head to a 45 degree angle while holding his hands up. The two last shots were from a specific direction; straight down toward the top of his head. Michael Brown is 6 foot 4 inches tall. The other shots where all to the right side and from the front but where not considered serious enough to bring him down. A story was also told that the officer was shooting at him as he was falling foreword. If that were the case, what shot caused him to begin falling? Could Michael Brown have attempted to dodge bullets while he approached the officer? Why would someone approach an officer who had already begun shooting? If an officer is shooting at you while you are running away, why would you stop, turn around, and approach the officer? Nothing makes sense so the information coming from one side comes with stories that do not match up. And one conversation overheard on a cell phone from a witness clearly states that Michael Brown started running toward the officer. That evidence is being played down as contradictory and therefore wrong while the others are being overemphasized. Could it be for convenience to support the claim that the officer shot him down for no reason in cold blood and in broad daylight like a dog in the street. He has also been accused of an assassination, an execution and murder just because Michael Brown is black. If Michael Brown had not robbed a store and walked down the middle of a 4 lane street, would he have caught the attention of the officer? Just like the Zimmerman case, this officer is being accused of stalking with intent to execute a black man.

I entered military service in 1965. The racism in the south was exploding, riots were happening everywhere, and Martin Luther King, Jr. was trying to make a difference through nonviolent protest. And I fully agreed that something needed to be done about the South being viciously racist. In the military, I had to go through numerous racial relations classes designed to get me to understand the problems facing the black community. I agreed with that effort. But things were just not right in the military at tge time, either. There was a fear of the blacks in the military; but why? While in a chow line waiting to get meals, blacks would congregate and do what they then called “doing the dap.” It was a form of communication between blacks and a way to demonstrate their friendship with each other. But those dapping sessions lasted to such a length of time that the line was being held up. The commanders then issued a requirement that those dapping sessions could not occur while in a chow line. Non-blacks were afraid to say anything for fear of being beaten up.

But the military did provide a level playing field for every soldier to get a fair shake at getting ahead. Everyone was being paid the same depending on their rank. You had to take a knowledge test in your field of expertise and training to demonstrate you were keeping up with your skill set. Study material was available to everyone equally and promotion depended heavily on your test scores. I felt the military was doing a pretty good job at maintaining fairness. All ethnic groups were able to move forward in their career and rank depending on their personal effort to succeed. It worked very well. Comradery among the various races went relatively smoothly.

But when racism from someone became apparent, actions were taken. One example surfaced where a young black lady who happily married, was quite well educated and well-liked by everyone was going up before a promotion board.  I was setting on that board. Everyone one on the board gave her very high marks except for one staff sergeant who rated her very low. He happened to be a school teacher from Tennessee prior to entering the service; he spoke with a heavy country accent. He was considered to be a reasonable, down to earth person until this happened. The problem was brought to the attention of the senior enlisted leadership who then required that that particular individual not be chosen to set on any further performance boards of any type. The Black lady did get on the promotion list and got promoted. Her score was a little less than it should have been because of this problem but the other scores during the board was sufficient to negate the low score based on the averaging of all scores.

There are some who will try to exercise their racist tendencies in many ways but it is usually quite subtle. But to label an entire race as racist just because they happen to be white is flat wrong. The majority of whites will come to the aid of the person experiencing racism. Ever since the effort to try to reduce the racist tendencies of others began; and for me that was in the 60’s, I am afraid we have been going backwards instead of solving the problem. Now we are clearly in a situation where entire police forces in towns are being falsely accused as being racist. The rhetoric from politicians to get the black vote has fueled the fire. Quite often an entire political party is called racist. What that means is every single member of that particular party, half the nation, is racist to the point that there is no hope for them unless they support the desires of the other party regardless of the issue. If you don’t, you are racist. The black community has been listening and they have been getting the message that the fight for the elimination of racism has been lost. The black community is now so devastated for a whole variety of reasons that they have lost any hope of life getting better for them. It doesn’t matter whether the Ferguson Police Department goes through additional sensitivity training or has their entire police department turned upside down to make it match the racial makeup of a community. The problem is so much deeper than that. White people or Asian or Hispanic races cannot fix the problem by changing their ways when there is so much hatred of them. The black community has been driven to a state of self-destruction. There really is no way out other than a concerted effort by blacks to clean up their own neighborhoods. They are now scraping the bottom of a barrel that is about to lose its bottom.

It is too dangerous for a police officer to enter many black neighborhoods. It is now getting to a point where even a black police officer can’t enter these neighborhoods because they are considered to be on the side of white cops and the black policeman is called an Uncle Tom. Two reporters who worked for a local town newspaper, made a wrong turn on their drive home and stopped at an intersection waiting for a light to change. There were groups of black youth congregated at each corner. Someone threw something at the car but when the male driver got out to protest the damage to his car, he and his female companion where attacked, dragged from the car and beaten so severely that they had to go an emergency room for treatment. I believe that some of the attackers were eventually arrested but that is not a solution to the problem.

The example this really shows is that the level of hatred for other races regardless of the whether these two people were racist, is intense. They were beat up because they were white. And they were sent a clear single that they are no longer welcome in the black community. If they chose to enter, there is a substantial chance they will be met with a great deal of violence. And that brings us full circle from what was happening in the 60”s to present.

In the South in the 60’s, there was segregation to keep one race away from another race. It was based on hatred. If a black person talked to white lady, he could experience a whole host of dangers from beatings to hangings, his house could be burned down or his family injured in some way. And his female children could be raped regardless of age. We in other parts of the country were shocked that such a state of affairs could even exist in a country which prided itself on being a great example of the freedom associated with the American way of life. It took a gutsy Department of Justice by the name of Robert Kennedy appointed by his brother the President to begin the fight to outlaw segregation in the South. And it was people of other races, mostly white, who risked their lives to come to the South to bring about change and freedom for the black communities being oppressed. Some lost their lives and it took years to break the backs of politicians fighting to keep the status quo. It took several years to bring many to trial if they had not yet died of old age.

Politicians caused the civil war to happen between the North and the South in the 1860s. After the South lost and Lincoln abolished slavery, the Southerners spent a hundred years creating a segregated society where the whites ruled and the blacks were just witnessing another form of slavery. They got the menial jobs and were kept illiterate through the deprival of a normal education. It was not until the 1960s when our government finally stepped in to try to make a monumental change in a society determined to keep things as they were. It was another form of a civil war. The blacks began leaving the South going north to seek out jobs during an industrial revolution that was moving ahead full steam. They were able to get jobs in many different industries and the car industry benefitted greatly by the power of their labor.

But the political environment began seeking out the black vote and the easiest way to get those votes was to play on a person’s emotions. Hyping up racism became one of the best ways to get that vote. Racism existed but not to the level it would eventually become based on the prodding coming from politicians trying to stay in power. They made promises to fix the racism problem once and for all and they promised to completely change the lifestyle of the black community so they would become just as well off as their white counter parts. And it is clear that that same message is being sent today. In 2008, during an exit survey of a person who was black coming out of a voting station, a question was asked as to who they voted for and the answer was Barrack Obama. When asked how Mr. Obama was going to make it better for her, she stated that her mortgage was going to be paid off, she was going to get a new car and she would get all kinds of other government help. People actually believed they did not even need to work anymore because finally, they were going to get restitution for the racial transgressions of all those racist white people who are now long passed away and the rest who are still living.

But now we are into 6 years of a presidency where nothing like that has happened, unemployment was extended for 99 months and welfare checks have exploded. The government is even buying cell phones for people who can’t afford one. Who and why is this going on? A promise was made by a politician who then made it easier for a person not to go to work. With welfare checks, food stamps and cards that look just like credit cards could be used to buy food or just about anything else, including drugs. Stores were routinely cashing in these cards at a reduced value to make a profit from the government. The recipient could then go buy anything they wanted without buying what the card was intended to provide. With a card like that it was easy for a drug addict to maintain his habit.

The education system also failed the black community. Teachers’ paychecks continued to rise but the performance of their students flat-lined and has stayed that way since segregation ended. The wellbeing of the black community has continued to deteriorate. A few years ago the homicide rate by gunfire was around 12,000 cases. Over 80% of those cases were black on black; that is over 9000 deaths. Only 4% was white on white. The Hispanic population filled in the rest. Of all the homicides in the black community alone, 90% of those deaths were caused by other blacks. The number of police officer shootings of black is extremely low compared to the black-on-black death rate. That tells me the deterioration in these communities is escalating well out of control. The respect for life is practically non-existent. So what has happened?

Those same politicians who have been promising to fix the racial economic divide are the ones who run the major cities where most of the crime is happening. They are not fixing the problem. The only thing they can do now is blame the plight of the black communities on other races by calling them racist. Blame all the problems on every police officer across the nation. And blame all the politicians from the other party as racist. They continue the same old track, keep telling the black community there is no hope unless they vote for these politicians over and over. It is a vicious circle and a perpetual degradation of the black community while claiming everything is going to get better if we can just give each police officer sensitivity training. NO amount of sensitivity training is going to keep a police officer from being gunned down on a false call of distress. It doesn’t matter how sensitive they are, when the hatred of them just because they white is the prevailing driving force.

Now Eric Holder is in Ferguson promising to have a thorough and fair investigation “in order to insure the family of Michael Brown gets the justice they deserve.” He did not say whether he would also be looking to insure the civil rights of the police officer were not violated, as though since the police officer is a member of law enforcement and is white he is not entitled to any civil rights. Zimmerman did not get his civil rights protected, Trayvon Martin’s civil rights were violated even before any evidence was brought forth. One politician’s statement says it all; “He was hunted down in the street like a wounded dog by a white man.” How is the black community supposed to take this coming from an elected official they put in office to look out for them? Even though she violated the civil rights of a person who actually was not white but Hispanic, only the civil rights of a black person was violated. The jury found just the opposite. Even the press tried to “color” Zimmerman as a racist by deliberately doctoring his conversation with the police taking out key words to falsely show he made racist remarks. That news agency eventually lost in a lawsuit and had to pay restitution. Yes, even the news agencies are trying to use the plight of black people to get more viewers so they can make a profit.

In Ferguson, they want to get rid of the prosecutor because he has family who works in police jobs and his father was gunned down by a black man in the 60’s. Yet this same community, who is 65% black, voted this guy into office 4 times. The hatred of white people in general along with white police officers is something that has effectively destroyed black communities across the country. The black community in Ferguson has already determined that the police officer is guilty and he needs to be arrested, charged with murder, prosecuted and executed. No other outcome will be acceptable. And here we go again. A politician who is black, and a woman who the black community votes for and trusts beyond any doubt, stated that if the officer is found not guilty, the current rioting will look like a picnic compared to what will come.

So they trust this political beyond the shadow of a doubt but just because a person is a white police officer, he is clearly guilty with no doubt what so ever, before any evidence has reached a grand jury who will judge the circumstances in total secret. Don’t you think the grand jury is going to know what will happen if they determine that an indictment should not be brought? That places them not only in a very difficult position but will lead them to believe they will be in serious danger if the word gets out that they were sitting on this panel. Does this offer a police officer a fair hearing? If indicted because of the pressure of the circumstance without regard for the evidence, happens, essentially kicking the can down the road, what happens then? A jury will have to be called in to decide after a district attorney, who does not have a case, is forced to try the case anyway to avoid the fear of a community reaction.

Whose civil rights are being violated again? Doesn’t this predicament indicate that what was happening back in the 60’s is now coming full circle? Isn’t this just another form of lynching and destruction of a family and the loss of a home? Even if the officer is finally acquitted, do you actually believe he could safely go home to a life as an innocent man and return to his work as a police officer? NO. Why not? He is white and he needs to be punished because a black man died. The life of Michael Brown really of no value. He death is being used ask an outlet to express hatred of whites. What is now happening to this officer is what was happening to innocent black folks who were living under segregation in the 60s.

The black folks are also under another attack. Those same politicians who craved their vote and promised them the world, now need more votes to stay in power. They are still telling the blacks they are going to change their world once and for all to make it better. But at the same time, these same politicians are allowing thousands of Hispanic men, women and children to flood over our borders. Those Hispanics will take away jobs from blacks, they will degrade the ability of blacks to get an education because they will flood our schools. They will begin taking the welfare checks and claiming tax relief and refunds further depriving blacks of what little public assistance is left. Even the black gangs will be facing a more vicious group of gang members; the most ruthless of them all being MS-13. Hispanic gangs are already in the process of pushing black gangs out of their own neighborhoods and taking over their drug dealings.

In the 21st Century, an entire family will have been destroyed just like in the 60s for the same reason. A hatred of another race. That is racism all over again. But there is one difference. The white people in the South who were fighting to keep segregation, were not in despair and killing themselves. They did not have respect for the lives of blacks but the blacks do not have any respect for the life of any person, black or white. That is why it is much worse now.

When the bottom of that barrel finally falls out, there will be another civil war. Not the South against the North. It will be the blacks against the rest of the American society. The black community has already reached the same level of the KKK, the blacks are the supreme race and the rest need to leave the country or be killed. Did the KKK succeed in their efforts? No. And sadly, the black community is looking at things getting much worse, too. Their own hatred is eating them from within.

New Autopsy results support the policeman’s story. That means the grand jury could rule that he not be prosecuted. That will cause a storm in Ferguson and in every black neighborhood across the country. God help us if the prosecute solely to avoid a racial conflict. It that happens, the same thing will happen in any town where an officer shoots a black man.

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